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  1. any other info on the lineup? -------------------GK-------------------- Adelson---DChuna---CB-----LB---- -----------DM---------CM-------------- ?Kuzi---------Baccus----------LW--- -------------?Traji??-----------------
  2. Got to think we'd line up 4-2-3-1 Pick out some players from the photos https://www.facebook.com/eberry/posts/10152814219058926 Baccus, fofannah, Lo, (was that alessi?), Golec, kuzi I was told senior squad players included Bousanis (gk) Mullens & Perkatis both played cb's. golec (rb), Baccus holding mid and Lo (AM). are you sure Golec at RB? i thought Adelson played there...would make more sense on the left, something like.... -------------------Bouzanis----------------- --Adelson---Mullen---Perkatis----Golec --------------Baccus----(??Youlley?)----- --Kuzi--------------Lo (?c)-----Fofanah-- ----------???? (Trajikovski??)-------------
  3. Nope - neither WSW or MVC official Twitter accounts posted it. Grrrrr. Frustrating that the majority of the A-League clubs manage to post that information, plus more, yet we're stuck with one which doesn't. I would have thought you would have run down and collected the sheet and posted it to twitter megan. become the club's official tweeter :)
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