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  1. Oh that's awful WB Hang in there
  2. We don't seem to have the defense right
  3. Apparently we're playing 5 at the back
  4. First jab was 13th may. So 5th Aug would have been 12weeks. Chatted to my GP and she said lets to bring it forward. I think you can get 2nd jab at 8weeks now. Yes give the clinic that did your 1st jab a call, and see if you can book for right on your week date?
  5. I was able to bring my 2nd dose of AZ forward (was scheduled for 5th Aug) and received jab yesterday arvo at my GPs. Officially fully vaccinated
  6. I saw the first goal, made it to the start of the 2nd half, then..... fell asleep. But, with a sesnse of confidence they we could win the match. As a Wanderers supporter, that's a new and unusual feeling
  7. Oops i fell asleep 2 nil What a great start. We played really well
  8. We're playing pretty well Like, not awful!
  9. EmMac

    Simon Cox

    Well, 4th Gen Australian of Oirish heritage Nah all good, I just let the words flow over me. It must be my tough kopite exterior
  10. My second jab is due on August 5th. I have no issue with bringing it forward but I had the jab at St Vincent's. I'm working from home at the moment so I'd have to get public transport to get to Paddington to get the jab. Not sure it's worth the risk of travel on public transport plus various exposure risks to get jab before 5th
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