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  1. I eventually found an outlet but didn't see any new merch. Did anyone have any trouble finding the stalls within the ground? I eventually found one at the north-east corner but didn't see the other one. It wasn't well signed.
  2. WSW v CCM rated 47k on the ABC yesterday in metro areas, which is pretty bad quite frankly. Fox - 35k and the Melb Derby - 60k
  3. A win's a win but thought we looked extremely poor and were fortunate to come away with a point, let alone the win. The Mariners looked the better side on the day and would probably have won if they had a decent striker. The loss of Raddy is a big one. We need to look at a replacement ASAP or change our formation. Meier looked disinterested and/or lethargic and very unfit. There were multiple times where the made no effort to go to the pass, instead, let it come to him and more often than not, it was snatched by a Mariners player. Not much wrong with the back 3 - Tass is a beast, Jurman was solid and McGowan looked a bit shaky but I'm hopeful he can improve. Wingbacks struggled a bit and I thought DG looked a bit lethargic and down. Struggled in midfield a lot with Schwegler the only positive. Grozos provided us with something when he came on and he should start until we find a replacement or whatever MB has planned. Overall matchday experience was excellent. No issues with the stadium. RBB put in a good shift and it was a respectable crowd for the fixture and what's been going on with the club over the last few years. Lots of reaction on social media (twitter especially) suggesting that we should have packed out the place etc etc but after only getting 8k and 5k to this fixture last year, I think it's an improvement. There's lots of work to do.
  4. The Markus Babbel podcast can be found in video format on Kayo at the following link, under the Kayo Featured carousel. https://kayosports.com.au/sports/sport!football
  5. A-League Roundtable on Fox tonight - 7.30pm on 505. Will be available as a replay on Kayo as soon as it starts. Looks like Sunday Shootout and A-League Hour have been canned for this upcoming season.
  6. Don’t think they had cameras on the 18 yard line anyway
  7. Gotta agree about the lack of hype around this fixture. Only 20 replies to this thread which has been up for several days. Would have thought there'd be more!
  8. Sydney FC thread is ---------------->>>
  9. This old man on twitter reckons we've signed a few players.
  10. SMH - Dom Bossi The only blemish on Wednesday night's FFA Cup match is that pitch regulations have prevented it being played at Sydney United Sports Centre in Edensor Park and moved to Campbelltown instead. "Playing at Edensor, we would have had the 'house-full' sign up," Krslovic said. Instead, up to 4000 are expected at the neutral venue. It isn't a poor figure by any measure and will be part of their case to return to the spotlight once more. "I believe Sydney United can easily be a part of a second division and it should be. Financially we can do it, we have got our own stadium, infrastructure and social club that backs it," Krslovic said. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/why-former-socceroo-zeljko-kalac-works-for-sydney-united-pro-bono-20190827-p52lbs.html
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