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  1. Had flights and accommodation booked for the original date (23/5) of the Perth away game. Now they've moved it a week forward, and I can't change my plans I understand COVID, but seriously, why not try and keep unaffected games somewhat the same (same weekend, different time, day etc.) and slot in the postponed early games around them. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this boat to have made plans around the original fixture which have now been stuffed around. I'll still go, but it probably means I might miss a home game now and I won't be able to cross HBF off my Wanderers away lis
  2. I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand, Europe and in particular Italy probably need it more than we do here at this very moment. While it would be lovely if we could have everyone vaccinated by mid-year, is it going to affect how we are going about living now if we don’t? Not really. Let’s get frontline workers done and the rest of us can wait a bit. But I absolutely hate EU bully boy tactics. They have stuffed up their vaccine rollout and now want to pretty much steal from other countries to ensure their supply. They want their allocated doses before anyone else despite the co
  3. @Midfielder I’m not going to argue over legal semantics on a football forum. However, taxation law is an extremely narrow facet of the profession, so much so, they only offer it as an elective in many law courses. While I respect you’ve studied that certain stream, understanding the legal system as a whole requires a broader law degree. Unfortunately, it seems what you were taught wasn’t entirely correct or you have misunderstood certain aspects. I disagree with your definition of parliamentary law and equity. They simply aren’t accurate and equity isn’t applicable whatsoeve
  4. You've obviously never been sexually assaulted. It's extremely difficult for women to come forward after they've been raped. In 2019, there were 4,444 sexual assault reports made to police. Only 1015 of these cases ever made it to court and just 667 were found guilty. Of these 667, only 257 were sentenced to prison. This is disgusting. Women are put through horrible trauma having to re-live the incident over and over again, and are then often forced into the humiliating process of an invasive forensic examination if they do want to proceed with a report. Throw into the mix th
  5. Yeah, that's not accurate at all. From someone who actually studied law for five years, best you don't go spreading misleading information. Equity law does not apply in this situation and he can't be "charged" under it as you purport. It's absurd. Also, there's no such thing "parliamentary" law. The entire legal system is bit complicated to explain in a post on a forum, but we have two main streams of law - Civil and Criminal. Under Civil Law, there is a whole host of different areas such as Commercial, Contracts, Property etc. Criminal law is administered under various legisla
  6. I wouldn't have had much sympathy for you either All on my list except for Busselton, not sure we'll have time to head down there. But I'm keen to check out Rottnest if it hasn't been turned into a quarantine facility by then And a day trip to Fremantle is also on the list. Once I've ticked off Perth, I'll only have Darwin and Hobart to go on my Australian capitals bingo sheet. Thinking a winter holiday might be on the cards in Tassie if the international borders still haven't opened in June/July.
  7. WA has wanted to secede from the East Coast for a while now. They’re pushing it as far as they can under the guise of security and safety. Good luck to them. The only thing propping them up is mining. When renewables eventually eat up that market and the Chinese finally decide to fully **** us over once and for all, they’ll be crying poor. I’m heading over in May so I can cross it off my travel list, but I’m not sure I’ll go back after that. As long as McGowan keeps the borders open until then, he can do whatever he wants after that.
  8. I spent $800 on my first trip to Costco. Not kidding. Since then, we really limit our spending when we go. For a membership to make sense, you either need a large family, entertain a lot or have plenty of space to store stuff. We have a large walk-in pantry, so we buy all of our toiletries, cleaning supplies, non-perishables and TP/Paper Towel from Costco. We go maybe once a quarter for those things. We cut-back on the food we buy from there, because we just don't eat it all. We'll get snacks and stuff like canned tuna and the occasional bakery item, but we find we don't eat enough
  9. This is a hill I'm willing to die on - the Tarzan soundtrack is the best Disney movie soundtrack of all time. It narrowly beats out Elton and Lebo M with the Lion King. Maybe this should be in the unpopular opinions thread... Phil Collins is having a renaissance of sorts on TikTok with all the Gen Z kiddos. There's multiple TT trends to his songs with hundreds of millions of views. He's a bit of a cult figure.
  10. As a woman, this whole situation infuriates me to new levels. Just over a month ago, we awarded a sexual assault survivor the AOTY award for her bravery and ongoing campaigning for the rights of other survivors. ScoMo was happy to stand up on that stage, take photos and lap up all the positive PR. However, when rapes are happening in Parliament House and even in his own ministry, he either doesn't care, doesn't recall or downright denies the allegations without even seeing any of the evidence. This tweet/video set me right off last night. I hope over the next few days, the fir
  11. If I was working PR/Comms for the PM, I would have done it so differently. They had an opportunity to pull in Albo and make a big bi-partisan hullabaloo about vaccine safety and efficacy. They could have even dragged in a couple of older/indigenous pollies that are in the higher risk categories as well. I also wouldn't have done it straight away. Get images of older people, doctors, nurses, hotel workers etc. out all over the news, then do them a day or two later. I agree that leaders do need to go first to lead by example and demonstrate safety and trust, but to draw pretty much a
  12. I didn’t have the same great experience with the venue staff as @Wanderboy. Found our seats fine. Had a friend from a bay over come and say hello around 30mins before the game started. We were just chatting and not taking up anyone’s seat or blocking an isle. Had an attendant come over and told them to move on. Nothing wrong with what we were doing, but “COVID” I then watched her eye out multiple people in our bay over about a 10min period before going and asking them all to pull out their tickets and check they were in the right seats. Then we had what looked like neutral loc
  13. Not that I’ve heard. But this is the frustrating part. It’s inconsistent and a clear case of double standards - not just within the stadium but with other sports and events too. COVID is the easy excuse that they use to justify their presence. Chanting while sitting = good Chanting while standing = bad This happened at the 70th minute. Why wait until that point to raise the issue and do something about it? They had been standing and chanting all game.
  14. Great little away trip. How the FFA didn’t give a spot to Wollongong is beyond me. Plenty of locals in the stands and a fantastic boutique stadium in a great location. Had that been non-COVID times and an actual Wollongong team, that place would have been packed out. Parking was easy and close, good food and entertainment choices nearby and a beautiful view that maybe tops the Sauce Bottles in Gosford. Just imagine Wollongong and Canberra in the league and the support that they would have received in their communities and from travelling fans. Both very appealing away trips f
  15. So, I kinda started something on Twitter... The police decided to have another crack, this time at the Nix/Mexican fans. The A-League needs to sort it out. These fans were great the entire game. I was fully into it as were many people around us. It was such great noise and colour and just organic passion. The noise in the last 20mins was insane for just over 3000 fans.
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