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  1. Traore is a wingback. Knows his role. Has 4 sets of lungs and will run up and all day. Can also put in a decent cross. Has skill and tenacity. Good signing.
  2. Sotirio's goal tally would be much higher if he had a beard like Ramos.
  3. Right, our defence has room now to bring in a certain free agent, Sergio Ramos. He has left Real Madrid. ........ to dream costs nothing right?
  4. So ..... Zidane has quit Real Madrid. Welcome to Blacktown Zizou.
  5. Who's going to be the sub standard referee today? I hope Corica gets a red.
  6. Our team needs a strong spine to build around ie: goalkeeper, central defender, centre midfield, attacking midfielder, striker.
  7. Just read an article from a Latin American website where legendary goalkeeper Buffon is absolutely open to all offers, even "crazy" ones. He was quoted as as saying he'd be open to playing in serie C or overseas. Are you listening Lederer? Bring him over. Goalkeeper sorted!
  8. What about this guy for our defence next season? https://www.transfermarkt.com/david-luiz/profil/spieler/46741
  9. Bloody hell! Macarthur have signed Davila for next season. 3 year deal. What the funk are we doing to strengthen our weak spots?
  10. Towering import defender for next season? https://www.transfermarkt.com/kyle-bartley/profil/spieler/67421
  11. Or this goal poacher? https://www.transfermarkt.com/andre-ayew/profil/spieler/45403 Marquee?
  12. What about this fella to bang in the goals for us next season? https://www.transfermarkt.com/danny-welbeck/profil/spieler/67063 Marquee perhaps?
  13. Also important to note that a playmaker is only as good as the players around him. No good having a passing maestro with awesome vision if no one is making runs and creating space. Mr Robinson has to adapt his tactics accordingly. I'd get Caceres AND Davila. Goodbye Troisi.
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