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  1. we looked alot better, dont know why we start cole and golec, they get beaten everytime and just ball watch, only react after the ball moves, no anticipation at all, cant wait until castelen, juric and santa back RBB was louder tonight aswell still undecided with poliak and perkatis, they seem to get pushed over alot, maybe its a size thing kalmar looks good hamill is a solid defend top por stanley just wish he would stop trying long balls/passes or someone should tell him his **** at it keep it on the ground lol ruka looking great until he finishes maybe let him practice shooting for a bit... bridge you gotta learn to first touch buddy all in all we did look much stronger at some points but defense is kinda just watching the ball and not anticipating anything least i got to give Berisha **** lol win or lose we will always follow you COYW! WSW 4 Life
  2. NRMA Motoring & NRMA Insurance are not the same company. this is true i used to work for these idiots NRMA Insurance owned by IGA but they kept the name for obvious reasons NRMA motoring and services are on their own when i worked for them we worked together but were to seperate companys but had the same xmas party lols
  3. just glad i can get to this, usually this sort of thing is in my work hours wooohoooo still cant believe we asian champions baby BTW my grandpa in vietnam said we made the news over there, ******* dope oh and he wants a jersey hahahha pro!
  4. That's a pretty strong line up going forward... We might score a few and ship a few I think. 3-2 Wanderers win would love to see Lo play attacking midfielder for us, i think he belongs there, but he also plays holding mid very well
  5. i reckon ACL title = gold star a league title = silver star but thats just me
  6. thinking of the wsw logo on my neck, what are your thoughts?
  7. Duzza

    Martin Lo

    well i speak to marty from time to time on facebook, met him at ACL home leg grand final, his on a youth pro contract = can play for youth squad and A League squad i cant wait until he gets his 1st game in A-League love this kid!
  8. Matin Lo has been officially signed to the 1st team, he messaged me himself. i will like to congratulate him it is well deserved, well done Marty you gun! i know many fans have been waiting for this
  9. is it me or does this make no sense
  10. dont worry im from vietnamese background i did too LOL! should of seen their fans looking at us like these chinky eyes guys are not going for our team WTF!!! bahahha loved it WSW for life , was good to be back at wanderland like i was having withdrawls lol i was in bay 23 and yes everyone lifted especially RBB when called upon or in the best moments P.S Saba aka babyface bearded assasin you the man i got your back 100, dont worry about Guangzhou commentsm their comment says alot about them COYW, its friday and im still pumped we won!!! WOOOT best part was the whole wsw crowd doing who are ya when lippi came on field, moment was priceless and will be forever with me as some other great wanderland moments
  11. so has marty got a contract yet? we need this guy
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