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  1. I like Roly. I wonder how much of the cap he takes up. Considering he's a foreigner, they can have him.
  2. I still struggle with the fap-fest over Baumjohan by the main stream football media. It really shows how shallow they look into the game.
  3. matty

    Last ANZ Derby Drawn

    I assumed 'eye of the tiger' was a sentimental /favourite song?
  4. They'll win comfortably. We just don't have the class on the pitch, we lose almost every individual match up. If we play out of our skin and they have a poor day, we might jag a draw. Prediction: 1-3
  5. Well, no, what he said makes sense. "Last night’s conditions were unacceptable" They were. “The processes we have in place approved the surface last night as playable and safe" They did. Reading between the lines, he's saying that the processes they use are inadequate - something has broken down or gone wrong in that system.
  6. ABJ will deliver 3 or 4 killer balls per game. He will also pass the ball directly to the opposition 3 times while under no pressure.
  7. matty

    Wanderers Members Committee News

    Are fan representatives of this committee rotated or is it generally the same people?
  8. matty

    City Crunched 3-0

    How Babel has got this team up for the last couple of months of football after the season we've had, is a marvel.
  9. **** they're all dunces. It's so hard isn't it, map out schedules for the cycle for both the National team and U23s, check for overlap.... Work it out!
  10. matty

    Adelaide United: Season 2018/19

    No, no, maybe, no, maybe
  11. Yeah that's the point, hopefully by then the kids are squaddies and depth is much more solid
  12. I sincerely hope it's not true. I'd take him
  13. That's a real shame
  14. Hehe, some campaigners have sprung to life in the lead up to the election
  15. Agree for the most part. Just a note that I reckon most of Arnies arrogance is put-on and just his attempt at confidence.
  16. Too much politics but good points on the stadium 👍
  17. Even increasing the cap (let alone doing away with it) would result in little more than overpaid players being further overpaid. Aussies playing in the aleague are earning more than their worth.
  18. I didn't say we shouldn't complain 👍
  19. We shouldn't be surprised and need to get used to it, simple as that. It's an awesome, good sized stadium, it's gonna get used, plenty
  20. No shock, with injuries and Olyroos duty, we're very short. Babel was forced to play players that don't even want to be here. Considering that, they did ok.
  21. I really really hope he came cheap cos that isn't a great signing
  22. My comment was in jest
  23. Sure, he chose the role, still feel for him. He's a good bloke and is in a **** situation .