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  1. My first reaction. If they stayed at fox there'd be no chance of them finding their way to Paramount.
  2. With that post you have showed more scouting potential than all of WSW, give this man a job!
  3. I have no confidence that Carl will be able to bring together a cohesive, purposeful squad.
  4. Large parts sounded different to me in today's GF. Must be getting old.
  5. Did they change the lyrics to the national anthem?
  6. Adelaide are playing for the draw, gee they're shite
  7. That's not the point though is it. We're discussing the health of the club, if half those memberships are downgraded from previous years, it's relevant.
  8. So players aren't guided by managers and coaches? Morale isn't effected by backroom culture? Your simplistic reductions are suitable for a pub chat but they don't help understand an underperforming squad and that is what we have. It's no coincidence that we brought in some decent quality this season (and previous) - yet they don't perform. Our squad should be pushing for a top 4 at minimum. Most of us were excited by the likes of Troisi, Ibini, Mutch, Muller, Duke etc being part of the squad this season. They didn't suddenly become poor players, there are reasons they've been
  9. I doubt that's full memberships.
  10. The manager and players aren't separate to the rest of the club. You could have a great manager and good players but at a poorly run organisation, they often will perform below par. Does anyone know our actual membership numbers? I don't think they're over 18k, certainly not full memberships. We'd be lucky to be at 12k at this stage.
  11. I said 'club' and a 'variety of metrics' and competitions. The aleague side and the wleague side have been generally poor for the passed several seasons. The club in general has performed poorly in more ways than just those results also. Communication has been poor, memberships are down, and game day experience is terrible considering where it should be in a great stadium. The fish's head is rotting, the players not putting in are one of many symptoms. Not their fault.
  12. When a club has been failing in a variety of metrics and multiple competitions, the players are the least of your problems, by a long shot.
  13. Some very emotion-lead pundits on here I reckon. We're far from anything special unfortunately. Results over 26 games don't lie, we're no good, there are issues at the club and I don't blame the players.
  14. I remember he also said something about how saying less is more, something he was an expert at. Something Archie could probably learn from lol
  15. Ah, a plan, would be so nice to see from our club.
  16. Answered your own question. I think the point is that we have the playing personnel but they aren't performing.
  17. 1 in 10, he's on fire. And once he came on, we looked good.
  18. Not his worst but not good. Blows the whistle far too often for soft stuff (especially in this first half) and that Brattan yellow was ridiculous.
  19. They're all over us. Counter attack or set piece is our best shot.
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