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  1. I use Jax Tyres at St Mary’s. They’ve been good to me whenever I’ve gone there. I can’t really talk to specific brands, because my car has some weird ass sized rims and there’s only like three brands that fit them and they are ******* expensive. Got Continentals on there now which cost me about $160 each. I’ve always been told to go with the brands you know. Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental and Hankook are all pretty decent.
  2. Bit late here but thought I’d throw my biscuit picks into the mix... Shortbread Creams & Nice I’m partial to a Kingston as well.
  3. I know it’s not the same sport, but hockey shares a lot of similarities to football. We have a green, yellow and red card. A red works the same way in both sports but the green and yellow are different. A green card is a warning and a temporary dismissal of two minutes is given to the player. The player comes off and sits in a designated spot for that period. Two green cards equals a yellow and that’s five minutes off. The time can also be extended for any misconduct while they’re off. Multiple yellows and you get a red. Granted, the average game of hockey is shorter than a football game but I think a similar process could go well, especially at an Association level. There’s a big problem with refs not wanting to give yellow cards early or soft yellow cards. A green card is a visible warning and it has a consequence. It could be helpful when telling players to pull their heads in. We’ve even had talk of a possible black card that would allow an umpire to completely suspend a game for a period of time in cases where there is sufficient abuse or violence from coaches, players or spectators. I think taking players off the field for a short period of time has an impact. There’s a consequence for the team and that’s when accountability to your team-mates starts to come into play. I’ve watched a fair bit of hockey in the past couple of years and seen one red card. It works.
  4. Balks and I were at El Jannah's in Blacktown last week. Apart from one of the best damn chicken rolls I've ever had from EJ's, the thing I loved the most was the amazing multi-cultural dining room. Here we were, a Bosnian and an Anglo sitting with Indians, Islanders, Wogs and Asians eating middle-eastern food. It was ******* brilliant. I love the fact that within 10mins of our house, I can get proper traditional Thai, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, Italian, Chinese and Lebanese food. I love going to all the Chinese festivals in Cabramatta every year. We have a Laos temple down the road from us and their celebrations are always huge and joyful. I'm going to head to the Republic Day celebrations at Marconi on Sunday and stuff myself with pizza, cannoli and Italian gingerbread. I honestly pity people who live a sheltered existence in the Eastern Suburbs and Northern Beaches. My life has been so much fuller knowing so many people from different backgrounds and experiencing the best their culture has to offer right in my backyard.
  5. Stage 2. Bored at work so did some research. Here's the highlights, not sure if they feature - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q73eKDu9SYk
  6. On a funny note, Balkanite and I had a lot of fun winding up Ufuk Talay on the ESFC bench during the game. The dickhead wouldn't stay in his box, so we had a few choice words for him. We definitely got under his skin because he made a few gestures our way throughout the game and then right before half-time he starred down Balks with such fury that I honestly thought he was going to jump the fence and have a go Even our friends in front and beside us noticed it and made comment. Didn't take too kindly to me flipping him off either
  7. Yeah I think you'll be right. As long as it's valid until our last home game, it should be fine.
  8. Watch out if anybody has been trying to rort the membership system. A couple of people who usually sit with Balkanite purchased concession memberships in the first season as a cheaper alternative and have just been renewing them since. They weren't eligible for the concession memberships and have never had any proof i.e. pension card, student ID etc. The Wanderers have contacted them this week asking for proof of concession and will be demanding back payment if they can't provide it. Not sure how much back payment they are after, but I can imagine if they don't pay up or provide proof they might withhold next season membership. I'm having a laugh at the whole thing because they've bragged about this for ages while the rest of us did the honest thing and paid for adult membership. Good to see them finally cracking down on it. It just ruins the system for people who are actually rightly entitled to those discounts.
  9. I figured based on your PM, but he didn't incriminate himself unlike you It's alright, I'll shout you a wine at our next trivia night.
  10. Doesn't count cause you cheated Bingo. We have a winner. No wonder our defence was terrible. Our GK and two CB's decided as adults and professional football players to eat a kebab three hours before the game. Boggles the mind.
  11. I was with Manfred and heard the story firsthand from the garlic sauce. I know who the third player is. Anyone want to take a guess... First person to get it right wins an expired Balkanite beer voucher I know the person very well who saw the players at the kebab store. I don't have any doubts about the truth of this story. He was able to give the exact store and time. The worse thing was, knowing who the players were, you could see them getting exhausted at the start of the second half and we knew exactly why. It ******* burned
  12. Bingo. Unfortunately there's plenty of people who have an inflated sense of importance and love to say a lot without actually saying a lot. There's a few on this forum and it irks me that they withhold information for no obvious reason other than to throw it in people's faces in a "na na nana na I know something you don't" way. I'm all for protecting sources, but it has gone beyond that at some points. Let's be straight. JT is a smart man. He wouldn't be CEO if he wasn't. He would not say anything in front of twenty odd people (that he doesn't know from a bar of soap) that he wouldn't feel comfortable with them relaying. If these meetings were meant to be confidential, that would have been properly communicated and documented officially in someway. Nothing that Manfred stated is a surprise to me or would be shocking to various parties. I think it's fairly common knowledge that many aren't happy with the new board, the expansion process or the FFA in general. What is the point of these meetings if information is only passed on to a special few. They should be for the exact purpose of this thread. Open collaboration and sharing between fans. The members committee can be a sounding board for the club and the committee can be a conduit to the membership base. Thanks for the info Manfred and Ed, it is very appreciated by a lot of us on here.
  13. Was listening to the radio this morning and they had a on-air dating segment where they get a bunch of women on the phone and then introduce a guy in the studio who tells them about himself. The women can’t see him and drop off the line if they hear something they don’t like. The guy they had in the studio this morning was a guy named George. He was 29, Greek and a big Wanderers fan. He admitted that he’d never had a girlfriend, had sex or even kissed a girl. He reminded me of our whole saga with Unlimited and it made me proud that Unlimited finally got there on his own in the end. Turns out you weren’t even the unluckiest Wanderers fan out there How’s it all going Unlimited? I think last I heard you were still with her? If George is on this forum, show your face dude and we can try to help!
  14. It actually did believe it or not. I'm always happy to hear other people's thoughts and especially from someone with first-hand knowledge. I have come to the conclusion that while I believe the card is good in theory, some of issues with the practical implementation of it are alarming. We definitely need more funding for vital things like employment and health services that should accompany an initiative like this. Another suggestion I heard was that everyone on Newstart would have someone look over their bank statements for a period of a few months, just like if you were going for a loan. If your spending/withdrawing patterns raised concerns, then you would be put on the card. I thought it wasn't a bad alternative. If you're on Newstart for longer than a couple of months, then you get looked at. If everything is above board, you continue as is. If people are withdrawing large sums or using it in pubs, clubs, bottle shops etc. then you have issues. Unfortunately this is true. If people are desperate enough, the card won't stop them. But what I would hope is that those on the edge are the ones who might see a benefit from it. The people that have kids but like to go to the pub and blow half of their payment in the pokies or at the bar in one sitting. Maybe, just maybe it might force that person to think about their decisions and their kids. Sometimes, cutting off access to the harm is one of the only ways to help people.
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