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  1. Yes lets give him our full support. Dont want him to cox it up do we..😁😁
  2. Just saw Babbel press conference what a joke....he should do the honourable thing ..accept responsibility and quit..
  3. They can't be that bad surely.
  4. Looks like another season down the toilet..lots of discontent on social media from the WSW fan base. Are the people that count in the club..other than us fans aware of this ? Surely there are folks working for the club who read this and other sites.. Just mostly rumblings in social media ATM. How much longer before the fans take it further..will we and if so what form do we think it will take..other than the obvious crowd numbers declining anyway due to poor results. ??
  5. Yes a lot self reflection is needed by everybody associated with the club . Then a PLAN to fix the issues and take us forward as a club...but that requires people to take responsibility/ownership of the issues and then take actions.... haven't seen or heard much of any of this...Perhaps they have NFI ????
  6. Amazing what a good nights sleep can do plus couldnt help myself...thanks for the encouragement Wendy....
  7. The quality of some of the football yesterday was woeful. Roar are ordinary and we are even worse. Topped off again by amateurish refereeing. Poor all round frustrating to watch, not a good advertisment for the A League. Some pretty dissalusioned fans right now ...me included. Been said already best stadium to watch football and on recent performances arguably one of the worst teams. Will be interesting to see crowd numbers in next few games. Fan loyalty and being part of the WSW family is all well and good . This only goes so far,,people like winners and we haven't been winners for seasons now. Discontent on forums like this and sure heard a fair bit at the game yesterday. It's good to vent and share frustrations dissapointment etc but eventually people will walk away perhaps for good. Attendances drop memberships drop it's inevitable. Another team just round the corner too next season just adds another dimension. We pay good money to watch WSW. We expect to be entertained, not sure entertainment us the word I would use to describe what we get served up ATM.
  8. Just posting to say I can't be bothered posting anymore...I'm broken...
  9. Go on Harper tell us how good Toure is now after missing that sitter...to@@ser
  10. Don't even want to comment on the game.... feels like a rinse and repeat every week, except this week no VAR to be up in arms over Got to the stage where I don't come to the games expecting too much anymore...sort of numb to it all now...enjoy being back at Parra, Church street food, new stadium etc still so much better than that Sh@thole SOP. Unfortunately performances on the field frustrating to watch week in week out. As others have said many times , looking like a missed opportunity again this season all the planets seemed aligned at the start of the season. Part of me still thinks that in a league like the A League we can still string a few good games together and get back in the top 4. But then I come to the game and the optimism gets sucked out of me. Who knows where to from here for the Wanderers, some big decisions needed. on a positive note...how good are the Ladies !!!!!!!! Merry Xmas to you all . See you all for some more punishment on New Years Day
  11. Bossi stuck the knife in earlier in the week..now twisting it...F$CK him
  12. Remember who is writing this..the under cover Smurf with a keyboard ......
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