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  1. Love your work flukey. Good to have some fact rather than alarmist statements. wait a second. From my knowledge Marty has 2 older brothers, one owns a crossfit gym and the other plays for ESFC youth or something to do with the smurfs. Smurf - quick get him ! Hey Flukey, how is the 'equipment' game treating you mate ? The equipment game is good
  2. Was a smurf but his got a full college scholarship to play football and study over in the US.
  3. Hahahha I have two brothers they are a year apart lol so I get mixed up between the two.
  4. Oops I made a mistake it's 97
  5. flukey

    Yojiro Takahagi

    Great player but the team needs to give him the ball more. No point of having a good attacking midfielder without the ball
  6. flukey

    Nikita Rukavytsya

    Ruka is the fastest guy on the pitch but trying to beat 3 players every time he gets the ball is a waste of his energy. He should be making runs behind the defence and looking for those through balls
  7. flukey

    Nick Kalmar

    He is definitely not a defensive midfielder. Likes to hold onto the ball for tonight and his ball placement is shocking. Him playing a wingers role or up front is alright because if he loses the ball we still hAve plenty of players behind him to cover his mistakes
  8. flukey

    Martin Lo

    I've been to a few of the wanderers training and there isn't much work with the ball. Alot of running not enough tech and tackle work. Hence why by game day the players all look sluggish
  9. We lack possession and ball movement. We are too static. If we are to win we need to play no defensive mid and two attacking mid. Play the ball down the middle of the field then use the speed we have on the wing and pentrate our opposition. play simple attacking football
  10. The team philosophy is to belt the ball from the back of the field to the wingers and by pass the midfielders. if that's attractive football that i dont know. what's the point of having a creative midfield in yoshi and saba if the players don't pass them the ball. So sad
  11. flukey

    Martin Lo

    Marty partially torn his MCL and the doc said he might be out for 6 to 8 weeks.
  12. Martin is number 21 and he was born 3.09.1996
  13. flukey

    Martin Lo

    Let's hope he gets his chance to play
  14. Apparently Lo was out muscle?? He never lost the ball and gave great passes we just couldnt finish and I think his defence was awesome and played his role very well.
  15. Martin Lo is on a full A league contract part of the 23 man squad... They are getting him match fit as he hadn't played a full game since Nov 2013. Tifro and Marty have been playing together in the DM role and work well together and saba as the CM role
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