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  1. I think had this match occurred in isolation, the mood would be less dour. The boys were clearly on top. Working hard and showing good 'mentality'. Even after the send off, they had it under control. ESFC made nothing in open play and a typical clodhopping Sotirio moment let a shot on goal deflect onto Brosque's foot. But to say the boys didn't work hard or try is rubbish. To say Babbel threw it away with the ABJ sub, equally so. I get the debate, but there us no certainty ABJ would have helped us keep out the goals OR fashion the 3 (or more, knowing us) chances we needed to take something from the match. I understand that the match is part of a long line of disappointment. Since the GF loss to Adelaide, without a home, we've been hard to support. At the same time smurfs have been nearly unstoppable. Last night should have been the one to change that, but a brain explosion from a member of a playing group who feel the immense pressure got in the way. Under Babbel, we'll turn the corner. It's already apparent if you look at the right things, and his two visa recruits have been stronger than any non-marquee visa pair we've picked up. I don't think going home fixes our problems, but we aren't as far away as it feels.
  2. Corrica's face in the post-match said it all, really.
  3. East Sydney had nothing until the send off. Babbel had prepared the boys well. We totally dominated with 11 men. Lacked some quality in the final third but that is a player issue not coach. I don't think there is a huge argument for keeping ABJ on, I thought Roly should have been inserted earlier in at number 8 to give a bit more go forward on the break. Once we were down to 10, their fire power was always gonna be tough to contain, the fact that it was all set pieces is crap though. They seemed to have no ideas to break us down in open play. It's a tough result to take, and there has been too many. But a healthy squad that can execute the given plan makes us competative against all the teams for the remainder of the season, barring Glory and Victory I reckon.
  4. I thought, even if it was only 25 minutes, they looked a lot better. They were hungry, alert, working hard and playing with purpose. The final ball was not consistent but they made all the chances and scored. Even on the goal we had 3 attacking the ball. They were well set up and correctly motivated. No planning can account for what Janjetovic did.
  5. Roly must come on for O'Dougherty, need a bit of composure playing out on counter attack.
  6. A better performance against much weaker opposition. The 6 and 8 situation is still a worry. Too many times they were both sitting too deep and letting the Mariners midfield pick out players making runs or invited them to drive on us. Other times they both pressed leaving a huge hole behind them. O'Doherty was all over the shop and rarely settled but Baccus, important goal aside, had some impact. If we had depth on the bench you'd give Riera a miss from the starting 11 and let him get his head right. But he's gonna have to grind himself back into form at some point. More shoot ***** from Kamau would be nice. Sotirio had so many chances in good positions but decision making and touch let him down. Nice that he scored. ABJ put on a clinic, Sydney will mark him right and kick the **** out of him. Who will step up around him to make the difference? Hopefully a returning Roly? It's nice to bag a win. Hope they show some steel next week.
  7. Redwog

    Why can't we score?

    Can we blame anyone or anything for that?
  8. Just looking at some stats and following the various discussions about coaching issue/squad issues and think it might be good to narrow the question. We are top of the league for shots. Shots 1 Western Sydney 93 2= Melbourne Victory 83 2= Newcastle 83 4= Adelaide 80 4= Melbourne City 80 6 Brisbane 78 7 Perth 72 8 Wellington 70 9 Central Coast 63 10 Sydney 52 Bottom for conversions. (Smurfs opposite!) Conversion rate 1 Sydney 24% 2 Perth 22% 3 Melbourne Victory 20% 4 Adelaide 18% 5 Central Coast 14% 6= Brisbane 13% 6= Melbourne City 13% 8 Newcastle 10% 9= Wellington 8% 9= Western Sydney 8% Why can't we score?
  9. Redwog

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    If we are going to compare Babbel to anyone it should be Kurz not Gombau. Gombau had heaps of A league experience, understood the differences here (should have anyway) and what was needed to win. Kurz, like Babbel, struggled in season one for consistency. Finishing 5th by season's end with a negative goal difference. It takes time to understand the league. Pitches, referees, lack of technical skills... In time Babbel may get his head around it.
  10. Redwog

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    You're right about when it started going bad, but what really hurt us was our coach dumping us on the eve of the season (when the club had committed the resources to delivering him most of the pieces he'd been looking for) and gutted the coaching squad for good measure. Gumby inherited a squad that Foxy had barely held together. We dump him and bring in another who inherits a squad that a scrambling Gumby had tried to cobble together. All compounding the crap that started with Popa's ill-fated move abroad. Which I believe was just his way of breaking contract with us to return to the A league with an outfit that could give him a winning squad.
  11. Redwog

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    Fair enough. I think Gumby lost the dressing room and by the time he showed up experimenting in a derby, the fans also. Riera is a tough one to figure out. Something is going on mentally. Maybe too much self-imposed pressure. Maybe not enough of the service he likes (we still don't cross to him very much). Last night he worked hard, took some nasty knocks, and kept throwing himself back into the fray. So can't be suggested he is not giving it his all, but yeah, maybe he is homesick.
  12. Redwog

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    Legit question, do you think a different coach would yield different outcomes?
  13. Redwog

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    We were kicked around from the get go last night. Both ABJ and Riera (especially). Once the tone was set, no one responded. Toivonen, Antonis, Barbs or Honda, not one of them got a kicking until the 2nd half. Babbel was right about them being boys against men. The soft early yellow on Elrich didn't help but Hamill went missing and the two scrawny kids at number 6 couldn't do caca. The squad problems were seriously exposed last night, as was the lack of experience, toughness and composure. Not sure how much lands at Babbel's feet. Are there players in the squad not selected who could have done better? How could we set up differently? As soon as ABJ and Riera are marked (or kicked) out of the game we have nothing in transition. Gombau and club leadership left the squad totally unbalanced, too many wide players with little goal scoring and a shallow defensive unit. Unfilled Marquee spot. Add to that injuries in all the wrong places ( Zeigler, Roly, Tongyik, Bridge) and no fire power off the bench when Riera can't score. I don't know if we made them look good but Victory in that form would have put any team in the bottom half of the league to the sword last night. Scraping the 6 is possible but this squad won't hang with top 4 or 5, regardless of coaching.
  14. Redwog

    Squad Development 2017/18

    Not sure if mentioned but I get the sense we have a bit more size across the park with this squad. Something we've lacked for a while. We may now have an option to be a bit more physical if the game plan requires it.