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  1. George Timotheou spotted training with the club today
  2. Good news for us stuck at home - looks like there'll be games on almost every day/night until mid-April
  3. Papas has been elevated to a higher role under Ange at Yokohama... so unlikely.
  4. Can confirm that tonight's AFC U23 Championship fixture against Iraq will be streamed on Kayo and Youtube. Kayo link -.> https://kayosports.com.au/event/sport!football/event-iraq-v-australia!84525
  5. There's 'wild speculation' linking us with a move at Graham Arnold, if he's interested in returning to club management, per a Daily Telegraph article.
  6. How is Arnie ******* us over? Keanu has literally been selected to represent his country in a very important tournament. He'll be an important piece for the Olyroos as well
  7. He's done his ACL. All the best
  8. Ok, so, the club's CEO has finally responded and categorically denied all reports. So we should believe the club, right? If so, Bossi's articles are complete garbage and he should be properly called out.
  9. You gotta link to where it suggests the second part? I agree, would be much better. Eng comms on those games would be an issue tho
  10. Reports suggesting Fox will not bid for the final round of World Cup qualifiers. These games, I'm pretty sure, are separate to the current broadcast deal as they're controlled by Lagadere.
  11. You drive home or catch the train afterwards?
  12. Interesting numbers. I would take them with a grain of salt.
  13. Some ACL content has made it's way onto Kayo, including the extended highlights package of the first leg. https://kayosports.com.au/sports/sport!football/series-asian-champions-league!4 If you have Kayo and want more of this stuff to make it's way onto the site, I recommend at least giving it a click.
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