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  1. I'm sorry but it is a ridiculous claim to say that green and environmentalist movements knew less about climate change than Margaret ******* Thatcher. Her approach to climate change has demonstrably failed. Why is identifying an issue and introducing measures that can never fix it more laudable than identifying the issue and proposing actual solutions?? You're giving her a lot of kudos for simply recognising reality. Accepting reality, while rare for a right wing politician, is not praiseworthy. It should be a basic requirement of elected office. By your logic she would s
  2. Meanwhile war criminals are defended and war crimes covered up
  3. I'm sorry, what the hell was he supposed to do? Occupy Afghanistan forever? This would have happened under Trump too (if he had ever actually had the balls to pull out) because the reason that the Taliban already controls the whole country is that there is no Afghan army. If the preceding 4 administrations had succeeded in building an Afghan state and army then this wouldn't happen. Unfortunately, because of their failures this situation was inevitable. Biden is the least culpable of the last 4 administrations. Bush is the person who created this whole mess.
  4. How hot is it out there? The players look exhausted already
  5. Sport is inherently political. Questions of identity, race, class and gender affect every element of sport. Sports people have the right to express political views and fans have a right to criticise those views. The common refrain of 'let's keep politics out of sport' is a cudgel to prevent people expressing views that those people disagree with. See Goodes, Kaepernick, Serena Williams. Those same people stand for the national anthem and applaud the troops when they are trotted out at sporting events. Where are the cries of 'keep politics out of sport' then? The ongoing occupation o
  6. Do members get a free ticket for a mate or am I misunderstanding?
  7. What's the go with no rbb? Covidsafe? If that's the reason good choice.
  8. We created some good attacks, enough to win. We were unlucky not to get a penalty. The goals were defensive lapses which in theory can be stopped. If this had been earlier in the season I would say that with some small improvements we can improve a few things and challenge in the finals. It is not earlier in the season. This game shows that Babbel can't make the adjustments we need to win. He has one of the two top squads in the league. Our season is done.
  9. You're right, we shouldn't explain reality to conservatives because they'll just throw a tantrum
  10. One thing that doesn't seem to have been mentioned much is that the role offered by SFC was most likely illegal. Considering it was 20 hours a week for 9 months doing work that is crucial to the business it would almost certainly be considered an employment relationship by the FWC. Employees must be paid at or above minimum wage by law. I reckon SFC took it down both for PR reasons but also because they got advice that it's probably illegal. I think it's wrong to not pay people for their labour unless you are a charity or they're not doing anything that can generate revenue/reduce co
  11. With the calibre of striker currently available to us we would be crazy not to sign an proven albeit aging domestic striker in Berisha. We're not going to sign anyone better.
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