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  1. Hahaha. It would've been 2 but my friend decided to go to the loo and i had to wait for an EmMac approved dance-able song. That was an extra two glasses wait
  2. Hahaha Yes that was me.....all of them!
  3. Just had formal work Xmas party. It was awesome. I can report that I've got the moves like Jagger. I acquired them after 3, okay 4 glasses of champagne.
  4. Ah, that wouldn't have been enjoyable @MathyouWSW They don't sound like genuine friends tbh. Also there probably was a ringleader and the other people just fell into line. Are they a bit cliquey? Are three a few dominant voices I've found finding genuine friends from the work place really depends on the place. Sometimes it can be a rare occurrence. I have a great friends from previous jobs but at this current role most of my favs have left so I'm in a situation where i don't chit chat or socialise as much as i used to. Our xmas part is coming up and i kinda not sure who i will hang with.
  5. Amateur is exactly the word
  6. Our we seriously having this discussion? In what universe do you contemplate sacking a manager for being 4th on the ladder? We will be the laughing stock of the Aleague if we sack Babbel The media (and some people), thrive and seek negative energy. They are waiting for a car crash because that's something stimulating to sink there teeth into. Well i love this club and I don't want to see a sacking for faaaarkin entertainment. We should be backing the gaffer at this stage, not passively waiting to see if we give him the flippin chop. We're 4th on the ladder, as far as we know he has the respect of the dressing room, and we're streets ahead of the diabolical performances of the last few seasons. As i said earlier in the thread, the club can shove it if they sack him at this stage.
  7. What i would be assessing if i was Babbel n co, is who or what is impeding the players in carrying out the game plan. Drill down to the issue
  8. If we sack Babbel a third of the way into this season and sitting at 4th on the ladder, the club can have my membership back. Its too ridiculous to contemplate
  9. Wasn't motivated to comment last night after the loss. I was pretty bummed by the result and the tone of some of the comments bummed me out even more. Im a practiser of the life philosophy of passive dislike.....okay i just made that term up, but essentially if i don't like someone i acknowledge that to myself and......and this is the crucial bit........i do absolutely nothing about that dislike. I do my absolute best to not act on it. It makes for not so surprisingly calm and relatively drama free existence. And this is a bit out there but i have found practicing passive dislike leads to extremely lengthy amounts of time where i am not actively engaging in being a chunt to someone. Like generallly in life. Again, a bit crazy and a bit out there eh? Just a thought About the game I dont know, i thought we were good in parts, but those misses cost us. Again, consistency seems to allude us. Is it down to a lack in quality of individual performances? Or the gaffers tactics? Or players not being played in there most suited position?
  10. If we win i dont think its undeserved. Its just not a dominating performance. We need to actually score of course.
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