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  1. What I notice is the moments in the game where Victory were totally smothered in mid field. We choked the life out of them a few times. To their credit they bounced back a few times too but we largely had their measure. Its early days but we got some swagger back!
  2. It was an ugly win but a win nonetheless. Its glaringly obvious we have a need for a creative playmaker who can turn us forward when playing from the back and can make something happen when we're in the final third knocking it back and forth building to nothing. Wilmering was great off the bench and called upon unexpectedly. Agree with most posts about Meier. Too early to write him off. Time will tell if he has come to work hard or for a holiday.
  3. Meier is a good signing under any realistic assessment. He has technique, class and leadership qualities. If he can get space in our tactical approach he'll be dangerous and if Duke or Yeboah are doing the running around him it will get interesting. He is a proven goal scorer that will teach our forwards a lot and make them better. Injury is the risk. But we have cause to be optimistic.
  4. Whatever the fudge is going on, as silly as this has become, I no longer feel desperate about an announcement. The last few seasons was all about desperation and seeking help from elsewhere. Today I'm excited about what Babbel has put together. We haven't looked this tight and tough in preseason in a long time, if ever. Does it mean we will be a winning team? Not sure, but I know there is belief amomgst the squad and some desire to compete. Put a RBB and a swinging parra behind it and we'll be hard to beat. Whoever we get (if it happens) will be joining a team that will fight if we do and that will make them a good signing.
  5. I think there is some truth to this. Popa is very controlling and rigid with players conforming to their jobs equaling success. Babbell allows players more freedom within hard working/high work rate framework. He puts them in a place to compete and they have to fight to be successful.
  6. After the Leeds game, I think another midfielder for marquee wouldn't be so bad. Reckon Duke and Yeboah have enough goals in them, its playing out and controlling possession that seemed to be an ongoing issues (I know not much can really be drawn from an early friendly). Such a move might also mitigate against the ease with which good (not great) midfielders can be marked and fouled out of a game in the A league when there aren't multiple channels or options to play forward to.
  7. Is that the result of jumping on the corporate couch and doing his knee?
  8. A marquee striker or the like has to be priority. Aside from us, no team has had real success without one. Unfortunately, having one has been when we've lacked success. But that has to change.
  9. Western Sydney cops would bang him just to get their rocks off.
  10. Let's hope he helps makes Sydney red and black!
  11. We'd have to consider him, surely. Just for the confidence he inspires when he leads well.
  12. Do we think it's more than 2 mill? Or that much for more than 1 year? Hard to pass judgement unless we can narrow the speculation. Anyone know how much Honda was purported to cost the Vics?
  13. Agree with both of you. Gallop is instrumental in this. His NRL and newscorp connections were always going to make it so.
  14. Sorry in advance for a long post... I think we had some power as a fanbase when the boycott happened. Since that moment, however, I'm not sure if all the agreed measures have been enacted. What did we do about that? Sometimes a lesson in negotiations with the powerful is to consider; how do we enforce an agreement when our leverage (in that case the boycott) is no longer available? In terms of the FFA, they could be smart and leverage their access to the media and make a statement in defense of their fans, pointing to the low per-head -capita of evictions when compared to other codes and the excessive costs born by fans of mandated heavy police presence (surely the ratio of cops to fans at A league matches outstrips the other codes). They could then outline a plan, and pressurise the relevant police ministers bypassing the cops entirely. The cops have too much power here. They tell event organizers how many cops will be needed (most of whom are paid extra shift/overtime rates.) Then we pay for it. The public order units cost more, the mobile prison costs more, the cavalry costs more etc. If they don't evict people and escalate stuff they have no statistical justification for their requirements. However there is no check and balance to make sure they aren't rorting the situation. At the moment they have the political cover of the sokkah hooligan narrative. This is an opportunity for FFA to push back a bit. But I doubt they have the will or capacity.
  15. For all the nonsense that Australia has a larrikin culture that like to stick it to the man, the reality is we are a subservient over regulated bunch. We kick up little fuss and as a general rule accept massive state overreach as a matter of course. Both sides of the political spectrum have their own ways of cultivating an acceptant ideology. When the story broke and was a lead on many online outlets, I was optimistic, but the narrative has been established by the powers that be, it's now about defending against character assassination. Truly disgraceful.
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