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  1. I'm getting Cobra Kai vibes from that Perth kit...
  2. I really hate ESFC, and it pains me to defend them for anything, but how on earth can you have a VAR and STILL get it wrong. #PeakALeague
  3. (Stolen from fellow forum member) Hello darkness, my old friend...
  4. I've really liked the look of Tokich. From what I've seen his passing has been swift and decisive.
  5. Baumjohann looks awesome, has been playing great, excellent passing Can't believe Roly didn't score there
  6. Hope the Grozos injury isn't too bad WTF happened to the Fox Sports stream, says its expired...
  7. Based on what was said on Soccer Stoppage Time, sounded like he had a lot of experience at "parking the bus"
  8. The club won't move during the season, or can't move during the season? Just wondering if we are tied into some kind of contract with SOP that we can't get out of perhaps. Anyone know?
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