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  1. With Ugarkovic now, I'd like to see a midfield of DM Dorrans....... DM Ugarkovic ..............AM Baccus Watching Baccus at times, I think he could do it, certainly looks like he wants to.
  2. Well said, I was air boxing in the stands, haven't felt the urge in some time.
  3. Is that 5 dollar parking thing still happening?
  4. One critical thing that many are missing is CULTURE. It's no coincidence that the feel of our club hasn't changed for half a dozen seasons now. It has reeked of mediocrity. Several managers and countless players hasn't changed that. To those defending JT. No, the CEO doesn't choose tactics or mark players at corners, he is more important than that, he sets the tone and feel of the entire organisation. He sets the culture. Culture is the reason that players can go to one club and look a world-beater, or another and look terrible (Redmayne, Janjetovic, Buomjohann) or a manager can
  5. Here it is, and it ain't pretty. As expected, we're in free-fall and looking to settle in the poor to mediocre position we deserve thus far
  6. Updated ladder coming Sunday night after these run of fixtures. Should be very enlightening.
  7. When Yeboah and Ibini came on together, you knew that was the game. By the time Muller and Troisi were on the nails were in the coffin. How those four players have been so poor is baffling. They're not terrible footballers, it really is bizarre. Other than that, that's one of our better games. Kamau is excellent. Cox is very good. When those two were on, we looked very good. That's the season ladies and gents. There's always next 👍
  8. That's all well and good, but we're bang average....
  9. Same, to take a draw from Adelaide is good. I care more about how we play though because over the course of a season it will be the deciding factor in where we finish. That being said, we were very average and have been most of the time. Therefore we'll finish 6-8 on the ladder
  10. Wilmering did fine, not great but fine for a kid. Yeboah did fine Ibini showed he's not a footballer
  11. Does Ibini football? The complete lack of technique in that late effort was funking embarrassing
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