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  1. But he'd be OUR grub and he would run through hell for whatever team he plays for.
  2. Herr Babbel will come through with the goods come game 1. We WILL have a gun striker and others by then.
  3. Mike Bassett: England Manager such a funny movie.
  4. Gallop has quit. Sauce: theworldgame.sbs.com.au
  5. I predict we will wipe the floor in ALL derbies against Easts. Mark my words!!!
  6. Red and black jersey, WHITE shorts and black socks ..... Elegance. Bring it back in!
  7. Gio dos Santos burst onto the scene at the under 20 world cup. It was the same tournament that saw Messi debut. They were both touted as the next big thing. One scaled the heigjts, the other always promising, going to spurs and villarreal amongst other clubs. Difference between Success and failure..... mentality.
  8. Would love to have Ziegler and Schenkeveld backline. Herr Babbel make it so.
  9. Who else might it be? Javi Martinez? Beast of a cb and dmf.
  10. Roy OD has a bit of Irish mongrel about him. Bit of Berisha about him in a way.
  11. LOL Take one for the team. Take one for Pep.
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