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  1. Shiitney fc will score first. Only this time we will react differently, never lowering our heads. Showing some Westie mongrel. Then ....... Riera will dust the cobwebs off and score a peach of a header. This will absolutely fire us up. We will have them on the backfoot. Treejack will play sexual football and Ziggy will take no prisoners. In the 88th minute the blue scum's offside trap will fail and Roly will clinically put away the winner. They will cower and we will triumph. Coricaca will cry a river and complain at the postmatch interview but Bozza will sing our praises and Herr Babbell will impress with another set of dandy like threads. COYW. This game is ours !!!!!
  2. WanderingToqui

    Wanderers Bounce Back Over Mariners

    In other news Sydney FC 0 - Nux 3 What a lovely weekend so far!!!!!
  3. WanderingToqui

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Emenike seems a more mobile player than Riera. Would he suit our playing style? ............ do we even have a clear style?
  4. WanderingToqui

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Emmanuel Emenike is free ...... and seriously looking at the A-league. Could he bang them in for us westies? Sauce: https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/i-ll-guarantee-you-goals-nigeria-star-emenike-tells-a-league-clubs
  5. WanderingToqui

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Not fact. Just wishful thinking.
  6. WanderingToqui

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Fornaroli ........................................................................... yes. Adios Riera.
  7. Too much energy going into slagging the officials. Yes they're as useful as windscreen wipers on a submarine BUT the match is always there for the taking. If we capitalise on all the chances we create then the officiating is irrelevant. Football is simple. Score more than the opposition ... 3 pts.
  8. Wanderers 4 - Jets 0 #believe
  9. I think Herr Babbel is a much more dynamic and most importantly, flexible coach. I think he will have no qualms about mixing up formation from game to game or indeed , in the middle of the game. Same applies to team line up from one game to the next.
  10. WanderingToqui

    Windswept Wellington Blown Away

    I remember a peach of a goal scored by the mighty Biscuit up at the central coast. An impossible header from memory. Such grace, such poise, such power. Biscuit rocks.
  11. WanderingToqui

    Windswept Wellington Blown Away

    Ahhh what a glorious time. "All the way with LBJ" Lyndon Johnson. Height of the cold war and Australia asking "how high?" whenever uncle sam said jump.
  12. WanderingToqui

    Windswept Wellington Blown Away

    Tree Jack
  13. Rudan's bubble will burst against us. Nux 0 - Wanderers 2 We've got this.