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  1. Anyone else get a little slap on the nozzle entering gate h ?
  2. I'm pretty sure if someone lit a flare at least one person would see it. Flares are so bright that it would be impossible not to see, if only for a second or two, the arm which is holding/throwing it, and possibly the shoulders and head it is attached to. It may be not be possible to discern who lit and threw it on every occasion but that fact RBB have absolutely zero interest in self policing exposes their reticence in dealing with anti social rabble within their group. Ridiculous post.RBB are under no obligation to police fans. Are they going to be paid for their time? Why should they participate? Don't try to pin the responsibility on a group just to sit on your high horse and point that sanctimonious finger. The people who lit the flares, it's their decision and their decision only to rip the flares. It's the inability of the authorities to put a stop to this without wrongfully implicating and/or punishing others. You don't have a legal obligation to self police but if you choose not to help this forces the FFA's hand either to dock points or increase police presence at games. if you choose not to help in any way and wipe your hands of any accountability then these are the consequences. It's not just the polices job to maintain public order at games, we all need to work together, police, security, active supporters to crack down on flare usage which tarnishes the game. But there just isn't the will or culture within RBB to do anything about it, other than to play victim and harbour perpetrators. Tell you what. Why don't we don you up in a pretty little sash, give you a little hat and some pepper spray, and shiny new badge that says "Wanderers fan police" Then you cun strut up and down in the aisles in the RBB, "enforcing" the peace, because "choosing not to help" is pretty much the same as doing the crime yourself. You can be like the Jews who used to patrol the Ghettos in Nazi Germany. Dobbing in your friends and family to curry favour with your masters. Give me the job ****. I'll do it.
  3. He looked the goods on trial at the friendly against Town Rangers. I think ive watch him pkay twice since. Seemed a little quieter, less if a presence, still a fan though.
  4. Actually a 7pm KO on Christmas Day prob would have seen less complaints and less outs in all fairness People are still wake at 7pm on Christmas day?Never mind, thought you said chrissy eve.
  5. Victory own goal. 2-0 Wanderers Penalty Winters. 3-0 Oneil on for Beard Goal Spiranovic. 3-1
  6. Good hard run from Carpenter just inside Victorys half all the way with two cross attempts. The second finds I forgot who puts in in the goal. 1-0 Wanderers.
  7. Missed this game unfortunately. Will be at Marconi on Sunday. Let's go lads.
  8. Woohoo. It's confirmed # team bucket hat and scarf. Jersey stays in cupboard #king mitch
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