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  1. Do members get a free ticket for a mate or am I misunderstanding?
  2. What's the go with no rbb? Covidsafe? If that's the reason good choice.
  3. We created some good attacks, enough to win. We were unlucky not to get a penalty. The goals were defensive lapses which in theory can be stopped. If this had been earlier in the season I would say that with some small improvements we can improve a few things and challenge in the finals. It is not earlier in the season. This game shows that Babbel can't make the adjustments we need to win. He has one of the two top squads in the league. Our season is done.
  4. You're right, we shouldn't explain reality to conservatives because they'll just throw a tantrum
  5. One thing that doesn't seem to have been mentioned much is that the role offered by SFC was most likely illegal. Considering it was 20 hours a week for 9 months doing work that is crucial to the business it would almost certainly be considered an employment relationship by the FWC. Employees must be paid at or above minimum wage by law. I reckon SFC took it down both for PR reasons but also because they got advice that it's probably illegal. I think it's wrong to not pay people for their labour unless you are a charity or they're not doing anything that can generate revenue/reduce co
  6. With the calibre of striker currently available to us we would be crazy not to sign an proven albeit aging domestic striker in Berisha. We're not going to sign anyone better.
  7. Wonderful song of the resistenza. Might be disrespectful to sing it for a football team. Also it might offend some of the fascists in the RBB. All that being said it is an inspiring and powerful song. Una mattina mi son svegliato O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao Una mattina mi son svegliato Eo ho trovato l'invasor One morning I woke up O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao One morning I woke up And I found the invader
  8. Spoke to a membership team guy who said that we won't move part-way through a season. Unfortunately we'll be at SOP for all of next season.
  9. If a player is offside but runs into the box, gets fouled but waved away why would the VAR check the penalty call but not the preceding offside?
  10. I remember when a foxsports presenter called out the head of the aleague on live television and told him that he needed to listen to the fans. Most of the credit should go to bozza but there's no doubt that fox sports at least allowed him the freedom to do that.
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