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  1. FFA, Vicpol and NSWpol have been working towards this for several years the demise of the North Terrace was precursor to a method to disable active support. I would ask that you spread through out the stadium and sing in defiance of this ban. oh and hi its been a while since i was on here but its not for me to decide I just don't think this action is fair or reasonable
  2. All the best to those trying to rebuild the relationship, sometimes you need things to go to **** to get things better then ever before.
  3. Um, which was Sydney FC's better regular season? Are fans genuinely unsatisfied by some aspects of the season? your season lol, though could be worse like 7th with the highest paid squad ever.
  4. So back to back is fine this is how i see our seasons, GK vuka much better then Redmayne (under Kalac) Vedran (under Kalac) the trade was good for both keepers because they went back to familar playing styles. Marquees Holosko and Bobo never big names just players that play decent in their given positions. You have NONE. Foriegn players, Jumpei,Dimas and Pinateres all horible players you could find better oz youth then these guys. Brendan hamill .... enough said. What is the point of shannon cole? I get he's a squady but all our squad got game time has he even played in th
  5. Been lurking jumping into different parts of the forum, though when your winning you kinda come off like a kent posting on another forum. Not the best season but all teams have **** ones some more then others, all the best in the ACL. I was happy not to be facing WSW in the Semi Final being knocked out by you was something I couldn't handle. Edit I did just post after the lose, so might still be considered a kent
  6. They are going to do the double, lets face it. They have been streets ahead of everyone else and only once in the history of the HAL has an away team won a GF (not counting CCM against us as that was basically a neutral venue), if ESFC make the final they are at home and will win, we are the only chance to stop them really. Next season will be interesting as you say, they seem to have players that come out and say they will take a pay cut in order to stay with ESFC lol That never happens for us. IF we make the GF they won't be at home, in the same way we didn't get to play at home ag
  7. Please keep being salty mack, it makes me laugh and you want me to be happy right
  8. You are 100% on the money, funny enough one of the guys behind this is a skyblue corporate member.
  9. I see the master plan here, they are so upset with Sydney FC Crowds they want to boost them with another derby.....
  10. It's also predicted to have a 80-90% chance of rain every day this week and a chance of a thunderstorm Friday arvo/night. We're writing the excuses for them! thanks man they take a lot of effort
  11. I'd be disappointed if we don't crack 20k friday
  12. Your right silverware is overrated it doesn't go in my cabinet. you could just steal it. Come on now. It's a trophy, not a cove tifo. cove tifo would be a messy to be displayed in a cabinet
  13. Your right silverware is overrated it doesn't go in my cabinet. you could just steal it.
  14. Give me AN APOLOGY, seems like the sydney fc thing to ask for. More apologies than trophies but i think the apology was more about trying to sue him
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