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  1. Balks and I recently installed solar panels on our house. Cost us $7000, but has reduced our bill from $1000 per quarter to -$350. Our energy company is actually paying us now. We will have these panels paid off in two years and still have 8 years of our warranty to run. At the moment, batteries of any decent capacity are still quite expensive and make it a lot harder to achieve a good ROI on a solar system, but we made sure our inverter is future proofed and can take batteries at some point in the future. When the time comes, we will install a battery or two and upgrade to a completely electric car. I'd be quite happy not spending $70 a week on petrol. Obviously this isn't achievable for everyone, especially renters, but given Australia's climate and the amount of sun we get, it's a no brainer for us. Seeing the results we got, my parents installed a smaller system at their house, and reduced their bills from $1000 to $200.
  2. The amount of tourism and media exposure alone that the Royal Family bring to England/UK is worth billions of £££ annually. You can't buy that amount advertising. "Forbes reports that the British monarchy “contributes nearly £1.8 billion ($US2.4 billion) to the UK economy” annually, including £550 million ($US720 million) in tourism." They ain't giving that up anytime soon. The couple of hundred million the taxpayers give them each year pails in comparison to the benefit they receive from it.
  3. I play Zoo Tycoon and Stardew Valley on Xbox I feel like I was a farmer in a previous life because I’m very good at running my fake farm. I’m also very good at running my fake zoo
  4. Let's say for argument's sake, climate change is proven to false in the future. However, we implement a range of positive environmental policies and invest in renewable energy over the next few years. What's going to be the outcome? A more sustainable, cleaner planet with a reduction of waste and pollution... Wow, what a **** result. My children and grandchildren are going to hate that
  5. Lang Walker calling in favours I see...
  6. Wendy, you've known me for a few years now. I would hope that you've dealt with me enough to know I'm a good person with good morals that will fight for what's right. I worked in the greyhound industry and you basically inferred above that I couldn't be a good person because I did. I also don't think it's fair to label people such as myself as hypocritical or exploitative. I abhor what happened in the greyhounds and it made me sick to my stomach. I also think what is happening in the horses is terrible too. We genuinely tried to fix up the industry tried to implement as many of parliamentary inquiry recommendations as we could. I think many people involved realised we had failed on several levels and needed to do much better. Millions of dollars was funneled into integrity and welfare and dozens of people in law enforcement, regulation and veterinary science were employed to bring things up to standard. We did all of this while receiving death threats and personal abuse from "animal activists". This was so serious, we had to have security posted on our office doors for weeks and needed to be escorted to our cars. How is that acceptable Wendy? Thanks Carns. I don't think it's fair everyone involved in the industry is instantly demonised because of where they work. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge animal lover. I cry when my fish die, I hate seeing any animal in pain and I even try and catch bugs and release them from my house instead of killing them. There was multiple times when I saw a dog injured at the track or heard one had been put down and it broke my heart every single time. I followed up with the trainers nearly every time to check on it and see how it was going. In the end, I worked in the industry because I needed a job. I tried to have a positive influence where I could including a lot of pro bono work for the adoption arm of the organisation. You can sure as hell be certain that if I knew of something going on, I would have spoken up. I met so many kind people who absolutely genuinely loved their dogs. In a couple of cases, the dogs lived better than the humans. I can't say that of everyone in the industry, but a significant number of the people I interacted with did. One of the ones that sticks out to me is video that I did with a trainer named Mark Swift. He was a hobby trainer and had one dog - Smart Valentino - who was fairly successful. He passed away due to a spider bite at the height of his success and just devastated Mark. Watch this video below and tell me that this guy didn't love his dog. Watch from the 4min mark in particular.
  7. IN x 2 The angry bearded Balkan will be with me.
  8. Nope. Can’t do that one. I walk in with Balkanite anywhere (especially airports) and I am pulled up EVERY F**KING TIME instead of him It’s almost comical now. They must figure the white girl will be carrying something illegal for the shifty looking wog with a beard
  9. I could quite happily watch my fish tank for hours. It’s very therapeutic. It’s also interesting to see the different groups and personalities that form. Fish have little quirks that you pick up on as the community develops. For instance, we have a little tetra we named Steve. He has survived an ick outbreak, algae bloom and the rest of his school dying off. He’s quite a survivor. He’s been alone in the tank for about a month or so. We felt so bad for him but we needed to do a full replenish of the water and a thorough clean before we got any more fish. Now we’ve got it all sorted, we got more tetras the other day as I mentioned above. As soon as we floated the new tetras in their bag, Steve was up and trying to get to them. When we released them, he instantly started schooling with them and he immediately perked up. I swear to god, he was leading them around the tank like he was showing them the lay of the land. It was so cute and he has looked so much healthier and happier. Having an aquarium is a lot more work than you think, but it’s definitely a discussion piece with every guest in our house and it’s awesome to see it everytime you come home.
  10. Got a nice little $15 on WSW to win the FFA Cup at $23 for a $345 return. Also put $30 on a WSW GF win at $14 for a return of $420. I'm liking my bets at the moment. Both cash out options are equal or more than my original outlays ATM, so I could go out while I'm ahead if I want
  11. Balks and I have a 180L freshwater tank. We've had various fish over the past two years. Definitely go fresh water, marine is a bitch to maintain. Try to avoid real plants. They can throw the tank levels out quite easily. Stick with plastic plants to begin with. You can always introduce them later if you want when you get more confident. The main tip I can give you is keep your pH at 7.0 and you'll have half the battle won. Most tropical fish will be quite comfortable at that level. You sound like you're cycling the tank, so that's a good start. In terms of fish, guppies are good but take Jack's word for it. Make sure to have more females than males. Tetras are awesome for small tanks. You can get so many types and they look great when they school. I prefer the red and blue neon tetras but we've had rummy nose, congo and rosy tetras too. Platys and mollies are good sizes too for small tanks. It depends whether your son wants a few or just one or two bigger ones. If he wants some bigger ones, go with a gourami. We had two lovely blue dwarf gouramis at one point. We had to give one away due to it getting aggressive with the other one but the remaining one was quite content in the tank with the smaller fish. He was slower than the tetras and guppies so he never bothered chasing them. Unfortunately, through a series of terrible events, we ended up losing a lot of our fish over a 3-4 month period. However, we've got the tank back to a great condition and we've just started introducing some more fish. We got a bunch of tetras and platys the other day along with a beast of a plecco who we hope will keep the tank clean. We're looking at getting some more tetras along with some silver dollars and angel fish in the next few weeks. I'm not sure where you are based, but we use Le Aquatic at Lansvale for our fish. They are very well stocked and their set-up is amazing. They know their stuff and the fish are good quality. Stick clear of pet-shop fish.
  12. Lol having some flashbacks here. Be prepared for some backlash Hughsey. You and I seem to be in a minority around here. I completely agree with all your points. I was shot down in the Off Topic forum about a year ago after posting how excited I was to be taking the next step in my career and actually managing a team of interns. I did every home game and multiple W-League and NYL games in S1 as an unpaid media assistant. Most people in my industry have done similar roles as students or graduates. Now I'm in the position I wanted to be when I started that internship and I had job offers being thrown at me last time I was looking for a role. This. If you want to work in a competitive industry or improve your resume, these type of roles are the way to do it. Often (not always) these roles are pretty flexible and give you access to contacts and a professional reference in the industry to put on your resume. I consciously chose to work nights and weekends in order to support myself AND do these type of roles. In the end, if these positions HAD to be paid, they wouldn't be offered at all. And where does that leave all the graduates? Yeah this isn't true. They may have the piece of paper but I've found most lack basic practical skills and haven't been exposed to a professional environment before. I've had to teach media graduates how to write a press release, basic social media skills and how to call a journalist to pitch a story. These are stock-standard, everyday tasks for roles like this. I learnt these through my internships with supervision and encouragement from more experienced staff. I'm taking the time and effort out of my day to pass on these skills and train these guys up to be able to walk into a role. I'm happy to do it for interns because I realise they are learning and haven't had the experience but if I'm employing you, I expect you to be able to do these things with minimal supervision.
  13. You say that like I made it up... I didn't go to law school for five years to be doubted on an internet forum
  14. You're telling me... ******* hour long wait for a ******* pizza
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