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  1. Yep based on yesterday pretty sure he is nearly on target to meet that KPI. Wonder if part of achieving what he set out to achieve he gets $$ bonus. Sad yesterday..a shadow of what we used to be on and off the field
  2. The club surely cannot continue to ignore this..action has to be taken..like hiring shady people to burn spotless and anz down. Then start rebuilding a football club worthy of western Sydney.
  3. Despite having the longest off season in the world,end of season can't come quick enough. This is disgraceful heads have to roll,total embarrassment an affront to the paying WSW members and supporters.
  4. I posted in match thread last night that we are becoming laughing stock of the A league. And thank god for the mariners..until they perhaps beat us in a few weeks time. Weve gone global..Vedrans brain fart was shown on bbc sport last night. And was in daily mail tabloid in the uk.. Fantastic recruiting drive for next season. Sure to make some top talent want to come and play for us. I know..... just show potential recruits videos of the new stadium and training facilities ..thats sure to convince players..just dont let them see any footage of last 3 seasons games... Gotta laugh....
  5. We are becoming the laughing stock of the a league..thank God for the Mariners..might not be saying that if they beat us when we play them
  6. Make the F@cker walk home from Brisbane
  7. Vedran should never play for the wanderers ever again
  8. 3 minutes plenty of time for roar to score 2 goals
  9. Not surprising the boys heads have dropped now