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  1. What can I say, I four one really enjoyed the game. On a slightly more serious note: What a night! We played with the right attitude, great mentality, and good attacking football. I thought the whole team did well, having said that there are a few individulas who deserve to be mentioned. Nicholls, Castelen, Santa, Andreu, Cole, and NEVILLE were on absolute fire. Only criticism I have is the way we went flat after we scored the first goal. That let the mariners score the equalizer. Amazing way to say farewell to Wanderland 1.0 A bit concerned about Andreu and Alberto taking photos with their kids after the game. I was/am really hoping they would stay with us for another season. Andreu is so cool and calm on the ball, it's a joy to watch. And Alberto is a very solid defender. Saw Dimas after the game in his suit. His beard is really that perfect up close as well, not just from afar.
  2. I'm back. **** game and **** performance, probably means the plate is gone.
  3. Perfect weather for football. Now I'm even more cut that I cant make it. Have fun all of you brothers and sisters who are lucky enough to attend.
  4. Tamas Priskin? waaaaaay ahead of you on my FIFA 15 mode 69 on fifa iirc Hahaha that's the one
  5. Brilliant footballing weekend: Masterclass performance by the boys. Smurfs got their asses kicked. After leading twice. In their mansion. And Hungary qualified to the Euro Cup after 44 years! (Priskin's goal was fantastic, lure him to wsw) Happy days.
  6. What a beautiful morning. Last night was a class act. Andreu is fast becoming my favorite player to watch on the field. Neville had his best game yet. He pairs up quite well with Vidosic on the right flank. It was also great to see the relief on Pio's face after he scored. Hopefully it will help him build back up his confidence. King Mitch was brilliant as always. Captain Fathead scored his 50th goal, and we completely and utterly dominated the whole 90 minutes away from home. It was a very comprehensive trashing. Poor vant schip is getting schiprekt. Stupid plastic team. Bring on the Nix next week!
  7. Hahaha the standards of the referees is so ****. I'll take the goal, but seriously wtf
  8. We are a class above them, only if we could finish the chances we creat... I still think we've got this!
  9. ******* love newie trips. The new chant is fantastic. Loved the acab one as well. The refereeing, or more precisely the standard of the refereeing is below acceptable. The league, and the game will not get better. Of the 3 goals tonight 2 shouldn't have stood. We still deserved the win of course and I am ecstatic about it! My patience ran out when it comes to Pio. Start Santa over him or sub him sooner. He just doesnt offer enough to warrant the marquee status, and salary. Happy with the rest! Oh, and awesome effort in tbb tonight!
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