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  1. Hey when will the new season squad thread go up? I'm keen to read outrageous transfer rumours.
  2. If our budget will be tighter next year, what chance do we have to bring in decent foreigners? What chance to recruit decent locals with John Crapsimas and John Paul of Mary at the helm? Bleak horizons ahead.
  3. Our season starts ........... . . . . . ..... at some point. ..... one day. ..... hopefully soon.
  4. Because we are piiss weak. Because we embrace mediocrity.
  5. Strong and balanced line up. Constant communication through the lines is key tonight. Don't give David Biff an excuse to card us or give craap decisions.
  6. Gombau and Postecoglou are like chalk and cheese. I still thought Gombau unconvincing when he won it with Adelaide. Postecoglou is different. Took Yokohama to Champions in his second season and got them playing his philosophy. Foreign culture, language and all. Took the Roar and revamped their playing style whilst they won the league. Took the National team and made them Champions of Asia. Gombau ... slid on the grass in his suit when he was happy. Can't compare.
  7. Haven't we forgotten what Postecoglou did with Brisbane Roar? I'm absolutely certain he or someone with a similar football philosophy could once again replicate Ange's Roar days in Oz again, yes even at the Wanderers. He would be most welcome at Wanderers to overhaul and instill his philosophy from the youth teams to first team.
  8. Did anyone watch Yokohama wipe the floor with Shitney fc? 4-0 ... could've been 7. Yokohama were pressuring so high up the field for the ENTIRE 90 mins. Never gave Sydney any time or space. They made the ball do all the work. Short, fast and precise passes making the opposition chase and get frustrated. A very Latin way of playing. Fitness was awesome. Crazy thing is, J League hasn't even started and the A League is halfway through. I wish we had someone with the same philosophy as Postecoglou, Bielsa, or Sampaoli coaching us. These coaches teach and nurture and instill self belief. No divas just every single player from the superstar to the reserves treated the same. Yet here we are ... Mediocre City ... and we're all paying for this sorry show.
  9. As Shakespeare once wrote, Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Meaning ... things are unsatisfactory; there is something wrong. with all the $$$$$$$$ parents pay is there no emphasis on skills set training? ... not really. Let's all just be stampeding horses with no football clue and just concentrate on fitness.
  10. Our boys need to do shiitload of futsal. If they do that constantly their ball skills will improve, as well as fitness. It really shiits me to tears that these guys are getting paid to kick a ball for a living and are half arsed. Basic skills so sub par. A lot of this is on the coach. No charisma, no sense of discipline and not having drummed into them that they need to bleed for the shirt. Western Sydney is a cradle of football in this country. Then you see Jurman and others stroll around with a shiit attitude. That's when the coach has to be on the touchline yelling at them to pull their finger out. Constant instructions on the sideline, not passive and looking trendy. Farking pathetic the lot of them.
  11. Cox looks like we've interrupted his pub crawl to ask him to play for us. He looks overweight and sluggish.
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