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  1. I am watching from black head beach near forster. The pain of watching this shambles is not deadened by distance
  2. EmMac

    Last ANZ Derby Drawn

    Tbh, i approached last night as a night out rather than 'The Derby!'......so was pleasantly surprised that we played okay, definitely deserved a draw, if not the win. That ref was a real chunt. Sfc really were unpleasantly smug at times on the pitch. As if the draw they just had in AFC was some kind of testament to their superiority, and this is just a lowly local league game. So, i was rather happy we took it to them, we got a draw and we've rained on their parade in terms of premiership. Not a bad night at all
  3. Was at the 2pm session. Looks amazing. I didnt get to check out the food options. I may only partake in stadium food if i cant make it to one of the fab establishments in Parra. I can attest to the cleanliness of the ladies loos Probably the only jarring note was seeing league and union posts on the pitch rather than our nets, but hey ho, it is what it is All in all, its pretty darn exciting and cannot wait to get in there
  4. A nice victory. We dominated and we deserved it. Alnd we did it whilst getting the cr@p kicked out of us.
  5. And that should be it. Lets keep a clean sheet lads
  6. EmMac

    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    I usually love it, but not today. The whirly bird on the roof is squeaky. I am talking, drive-you-bananas squeaky ee-ee, ee-ee, ee-ee, ee-ee........over and over . Its pretty faaarrking annoying.
  7. EmMac

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Hehe, no, but i can see the temptation
  8. EmMac

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Hehe, i just went out to have a look. Love a full moon.
  9. EmMac

    Music Thread 3

    @Midfielder omg that's hilarious
  10. EmMac

    Off Topic Thread 4

    My favourite viewing at the moment This is just one of many from this dude. Youtube channel called Rationality Rules. @wendybr his rebuttal to Jordan Peterson (specifically on atheism) is pretty thorough.
  11. EmMac

    Music Thread 3

    @JackDoff Big Country was the first thing i ever recorded on our family's brand spanking new VHS recorder
  12. EmMac

    Music Thread 3

    My memory is shite so apologies in advanced if i have posted this before. Newport (New York) state of mind.....a welsh parody 😁