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  1. Smart move..increase their home attendances and help get their active support better established
  2. Now there's a club with no fans, a Shi@ty stadium but lots of ambition !!!
  3. Sorry 6 if you count Foxe's brief stint as caretaker
  4. I think Like may others just completely over it again this season. Much as I hate losing to the SMURFS half of me thinks that if we had lost a few weeks ago to them CR would have been on his Bike now. The win and result against United papered over the issues which clearly have not been addressed and in my humble opinion he has shown us that he is not capable of fixing. Lose this weekend will he go ? Is he going to get another season to try and turn it around ? 5 managers since the club was founded in 2012 , that has to be a record surely ?
  5. I reckon City or the smurfs or maybe Victory
  6. Let's hope this triggers some action from the club if not already too late ..seems like a never ending struggle. Hats off to the remaining RBB for continuing for so long despite all of this crap. I really hope I am wrong and the RBB come back in force. but I can understand why RBB numbers have been declining so much why would anybody want to go to games and put up with this rubbish. It's been challenging enough in general for all the WSW fan base over the last 5 seasons, the Sh@thole called SOP, poor performances on the field, failure to capitalise on the move to Bankwest, COVID and t
  7. A workmate of mine is a die hard smurf fan and is very salty this morning over the loss on Saturday. However he hits back at me every time with more or less the same comments and lets be honest they have it all over us on that front.
  8. Feeling of dread going into this. Who knows what we will get . Don't anticipate a full house. My wife threatened me already if I get upset with smurf fans who will no doubt be sat in amongst us.
  9. so much for growing the Game !!!
  10. Shaping up to be the third best team in Sydney. Its bad enough finishing lower than the Smurfs every season, but got used to it by now. But to finish lower than those cowbell ringing bullsh@tters from Campbelltown in their first season, its an absolute disgrace and embarrassment.
  11. any kind of protest planned for Saturday too ?
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