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  1. CaptainJess

    Wanderers Members Committee News

    Bingo. Unfortunately there's plenty of people who have an inflated sense of importance and love to say a lot without actually saying a lot. There's a few on this forum and it irks me that they withhold information for no obvious reason other than to throw it in people's faces in a "na na nana na I know something you don't" way. I'm all for protecting sources, but it has gone beyond that at some points. Let's be straight. JT is a smart man. He wouldn't be CEO if he wasn't. He would not say anything in front of twenty odd people (that he doesn't know from a bar of soap) that he wouldn't feel comfortable with them relaying. If these meetings were meant to be confidential, that would have been properly communicated and documented officially in someway. Nothing that Manfred stated is a surprise to me or would be shocking to various parties. I think it's fairly common knowledge that many aren't happy with the new board, the expansion process or the FFA in general. What is the point of these meetings if information is only passed on to a special few. They should be for the exact purpose of this thread. Open collaboration and sharing between fans. The members committee can be a sounding board for the club and the committee can be a conduit to the membership base. Thanks for the info Manfred and Ed, it is very appreciated by a lot of us on here.
  2. Was listening to the radio this morning and they had a on-air dating segment where they get a bunch of women on the phone and then introduce a guy in the studio who tells them about himself. The women can’t see him and drop off the line if they hear something they don’t like. The guy they had in the studio this morning was a guy named George. He was 29, Greek and a big Wanderers fan. He admitted that he’d never had a girlfriend, had sex or even kissed a girl. He reminded me of our whole saga with Unlimited and it made me proud that Unlimited finally got there on his own in the end. Turns out you weren’t even the unluckiest Wanderers fan out there How’s it all going Unlimited? I think last I heard you were still with her? If George is on this forum, show your face dude and we can try to help!
  3. It actually did believe it or not. I'm always happy to hear other people's thoughts and especially from someone with first-hand knowledge. I have come to the conclusion that while I believe the card is good in theory, some of issues with the practical implementation of it are alarming. We definitely need more funding for vital things like employment and health services that should accompany an initiative like this. Another suggestion I heard was that everyone on Newstart would have someone look over their bank statements for a period of a few months, just like if you were going for a loan. If your spending/withdrawing patterns raised concerns, then you would be put on the card. I thought it wasn't a bad alternative. If you're on Newstart for longer than a couple of months, then you get looked at. If everything is above board, you continue as is. If people are withdrawing large sums or using it in pubs, clubs, bottle shops etc. then you have issues. Unfortunately this is true. If people are desperate enough, the card won't stop them. But what I would hope is that those on the edge are the ones who might see a benefit from it. The people that have kids but like to go to the pub and blow half of their payment in the pokies or at the bar in one sitting. Maybe, just maybe it might force that person to think about their decisions and their kids. Sometimes, cutting off access to the harm is one of the only ways to help people.
  4. CaptainJess

    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    People who hop off an escalator and stop dead in the middle of the walkway I almost had a lady with a trolley run me over from behind after a guy stopped at the bottom of the escalator to look at his phone. He didn't even apologise after I gave him a blast. Douchebag.
  5. Goat, I have always been one of the nicest people to you on here. I've always supported you in the Mental Health Thread and tried to give you advice whenever you asked. Balks and I have shouted you many drinks over the years and I've even driven you places. There's no need for the sarcasm. People can have discussions without snide remarks. You obviously have a strong opinion on this given your situation, so why not share your thoughts/insights instead of the sarcasm? I think this is the problem with the debate. There is a hell a lot of hyperbole being thrown around by both sides of the debate. Statements like the one above don't add anything to the debate and make it harder to have a proper discussion. People saying things like "we're second or third class citizens" is just not true. You are receiving a payment to help you that you have to do almost nothing for and a requirement of that is you use the card. In order to receive other benefits from the government, plenty of people have conditions or requirements they have to meet. It's not something new. People will disagree with me, but welfare is privilege not a right. There are many other people around the world who would be more than happy to receive the Newstart payment and use the card. I read something really good on Twitter yesterday. Someone basically said that most people's opinions on the card will be formed on the basis of whether they view the payment as a "hand-out" or a "hand-up". If we take the initial premise of Newstart - an income support payment whilst trying to find suitable employment - then it should be a short-term means to an end. Not a lifestyle. I saw a woman on social media yesterday commenting on several posts about the two or three methods she had come up with to circumvent the card. From the time stamps on her comments, she spent over three hours responding to comments all over this post. I feel like if she had put in just a fraction of the effort she did arguing with people and coming up with ways around the card, she probably could have found a job. But no, it's much easier to just sit there and complain you're being discriminated against.
  6. Goat, I haven't interacted with you on here in quite a while due to some of the stuff you post. And this reinforced why. Was that comment really necessary? I'm happy to have a debate but leave the snide remarks out. And you know what, I think a lot of people share my view. Based on the social media reaction I saw today across various channels, most seem to think it's a good idea. So I'm definitely not in a minority. Don't have kids unless you can afford them. I see so many people having multiple kids and then complaining they don't earn enough to look after them. Maybe people should think before pro-creating. Even with two sizable salaries, I will probably only have one (maybe two) children. I know that I won't be able to afford more than that and give them everything they need. So it bugs me when I see my high-school friends popping out kids left, right and centre and then sitting at home raising them on my tax dollar. I don't think there should be a certain salary, but there should be a limit to the amount of welfare you receive for each child. A sliding scale that decreases until the third child, then no more would be my model. I think if you have/are paying tax then yes, you do deserve more than someone who isn't contributing. I don't believe you are entitled to more if you pay more though. A welfare system should look after the most needy who are incapable of working first and foremost. Then it should go from there. I don't think it should be equally though. I don't expect to be supported beyond medicare, HECS and a few subsidies here and there. You know why, because I work and receive an income which provides for most of what I need. The only way a welfare system works well is if everyone contributes. If not it just becomes inequitable. I think there is a good amount of welfare recipients that fall into this category. I know of four off the top of my head that just don't want to work. So if I can rattle of that many just from personal knowledge, then I'm betting there is a quite a few. The thing is, they can still spend the money how the see fit with the exception of alcohol, drugs and gambling. That's not a terrible thing. They are luxuries of the highest order and you shouldn't be buying those things at the expense of other essentials especially when, as everybody has mentioned, the amount of welfare they get is so low. If I was unemployed for whatever reason, I would be quite capable and happy to use the card. If that's what I have to do to receive my payment, then so be it.
  7. I completely agree corporate tax rates and regulations in this country needs to be overhauled. We should be trying to close the loopholes they use to not pay tax on their billions of dollars of revenue. I think we would be able to fund a lot more of what Mack suggests above if that were to happen. We are woeful when it comes to treatment for mental health and addiction, and we need to make education more equitable and accessible. I do think changes like these would go a long way to improve welfare statistics and I believe that the card in conjunction with the things above could be really beneficial. In isolation, the card is not going fix everything. I never argued that. But I believe that by using it in conjunction with other measures could be really beneficial for the younger generations coming through. Because I know of good people who work stupid hours in underpaid roles trying to support their young families. They pay ridiculous amounts of tax and can just barely afford the essentials and the odd takeaway dinner. They can't afford "a bottle or two of VB" or a joint. So why should the person who can't be arsed working get to buy it on that families hard earned dollars that they could put to good use elsewhere? I have absolutely no issues supporting the elderly and disabled in this country. I'm proud that I can work to support those like my grandparents and aunty who need a hand. But if you want to have kids, pay for them yourselves and if you want to sit around all day and bludge, you might just have to get this card. Boo-hoo, free money for nothing while the rest of us work 40+ hours a week to give it to you. Such a hard-life.
  8. Because my grandma and grandpa worked hard for 50 years and paid more than their fair share of tax along the way. They also produced three full tax-paying children as well as five full tax paying grand-children who also contribute more than their fair share of tax. I think they are entitled to be looked after and spend their money how they see fit. If that is an odd beer or a couple of cigarettes then I have no issues with it. Same with disabled people. My aunt had terrible Lupus and had two kidney transplants. She was unable to work from about the age of 30. However I am more than happy for my taxes to support her and anyone else in the same situation. They are there through no fault of their own and have no alternative. However, my "unemployed cousin" should only be using the welfare he receives to get him by with the essentials until he is able to find employment again. Whether that is a job or a small business, he should be trying to find a way to get some sort of wage to support himself like the majority of others do. So yes, I'm happy "put ****" on him until that point. Agree. And that's why I said above that there are some issues with the eligibility of some people. My brother-in-law is one. He should be on the disability pension but can't be because of some red tape, so is on Newstart instead. However it doesn't change my point. He would be more than able to do what he is doing now on the card. 1) The welfare card can be used anywhere that EFTPOS is accepted but just not for alcohol, gambling or cash withdrawals. Most places have an EFTPOS terminal these days, so it's a poor excuse. Both my local bakery and butchery have EFTPOS. There is also a substantial list of merchants where the card can be used online. Just from my quick perusal there is Jetstar, The Cheesecake Shop, Spotlight, Rebel Sport, Bunnings Booktopia plus hundreds more. If you want to see the full list it is here - https://indue.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Approved-merchants-all-sites-20190122.pdf 2) I do have an issue with the administration cost on the card and agree that the additional money could be spent better. I agree in principle with the card, not completely with the actual roll-out of it. On your bold point, people are still able to spend their payments in most regular places they would shop. So the fact that they might be slightly inconvenienced by having to think about their spending and budgeting is a non-issue. Again, for the majority of people on these allowances, if they wanted to work they could. Then they can spend however they want. But for me, if it helps to break the cycle of welfare by giving kids the help and essentials they need, it is a win for me. In that initial article I quoted, 90% of people on welfare under the age of 25 had one or more parents also on welfare. That is staggering and a trend that is just going to continue unless something is done. My parents are into their late 50's and have both got new jobs in the past year. There are employers willing to hire older people. I walked into Bunnings yesterday and not one person in there would have been under 30. Several of the staff were much older people. I think sometimes that age and background is used far too much as an excuse. If you want a job, there is something out there. It may not be glamorous, but if you want to work you should be willing to take whatever you can get.
  9. What do we all think of this? https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-01-29/access-to-cash-restricted-from-today-for-thousands-on-welfare/10755848 Apparently it will only be for those on Newstart Allowance, the Youth Allowance or parenting payments. I support it in principle. Most of the objections seem to be coming from those that will be put on the card. The payments should be for rent, food and necessities like school supplies, medicine, transport etc. From the research I've done, the only things that will be restricted are alcohol, drugs and gambling. They won't be able to withdraw off the card either and must use the 20% cash payment for anything else they need. The main objections seem to be - What if need to give my kid lunch money? I need cash for second hand op shops and farmers markets. And the always great - I'm not a criminal. I do realise that there are some people are on Newstart that probably shouldn't be, but the majority on it are either not working or studying. The money should be going to the basics first and foremost. And then any additional money should be saved for a rainy day. If you'd like to spend your money how you want, find a job or start a small business. I will oppose it if they try to extend it to the aged or disability pension. They should be able to spend how they see fit.
  10. Just got a loan for my first home late last year during the height of the RC. Was more than happy to comply with all the additional checks and balances that were required. Answered all the questions they had about my spending, loans, credit cards etc. Got approved for a reasonable amount that I knew I could pay back comfortably on my single wage. But you know what, I'm being shrewd and buying a nice, older apartment in Western Sydney. I'm not trying to borrow $1M to buy a mini-mansion in the Eastern Suburbs on an $80K salary. Let's be honest, A LOT of people were over-extending themselves trying to make a quick buck in a rising market. I know of three people just in my circle of friends who are on interest-only loans. One is in serious trouble because he miscalculated when it would swap back to P+I and got caught out. Most people don't want to start small and work their way up. They want the dream home right away. I think the people complaining want more than what they can reasonably afford.
  11. CaptainJess

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    WFMB I just had an offer accepted on an apartment! My solicitor is reviewing the contract as we speak and and barring any issues I'm looking to exchange before the weekend hopefully. Is this what adulting feels like?
  12. CaptainJess

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Yep agree. Hammil copped a heavy knock in the centre of the field about 3mins before the goal. Got up and could barely walk. He kind of run it off but you could tell it was affecting him. Balkanite said to me about 30secs before the goal, watch Hammil concede something now. And what do you know... He should have been taken off but I don't even know if we had any options on the bench.
  13. Hey BigDukes, I emailed and had a very long conversation with the Media Manager Mark Jensen yesterday. I've actually worked alongside him a few times, so I thought he was the appropriate first contact. The club are aware of my issue and from my discussions with Mark, it seems like several other complaints were made about the stadium over the last week or two. When I contacted Mark, he was already aware of the situation via Twitter. So from the sounds of things, I think issues are being heard by management. Whether they can do anything about them is another thing.
  14. Although I didn't want it to, a tiny part of me kinda hoped it would blow up. He doesn't want to mess with me when I'm really fired up. I got a ******* open letter published on the front page of the Parramatta Advertiser during the whole NSW police restrictions fiasco. I had Councillors from Parramatta Council contacting me and asking for permission to table my correspondence. I have the means and contacts to send it viral if I wanted. I'm sure some in the media would find a member of the leadership team at VenuesLive harassing a young female media professional a pretty interesting story. But I'm going to leave. I've won a battle but I sure as hell can't win the war.