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  1. Much as I have previously stated how much I hate Leeds and will not be attending the game next year . I had a Vedran Moment (Brain Fart) and bought tickets, just checking with others who have bought already I went for print at Home option, but when I received the confirmation via email the attached PDF's were not in the mail message , you folks get the Same ? thanks
  2. Read my post again.Yes pretty depressing..sorry folks..also my grammer and spelling went down the toilet when I wrote this .I was just so pi@@ed off and frustrated. Apologies again..
  3. At least for me Smoggy I have City to fall back on, feel for you with Boro.
  4. Had enough...... Got to seven hills station. No trains Drove like a lunatic to Lidcombe Got on Lidcombe to SOP train No Driver..couldn't get there due to storm sat at Lidcombe for 30 mins Saw storm coming over..thought stuff this got off train went to Dooleys Then found out game delayed.by this time had ordered food..long wait.game started. Watched the debacle unfold on TV. Stated to drive home. Going thru poorly lit street in Auburn drove over fallen tree branch.punctered tyre bucked wheel. Changed wheel eventually got home totally demoralized.. Not sure I can face anymore of this crap this season might just stay at home.. And if anybody criticizes me here with the old " well don't bother showing up next season when we move back to Parra" crap they can get forked...too I've been to every derby..lots of away games. Only missed a handful of games since club came into existence due to illness. We deserve better than this sh@te week after week and now season after season..big club my ass . if the club are deluded enough to think that moving back to New stadium will be enough to pacify us but continue to put together mediocre squads is enough they grossly underestimate us IMO. Sure the whole game day thing New stadium will be great. But ultimately I go to be entertained by watching my team play consistent competitive football not rubbish every week. The novelty of the new stadium will wear off pretty quickly if we don't field better teams, might have best purpose built stadium in A League with sub par 10k crowds every week Could be a watershed season for the club next season..time will tell Good morning and enjoy your sunday..
  5. $100 for equivalent of red membership seats and only family tickets available in the end stands..it's not Real Madrid , we are playing Leeds who were last in top tier in 2003-04 season . Haven't won any trophies since flared pants were in fashion. I personally hate Leeds and thier fans anyway had many battles with them in my mis spent youth. I'm out....
  6. jockman

    A-League & 2nd Tier Expansion Thread V2

    Listened to a segment on ABC radio today...mentioned the potential new teams in the mix..interesting comments about new teams competing for same piece of the pie in terms of crowds not necessarily boosting attendances , plenty of talk about the "Campbelltown" and " Southern Expansion" Bids in Sydney how Wanders and ESFC not keen on expansion in areas they consider "their " patches ...how attendances down again this season , how current media deals not crash hot... I am all for expansion but must admit in the back of my mind have concerns about potentially 4 "Sydney" teams competing for slices of perhaps slightly larger pie ....been a bit reluctant to mention it here in fear of being shot down . what about aspiring to 2 "well supported "healthy" teams in Sydney then Expansion ???? Seems words but little action from current FFA admin re addressing current crown attendances and poor TV viewing . Perhaps new folks will take this on... but then again as was mentioned on the ABC its not necessarily about crowd attendances and atmosphere.. its about $$$$$$ .
  7. jockman

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    Don't worry folks the new stadium will make these onfield debacles go away just you wait and see...just think we will have a much better view of the Sh@te being served up to us..
  8. jockman

    HAL 2018/19 Round 5

    yes , hard to stay positive after the Sh@te we have been served up the last few seasons . Too early yet but another season of mediocrity to look forward to ?. my worst fear is that we move to new stadium next season which will make a huge difference in terms of match day experience etc. Remember the Pirtek days a crowd of 10k in a 20k stadium still had atmosphere and our active were there in larger numbers. Remains to be seen what a crowd of 10-12k will look and sound like in a 30K stadium. Think the novelty of the new stadium will wear off pretty quickly if we are not getting the results again next season. Plus will the Active support come back to previous numbers, that IMO will also make a massive difference..
  9. jockman

    HAL 2018/19 Round 5

    Yes for sure..looking ominous for us next week in Melbourne
  10. jockman

    HAL 2018/19 Round 5

    Much as I have to say it looks and sounds great at jubilee stadium. Proper square football stadium .Still really hate those smurfs Chunts ..hope Victory smack em. Cove still sound like a bunch of pubescent school boys..oops that's what they are...
  11. Yes forgot just how bad the whole sop/spotless experience is..
  12. Jets 2 chances 2 goals Wanderers 100 chances 0 goals Goodnight and thank you..
  13. jockman

    Australian National Teams Thread 4

    Methinks..if he tries his antics tonight the Lebanon players might give it back to him with interest...hopefully..