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  1. Who knows what next week will bring. In the meantime, savouring a win
  2. Heh, yep Brenton Speed has a man crush on Baumjohann, slater can't stomach a quality wsw player
  3. Lol, sotirio got his goal. Nice cleanup. We are actually scoring. Yes, i know, its the mariners
  4. Hehehe, baby Baccus. What odds were being given for that as the 1st goal?.
  5. We can win this against the only team that has worst luck than us. This will be good
  6. Not this one. We have our team xmas party. Theme: Pirate I intend to get merry so that when i see the score i am somewhat anaesthetised.
  7. Careful what you wish for and all that...
  8. I think the most upsetting thing is we have no answers to the play. We are clueless, literally chasing the game. No ideas will mean loss after loss, after loss
  9. I'm watching a drama series (Mindhunters) on serial killers to relieve the tension and frustration of this game. Its disturbing, but as much as we are in the pitch tonight
  10. Victory go out there believing they will be competitive and will score goals. Problem is , we also believe they are competitive and will score goals