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  1. Too true, we've made a lot of decent players look average
  2. I'd suggest they might let Archie go but I'm pretty sure he's working for free.
  3. I like Tarek but I thought for sure this would be his last season. I guess as a back up on minimum wage?
  4. Lol, climate change... Next
  5. Lol to almost all of those suggestions from Bossi, what a troll. Ian Crook, stepped down from his last gig after a few weeks cos he wasn't cut out for it. Kosmina, has the cushiest of pundit rules on fox, no chance he wants to get back in the hot seat. One I do like the sound of though, Dean Heffernan. Happy to give him a few seasons, he's a Wanderer and it would be great to bring him up into it with an experienced team
  6. Yeah that doesn't fill me with excitement for any changes. On an aside, good to see the club continuing to bring ex players through the ranks
  7. Classy comments from Lederer for what it's worth
  8. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt until I hear there's an issue with him, from a reputable source
  9. Fair play to our mate Meier. https://coupler.foxsports.com.au/api/v1/article/amp/football/a-league/aleague-western-sydney-wanderers-alex-meier-markus-babbel-adam-peacock-contract-termination-details-twitter/news-story/73f21b20f13f5b4e33af7ef80f6a910b
  10. So you're saying that if he sees this season out, next season will be better?
  11. Someone like Jurman would be so frustrated. He's used to professional, mostly successful sides.
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