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  1. The yellow card for stopping a promising attack should have been strengthened (especially if it's cynical), not weakened, it's a blight on the game.
  2. Strapped for cash, get one guy to do it all
  3. The AFL will have them playing in full face gas masks and call it AirFL or some crap
  4. Not even, most be an abbreviation of Bambino? Which is 'child' in Italian.
  5. **** this club has lost its way.
  6. Hey Cynth, have you considered going to the media? I know, I know, hear me out. A tabloid show like A Current Affair (does that still exist?) may be interested. "Aussie Battlers banned from the footy without reason". Put the pressure on the FFA, it's the only kind they care about.
  7. We haven't had many 94% humidity days hughsey. Credit to Brisbane, they caught us on the hop and drained us that first 15 minutes.
  8. McGowan as much to blame, if not more, than Jurman.
  9. Gee, we just got one back, defensive corner, pretty much no Wanderer is geeing thir team mates up, switching people on, next to nothing. Does my head in.
  10. Yeah thinking the same. I mean, most managers would struggle to turn that performance around but if we just compete blow for blow in the second half - I'll be impressed with JP . .
  11. Getting better, still not great, the Newcastle game wasn't long ago
  12. It feels like a red, just seriously bad sportsmanship
  13. Shame, he's a top player when motivated.
  14. First This is a sticky one. Brisbane are starting games slow and finishing very strong, we're the opposite. Brisbane's defence is very strong, attack is a little impotent, we're the opposite. 5 nil win
  15. Take it to Private Messages lover boys Meanwhile, Bozza and Harper make all the excuses in the world for their mate 'bimbi', even complimenting his actions, while simultaneously condemning DG. Corica is a puncy whinger who's soft as they come, Tilio deserved a kick for his tackle, DG missed unfortunately. Waiting for DG to get 4 weeks while Bimbo gets congratulated. I wonder if DG will have it reduced under the Mullet Grant rule of being a top bloke.? Don't care how we go for the rest of the season now, just wanna take them down two more times and break a couple of legs.
  16. Love the Fox Sports chat from Harper and Bosnic tonight. 'Bimbi' was 'passionate' and 'in the heat of the moment'. They actually complimented Corica for sticking up for his player. Apparently Georgevski wasn't passionate nor was it in the heart of the moment?? **** this competition and their biased ****.
  17. Corica SHOULD be cited. If that was JPD, it would be all over the media. Babel throws his jacket down, red card. Corica goes out of his way to abuse one of our players....
  18. Archive link bugging out for me and saying page not found
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