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  1. matty

    West Melbourne: Season 2019/20

    Could be worse. I don't mind it actually.
  2. Easy tiger, if you get worked up about every player that's NOT coming, the old blood pressures gonna go through the roof
  3. That would be awesome, 'tradition' (lol)
  4. Very well said btron. A bit of, dare I say, vi$ion
  5. Hmm, Mark Milligan, 33, 34 by season start. So tempting, would've been perfect for the season just passed
  6. matty

    2018/19 A-League Grand Final

    Tsatsimas would send an email to members to behave in the Grand Final and avoid antisocial behaviour
  7. Get used to it guys, it gonna get ravaged
  8. One promising sign is Babel has done a great job bringing overseas Aussies back. The signings of Yeboah and Duke were excellent and gives me some hope for the off season in what will be a demanding market.
  9. Classy, good luck to him.
  10. 30k people at the new stadium to watch rugby league, I spotted 4 different police officers as I walked around. Let's see what our first game gets..
  11. Tonight we learned that a couple of players are definite "no's" for next season. 1. Baumjohan - pussys out of the wall, just sad. Goodbye. 2. Majok - dude... That complete lack of composure. Goodbye and good luck. Mariners played well, we lack leaders.
  12. When you gotta tell into someone's ear for them to hear you, music might be a bit loud
  13. I like Roly. I wonder how much of the cap he takes up. Considering he's a foreigner, they can have him.