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  1. The ESFC favouritism really does hurt the league. It makes it more comical, boring, farcical and frustrating.
  2. matty

    Sydney FC

    ESFC gifted a three goal turn around with the Grant non-handball, the Davilla handball and the off side no goal. All were roughly 50/50 calls (to keep it simple) that went their way... Shut down the league... again
  3. matty

    Sydney FC

    More of the same post-covid
  4. The yellow card for stopping a promising attack should have been strengthened (especially if it's cynical), not weakened, it's a blight on the game.
  5. Strapped for cash, get one guy to do it all
  6. The AFL will have them playing in full face gas masks and call it AirFL or some crap
  7. matty

    Sydney FC

    Not even, most be an abbreviation of Bambino? Which is 'child' in Italian.
  8. Hey Cynth, have you considered going to the media? I know, I know, hear me out. A tabloid show like A Current Affair (does that still exist?) may be interested. "Aussie Battlers banned from the footy without reason". Put the pressure on the FFA, it's the only kind they care about.
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