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  1. You know what the difference is with those ****ers and us? Stability..... They brought arnold in who spun the place right around and built a win at all costs team mentality. Their club culture was also changed when this all happened. Prior to that they were in the wilderness for a while with poor coaches and recruitments. As for ourselves we reap what we sow.... Firstly we move (through a fan vote) to a stadium that in no way replicates what we had at parramatta, which our identity was first established and built upon, with our crowd atmospheres and passion to play for the shirt. Look at all of our wins at the joint when the pressure was on. ACL finals, the brisbane 5-4 etc that was all off the back of 20,000 fans cheering the team to the finish. Why didnt we go to penrith and play on a rectangular ground?? To mimic parra? Stupid **** decision that one. Secondly our famous match atmosphere was severely dented with the continual rubbish thrown at the RBB via the media over real trivial things making them out to be a massive problem etc. Thirdly the mass rotation of signings year in year out has not allowed us to maintain a stable team harmony and culture to build upon like esfc has for the past 3 seasons. What we have now doesnt even feel like what we had in season 1. The place has lost its way....... Even in the first few seasons we never copped heavy derby defeats, as the contests were fought hard and with passion for the shirt. In the past 2 seasons we have copped a 5-0 and 4-1..... Where we are today is a buildup of the rapid decline post move from parra..
  2. Strebre explained his decision last night . The linesman called it offside interference and the ref called it a goal . VAR Checked it no obvious mistake goal stands . If the ref had called no goal the VAR would not have changed it as not an obvious mistake . So the VAR will probably work for the big mistakes and the controversial ones will still be up for debate . Not a big fan at this stage but will wait and see how it goes I would rather they use the technology to ban divers for 6 matches . This **** needs to go as it will **** the game like it has over in league. There is no consistency with it either. One ref will call "heldup" as a try It gets reviewed with no evidence to overturn so try stands. While the same thing happens again and the ref calls no try and they find no evidence to overturn so it stays a no try. It is a ****en abomination and should have only been used for close calls with no on field adjudication. If the ref isnt sure what happened dont call an on field opinion.
  3. That's why median is a better indicator than averages. Averages will always be skewed by large outliers such as derby games. Averages are only useful when a team consistently gets the same level of support week in and week out like a Premier League team that is 90% or better full every week. A league support swings too much. Both for you guys and us. You had a crowd as high as 62,000 and as low as 8,000. (we went from 42,000 to 8000) That pretty much makes an average meaningless. It's like getting 20 people with different jobs from toilet cleaner to surgeon and getting an 'average' salary. You just end up with a meaningless number that every one says is wrong. Because you guys had such a big number for week 1, it means that every game afterwards was by definition 'below average'. With a median attendance, you get a number where 50% of games were above, and 50% are below. If this is to compare both fan bases attendance of west vs east... just measure the derby games.... both anz ones saw the east outnumbered by a considerable margin. They only just took out their own home game at allianz.
  4. Having those bad years at Homebush will magnify it, next year is a critical year for the club hopefully they realise this and focus on recruitment. I still think that if we were on the run the other lot are on we would be selling spotless out and having members show up again This is where the club fail because they could have offset such a move by splashing on a big name to entice the locals around homebush to come and watch games.
  5. You know what measures the fan numbers..... the derby! Both times at ANZ our fans out numbered the east sydney fans by a significant number.
  6. 16,000 something i think i read onlineA bit meh Imagine us at home receiving the plate, I'll put money on it we would have more than 16k even at soulless You know I reckon Sydney as a city just doesn't have enough fans that give a ****. Them or us. Weak as piss support for both teams. 5 million pricks in this town we should both have 50k fans rocking up week in and out. The fans that turn up do the damn good work, but there's bugger all of us out there, wearing whatever colours we do. That's in all sports too. Look at league... 12,000 turn up to watch foundation clubs play. NSW just dont turn out big numbers. Also funny how no-one else has got one like that recently. SFC get a full stage & MC, dignitaries etc. Meanwhile WSW get handed the trophy after a semi-final 2 weeks after we won it (and could have been after a losing semi-final had it gone that way), and Adelaide were randomly handed it at their homeground on a weekday with no-one but a couple players to receive it. Totally agree!! And when we won it the attitude from everyone else bar our own fans was "STFU its just the minor premiership" Then you have Arnold saying the opposite this time round.
  7. 16,000 something i think i read online
  8. Gotta laugh at esfc and the claim of "winning the premiers plate" The biggest accolade in australia... funny when we won it, the attitudes towards us was "settle down its only the minor premiership" Hypocrits!
  9. Yes, sort of...... I'll explain later. Not our best performance tonight but amazingly we snagged a 3-0 win. That's football. We defended like scavengers though. Amazingliy commendable defence in the first half. We lacked a bit of creativity when Nico went off. Geez he gives some great balls to our wingers and creates so much space for them. Pity they can't capitalise as often as they should. All in all though, a quite competent performance and a great evening. Fantastic turnout of Wanderers fans as well. Soured only by my experience with the local constabulary. During the chant where we divide into two groups and chant against each other, the riot squad thought it necessary to make their presence felt. This really pissed me off as I had seen nothing unusual during this that doesn't happen at any other game. I turned around and saw a plain clothes cop eyeing me off after I encouraged a guy behind me who was filming the chant to film what was happening re the riot squad. I was immediately summonsed away by the Newcastle version of Chief Wiggum into the food court area and given the third degree demanding I stop inciting further trouble. After I asked the Wanderers fan to film the impending riot police intervention (which he happily did so) I turned to young Wanderboy and spoke to him about something that just happened on the field - yet Chief Wiggum also accused me of influencing minors in their hatred for the constabulary. WTF? He also told me that they had been informed by one of our fan liason security that there was a fight happening (when we really all know that it's just the guys moshing). As if our FLS would tell them that???!!!! I politely suggested that during this chant moshing just happened between the two groups and it wasn't a fight but he wouldn't have a bar of it. I was threatened with expulsion from the venue and told to sit back in my seat and to stop inciting more trouble. He even said that I was causing more trouble than those at the front. lol. I'm sorry, but if anything is going to escalate trouble, it is sending in 15 riot squad to the RBB. As far as I could see, no one was evicted or removed. So, in the end, what was the problem? I only wish I could have mentioned to Wiggum that there has been 3 vicious brawls at NRL games this season, and I bet at each of them, there is no way the riot squad would have even been at the ground, let alone looking at taking action. 5 year bans for RL fans? lol. The whole episode left a sour taste in my mouth, and contrary to what Wiggum may think of me, it's hard to keep encouraging my son that police should be respected, although I have spent my entire life doing that. I'm going to put all that aside, keep encouraging young Wanderboy to respect police, and just remember tonight for the great victory it was. Newcastle just keeps on giving. Year after year. I was sat in the next bay across and did not see any trouble at all.... everyone seemed in good spirits and were creating an atmosphere..(the jets fans werent going to) .... it looked like the jumpsuit mechanics came down the stairs in the hope they could drag people out.... it must get boring watching people behave themselves.....
  10. inconsistent bullshit.... we were potentially 3 points off 3rd spot if we had won at perth last night. What i dont get is this obession with the ACL?? All the ***** thing is doing right now is adding stress to an already very average squad, travel expenses and extra matches we dont need.... we fluked the title in 2014 with some luck on our side but to think we can go over there with a team that struggles to get a result against the mariners at home is a joke. Focus on what is acheiveable and that is making the aleague top 6. Play the strongest team possible and work on finishing in the finals. Forget the ACL.
  11. At least we stopped esfc from going undefeated all year. Major highlight in what is a tragic season. The squad is average at best with a few class players.
  12. Unbelievable how a painted cartoon cock can ultimately divide a fanbase having it turn against eachother on social media, have the pro esfc media carry on about it for days on end and cause endless discussion about something not even worth giving the additional air time too..fine, ban suspend...do whatever but also move on. Whether some see it as a non isssue or wrong...stop airing it....personally i couldnt give a **** wether it was at the game or not. I was more focused on the game and that we played well enough to finally beat those smart arse ****s that have been so smug for the past 3 seasons. It was nice to see the team stand up to the physical style of east sydney and match them at their own game.
  13. I cant believe the ongoing outrage over that banner....i wonder if the carry on would of happened had it been another coaches face on the banner?
  14. They surely can not dock us 3 points for the banner?? Right or wrong, funny or not funny...which ever way everyone views it...that should not change the outcome of the result. It would be a huge let down to the team if the club is docked points.
  15. Were seats broken down their end? I was at the nrl there today and it looked like some of the chairs down that end were a bit wonky and out of alignment.Yes apparently the security staff at ANZ complained to the 2GB football commentators about Smurf fansI was surprised as the normal complaints are aimed at us. A first. The smurfs will have to pay for "enhanced" security at all their games. Riot squad will surround the Cove (bunch of AHs) Seems like they couldnt handle losing too well the spoil ****s.
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