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  1. Yeah the levels if denial and outright lying they are willing to go to is stunning to me. Its a blatant attempt to defraud the american people of a democratically elected leader The republicans .....what a bunch of chunts
  2. This guy on reddit has collated most of the voter fraud allegations
  3. I believe its now 0-12 on the lawsuits, as well as the fact that the guy who reported that a postmaster in Erie Pennsylvania told his team to back date ballots has rescinded his sworn avidavit. He has admitted to making it up What a faaarrrkin chunt.
  4. https://fb.watch/1CUMOBPGKV/ Not sure if this link is working. The Daily Show compilation of Trumpy saying What a loser. So happy right now
  5. I'm glued to CNN. Their coverage is pretty good
  6. CNN just reported another 645 votes to Biden. Trumps lead is down to 665
  7. That was awesome. Well worth the watch
  8. I hate the collar and buttons. Ew ew ew
  9. OMG. Thats it. I just posted this the ol brain isn't too bad after all
  10. I am sure there was some kind of Ad for milk when I was living in the UK that had a kid say, 'Accrington Stanley'. can't remember anything else...... menopause brain fog.
  11. EmMac

    Music Thread 4

    Ooh that would have been nice. I saw Bob Dylan and Van Morrison together on stage at Finsbury Park. Cranky old bast@rds they were
  12. He was a genius imo Dirk gently was great read as weĺl
  13. The dog is a cutie but that human is annoying!
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