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  1. That was a faaarking stupid yellow card Tarek. Why?
  2. Omg. Four goes at the goal and we miss them all. That is our season, thank you for listening....
  3. havent minded him previously, certainly not as hating as Robbie Slater. But hes quite negative tonight for me
  4. Hahahahaha, faaark you Adelaide, fox sports commentators and other chunts!
  5. Tate Russell has some good contol. Receives it well, and passes it well
  6. My point is, accepting that vedran could have made a better choice, our defending with the free ball was lacking. I think kittos goal was defendable
  7. To be fair there were 4 wanderer players ball watching. Waiting to see where it dropped rather getting in front of kitto to block him from getting the ball. Idk, but i felt wemcould have defended that punch from vedran better
  8. They have written us off , maybe with the exception of simon hill and zelic. So even if we are playing some good football, they dont see it. We get mowed down, its a fair challenge, they get challenged, its interpreted as being mowed down. It has been ever thus this season I really want to win this, just to silence the endless negativity spewing forth from these commentators
  9. In my assessment we have been amateur level with our passing. For a while now....
  10. I am going to Tropfest, so out. That's two home games missed. Looks like i have to go to the derby
  11. EmMac

    Babbel Out?

    For real? I can't believe we're even contemplating this. Ridiculous. If we lose Babbel its probably because he's disappointed in the club and the dross we signed, rather than the other way around. I truly hope the club are not contemplating this. We will be a laughing stock and any positives that are being anticipated due to the new stadium can be dismissed if we get rid of Babel He's not the coaching messiah, but he's not mulvey or Gombau either.