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  1. matty

    A-league 18/19 Round 9

    Perth v Syd will be a great game. If we play the 90 mins like we've started against Easts and Brisbane, we can win this. Reality is, we won't. . .
  2. Yeah I'm waiting for a half price drop. If it doesn't happen, no loss
  3. It would be nice but not necessarily. The mongrel and leadership qualities are most important. Heck even someone like Vince Lia wouldn't hurt
  4. Yeah I don't think Bratten is a fix at all, he seems like a laconic follower to me. A Jedinak/Milligan calibre player is the minimum requirement
  5. Couldn't agree more, we need some experienced mongrel at dm but I don't want to swap a promising WS kid for it
  6. Absolutely. We've let a few youngsters go recently, most won't achieve anything above aleague level, so little harm. Keanu is the most promising youngster we've seen come through our ranks, next to Aspro.
  7. matty

    The Refereeing Thread

    Agree. Some of 5he best refereeing I see most years is during the FFA cup. I remember a game in preseason, a female refereed and she was excellent
  8. Settle down, he's a good player but can go missing and does misplace passes, don't make me create a gif and learn how to post it just to illustrate an obvious point. . .
  9. I thought Ziegler was man of the match. As good as Baumjohann is, he can give away the simplest pass at times, sometimes under no pressure.
  10. Yeah I don't like that or club got involved, that shouldn't be part of our MO at all. Tsats for ya
  11. matty

    The Refereeing Thread

    Imagine if it was Brosque that was stomped, front page news
  12. I haven't stayed ontop of discussions and news but what happened re Melbourne expansion? There is possibly two new clubs coming in from around Melbourne??
  13. Watching Golec (lol) deliver the killer ball, supplying Juric with our ACL winner and the final whistle of the return leg in Church St Mall. Never hugged so many randoms.
  14. matty

    Football Media Discussion 2

    Nice, thanking you
  15. matty

    HAL 2018/19 Round 6

    How did Elsey not get a red for man-handling Mauk, that's ridiculous
  16. matty

    Sokkah Twitter

    Ouch And lol
  17. Riera and Baumjohann are the ones that need to lift the side. Baumjohann imparticular didn't have a good game
  18. matty

    David Squires Cartoons

    Not a good one from Squires
  19. It really is terrible. When someone tries to fakely whip you into a frenzy it comes across so so forced - I actually lose enthusiasm.
  20. Alright, so who are the two people that thought Bolt would make it? Bet they're Sotirio fans