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  1. Either way, I think he'd be an asset, especially in the much vaunted category of 'mentality'. His experience and confidence is worth something, bloke doesn't miss penalties often, and you'd imagine his dressing room leadership would have made a difference this year. If we play 2 CDMs his pace, or lack thereof, wouldn't be a huge issue. Maybe it gives up a handful of goals in a season. On balance he'd be an positive addition to what may be a youngish squad.
  2. Feel like this has been known in the club for a while. Given our defensive woes this season perhaps the lack of getting in an injury replacement at the early signs of his poor state, suggests the club had written off this season early on.
  3. Surveying his scorched earth
  4. Sounds like we might have 2 empty marquee spots by the end of the week.
  5. Bozak knows something that we don't about what troubling the snake.
  6. It really was a dismal end to a match that showed some promise in the first half. Yeboah was great, Roly playing to his potential for multiple weeks, Tokich looked great and I'd pick him over O'Dougherty next match (unless he is just a biscuit and out again), Kamau worked hard and Elrich fighting all match even though he is a bit of a lame duck. Vedran, not much to left to be said. The fight and consistent tenacity shown last year is gone. The more these types of late capitualations happen, the more nervous and tight we get defending a lead. It feeds itself and I'm not sure where we find the way out psychologically. Not helped by the quick turn arounds. A week of training is desperately needed.
  7. It was definitely disappointing but once Baccus had a brain explosion it was always heading that way. We can't be too hard on the lads. Yeah sloppy corner defending is inexcusable at this level but the fight to get back in the game and the quality patches of youth player linking up was good to watch. We'll turn the corner soon but it's too late for this season.
  8. Its been the problem all season. No one decisively shuts down that space and we have opposition midfielders charging at us. CBs then get exposed (that's why their always caught flat footed) marking space and forwards on their shoulders. Any player out there who is a natural cdm and knows how to shut down that space and pressure the ball would be a handy pickup. If they could win tackles, even better!
  9. Ref was a straight chunt. Soft pen.
  10. Gombau also had a Riera that was banging them in with regularity. That alone would put us 2 or 3 spots up the table.
  11. He might be missing his bro...
  12. I think had this match occurred in isolation, the mood would be less dour. The boys were clearly on top. Working hard and showing good 'mentality'. Even after the send off, they had it under control. ESFC made nothing in open play and a typical clodhopping Sotirio moment let a shot on goal deflect onto Brosque's foot. But to say the boys didn't work hard or try is rubbish. To say Babbel threw it away with the ABJ sub, equally so. I get the debate, but there us no certainty ABJ would have helped us keep out the goals OR fashion the 3 (or more, knowing us) chances we needed to take something from the match. I understand that the match is part of a long line of disappointment. Since the GF loss to Adelaide, without a home, we've been hard to support. At the same time smurfs have been nearly unstoppable. Last night should have been the one to change that, but a brain explosion from a member of a playing group who feel the immense pressure got in the way. Under Babbel, we'll turn the corner. It's already apparent if you look at the right things, and his two visa recruits have been stronger than any non-marquee visa pair we've picked up. I don't think going home fixes our problems, but we aren't as far away as it feels.
  13. Corrica's face in the post-match said it all, really.
  14. East Sydney had nothing until the send off. Babbel had prepared the boys well. We totally dominated with 11 men. Lacked some quality in the final third but that is a player issue not coach. I don't think there is a huge argument for keeping ABJ on, I thought Roly should have been inserted earlier in at number 8 to give a bit more go forward on the break. Once we were down to 10, their fire power was always gonna be tough to contain, the fact that it was all set pieces is crap though. They seemed to have no ideas to break us down in open play. It's a tough result to take, and there has been too many. But a healthy squad that can execute the given plan makes us competative against all the teams for the remainder of the season, barring Glory and Victory I reckon.
  15. I thought, even if it was only 25 minutes, they looked a lot better. They were hungry, alert, working hard and playing with purpose. The final ball was not consistent but they made all the chances and scored. Even on the goal we had 3 attacking the ball. They were well set up and correctly motivated. No planning can account for what Janjetovic did.