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  1. EmMac

    Cricket thread

  2. @Carns What a rollercoaster! Hope you get some mild, nondescript, non-dramatic days ahead. And get time to give yourself and your partner a breather Having lost my mum a few years ago, it did feel raw for quite a while but i can say that it does get easier. Losing a close friend as well. That must hurt and sorry its come your way. But hey, bubs on the way and that will most likely consume your time and thoughts. And allow some space to heal Wishing you the best
  3. I like our energy and there's a confidence on the ball. Im enjoying our movement at the moment.
  4. My english colleague at work is a Leeds fan. She was at the game and pretty happy with the result. Thought the stadium was amazing, as was the atmostphere and thought our number 27 (Yeboah)was a standout.
  5. Are we talking about the all red long sleeve in the background? If so yes
  6. Rewatching it now, we did good. Leeds have had an entire season together, and their skill level is that of a team who were competing for promotion into the english premier league. We held them to 1-1 until the last 60seconds. And we are still gelling. 2 more months and we will have much more awareness and fluidity. Not bad lads, not bad. Our passing isn't good enough and borders on wasteful, Not a weakness we want exposed in this coming season. Leeds passing on the otherhand was purposeful and as someone else phrased it, direct. The prematch catchup was great (so great to see us all kitted out and energised for the game), the new stadium magnificent and the team is looking lively and positive. Bring on October
  7. It makes sense as match starts at 7pm I think. By the time they get to the stadium, get patted down, body searched and dragged off for individual interviews, there'll be no time to get to the bar!
  8. Head to the Crown or the Albion, there will be plenty of wanderers and probably a few forumites there as well
  9. Dear Forumites, I have a free ticket to tonight match that has been given to me via another friend. I am happy to offer this ticket to a good home. Its only one ticket, so whomever grabs it will be sitting by themselves but hey, you get to go to the game, so there's the bonus. Its an e-ticket/ PDF ticket that you would need to print out. Sorry I can't help with that PM me if you're interested
  10. I had brekkie in Parra this morning (great cafe called BadManor Thyme - dumb name, amazing food) and sat next to a couple with very northern English accents. I don't think they're Parra locals. I was listening intently in case I caught any interesting info (I got nothin). They weren't wearing colours, but I am pretty sure they're here for the match So excited!
  11. The model did a great job , but its just a weird design.
  12. I would of thrown some money at a spunky new season jersey, but i gotta say I'm not a fan. I will stick to last seasons i think.
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