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  1. Spoke to a membership team guy who said that we won't move part-way through a season. Unfortunately we'll be at SOP for all of next season.
  2. DinoPresinger

    The Refereeing Thread

    If a player is offside but runs into the box, gets fouled but waved away why would the VAR check the penalty call but not the preceding offside?
  3. DinoPresinger

    Football Media Discussion 2

    I remember when a foxsports presenter called out the head of the aleague on live television and told him that he needed to listen to the fans. Most of the credit should go to bozza but there's no doubt that fox sports at least allowed him the freedom to do that.
  4. DinoPresinger

    Squad Development 2017/18 Part 2

    *young ***** ftfy
  5. DinoPresinger

    HAL 2017/18 Round 13

    Jayzko is gremiowanderer. They both have the exact same writing style and never disagree. I developed this theory when I saw a back-and-forth exchange that took up most of a page in which there was not a single instance of correct punctuation.
  6. great now I'm getting shot with a semi-automatic instead of a glock for standing instead of sitting in my seat.
  7. DinoPresinger

    Josep Gombau Is New Wanderers Manager

    Stay on topic. We were talking about Gosford.
  8. DinoPresinger

    Coach and Staff Thread 2017/18

    The only one I would want out of those 4 is Gombau. Should be interesting with him in charge.
  9. DinoPresinger

    HAL 2017/18 Round 3

    This is the problem with VAR. North kicks the ball into his own hand in the box accidentally. Ref says no pen. VAR checks and says it's not 'clearly wrong'. Sometime in the next few weeks the same handball will happen in the box except VAR will give ESFC a penalty.
  10. DinoPresinger

    10 Men Mariners Hold Wanderers To Draw

    Wendy, when I say something like a walk out song should be allowed to happen organically I don't mean that the club shouldn't play a few candidates over the PA pregame. They just shouldn't announce that 'this is the walk out song'. They should play good songs that they think will pump people up. Eventually people who are really keen on a walk out song will indicate that they like a particular song. If enough people like it the club will play it closer and closer to kick off. If it sticks then we have a new walk out song. If it doesn't stick after ~14 home games, then try another candidate.
  11. DinoPresinger

    10 Men Mariners Hold Wanderers To Draw

    I like that they're no longer playing really shitty music pre-game. A walk out song is something that should happen organically in time. I'm happy to wait 5-20 years for it rather than have some imperfect replacement manufactured. Tradition takes time.
  12. but he has already given the ball to the mariners
  13. DinoPresinger

    Popovic Abandons WSW On Brink Of Season

    It might also partly be that he knows the players can play well and backs himself to improve the team to a point that they can build off next year.
  14. DinoPresinger

    Coach and Staff Thread 2017/18

    Os there a Popa Watch thread?
  15. DinoPresinger

    HAL 2017/18 Round 2

    Adelaide Wanderers Vic Draw Smurfs