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  1. Hahaha its barefoot in the park. Robert Redford and Jane Fonda
  2. Mine is: Wake up, break the rules, rock the boat, make love, fall over laughing Not too bad
  3. That's a very low bar Goat.. i think hes been a shambles
  4. Such wishy washy gobbledygook from Morrison Faaarrrkin close the country down now. Go hard and shorten the pain. I truly believe the govts incompetence in not acting strongly enough is contributing to peoples mental and financial misery
  5. Its all relative. We're not Barcelona. But taking a bigger picture view, of us in the Aleague comp, we're playing okay, better than under babs, and we can see some areas of improvement. I'm okay with the result. I'm more concerned with our performance against Brisbane where we seemed to buckle under the pressure they exerted
  6. I really have to disagree with this sentiment Mack. I thought we were the better side and i think if we'd had schwegler and müller we wouldve won it
  7. Shame we couldn't have got the 3 points, but we deserved at least the draw
  8. We need to keep our head, and hope we can score again. We're doing well
  9. Heh happy to be proven wrong on this occassion re yeboah
  10. My favourite story of the pandemic so far.
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