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  1. Speaking of changing the anthem, this came up on my TikTok feed the other day. It’s brilliant IMO. It retains the essence of the anthem through the tune, but then has updated lyrics to better reflect a more inclusive society and acknowledges our indigenous history and The Dreaming. Please have a listen (even though it’s a TikTok!). https://vm.tiktok.com/ZS36hNMq/
  2. As long as we aren't dogshit (big ask, I know...), this should be a really enjoyable season. Keen to do all the early season away trips to Newy, Central Coast and the Nix in Wollongong. Balks and I have just taken a punt on Perth opening up and have booked some free flights we had for the second last round. We originally wanted to go to the Reds game on Good Friday, but the flight allocation was exhausted. The MV game in Melbourne is at Docklands, and that didn't interest us, so it was between Perth and Brisbane and I wanted to see quokkas Although it's slightly weird beca
  3. This has me dirty. Why not do this in the first place? I've renewed, but I don't even get a guaranteed seat for my $400. But now I could have apparently kept my seat and foundation status safe for $80 until I knew what was happening with COVID? Get in the ******* bin What a slap in the face to people who renewed because they didn't think there was any other option to keep their seats or status.
  4. God that was a good day Picked up @StringerBellend off a random park bench and the first thing he says to us is "Unlimited was on my bus!" He made it his mission to introduce us that afternoon. I believe there's a photo somewhere of @Prydzopolis, @thefairy and myself bringing that thread to life. Even better was the night before. So many forumites rocked up to that pub and I've got some great videos of us going off. Think we scared the locals a bit that night So many of my favourite WSW memories are away trips or pre-match catch-ups at The Bav or Royal Oak. Even though the re
  5. I was hoping that's the case. We'd probably be comfortable taking it off if they requested it as we are going through the gates. I'm sure they'd want to capture every single face with their fancy recognition cameras and software
  6. Haha that's not a terrible idea. I'm not sure if it would work with my pattern, but I could give it go. I don't use those members scarfs anyway, so if I can dig it out I might try it I'll let him know He did say people might want them for after football season but I wasn't sure. At least not here in NSW.
  7. There was a minimum order of 50 and he was looking at buying them and flogging them for $5 each which would cover the manufacturing and shipping. I laughed and said I reckon a few forum members would be keen for a mask to match their scarf
  8. WRGMG Do you think I can find any sort of red and black fabric to make myself some WSW masks for tomorrow night? Nope, nothing. The only thing I've managed to find is some ugly flower type pattern. I thought for sure there would have been red and black stripped fabric or red and black polka dots but the closet I could find was black and orange polka dots Looks like I might have to go all black or do a half/half with some separate black and red fabric, but it won't look as good as what I imagined. Balks has a contact that will print custom face masks like the WSW ones bel
  9. Does anybody know what the rules will be around masks? Does anyone know if there have been any worn at NRL games recently? I have been sewing reusable masks for charity and I've got my own handmade ones that Balks and I would like to wear out of courtesy for others tomorrow. Obviously there is no mandate in NSW and the masks are not necessarily being worn to protect ourselves but given there is some increased community transmission, I think I'd rather err on the side of caution and wear one. However, we could go without them and I don't want to get unnecessarily hassled by people (cough*s
  10. Firstly - border** Secondly - Closing the border isn't a simple process and would have devastating impacts for border towns like Albury-Wodonga. The closure up on the Tweed border has had terrible repercussions for a lot of the population up there. Also, it isn't air tight. You can still move across the border on foot and there's also plenty of back roads still open for those in 4WD's. The border to the ACT has also been open this entire time and there hasn't been any spread from NSW into there. Just because there's a border closure, doesn't mean we're going to be better off. Finall
  11. It's pretty clearly set out in the Constitution the exclusive and concurrent powers the Federal Government (Commonwealth) has. Maybe check it out. The states retain legislative powers over matters not specifically listed in the Constitution. This sort of stuff really needs to be taught better in schools. If it was, we wouldn't have these "many people" being surprised over something that literally underpins our entire country. It's not something that's just been decided in the past couple of years. We're talking 1901 here.
  12. I'm lucky to have had mainly positive experiences with Uber both here and in the US. However there have been a few standout douche-bags. One thing that's interesting between here and the US is that they don't seem to have the same quality restrictions on their cars. Balks and I got in some shockers in Hawaii. One was a 30 year old Lincoln town-car and another was a beat-bomb that didn't have working seat belts. We tried Lyft too, but got an equally dodgy Jeep, so it was really just hit and miss. Back here though, the two worst ones were while we heading to or from the airport. The f
  13. Read both parts of it. It was very interesting and a comprehensive look at what went on over those key couple of weeks in Feb/March. I will admit though, it was rather "fluffy" in parts. However, while reading it I think it really hit home how well it was managed and how the correct decisions were made in a timely manner. It was interesting to read about who was advising who on decisions and how they lent quite heavily on business leaders for many issues. I also thought the section on Qantas being asked to run the repatriation flights was fascinating. It's funny how you think someth
  14. Facebook, Woolies and Google don't have access to a police force, don't have the power to enact retrospective legislation and don't really have a reason to track you beyond simple commercial/$$$ reasons. There are many reasons why a Government might want to track the movement of it's citizens and not all of them are for "the greater good". A website placing a cookie on your computer is a lot different to this app. If you're getting ads on your Facebook page for products, then you don't have your privacy/information permissions set up correctly. Use a VPN, educate yourself on privacy perm
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