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  1. Yep a great show. Looking forward to season 3
  2. So UEFA says voting for Columbia was about advancing women's foottball in that region. What about how amazing an impact for Oceania to have the football here in OZ and NZ? Arguably it needs the boost more. So sorry, their reason for not voting for the best bid rings pretty hollow to me. Farrrk you UEFA, football is coming to the Southern Hemisphere. All aboard the awkward time zone express
  3. Wow, thats pretty outrageous. Faaark them On the news: Sooo happy right now
  4. Yes, good to see the govt. implementing the IPA's idelogical agenda hey. I hate this govt. Seriously hate this govt.
  5. Its quality not quantity
  6. Sorry to hear that Ed. 99 is a good innings indeed!. Sorry that its so close on news of your brother. Hugs Hugs you and your wife
  7. I've said it before but Trump is trolling his own citizens. What a legacy eh
  8. So sorry to hear that Eds. He's no longer suffering, hoping that brings a modicum of comfort. Hugs
  9. Isn't double denim called a Canuck tuxedo?
  10. That country is genuinely faaarrrked
  11. Thanks Jess An excellent article that i recommend everyone read. Seriously
  12. That would be......awesome!
  13. I recommend the Lego movies. I think their tune was pretty catchy........ Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you're part of a team Everything is awesome, when you're living out a dream Everything is better when we stick together Some have said you and I are gonna win forever? hey @wendybr, our new walk out song?
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