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  1. If they don't do something to compensate members, I can see our memberships declining even further I know we are living in extraordinary times but that's even more reason to do the right thing.
  2. If the club stages games at Bankwest with a limit of 5k potential for a S@it fight ?. even of they limit attendance to members, we have more than 5k members, how will they decide who gets a seat ? . Fully paid members expect to be able to attend ALL home Games and have paid membership fees accordingly. Surely it would not be unreasonable for members to receive a refund/credit ? for any games that they cannot attend due to these limitations. not to mention the disappointment of not being able to attend
  3. Trying to be positive for this coming season with the couple of signings so far , and expectation of some more decent signings to come , but TBH its pretty hard, watching things unfold so far. I really hope my misgivings with the Welsh used car salesman we have as a manager are wrong, and he is a master coach and proves us all wrong.
  4. Nothing surprises me anymore with the Shambles that we call a club !! Duke Bled Red and Black, gonna be a hard pill to swallow if true, watching him play for the Smurfs especially in the Derbies. !!
  5. Yes all of the above... the continued delusion from the people making the decisions that we are" a big club" is amazing. Would have been, could have been, should have been..... The facts speak for themselves..at best mid to bottom table club. Revolving door in terms of managers, yearly cleanout of squad.... But still the same people running the club at the top.... Also as has been said many times already.. just not enough having a nice big new empty stadium, good training facilities and youth academy. Having been a member since day 1 it is so disappointing knowin
  6. In saying that we need to be ruthless with our remaining signings. Yes for sure, remains to be seen if CR and the club have it in them.. guess we will find out.
  7. No Gaurantees of course,but can see Victory definately do not intend to have another bad season..... Meanwhile back in the land of mediocrity.......
  8. Oh well when he gets injured and is out for lots of games we wont feel so bad !!!
  9. will be interesting to see how big/small the crowd is now its more or less a home game for the Bull@hitters
  10. Or Perhaps words out that we are a basket case,player/manager revolving door ,mid to bottom table team and we cannot attract top quality players ??
  11. Isnt supporting Boro an affliction
  12. Another season over another season of high achievements 3rd best team in Sydney (3/3) 4th best team in NSW (4/5) 4th season in a row finish out of the top 6. Oh and lets not forget the fact that the supporter base continues to shrink including the RBB (total respect to those left standing despite all the crap) Other than a few of the young lads from the academy breaking into the first team I cannot see much else that the club could possibly claim as a positive this season. I Challenge the spin doctors at the Club to paint a rosy picture from this seasons sham
  13. Exert from the UK Daily Mail Celtic 'close to announcing little-known Ange Postecoglou as new boss' with Greek-born former Australia manager set to join from Japanese side Yokohama F Marinos after talks with Eddie Howe break down Celtic are set to appoint ex-Australia manager Ange Postecoglou, say reports The 55-year-old is currently at Japanese top-flight side Yokohama F. Marinos Postecoglou took Australia to the 2014 World Cup but exited the group stages Celtic's talks with number one target Eddie Howe broke down earlier on Friday https://www.dailymail.co
  14. Dont really know why but will be there !! Draw at best....
  15. Looks like its going to be a very small crowd tonight !!!
  16. At least the Mexicans will be there again to help with the atmosphere in the stadium
  17. Could get an absolute walloping from them, on the other hand we could give them a walloping, but then again we could also draw with them. Yep who knows what we will get tonight ??????
  18. Next stop Indian league then for CR ??
  19. Plus its a Sh@thole of a place to watch football...
  20. yes been to both , spent a week there one day !!!! watching man city many years ago
  21. Smart move..increase their home attendances and help get their active support better established
  22. Now there's a club with no fans, a Shi@ty stadium but lots of ambition !!!
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