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  1. @wendybr Surely as a teacher you're aware of confirmation bias and logical fallacies. As someone who intricately knows how social media and internet feeds algorithms work, I can tell you that you are being shown what the algorithm thinks you want to see. These algorithms can pinpoint you down to a tee, and will deliver you the content that supports your arguments and thoughts. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you have to realise that just because that's all you're seeing, doesn't mean that millions of other people are as well. If all you're being shown is people agreeing with these view
  2. Currently at a small vaccination hub in Carnes Hill designed for those that aren’t catered to by the mass hubs waiting for my in-laws to get their first shot! I can’t explain how relieved I am. Just keep talking to people and answering their questions and fears. Help them out where required like booking an appointment or finding a hub. Bring on opening! (In 5 weeks when they’re fully protected )
  3. They’ve changed how vaccines work since May? Colour me shocked. Never heard about that on the mainstream news. The only thing that’s changed since May is more detail on the efficacy against symptomatic infection and the rate of waning being experienced. This research has started the conversations around the next phase of maintenance and the development of plans around boosters (which most believed would always be needed at some point). This was always going to happen at this stage of the roll-out. Protection against serious illness and death are still incredibly high. It seems to b
  4. I just have to laugh at anyone who uses anything that Ruddick idiot says. And yes, we should listen to Campbell Newman. One of the most unpopular Premiers in QLD history, who tried to sell off the State and was one of only two sitting Premier to lose his seat at an election. Such an expert on the matter /s There are stark differences between the UK experience and our situation here in Australia. Their reasons for not using the passports are not really applicable here. Australian’s also respect people’s right not to die here a little bit more than BoJo does.
  5. Okay, I will look at the UK and Israel. I'd like you to read this article by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. They actually quote two major studies that show vaccines reduce spread and viral load. You want to take a guess where those studies were from? I'll tell you - the UK and Israel. There's even links to the actual studies in the article for your benefit. https://www1.racgp.org.au/newsgp/clinical/mounting-evidence-suggests-covid-vaccines-do-reduc The article quotes the same figures I do. 40-60% reduction in transmission. Yes, you're right. We might nev
  6. I quoted this separately to my other post because this is such a dangerous argument that all anti-vaxxers are using and it’s wrong on so many levels. 1) You’re a danger to those in the population who legitimately can’t get vaccinated because of health issues or allergies to vaccines. These people require others to get vaccinated. Herd immunity. 2) If you’re unvaccinated, get sick from COVID and end up in hospital or worse ICU, you are taking a bed off someone who has been in a bad accident, had major surgery, had a heart attack, has cancer etc. You’re taking away resources like bed
  7. But as I showed, they aren’t big numbers protesting. They sound big, but they aren’t. How many millions of vaccinated French people were out and about enjoying their weekend? I’d say quite a few more. And again, the French love complaining, some civil disobedience and a good protest. I never claimed only 5% of people support the cause. I used the figure for illustration purposes to show that even if support of the protests was 10x greater than those in the streets, it’s still only a small proportion of their population. But I’ll humour you. Actual studies and reports (peer-
  8. Not sure about the disappearing and re-downloading thing, but I would suggest you download the actual digital pass out of the Medicare app and put it in your digital wallet so you don’t even need the app in the future. Are you using an Apple or Android? I downloaded the Medicare app but only opened it once. I saved the immunisation PDF to my phone’s documents folder and the digital certificate to my Apple Wallet. It sits alongside my WSW membership card, frequent flyer cards and the CC’s I’ve set up in Apple Pay. On Android you can use the Google Pay app or an independent app
  9. My recent favourite from the anti-vaxxers is when they try and compare themselves to African Americans or South African people of the segregation and Apartheid era. They also love thinking they’re soon going to be made to wear yellow stars or get their vaccination status tattooed on them. People are honestly acting like being able to travel or go to the pub is the equivalent of concentration camps, torture or public lynchings. We are literally being asked to stay home on our couches, get a needle and show a document. My boyfriend had his house burnt down in front of him
  10. The real question should be… When are people in France NOT protesting? It’s like their favourite past-time over there. They would protest puppies and unicorns just because they can. But in all seriousness, the media have covered it. It’s on the ABC, news.com.au, Al Jazeera and the AP. Your mates at Sky News even covered it. It was also on one of the commercial TV stations yesterday as I was flicking. Come on Wendy - 140,000 out of 67,000,000 is like 0.2% of the population. Even if you take the highest number of protestors so far - around 280,000 - it’s still only 0.5% of
  11. I read this article this morning. Talk about burying the lead. Only 35 seriously ill people and seven in ICU in Singapore with COVID. Also the quote below... While any illness or death is sad, I do think we need perspective. We never batted an eyelid when flu and pneumonia deaths were 2500-3000 a year pre-2019 (you could argue we should have though). We just encouraged people to get the flu vaccine and to be cautious with their hygiene. Vax rates for the annual flu are only ever between 40-50%. Before anyone jumps down my throat, I'm not comparing COVID to the flu. COVID is
  12. Sorry to hijack the hair discussion, but you mentioned Geralt of Rivia. I binged watched The Witcher last weekend and it was such a brilliant show! Honestly, 99% of my decision to watch it was based on Henry Cavill and the fact I heard he was nude in a bath at some point, but I actually got really into it I will admit I was totally confused for about three or four episodes, but when I pieced everything together, it was fantastic and so so smart. Also have a lady crush on Yennefer now too. The new season is coming in December and the trailer looks great.
  13. Easier than hockey, that’s for sure Seems like the perfect sport for you Unlimited. You’ll have plenty of love going on and you’ll most likely play on your own. Maybe you’ll find a doubles partner if you’re lucky
  14. Okay I’ll bite. I know you’re saying this for the reaction or because you’re a dick, but I don’t care. 1) Foetuses* They are a clump of cells. They aren’t babies. They can’t survive without the mother as it’s host. 2) Reframe your sentence. These laws are putting Texan women in danger. Pregnancy is extremely dangerous even in the most low-risk cases. Then throw in things like ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, complications like placental abruptions and gestational diabetes and women can get seriously sick or die while pregnant. 3) Women who are raped in Texas will literally
  15. Yes, definitely. Both are terrible situations for females and I worry about all the girls and women in both places. However, just because it isn’t r@pe and murder, doesn’t make what Texas is doing any better. If anything, it shows how mind-boggling it is to have this sort of thing happening in a first-world, secular nation.
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