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  1. jockman

    Those still standing

    Know the current season has just ended, but is there any update on where the active folks are at in terms of returning in numbers next season, new season new stadium new start ? has there been or will there be any discussions with the club, security, police etc . Really hoping things go back to somewhere where they used to be in first few seasons at Pirtek..
  2. This,, plus the entry of the third Sydney club looming with potential to hamper WSW growth and possibly WSW losing fans to them .. they gotta get things right on and off the pitch Competitive Team . At least top 4 or better Sort out the issues with active support and get the new stadium rocking again like the old Pirtek. I reckon some folks willing to pay for membership next year due to lure of the new stadium and potential that comes with it. But what about if we have another mediocre season on the pitch and no or little active support returning, or if they do the security is still over the top and it continues to die like the last few seasons could it be .... Crap football....7k fans in perhaps the best football stadium in the country and tumbleweed blowing through the empty active sections of the stadium. not sure some members will automatically renew the following season if this happens ... yep agree "they get 1 chance to get it right or they're in big big trouble."
  3. Discraceful Worst trip to CCM ever. Give me my money back......
  4. jockman

    Sydney FC: Season 2018/19

    come and watch the wanderers home games !!!!!
  5. jockman

    RD 26 - Mariners - Sat 20 Apr 2019

    Remember the days when away trips to CCM were one of the highlights of the season, 4-5 bays of WSW fans, march up than damn hill from the Settlers Tavern, awesome atmosphere. .. how things have changed ..just bought tickets with 3 days to go till game.. probably just about half a bay sold in total if you combine active and non active ... How the mighty have fallen.. I know its Easter hols so numbers will be down, but surely not this bad..
  6. I've had the Sh@ts for 45 minutes watching the crap dished up first half
  7. whats the prediction for the crowd tonight... around 20K ??? 10-12K WSW ??? 6-7K SFC ?? awful in a 80K stadium..... last derby clash there thankfully
  8. Sloppy play giving ball away too easy...
  9. jockman

    Wanderers Members Committee News

    Ditto re time frame ..my wife is group leader, she didn't receive any email, I am not group leader and received email... suspect foundation members getting first bite of the cherry ?????
  10. I agree with your sentiments wendybr. I think there may be a number of current members who are looking forward to and are prepared to renew their memberships again next season , perhaps even having to cough up a few more $$ for memberships at the new stadium based on the the lure of the shiny new stadium, safe standing etc certainly after the absolute Sh@te we have had to endure on and off the pitch for the last 3 seasons. However as many others have voiced already on this forum , if the club are naive, arrogant, stupid or just don't care by thinking that moving to the new stadium alone will be sufficient to fix all of the issues they need to think again. I will see how it goes next season on and off the pitch , but by no means is if a foregone conclusion that I will continue blindly to renew every year . Perhaps the best stadium in the A league with ...7-8 k fans every home game, watching mediocre football, with tumbleweed blowing through the safe standing section in lei of active support. is this what they really aspire to ??????
  11. The place is looking amazing, and I really can't wait to check it out. I also really hope that the RBB return in force. It will be the most intimidating stadium for away teams in the country. In any sport. the over policing , FFA and bans etc over the last 3 seasons at SOP has taken it tolll on Active for sure. Also have not seen WST folks this season. Will active fans be back in force next season again ? Really really hope so. Remember the days back at Pirtek whole stadium rocked. Yes it was an intimidating stadium for sure. The New stadium has more potential to make it so again...safe standing.. proper roof. All we need is active fans and rest of stadium to participate like the old days.. Does anybody know if there iare plans within the ranks of the RBB/WST to return in force next season ? I am hoping !!!l
  12. Yep based on yesterday pretty sure he is nearly on target to meet that KPI. Wonder if part of achieving what he set out to achieve he gets $$ bonus. Sad yesterday..a shadow of what we used to be on and off the field