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  1. Of course! And they get all that money and power because of all the media coverage they get, which drives viewers and attendance, which drives the money and power... rinse and repeat. Vicious cycle. It's easy to get coverage when you pay for it, or when things go to ****. But they don't want to know you any other time. Good luck trying to find a general sports jurno these days. It's near on impossible. They have their AFL, NRL, cricket and racing writers and then you're lucky if you get a "staff writer" or a general floater who disappears after a few months, never to be seen again and re
  2. Yes, us and a lot of other Olympic sports work on a 2/4 year cycle with Commonwealth Games and Olympics. Olympic years and the season immediately after are generally the big ones for us. But as soon as it dies down, the coverage and participation rates drop again. It's like clockwork. The AOC does a good job at promoting all sports and encouraging participation but there's only so much they can do while they have the airtime for those few weeks. There's a great portal they've developed this year that will link people through to their local Association in the sport they've selected from the men
  3. I'd love to see the day when hockey is next to football or even racing. We're lucky to get in the paper at all Believe me, I try... A lot of sports in this country deserve much better treatment in the media. Football, hockey, basketball, netball, baseball etc. all produce multiple successful teams and talented athletes that compete on an international basis alongside some of the best in the world, but we're relegated to the back of the sports section if we're lucky to be there in the first place. It's a vicious circle, they say no one is interested or viewership is low so th
  4. @FCB You’re preaching to the choir RE: my parents and them waiting. I’ve told them multiple times they are being stupid and the risks of not getting it. I’ve gone with the scare angle and the scientific angle but they don’t really want to listen. My sister and I will keep on them, but until something changes, they are waiting for Pfizer according to the last convo I had with them. We are both getting it as soon as possible though.
  5. With all due respect Ed, it is the Boomers who are complaining. Because right now they're the only ones that can get vaccinated and they're all demanding to have Pfizer instead of AZ. I did say I was generalising in my first post, but from what I read on social media and talking to people in that age group, there's a large portion of older people who won't take a perfectly good vaccine because they think they can demand a "supposedly" better one or they simply don't see a need to. There are many who are educated and logical, like yourself, who have got it done. But for every you, there are two
  6. Men have it so easy, I wish I could pay $50 for my hair. I'm up for at least $150-200 for my hair every two months. Colour/bleach, wash, cut and blow-dry. Even for a basic cut, wash and blow-dry, you're still up for $50-70 bucks.
  7. I'm with you Smoggy, I hate sharing food unless I agree beforehand. I have the opposite problem to you. It's not me stealing food, it's Balks. Don't start snatching food from me because what you ordered isn't as nice, or you said you weren't hungry and then suddenly you are after my food comes out. I order my food based on what I feel like and how much I want to eat. If I order a medium chips, it's because I'm going to eat a medium chips. If you want some chips but don't want too many, I will order a large to accommodate you. But if I order a medium because you said you weren't hun
  8. Sorry to ramble on, but this stuff is so frustrating. It's turned political when it shouldn't be. The US and UK have done incredibly well with vaccinations because they just got on with it and increased output as they went. Right now, there's no incentive for people to get vaccinated in Australia. This is driving complacency. I bet you if there was an outbreak or we were in a similar position to other countries, these people would be scrambling to get it. While many other people are happy to keep living in a bubble indefinitely, there are lots people who want a plan laid out for re-openin
  9. Not to generalise, but I think a lot of the vaccine hesitancy is mainly the Boomers. They, more than any others, are happy to lap up the misinformation on social media, as well as the hyperbole and exaggeration served up by Murdoch & Co. media outlets. Most of the people in my age bracket are happy to get vaccinated and are waiting for the 2B phase. I would take AZ if offered to me right now. But I would also take Pfizer or Moderna too. The thing that bugs me more than anything is people using the blood clotting rates to justify not wanting the vaccine or waiting. Millions of wo
  10. This was the game I was supposed to go to next week You know, the game I specifically booked a trip to Perth to watch. Chunts. Anyways, I won’t see the Wanderers but will see quokkas, so it’s not all bad. That is, unless McGowan (Mark, not Dylan ) decides the dirty, COVID-riddled peasants from the East aren’t welcome in his State.
  11. Had flights and accommodation booked for the original date (23/5) of the Perth away game. Now they've moved it a week forward, and I can't change my plans I understand COVID, but seriously, why not try and keep unaffected games somewhat the same (same weekend, different time, day etc.) and slot in the postponed early games around them. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this boat to have made plans around the original fixture which have now been stuffed around. I'll still go, but it probably means I might miss a home game now and I won't be able to cross HBF off my Wanderers away lis
  12. I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand, Europe and in particular Italy probably need it more than we do here at this very moment. While it would be lovely if we could have everyone vaccinated by mid-year, is it going to affect how we are going about living now if we don’t? Not really. Let’s get frontline workers done and the rest of us can wait a bit. But I absolutely hate EU bully boy tactics. They have stuffed up their vaccine rollout and now want to pretty much steal from other countries to ensure their supply. They want their allocated doses before anyone else despite the co
  13. @Midfielder I’m not going to argue over legal semantics on a football forum. However, taxation law is an extremely narrow facet of the profession, so much so, they only offer it as an elective in many law courses. While I respect you’ve studied that certain stream, understanding the legal system as a whole requires a broader law degree. Unfortunately, it seems what you were taught wasn’t entirely correct or you have misunderstood certain aspects. I disagree with your definition of parliamentary law and equity. They simply aren’t accurate and equity isn’t applicable whatsoeve
  14. You've obviously never been sexually assaulted. It's extremely difficult for women to come forward after they've been raped. In 2019, there were 4,444 sexual assault reports made to police. Only 1015 of these cases ever made it to court and just 667 were found guilty. Of these 667, only 257 were sentenced to prison. This is disgusting. Women are put through horrible trauma having to re-live the incident over and over again, and are then often forced into the humiliating process of an invasive forensic examination if they do want to proceed with a report. Throw into the mix th
  15. Yeah, that's not accurate at all. From someone who actually studied law for five years, best you don't go spreading misleading information. Equity law does not apply in this situation and he can't be "charged" under it as you purport. It's absurd. Also, there's no such thing "parliamentary" law. The entire legal system is bit complicated to explain in a post on a forum, but we have two main streams of law - Civil and Criminal. Under Civil Law, there is a whole host of different areas such as Commercial, Contracts, Property etc. Criminal law is administered under various legisla
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