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  1. I think until the opportunities for teams to make genuine income is addressed, there will have to remain some cap. For sure, in the short term there are some sensible tweaks such as some type transfer system within the league that doesn't hurt clubs and players. And some flexibility in terms of terminations so replacements can be found without players in limbo for the season. Adequate protection to youth squad places, ensuring some obligation to local development. Finally a reinterpretation of visa rules to ensure we get some quality players and a bit of glitter to help market and grow the game. MLS is still a better analogue tha Euro leagues if we want a way out of the malaise. There are big differences but enough similarity that importing some administration expertise wouldn't be a bad idea.
  2. Notable mention for Kamau's defensive effort. He tracked back, worked hard and made some decent tackles and clearances.
  3. I reckon ABJ is staying put.
  4. Redwog

    Wanderers Members Committee News

    I'd like to add my thanks not just for your reporting of the meeting but also your analysis throughout the discussion. Top notch. Police in NSW function like organized crime around events. As been said, they dictate their numbers, and we are extorted because we as attendees pay the costs of their attendance whether they are required or not. The FFA cup match at Penrith last year was a case in point. There were so many of them doing the intimidation but when the match ended and thousands spilled onto the streets, they did no traffic control or function in a manner to ensure public safety. In terms of their overzealousness, its par for the course when as Manfred states there is a deeper political and social aspect. Police in NSW are a political force unto themselves. By civil society standards that should be considered a problem. One that a football club cannot be expected to solve alone.
  5. A quality CDM means we could consider playing 6 and 8, instead of 2 6s.
  6. Truth to this, there was an article recently reporting the handful of citizenship applications processed in the last 12 months. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/feb/13/duttons-department-processed-just-15-of-citizenship-applications-last-year Maybe Ziggy should be moved to club Au Pair, get his citizenship minesterially decided and be outside the cap.
  7. Redwog

    Auf Wiedersehen Spotless

    No question MB is tactically demanding. Every player has multiple jobs in variations of the system and they need to execute at all times. While they lack the technical skills, he's picked the players that can get most of the job done most of the time. The looming weakness is still CDMs and again baby Baccus failed to track his man and CBs (and keeper) exposed, goal. You can't complain if they're beaten for skill or pace, but when its tactical it's very frustrating to watch. Happy for the Lebanese legend. While he's been skinned a few too many times, he bleeds for this club and deserves the feelings he had last night and hopefully today.
  8. Cordier named on the bench, perhaps it's an error in the team sheet.
  9. If Majok is starting at left back, he'll get sent off before half time.
  10. I think what we've skirted around is the truth that, after our first year without Wanderland, it was clear that times were going to be tough. The club drifted towards a conservative decision of letting things slide in terms of expenditure and ambition. Whether this is what prompted Popa's departure or it was a reaction to it I don't know. When Gombau was clearly not the right guy, and it wasn't just about results, this became even more the case. His poor recruitment targeting loyalty rather than the required talent showed that he didn't back himself to win over a group of new lads, but rather rest on past laurels. MB is still sifting through that. There is a lot of pressure on him and the club to get that right for next season. With SW coming in a year later, the club has a year's grace to get it right. Fan engagement, matchday experience but most importantly a competative squad which plays inspiring football regardless of shape and style. The murmurings, and they are early suggest he is making some sound moves. But as it has been all season ( how telling) this thread has bee the most interesting one, and we wait and see.
  11. Don't know the validity of the quote but in terms of investment, Popa was on a lucrative, long term contract when he dumped us for an ill-fated trip to the boondocks of Turkey. I've always believed that was a ploy to leave and break his contract but hey..
  12. For all his weaknesses this season Riera played a decent game, scored the much needed opener. Worked hard in the first half, dropping as deep as an 8 to move the ball upfield when we were bogged down. Should have put away the second, but on balance, a better performance. Roly dominated Isais and that was the story of the night. Duke hardened the team up, and Baccus and the back 4 closed down the dangers in 2nd half. O'dougherty had a weak game and was in no mans land for much of the time when we defended. 2 in a row and no late collapse, gotta be happy with that.
  13. Either way, I think he'd be an asset, especially in the much vaunted category of 'mentality'. His experience and confidence is worth something, bloke doesn't miss penalties often, and you'd imagine his dressing room leadership would have made a difference this year. If we play 2 CDMs his pace, or lack thereof, wouldn't be a huge issue. Maybe it gives up a handful of goals in a season. On balance he'd be an positive addition to what may be a youngish squad.
  14. Feel like this has been known in the club for a while. Given our defensive woes this season perhaps the lack of getting in an injury replacement at the early signs of his poor state, suggests the club had written off this season early on.
  15. Surveying his scorched earth