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  1. Yes, think not just the club but the whole League !
  2. I read they were considering playing games behind closed doors due to coronavirus..didn't realised they had introduced it already in Brisbane. ....
  3. What chance does football have in this country !! Bad enough when the usual AFL, NRL and just general football hating media show their bias and ignorance..But when a supposedly knowlegable football reporter vomits bile like this..he will have another sydney team next season to share his love with.. He really is a chunt...
  4. Like you folks I get general Emails from the club, but the "member alert" emails seem to never get to me anymore, the member alerts tend to be the advance release of tickets for members ie the away Derbies, early release for Finals tickets which are not in our memberships..dont think we need to worry about advance ticket sales for a home Finals game this year though, but that's the sort of thing I mean. I also use Gmail spoke with club several times, seemed to have stopped getting member alerts Nov last year. I know from friends who are members that there has been a few member alert messages sent since then..I am probably overly concerned but on the off chance that there may be some super duper member alert offer I don't want to miss out ... I
  5. I recently stopped receiving "member alert" emails to the registered email address in "my account" on the wanderers website. I have spoken and written to the club several times to no avail. I have also checked the obvious things like emails now going to Spam folder etc . Just curious if anybody else has experienced same thing and if/how it was resolved . thanks
  6. Just as well we have our shooting boots on tonite...defence is terrible
  7. Watching the team warm up..they look knackered already....
  8. Feel the same..after watching rubbish game after game .I leave the stadium dejected saying that's it had enough..then a few days before the next home game nievely say to myself " might be better this week you never know" chat with fellow wanderers at work about upcoming game, work up a bit of enthusiasm ...then go to the game and get it all kicked out of me watching the rubbish again Rinse and repeat every game Well think I may have finally reached my threshold !!!
  9. Supposedly our breakout season..new stadium..new Babbel built team,safe standing actives back in strength etc etc All gone wrong..manager gone..team terrible..stadium great but smaller crowds every week rattling around in the 30k stadium ..active numbers a shadow of what they were..(still greatest respect for the RBB who turn up every week and give it their all despite greatly reduced numbers). Powerhouse A league team...who are they kidding..the stats speak for themselves ..mid to lower table team. Yes some hard decisions to be made... Those Smurf Chunts must be sitting back laughing their little sky blue socks off. Perhaps the third best team in Sydney next season ??
  10. He was totally ineffective when he came on...waste of a sub..
  11. Not much of a crowd at melb derby....
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