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  1. That's all well and good, but we're bang average....
  2. Same, to take a draw from Adelaide is good. I care more about how we play though because over the course of a season it will be the deciding factor in where we finish. That being said, we were very average and have been most of the time. Therefore we'll finish 6-8 on the ladder
  3. Wilmering did fine, not great but fine for a kid. Yeboah did fine Ibini showed he's not a footballer
  4. Does Ibini football? The complete lack of technique in that late effort was funking embarrassing
  5. Whistle watch 81st min Strain takes 15m advantage on throw in Adl 4.5 Wsw .5
  6. Whistle watch Adl free kick coming out of defence 76 min Adl 4 Wsw 0
  7. We have 40mins to give ourselves a chance of success this season. We've been average and this is a crunch game. Not looking good for Carl.
  8. Kamaus been one of our better players. Moves into space without the ball (something sadly not too common for us, works hard, and isn't afraid to take the ball direct - and does it well. We don't need him as a super sub, we need to start more players like him.
  9. Genuine thought, will Carl sub Ziegler for McGowan at half time?
  10. To be fair, Adelaide at home is always going to have a lot of time on top - but yes, we handed it to them after 4 minutes.
  11. So Adelaide's gonna get every whistle. I'll try and be conservative, I'll keep count. ADL 1 WSW 0
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