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  1. Do we know what formation Robbo wants go with this coming season?
  2. If it were true I'd be hoping for Jack Wilshere to have a much huger impact than the ghost who was Mutch. Mutch was like a fart in the wind ...... never knew he was even there.
  3. I hope Popa's Victory ship sinks with all onboard. Still haven't forgotten how he dumped us at the 11th hour.
  4. Wilshere AND Dos Santos to become Wanderers.
  5. Has Andy Carroll ever been prolific? . . And .... Would he ever bang in 15 to 20 goals with us, realistically ..... with our current players around him to provide some sort of support ? . . Is he more of a lone wolf striker or would he compliment our Israeli goal machine up front?
  6. Boateng the beast would destroy the attackers in this league. How much would Natta and Mourdokoutos learn in training from him. Would be good for a Marquee
  7. Don't think anyone at Victory really thrived under Brebner and then Kean last season. I'd laugh my tits off if we got Shotton and he became a defensive beast partnering Williams and Ziggy. I'd also laugh my tits off if we got him and he became the English version of Borda. Seriously though, I wonder who the rumours are about?
  8. Scott Dann Gary Cahill ?????????????????
  9. Would you be so kind as to perhaps offer a hint, a clue, some crumbs for us plebs to feed off?
  10. Does anyone know if there are any creditable rumours regarding the club negotiating with foreign players? Any names?
  11. It's a place in Wales. Imagine getting a taxi home after a drunken night out and asking the driver to take you there. Good luck pronouncing that when you're well pissed.
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