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  1. All the other AFC qualifiers will be on 10 Play as well - great news!
  2. Andy Harper with Simon Hill is good viewing. Will be interesting to see how they integrate the rest of the team.
  3. I don't think there's a Samsung TV app currently available.
  4. WSW were quick to get that membership renewal money this morning. Looks like payment went through just before 6am
  5. Paramount+ has launched in Australia and there doesn’t appear to be any football content at launch.
  6. Rumours an English CB is on the horizon?
  7. What's Aaron Mooy up to these days?
  8. The first FFA Cup game (currently scheduled for 11 August next Wednesday) will be on 10Play.
  9. A-League, W-League, FFA Cup and AFC Champions League content is set to expire at COB tomorrow (July 30) on Foxtel and Kayo. If anyone wants to watch the Fox produced doco on our ACL win, I recommend getting it in before then: https://kayosports.com.au/shows/show-wanderers-the-asian-champions!14153/season-2014!14156
  10. What's Reno Piscopo up to these days?
  11. Apparently Antonis won’t be leaving Suwon this transfer window due to a recent injury
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