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  1. Back on the forum via optus home wifi
  2. Yeah I'm offline with Optus at the moment. I'm currently using my Vodafone pocket wifi
  3. Yep. This is what we are missing at the moment. Someone on this forum mentioned we should have a director of football. That's the right direction I think. I don't think JT has a clue and it seems no one else does either - I mean Babbel should, but tactically, he has not shown he knows what he's doing,nor the ability to adapt to changes during the game. That is shocking considering we are supposed to be aiming for minimum top six
  4. I know what you're saying but i think we were blinded by his stint in BL1 n 2. The pedigree of the comps arent in question but his teams results i think are for the most part mediocre. I like Babs and i very much wanted him to succeed for wsw and for him personally but i think the stats dont lie. His best win % for a season was with Bertha at 54%. With us its currently 29%. I can only speak for myself and say i was desperate for us to succeed this season and wanted to believe marcus could bring it. And being a liverpool supporter i was especially eager for a fabulous story of success to play out. I think he is capable of bringing a team to the top but i do think he relies on things aligning. Hey if he turns it alll around i would be estatic. But i think those stats dont give me much hope. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markus_Babbel I think the club got the manager wrong again. It sucks for all parties involved
  5. True. I guess my concern is the club seemed to have shown poor judgement on Gumby, now seems to be poor judgement with Babbel. Do we have confidence that they can identify good managerial talent with their current track record. I really think questions need to be asked if we have a real football brain in management. One that can make good football management decisions with short term reward and long term benefits?
  6. I was dicussing babbel with my bro and lamenting the fact that we had a top notch coach and its not working. He remarkedmthat Babbel isnt the top notch coach people think. I looked up a few things and i think on balance its fair to say his record does not support my thinking of top notch, The way i see it one of two things happened: 1. The club are incompetent for hiring Babbel based on his record which hasnt resulted in top 3 in comp success. Except for FC Bertha, but i am th iinking that was circumstantial rather than actual coaching acumen. So incompetency and naivety. Or 2. The club knew Babbels record wasnt that of a league winning manager, but sold it as such to us and hope for the best. So cynical and duplicitous I feel sad for us fans. We came into this season so hopeful. Nothing as cruel as false hope
  7. Yes....but......i did save $$ missing the cut so its still a positive. Unlike our goddamn season
  8. Our passes are poorly weighted. Too hard or too soft, which means time is wasted trying to control or recover the ball. And that gives the opposition time to defend. Awful
  9. Our inability to keep the the damn ball is a fundamental barrier to scoring a damn goal. Its absolutely basic stuff
  10. They should all be playing to win with every fibre of their being. That is lacking from a fair few players
  11. Yep, its not farrrrking training, its an actual game we're playing here. The lack of focus and intensity is a big negative in my opinion
  12. Ive flicked over to harry potter and the philosopher's stone,. Its the only way i will see some magic from those i am rooting for Ps. And those kiwi commentators are irritating as faaarrrk
  13. I opted to get a colour and no cut due to the kickoff time. Wanderers better win!
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