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  1. Despite the success he achieved in those early years at WSW which should be applauded, and is a distant memory now. I also do not feel much sympathy for him anymore. We seem to have eventually recovered from the Void he left and are building a competitive team under the Welsh Wizard and King Kenny. If he resurfaces again managing the Victory or for that matter any other HAL team it will be temporary until he disappears overseas again. What is the record for the same manager coaching different teams in the A League. He needs to be careful this will not look good on his Resume !!!!!
  2. The only thing worse than popa managing victory would be if he managed the smurfs
  3. Excellent marketing from the Nix, bus a rent a crowd in, put them in prime position from TV perspective, move the travelling away fans from that part of the ground (who were a significant number of the total crowd) into a corner out of camera shot
  4. We were sat/Standing in Bay 2 with the WSW fans, lots of standing and singing didn't see or hear any interference from the Police
  5. looks like all WSW allocated bays are full, there are no more AWAY supporters tickets available on the Ticketmaster site...plant of other seats available though
  6. Yes this is correct, all the travelling WSW fans are seated in western concourse, bays 2 and 3 seem to be where we are all seated. .
  7. I posted on thread for round 9 that I received a call and message from Ticketmaster yesterday saying that my seats and all other travelling wanderers fans have had their seats moved from the north stand as originally purchased to the western stand the reason given "so that all wanderers supporters will be sat together " no further explanation given, methinks there has been some fallout from the mariners game and yes the cops want to make sure these Western Sydney "socca" hooligans comply with their made up restrictions.. hope they are not too heavy handed lets see.
  8. just got a voice message from WIN Stadium re My tickets for Sunday Game against the Nix, telling me that my seats are no longer in the North concourse as purchased but have been moved to western stand so the wanders away fans can be together. anybody got any idea what's going on ?
  9. Not 100% sure where to post this, but as its about our game against the Nix on Sun 21..(assuming doesn't change due to any covid issues that pop up during this coming week) just trying to get an idea about how many WSW fans will be making the trip to Win Stadium ? I personally have never been to Win Stadium before, looks like a reasonable stadium to watch football ?, can see on Ticketmaster we have northern stand allocated to us
  10. Victory are shy@te..we have certainly matched them tonight so far..
  11. couldn't find his way home from Beautiful Leumeah on Saturday perhaps ?
  12. We have been sold to a middle eastern Oil sheik ?
  13. Federici best goalkeeper ever to grace the A League yeah right.!!!!.made to look very ordinary by Dorrans tonight. Was at the game so didn't hear speedy and co response on Fox who have been banging on how good he is.. basic goalkeeping error.
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