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  1. CaptainJess

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Yep agree. Hammil copped a heavy knock in the centre of the field about 3mins before the goal. Got up and could barely walk. He kind of run it off but you could tell it was affecting him. Balkanite said to me about 30secs before the goal, watch Hammil concede something now. And what do you know... He should have been taken off but I don't even know if we had any options on the bench.
  2. Hey BigDukes, I emailed and had a very long conversation with the Media Manager Mark Jensen yesterday. I've actually worked alongside him a few times, so I thought he was the appropriate first contact. The club are aware of my issue and from my discussions with Mark, it seems like several other complaints were made about the stadium over the last week or two. When I contacted Mark, he was already aware of the situation via Twitter. So from the sounds of things, I think issues are being heard by management. Whether they can do anything about them is another thing.
  3. Although I didn't want it to, a tiny part of me kinda hoped it would blow up. He doesn't want to mess with me when I'm really fired up. I got a ******* open letter published on the front page of the Parramatta Advertiser during the whole NSW police restrictions fiasco. I had Councillors from Parramatta Council contacting me and asking for permission to table my correspondence. I have the means and contacts to send it viral if I wanted. I'm sure some in the media would find a member of the leadership team at VenuesLive harassing a young female media professional a pretty interesting story. But I'm going to leave. I've won a battle but I sure as hell can't win the war.
  4. So an update on this situation... This morning I received an email apology from Mr Stanley. It's not the sincerest thing I've ever read but I can tell someone has spoken to him. The apology also wasn't for the unprofessionalisim, it was for any upset he caused me. He also went on about the issues again and how they are working hard to ensure the best atmosphere for fans (blah blah blah). Sounded like it written through gritted teeth. He also offered me tickets to see Eminem to "come and see the breadth and scale of the events we host here and the communication challenges". I scoffed at that. I worked in the media zone for the FFA at multiple sold-out World Cup qualifiers at ANZ and also the WSWvCCM grand-final at Allianz. Plus every single Wanderers game at Parra in S1. Like, I ******* know how a major event at a stadium is run. Been there, done that multiple times. I will be politely declining the offer. In the end, this is the best I'm going to get. If I caused even some embarrassment or disruption to him yesterday, then that's my take away from the situation. As Whacko mentioned above, they probably don't believe he did anything wrong. We're up against it, so I'll take whatever little win I can get. Now I'm just hoping that maybe something does change. Lol, who am I kidding
  5. I spoke to the CEO of VenuesLive and someone from our club today. However, I’m not getting anywhere and to be honest I’m worn down. Everyone has said they will “speak to him”. But I know for a fact as of 5pm this afternoon, he is still maintaining it was a call between media professionals and that I was upset and angry because of what happened last night. He doesn’t think any offence was taken. I don’t want this to affect my job or employer. The industry I’m in is small and people talk. The worst part is that I didn’t even initiate the contact and it’s caused me all this stress today. I know I should fight it, but I’m probably going to give up tomorrow if I haven’t gor a resoultion. This **** runs deep and people are covering their backsides left, right and centre.
  6. Lol... maybe they might take Shaun seriously when he complains. Wonder if he will be getting an aggressive phone call from Arthur tomorrow morning?
  7. I think I’ve made my point through other channels today. I’ve spoken to his manager who is the CEO of VenuesLive. I’ve also spoken with the club who has said they will also take it up with him. As much as I love #SokkahTwitter, they can be overly brutal at times. A few people have already tweeted about it including Mack. I want to try and distance my employer from it all (which I shouldn’t even bloody have to), so going on the attack on Twitter myself is only going to make things worse. As much as what he did was wrong, I don’t want him to lose his job. I’m not that spiteful. I just want him to understand that what he did was inappropriate and has repercussions. If those repercussions are his manager and the club approaching him, then it might give him a reality check and make him think twice about doing it again. I will be happy with that. I’d also take an apology but it if it happens it’s very likely not going to be sincere, so why bother?
  8. But it's not really a privacy issue. I have my role and organisation listed in my Twitter bio like many people and because of the nature of my role, my contact details are available to the public on our website. It's not like he accessed them illegally but he did go to quite some effort to check my profile, find and add me on LinkedIn and then track down the number of my employer. He also followed my employer's account on Twitter too, like he was looking for something on there too. It's a bit creepy to be honest. My issue was more around the fact he decided to call my employers office to speak to me and then decided to have a go at me on the phone when I stood up for myself and told him I didn't take too kindly to his tone or what he was insinuating. It was very much a case of an old man trying to tell a young female how she should act and what she can or can't say. And when I started to get shaken and upset by the conversation towards the end, he made out like I was over-reacting and being emotional. At that point I stopped the call. I still honestly don't know how he thought what he did was appropriate or professional.
  9. I am actually shaking with rage right now. I put up some comments on Twitter last night surrounding some issues I saw with the ANZ staff at the game. I then get into my office this morning and have a message from the GM of Media and Communications at ANZ Stadium Arthur Stanley to give me call. I have my job title on my Twitter account so he's obviously gone to the trouble to track down my contact details off our website. I thought it could be a good sign that someone wanted to discuss the issues but oh boy was I wrong. For over half an hour, I was spoken over, talked down to and told that a person of my position should not be writing those type of things on Twitter. He was obviously upset at the things I wrote and just wanted an argument and it felt like he was out discredit my claims. I explained a few things that happened and was basically told by him that the staff were doing their job. He also tried to tell me that our issues have started since the team has started performing badly. He didn't want a discussion, he wanted to argue and tell me I was wrong. This is evident of what is wrong with the SOP precinct. A person of such high position at ANZ tracks down my contact details and yells at me because I wrote some bad things about them on social media. Mr Stanley thinks this is an isolated issue, and I informed him it wasn't and that I could get several people to also outline the issues they have had. His email is arthurs@venueslive.com.au if anybody would like to contact him with the issues they have had. Please, please do write an email if you can. These people seem to think that nothing is wrong and we are the issue.
  10. CaptainJess

    Unhappy New Year

    Well that was utter ****. I’m not even going to start with the on field stuff. However I’d like to set the record straight about some of the off field stuff I saw. I sit about 10 metres to the right of the tunnel behind the away bench so I was pretty much in the middle of what happened. I clearly heard and saw everything that happened as the players walked off. Three or four RBB members came over and stood between several police officers and security guards at the tunnel. They were a little bit intimidating however the worst they yelled was “fire the **** up” and “show some ******* passion”. While I don’t necessarily agree with what they did, to hear they’ve been banned is ridiculous. There was no violence and it was simply loud yelling. There were dozens of other members yelling the exact same things from their seats nearby. Apparently there was also some talk that the police accused them of knocking over children during the incident. This is completely untrue. If someone would like me to write a stat dec in their defence or contact the club with what I saw, I’m happy to do so on their behalf. Hope common sense prevails but I don’t see it happening.
  11. CaptainJess

    The Lucy Zelic Appreciation Thread

    Tried to post this in the Lucy Zelic Appreciation Thread but it looks like it has been archived It looks like she's pregnant. Apparently Corey Gameiro is the father. Congratulations!
  12. OMG, what I could do with $14 million! I get that this has to stretch across the Socceroos, Matilda and A-League, but really? That much money being spent should be noticeable. The worst thing is, a lot of the advertising on Fox and Ten would probably be contra or included in the broadcast deal. Most of the other advertising I saw last year was from clubs and that would be out their pockets, not the FFA. So where does that money go? Compared to the NRL or AFL, it's probably a drop in the ocean. However, that just means you have to be smarter about how you spend it. A full-page ad in one of the big papers can run upwards of $50,000. I would re-direct that into a digital spend. Traditional media is dying. I saw this tweet below the other day and it was interesting but not surprising. This is true for magazines, newspapers and radio. People have changed their consumption habits. A lot less people are picking up a newspaper or magazine these days. It's all moving online. People are using streaming services, catch-up television and watching a lot more content online instead of traditional TV. And with the proliferation of Spotify and podcasts, a lot less people are listening to traditional radio. Radio is probably the least affected at this stage, but it's sliding. Spending hundreds of thousands in traditional media will still have some impact but a lot less than say 5-10 years ago. You have to be digitally savvy these days and I don't know if the FFA are. Hopefully we have some strategic direction from the new board and get some people with experience in that can lead us into the new world.
  13. Oh FFS, I can't stand the complaining Everyone got shafted in this move. Red moved grandstands, Black moved to the ends and everyone else moved elsewhere to accommodate this. No category gets any preferential treatment over another. I agree with Taurus' comment. Everyone knew this was happening and knew what the plans looked like (if you bothered to research). I upgraded to Red this season knowing that if I wanted good seats, I would have to pay for it. Don't blame others for your inability to research and inquire about what was going to happen. If you're a foundation and red member, you will be rewarded for your attendance and financial loyalty. I'm sorry but if you don't want to pay the premium, you will get seats commensurate with what you are willing pay. Also, I think people are forgetting that the stadium will be bigger and have a better layout. People are imagining their new seats at the old stadium. Even on the ends, you will probably have a better view than at the old Parra or Spotless. With the new rake, you will be basically sitting on top of the field. At the Northern and Southern ends, the top bays will have a great view up high. Plus all the bays will be a lot bigger with more seats. And for all those people complaining about the sun - suck it up princesses. I spent seasons getting roasted, now everyone can enjoy the pain together. If you don't want the sun in your eyes, buy on the ends or pay the premium price for the few seats in the Western Stand. I dislike people who think the club owes them something more than what they deserve. If you are unhappy with the changes, feel free to not renew. You go to games to support your team, not to bitch about your view. I know that even if I had the shittiest seat in the new WSS, it will still be better than what I have at ANZ and Spotless now.
  14. CaptainJess

    A-League 2018/19 Predictions

    My predictions (I've always failed miserably with these, so I expect no different this year ) 1. Perth 2. City 3. MVFC 4. ESFC 5. Adelaide 6. WSW 7. Newcastle 8. Roar 9. Nix 10. CCM
  15. DISCLAIMER: I'm not an eels fan It's people talking out their arse with no actual proper information. There was a table floating around a few weeks ago with the prices for the eels next season and all the equivalent ticket levels are around the same price as this year with the exception of a new premium level. What the uninformed people are probably having a bitch about is the new "West Clubhouse" membership level. As most people with a shred of knowledge about the new stadium would know, there will be extremely limited non-corporate seating in the Western stand. A few hundred tops. So members who would usually sit in the Western Stand will need to be moved or pay $1100 for the very few general public seats. So when you look at it, yes the price has probably doubled to sit in the Western Stand, but most will be moved to the best Eastern Stand seats at the same price point they are paying now. There is just a bunch of butt-hurt Western Stand members who are having a bitch that they will have to pay premium corporate prices to retain their seats. I feel for them having to be moved, however everyone is going to suffer. I had centre-line seats undercover at Parramatta in the Black Membership category. I'll now be shafted down either end of the field towards the 18-yard boxes so Red Members can be placed in my seats. Everyone is going to have to sacrifice their location a little but I'm happy to because the new stadium will be tops.