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  1. No idea what's allowed. I think it depends on who you get on security. My wife and I have a system, any questionable items are given to her, she's never been pulled up. I, on the other hand, have had my ugly mug pulled up several times, go figure.
  2. Yeah, so as I was saying, the defender grabbed at Duke as much as the ADL player did when sent off. The only difference is Duke didn't go down like a pussy looking for a belly scratch. Frustrates me no end that referees only give fouls for good acting.
  3. F*cking bogan alcoholics. You're at a football game - drink coffee.
  4. Good point. I was also thinking in terms of some of his tackles. He would tend to lunge in and the attacker would just dribble around him.
  5. That was my next one to try. I've tried the main one (main grandstand) and the one behind the visitors end. Instead of adding that pop up bar under the main grandstand, it needs to be a coffee pop up. People were getting very annoyed waiting for their coffee ~3 coffee machines in the whole stadium smh. Imagine a sell out. .
  6. Lopar - overall very good, great reaction saves as usual but a little suspect on a couple of punches - 8 Wilmering - excellent. This kid has class and poise, one of the best for us. 8.5 Jurman - very good. He's got a fiesty attitude and reads the game well. He's strong, tall and left footed. Hope to see him take the lead more as the season goes on. 7.5 Tass - very good for a youngster. I think he suffers at the moment, playing next to McGowan. 7.5 McGowan - not great. He's a bit off the pace and seems to have lost a bit of skill or something. At times he almost seems lost. A worry. 5.5 Elrich - did fine for the short time he was on the pitch. Tough for a veteran to play wing back at a pinch, did it willingly. 7 Georgevski - hot and cold. Good aggression but needs to focus it better. Seemed a bit lazy at times and maybe a bit cranky or disinterested. Hopefully attitude improves. Yellow card tackle was correct call from ref. 6.5 Baccus - not his best outing but looked better once Silvera came on for ccm. 7 Schwegler - class, our rock. God I hope he plays every game or we're in trouble. Hope he gets more vocal and takes command verbally. 8.5 Sullivan - was a bit of a stretch for the kid but had some good moments. Probably not a season long solution. 6.5 Duke - gives his all non-stop, leads well by example but wasn't at his best. Having said that, he scored two and the headed goal was lovely. 8.5 Meier - very short of a gallop. Some nice touches but real hard to tell after that lacklustre performance. 5.5 Grozos - finding his feet but had a good run. 7 Adam - changed the game when he came on. Mostly due to his style of play. His runs in behind opened the game (pushed the defense back) and gave us space. Backs himself, beats a man and completes his pass. 8.5 Referee - best in a long time. Hopefully teaches the rest how to keep the whistle out of your mouth, it's not netball. 9 VAR N/R
  7. I understand, might crack your crusty exterior 👍
  8. So the wait for coffee is still horrendous. 50 mins at the Leeds game 40 mins at ccm game
  9. So the injuries continue..... Somethings wrong.
  10. Does everyone remember the lead up to Dukes foul in the box against the ccm defender (fox)? After Duke made his initial turn and beat his man, he was in the clear but the man he beat grabbed at and pulled at Duke to slow him down, not only was no foul given but no yellow or red. If that Adelaide player deserved a red, we at least deserved a foul, it was pretty obvious.
  11. Nice to hear someone that doesn't sugar coat things but is still so likeable
  12. You'd be fun at the pub mate, sit back and have a chuckle at ya 👍
  13. Chill, the ABC is so ridiculously left leaning, are you really surprised a right wing government doesn't fund them well?
  14. 1 City 2 Western United 3 Victory 4 Perth 5 East Sydney 6 Wanderers 7 Roar 8 Adelaide 9 Jets 10 Central Coast 11 Wellington
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