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  1. Dismal performance. Plagued by a weak midfield and no solution to a lack of 10. Babbel has no apparent solution or plan, players are poorly positioned on both sides of the ball and this is why they individually look so terrible. We should have been playing a simple 4-4-2 weeks ago with Sullivan at 10, Muller out wide and Meier and Duke up top. At least tighten up the middle of the park and put weapons were they belong.
  2. Looks like a pro team vs a park team with a couple of retired pros. Terribly disorganised without the ball. Clueless with it
  3. Our problem remains the midfield. The 6, 8 and 10 positions. Too often there is a lack or movement with a desire to play forward. As a result, forwards stand flat footed awaiting something. Often get the ball in tight space and have to fight to keep possession. The lack of confidence in possesion means that the LB and RB will struggle to feel confident pushing on and making the overload we see Grant at Sydney do routinely. Lest they get sprung on the counter and give away a soft goal, something we do routinely. When our midfield find time on the ball Georgevski and Wilmering look so much better. I think we looked best in this regard when Sullivan played 10 against Vics (is that right?). What have we got to lose? Start Meier, Muller on the left, Duke on the right. Yebs and Kamau on the bench. Sullivan at 10 and press high early. Schwegler to give Castro a kicking in his own half and our season might start here.
  4. It's a bit of a beat up but maybe there needs to be a bit of pressure European tabloid style. If the boys back him in the locker room, they'll stand up and play well enough to go on a run. Until recently they've looked like a tight unit on and off the pitch, so there is some optimism here. It may sound like a cop out but I think the derby hangover is worse than imagined. The emotional pressure on that result was immense and came from every layer of the club. Maybe it resulted in it being framed as an ends in itself and now they're a bit purposeless. The tactical hole at number 10 is tough to sort. Its almost like the plan is just to run a lot of intricate overloads and quick passing to do the distribution job of a ball playing 10. Sometimes it works but the level of concentration to do it, retain possession and not be caught on the counter is beyond our squad. Really Sullivan has shown the most potential to be composed and pivot the dm to front 4. Like to see him worked in somehow.
  5. I think our more direct style was a big improvement and caused more problems. We also pressed better in the parts of the game we were on top. We don't have the midfield to play possession but we do have a the speed for stinging counter attacks. Improved ball movement in early build up is needed and that's a confidence thing. When DG got brave and received the ball past his first man we created a mess for them. However, at the moment he and Wilmering seem wary because the ball quality is often poor and a turnover there finds them out of position and busting guts tracking back. To help this situation we need the 6 and 8 ( and 10) to show more movement off the ball and gel better, playing first time balls with more intent and let the quality up front do what they are good at.
  6. Given we've had a bye, most results last round were in our favour. Fittest the squad has been with nearly all returning from injury. The stage is set for us to put our mark on the comp. Do we play like a top 4 team? Our season starts here...
  7. The more I think about it, I think Babbel might be trying to over-coach his way out of it and the players can't provide the technical quality. We'd be best considering a more simple direct style. Quick movement and unleash the weaponry we have. More crosses to a bean pole German and flying skippy skipper from Livo. (The REAL Liverpool, btw)
  8. I'd like to send on thanks to the RBB leadership group for offering leadership on this for us as a community. Sure, there are all sorts of alternative leaders from pollies to agencies but on the whole, the RBB has expressed my experience of community, cultural experience and outrage better than all of them. I'll be donating.
  9. I think the shape we played with Meier in behind a front 2 was an attempt to remedy our season long issue of the number 10. We don't have a reliable, available outlet there. The Pole got crook, Sullivan injured, Grozos overawed, so perhaps with the 4222 shape it was hoped Meier could hold up and distribute to a more mobile Muller. It got cancelled out. It didn't happen. Maybe with DG and Wilmering pegged back by their attack and the masterful Diamante, the lack of overlap meant little movement and few options. My view is, until we have someone able to command the middle of the park like Diamente does for them, or Ninkovic, Castro does for the others we will struggle. If Schewgler or Baccus can't get up the park or DG or Wilmering can't overlap, the Duke, Yebs and Meier will always have slim pickings.
  10. Classic way of getting overtime for a bunch of unnecessary officers at the club and stadium's (read: our) expense.
  11. I think the Roar need some credit for being well organized without the ball and committing nearly no unforced errors in defense. They were always set up and had every man behind the ball nearly every time they lost possession. Yeah they lack skilled players but our skilled players did nothing to stretch them out of shape.
  12. Clearly, had I kept it in my head like I've done for most of the last 5 or so years at our matches, there is no incident. But the fact that my kids and missus with a pram are impeded, in what I felt was a dangerous manner, in a pedestrian place, triggered me to say something.
  13. I think that's right. Grozo played very high even when we were struggling to play out. And when we did get up on the flanks, he rarely offered himself just aimlessly hovering in the middle. Müller made a difference but you can tell he is comfortable working the edges around the box more than pivoting the front 3. At least he offered himself to DG tried to link up with Yeboah and Meier.
  14. Until we sort out the number 10 situation, we will face the same struggles. Yeboah was weak, again, looked lost without the ball and over playing with it. Definitely better with Müller on but without Schwegler, we lacked steel in deep midfield. Injuries are a definite concern and as we've seen in the past, can make or break you in this league.
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