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  1. This is the point I made at the meeting. Most of the Eels people were okay. Some were just worried that if the rail remained all year, the view would be restricted when the seats were in the locked down position for RL games. The PwC person said they would bring examples of the rail seats to the next meeting so the Eels people could have a good look, We could sit in one, they could judge if the rail was uncomfortable against their head, etc. The funniest part of the meeting for me was when a bloke who appeared to be a "senior Eel" finally asked the PwC person why the Wanderers had a gre
  2. Very good summary, Luke. Mack - the food discussion was absolutely necessary.
  3. As I said earlier, can't have it both ways.. No smokie, no cops...end of story. I am not a fan of flares, smokies, etc, but nothing excuses the assault of children.
  4. I'm proud of our team coming over to clap for the fans when they must have been feeling really low about the result of the game. I'm proud of our team for always behaving in a very professional way with their fans. I'm proud our team would never act like the SFC team did at the end of the game when some of them came over to our bay and started blowing kisses at us and giving us the finger. Why should they worry about opposition fans?? The Wanderers team does not worry about the opposition's fans. The SFC team must be feeling very intimidated by the Wanderers excellent fans to do an
  5. The problem is that many people have friends who support the opposing team. We saw mixed groups getting on our train on the way to the stadium. We saw a middle aged man in a SFC jersey helping an old lady (looked like his Mum) down the stairs to her seat. The old lady was wearing Wanderers gear. Their group was a mixture of blue and red/black and they were sitting in the Wanderers non-active area. There were mixed groups of kids in the bay to our right which was supposed to be a SFC area. Brosque has half his family supporting the Wanderers because he is a Westie himself. So splittin
  6. YNWAtheReds - you don't understand the local situation here. We have a very small stadium. A percentage of the seats will be allocated to away fans (it is rumoured to be 1978 seats). All Wanderers members get priority to buy tickets in advance of the general public. If there are any tickets left over after members have bought, the tickets are released to the public. Usually, there are NO SEATS left to go to the public. That is why the scheme will not work. There will be no tickets for the students to buy.
  7. OMG this club has money to burn!!!
  8. I'm "grumpy" about it because I don't like to see empty seats in the stadium when we have been told it is a sell out. It denies other fans a seat. But I am super-duper grumpy about the fact that I can't attend the home leg of the final - an engagement party for a family member - in Melbourne!! Perhaps I should have voted for Etihad Stadium - lol!!!
  9. GD07 - wages in Australia are much higher than in many other countries. I think it is okay for our stadium upgrade to cost a bit more if it keeps Australians in jobs!!
  10. should run it like a semi final and give members 2 days to buy their normal seat and then open what's left to the public What if your a Pioneer / Foundation member who signed up on Day 1 & your seat is unavailable in Bay 7 (Western Grandstand) due to it being given to a VIP or the stupid covered benches that obstruct the view from Terrace Bays 45 or 47. IMO thats the reason why the club takes the step to throw open all seats for purchase by members, as many of their inaugural members can't use their designated & cherished premium seats. Anyway in regard to the vote, Wand
  11. The club just asks you to nominate one place. But, in my opinion they should have asked us for a second nomination. Parra probably does not meet requirements, so having a second choice is important.
  12. I just WANT mine!!!!! Even if we don't NEED it right now. And it hasn't come yet!
  13. One of this mob stopped Tooth Fairy and I as we were walking to the station after the Roar game. Usually people stop us and ask "What's the score? Who won ?" etc. So when this guy stopped us, we thought he was friendly. But he leaned right into us and said he thought the Wanderers were the worst thing that had ever happened to Western Sydney. The whole team and its supporters were an absolute disgrace. And I was also referring to the media who like to find fault with us. They never see the family side of supporters.
  14. What a shame the "all WSW supporters are hooligans" mob can't read this. Not even that lot would call a 2 year old a hooligan - or would they??
  15. Has anyone heard how this matter is progressing??
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