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  1. Starting to really believe again after 3 years in the wilderness.....not going into the derby with absolute dread for a change. Get a result against the smurf chunts next week and I will buy and wear a flat cap in honour of MB.. Form usually goes out the door a bit in most derby's. Hopefully the usual poor refereeing and associated smurf bias will not be be such a factor next week.. Hopefully the big footballing god will be with us ...certainly considering we have a german disciple in our team....
  2. they are the dangerous ones LOL original hooligans from the eighties who still think they are 21
  3. Those West Yorkshire Chunts....grudge what grudge.. RBB will be the least of the cops worries on Saturday. Posted this on police and security thread...in UK usually most games with Leeds are classified medium to high risk depending on who they are playing. Cops will need to be on thier toes. 4 to 5 K Leeds many using these games as reason to holiday in Aus. Drinking all day before game fired up and ready to roll by 7pm. They will be loud and rowdy in and out of the ground.
  4. Interesting ..most games in the UK where Leeds are involved would be classified as medium to high risk. Leeds will have 5 to 6 K fans on Saturday . From what I can see in the Media and online many have travelled from the UK to Perth for man U game then onto Sydney for game against us. They are hardcore Leeds boys who will be drinking in Parra all day before game.. they will be loud and rowdy for sure. Police will need to be on thier toes think the RBB will be the least of thier worries this Saturday. I hate Leeds with a passion but think this Saturday outside and inside the stadium they will takeover. RBB will need to be out in force and on thier game .
  5. I hate Leeds from my days in late seventies and early eighties they actually had a decent team in those days. Been to Elland road many times supporting Man City. Definitely loud, cut the atmosphere with a knife..nasty place to go in those days never a shortage of bricks and bottles at leeds. Different story at Maine Road returned to them in kind .. Would hate for them to come to Wanderland and completely dominate us in the stands. Hope WSW actives come out in force ??? agree with the "dirty bastards that want a fight post game"...most recently at last years FFA cup game against SMURFS at the Riff, was sat near a bunch of Leeds lads allegedly following wanderers but typical leeds ..loud, never stopped telling anybody who would listen how good Leeds were and how hard their fans are . wore very thin after a while.....think flares (pants) and platform shoes were in fashion last time they won anything... Leeds the team you either love or really hate ........
  6. Know the current season has just ended, but is there any update on where the active folks are at in terms of returning in numbers next season, new season new stadium new start ? has there been or will there be any discussions with the club, security, police etc . Really hoping things go back to somewhere where they used to be in first few seasons at Pirtek..
  7. This,, plus the entry of the third Sydney club looming with potential to hamper WSW growth and possibly WSW losing fans to them .. they gotta get things right on and off the pitch Competitive Team . At least top 4 or better Sort out the issues with active support and get the new stadium rocking again like the old Pirtek. I reckon some folks willing to pay for membership next year due to lure of the new stadium and potential that comes with it. But what about if we have another mediocre season on the pitch and no or little active support returning, or if they do the security is still over the top and it continues to die like the last few seasons could it be .... Crap football....7k fans in perhaps the best football stadium in the country and tumbleweed blowing through the empty active sections of the stadium. not sure some members will automatically renew the following season if this happens ... yep agree "they get 1 chance to get it right or they're in big big trouble."
  8. Discraceful Worst trip to CCM ever. Give me my money back......
  9. come and watch the wanderers home games !!!!!
  10. Remember the days when away trips to CCM were one of the highlights of the season, 4-5 bays of WSW fans, march up than damn hill from the Settlers Tavern, awesome atmosphere. .. how things have changed ..just bought tickets with 3 days to go till game.. probably just about half a bay sold in total if you combine active and non active ... How the mighty have fallen.. I know its Easter hols so numbers will be down, but surely not this bad..
  11. I've had the Sh@ts for 45 minutes watching the crap dished up first half
  12. whats the prediction for the crowd tonight... around 20K ??? 10-12K WSW ??? 6-7K SFC ?? awful in a 80K stadium..... last derby clash there thankfully
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