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  1. Interesting situation. They got burnt by Nabbout
  2. The sort of thing I was hoping to see with the clubs taking over
  3. We get around it by including the one FFA cup game. Along with the regular season, that satisfies Asia
  4. Make it like futsal, can't pass to your keeper twice before an opponent plays it or just can't at all. Would speed up play and make it more interesting.
  5. As I said in the line you half quoted; corporate refers to communication 👍
  6. I'm giving some background and an idea of my perspective on him. I know his job won't be to defend active support, that was an example. As I've already said on this thread, my concern is he is generally conservative and tends to tow the easier, 'status quo' (corporate side) of Australian football. Having him around the place (or on speed dial) , he will have influence in the way the club deals with the media. The club has already been too corporate and 'family friendly' in its communication to fans and media. My fear is that won't change with someone like Gatt around. Read the thread, I know his job is not to defend active support.
  7. I'll trust your judgement buddy, of course I hope you're right but my impression of Gat is that he's very very conservative and actually struggles to understand active support culture. Anyway, here's hoping 👍
  8. According to that draft, they're trying to give us Round one at home to the Mariners, that's a positive
  9. Beautiful place. You can drive right around the island in a couple of days, very scenic and a nice bit of snow around until later in the year. I like Hobart too, like a pretty country town. Couldn't live there for crap but it's nice. Drive down to Melbourne and take the car over with the overnight ferry. Having said that, we won't have a game there... 😅
  10. I'd take Barborouses every time over Kruze. He's stronger, at least as fast, if not faster and has a better eye for goal. His face is also much less punchable. Seriously though, I love Kostas attitude too, he doesn't sook, gets on with it and has great determination. Kruze on the other hand... I can just see him getting pushed off the ball all day.
  11. 1) yeah he wasn't good, all over the place... Surely he'll come good.? 4) I hope the boys get many chances to test the pitch out in game-like conditions. They were slipping way too much, it really shouldn't happen come the season proper. (I bet it will though) 5) terrible.
  12. I'd be shocked if ESFC want to use our stadium, i don't think they will ever say that publicly.
  13. Official Leeds match report https://www.leedsunited.com/news/team-news/25201/updates-western-sydney-wanderers-v-leeds-united
  14. You've done it a couple of times in the last page or so btron. I'd much rather have a chat at a local pub though, name it and we'll catch up, you can get off topic as much as you like 👍
  15. Hi btron. Did you have an issue with me imparticular? Did you wanna discuss it or just take passive aggressive jibes?
  16. I know, I hope so. It pains me to visit the Cove or victory forums for football talk.
  17. I think you'll find we're discussing the nuance of a day to day relationship amongst employees within an organisation (the club). Gat will have influence outside any specific job description - the consequences of that is what we're mulling over, thanks champion.
  18. The wdwsf doesn't need to and shouldn't go to the corporate side, not a big deal.
  19. Its just a shame, makes it harder to enjoy a thread for what you came for - to read about football. There's plenty of places online, or this forum, to act a fool, just a shame to have good football talk discouraged.
  20. Who cares if the West stand is all corporate. You have a good seat, enjoy it. There is more than enough noise to go round, the players aren't going to be concerned if their left ear is bringing in 1 dB less sound than their right
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