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  1. Had my 1st AZ jab last Thursday Sore arm like some farrker punched it and at about 20hrs in i got the chills. Shivering and achy. Lasted a few hrs then back to normal
  2. I really rated him. I know he didn't score as many as we wanted, but whenever he was on the pitch I felt he could something. I felt he put his heart into it each time he played Wish him the best
  3. Will book to receive AZ after I get flu shot tomorrow
  4. And that result is good for us, tho they still have games in hand. So we need to keep winning, can't rely on other teams to trip up
  5. I'm not copping that one!
  6. Some numnut started it, any ideas?
  7. I was at last week's Derby.... we won. Your theory doesn't stick!
  8. My dad stayed over this weekend and we have a nice meal and watch a film together, so I missed this one. Sounds like i missed a cracker! Off to watch the match now on On Demand
  9. I loved that show. Though as a young child I was disturbed by the fact he was constantly thwarted in his attempts to off the island. I just wanted him to get home lol. The best children's TV always had a bit of tension in it
  10. yeah it was a version of a Faithless song, God is a DJ Some of the lyrics, "This is my church"..... if football is your religion, then on this occasion Bankwest is your church
  11. I'll watch on-demand tomorrow and no doubt the commentary won't match the actual reality on the pitch from those two clowns
  12. We played well, deserved the win. And faaarrking get in there Scott McDonald. He's got a football brain AND he scored. Our comeback is on
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