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  1. Jeepers, I remember watching the Power games, you're not wrong it was a ghost town. You could hear every word said by players, refs and coaches 😦
  2. I'm trying to be optimistic, but the Parra light rail route is a joke, looks to be going where the future rezonings will make the gov cronies even richer, rather than where the population needs it to go. I don't even want to think about the route of the Northwest metro as it triggers my nervous twitch, even before I picture the delays at Chatswood station when the Northwest shuttle service comes online. 😧
  3. And in this case he is right. If the current Gov can't wait for the electorate to decide next month - then they roll the dice and if they get booted the SCG trust goes cup in hand for a loan to rebuild it.
  4. Hi Manfred, please ask if the police bus will also be making a return from day one... as this was major turn-off for many fans.
  5. Don't understand what they are West of? The 'Western' needs to be anchored off something or somewhere, otherwise I'm thinking of John Wayne movies rather that football.
  6. Didn't they say that their catchment includes Southern Districts, Bankstown and Ctown juniors?
  7. If the decision is to hold off a year, then I reckon the bids that have already been culled should also have more time to improve their chances and try again. Personally I love to see expansion into areas without a-league now - so for me that's Wollongong, Canberra and then Tassie, then look to 2nd Qld, and maybe another in WA before adding to Sydney and Melbourne.
  8. Needs a bit of no more gaps and couple good coats of paint😧
  9. Agree, the transition will not be perfect, but I'd take any of the 270000 seats available at WSS over the best on offer at either Spotless or ANZ.
  10. 2018 SAP players wanted Granville Rage Football Club is seeking under 9-10-11-12 boys and girls for the FNSW Skills Acquisition Program (SAP) to train under our professional coaches led by Gus Cerro. Trial dates extended throughout April. We are currently inviting ambitious boys and girls playing U9 to U12 to attend trials for places in our SAP program. Our mission is to lay down a foundation of football development that supports children to reach for the stars, Granville Rage junior pathway is, a philosophy, a vision and a mission to provide a holistic environment that pr
  11. this exactly. and why are people assuming the games will be split 1/3 each? id expect it would closer to majority at kogarah, 2 at sharks and 2 at wollongong, if theyre even split at all. lets not forget originally there was talk of there being a split between parra, penrith and campbelltown. sharks and wollongong would however get to host the w-league and youth league teams. Hey WP,When they announced the bid didn't they say they would split games equally between the 3? Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if they end up at sfs or sop!
  12. Yep, it's a fantastic bid when those fronting it are getting handsomely compensated for their time & it also takes on the appearance of a Football NSW boys club. All it needs now, is the tick of approval from the new head of the AL Greg O'Rourke, previously the President of Sutherland & it can be a reality. I can't see any possible conflicts of interest. Smoke & mirrors backed by Chinese yuan #IllawarraSouthCoastIn Yep Taurus I get it, my cynicism is well matured! I hope the Illawarra goes it alone but not looking likely
  13. Wolves fans are opposed to it and say they won't support it, I think it will be just South Sydney they have the financial backers. Red Bull also announce they want to create a team, again they are unpopular but we should be for it. They are disrupters, they do well for their teams. They do really good work with extreme sports as well. They will be a club that builds a stadium etc. Right now I'm for investment in the A-league. So Red Bull Wolves with Wings could leave Southern to St George and the Sutherland, works for me
  14. Hey Toqui, not sure who could fill Popa's shoes, but as far as footers goes you win the prize for most philosophical with "We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far." That's golden!
  15. Southern bid announced this morning, I'm happy to see Lazlo and Foz get involved directly, but personally it seems unnatural to me to have 3 massive associations in bed and split games between Kogorah, Cronulla and the Gong. Still, anything to get things moving is good, the ffa can now 'shape' the criteria if extra Sydney derbys are what they are waiting for.
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