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  1. Yeah, i agree with the bits in bold
  2. I'm in the existenital school of thought, with a bit of nilism thrown in for flavour. Life is absurd. There is no inherent meaning in things, rather we apply our own meaning. Therefore life is meaningless, unless you decide to apply meaning; in which case, it isn't There's a freedom in existentialism. Its a genuine directive to experience life authentically minus the religious BS. Edit to add Perhaps the question that is more uncomfortable is not, "what is the meaning of life"......but, "what is the purpose of life". Thats the hard one. I'm more along the line of @LeeMarvin in that our purpose is to propogate the species but with our ability to philosophise, we open up endless possibilities for exploration of meaning and purpose. Which is fine but equally we tend to spin towards angst rather than keeping it simple.
  3. @ManfredSchaefer i should be good for royal oak. Just not sure when. I might have sisters with me. I'll update on game day
  4. Theres a great persian restaurant 3doors up from the royal oak. Fantastic kebab, rice etc.... Its had a face lift and a new name but food remains as good. Its called Zara Rose After a meal, you can head back to the pub
  5. Last week i was critical of young Sullivan, but he was a beast tonight. Well done lad
  6. Woohoo, we did it. We held under the pressure of that bloody onslaught that was the last ten minutes. Bring on those smurf mutherfaarkers
  7. Faaaaarrrk, my friend the uk just messengered me and now we've conceded. Come on lads lets hit back!
  8. No i stand by my comment ....., i like to think he somehow heard me typing furiously and responded positively
  9. Adam takes too many touches. Either pass or shoot *****, but dont try to tease the opposition with amazing ball skills. You've been robbed a few times now. Knock it off.
  10. We're holding our own and i think weve got more to come. We need to keep the pressure and take our chances. We've got goals in us
  11. EmMac

    Music Thread 4

    I met jay kay once. We were drunk as was he after celebrating at the sydney festival opening night in hyde park. They had the love bus from londons Notting hill carnival. What a night. Anyway he came up to us afterwards asking if we stole his ham and pickle sandwich. We did not steal his ham and pickle sandwich, as we told him in a polite yet slightly weirded out tone. And off he trotted..... Anyway loved this tune
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