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  1. Good joke. We should be so lucky, if nothing else he's an excellent administrator.
  2. matty

    West Melbourne: Season 2019/20

    What a crap name. What is it with Melbourne clubs coming up with the worst names? Melbourne Heart? Western United? Even Melbourne Victory was awkward and laughed at originally. Just now we're used to it and it helps that they're successful.
  3. I'd take Juric. Best striker we've had and never played with outstanding suppliers behind him.
  4. matty

    Babbel Out?

    Good point FCB but it could be argued that much of what you point out as 'misfortune' could be put down to mismanagement and hence we are where we deserve to be.
  5. Am I the only one that still cringes when Sotirio scores because it means he'll get more game time?
  6. Sarcastic cheers should be reserved for opposition players, it's demoralising. Anyone that does it to our own is a bit dumb.
  7. I don't have a problem with Vedrans reaction. We know he's a smartass, always has been. He's doing his best, just terribly out of form. If people are gonna be smartasses to him, I'm happy he gave it back. Having said that, I didn't see an issue with his reaction. If it was me I would've delivered a big 'up yours'
  8. What a depressing season, when people are not talking of giving Sotirio the arse
  9. So yeah, it's a better size and shape.
  10. Really? I disagree on Majok vs Kamau but can see the argument for Majok. It depends on the type of football you want to play or the players you have. I like Kamau because he offers something different to a big winger (ie smaller and zippy). Also Majoks touch Nice insight on Risdon, do you think his heart is in it with us? It doesn't look like it and I don't like the looks of his effort.
  11. Good list Taurus. Only changes I'd make are Risdon: Release asap. He's taking up too much cap and is terrible for us. Kamau: Maybe /squaddie
  12. matty

    WSW V Mariners

    This will be a drama like no other. Big game for the battle of the bottom.
  13. Thought I'd quote this for you mate, again, you accuse him of not doing enough. I know you're struggling to follow the conversation but do your best
  14. Mate, you were specifically accusing him of not doing enough, check your own post that I quoted. I don't understand why people keep accusing the owners of being tight when we're consistently among the highest spenders. To that point, without being silly about it, I think the owners have done over and above what can be expected as far as financing the club goes. I think the issue is club culture and that falls more on club management (CEO for example). So yes, I agree that Lederer and co need to sort out why the money isn't doing the job, and I'm sure they won't like the club wasting money.
  15. I'd take that bet and give you good odds
  16. Is it the financiers fault or those managing the money? You make some hefty accusations without evidence. From my wild guessing, we're a top 4 spender.
  17. Do you have the numbers on what he puts into the club? Or just wild guesses?
  18. matty

    The Refereeing Thread

    I only saw it when I switched on kayo at half time, couldn't believe it
  19. The 1 got royally screwed?
  20. Tbf, the owners do less running of the club, more financing. The person responsible for running the club is John Tsatsimas.
  21. matty

    The Refereeing Thread

    Well he got us, let's the handball go on the rebounded penalty
  22. Funny thing is the way East Sydney fans are reacting. Acting like he's a good coach and we're all just 'haters' for not loving him
  23. For the record, isn't the keeper playing BEHIND the back four?
  24. 45 years huh :p He was obviously in two minds. His initial reaction was to let it run out untouched. Obviously the way to go. In the back of his mind he was thinking that he could trap it - without his hands, and waste more time by then waiting for opposition players to force him to pick it up. That's what I was actually thinking as I watched it live "he could trap that and waste more time". As a keeper I've been in similar situations many times. It was a difficult ball to trap considering it was bouncing the way it was but of he got his body behind it he would have been fine. He got stuck in two minds, he ****ed it.
  25. Well you yourself said Vedran was either being a smartass or punting against his team. That's a stupid thing to say for a guy that's played and coaches the game for 45 years - shows a lack of understanding.