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  1. Anyone else get a little slap on the nozzle entering gate h ?
  2. He looked the goods on trial at the friendly against Town Rangers. I think ive watch him pkay twice since. Seemed a little quieter, less if a presence, still a fan though.
  3. Actually a 7pm KO on Christmas Day prob would have seen less complaints and less outs in all fairness People are still wake at 7pm on Christmas day?Never mind, thought you said chrissy eve.
  4. Victory own goal. 2-0 Wanderers Penalty Winters. 3-0 Oneil on for Beard Goal Spiranovic. 3-1
  5. Good hard run from Carpenter just inside Victorys half all the way with two cross attempts. The second finds I forgot who puts in in the goal. 1-0 Wanderers.
  6. Missed this game unfortunately. Will be at Marconi on Sunday. Let's go lads.
  7. Woohoo. It's confirmed # team bucket hat and scarf. Jersey stays in cupboard #king mitch
  8. Oh oh...this sounds ominous. It seems that me wearing a jersey is bad. I decided to keep her tucked away tonight, I had a feeling. I was right. We got the win. It looks like bucket hat and WSF scarf only from now on.
  9. Woohoo. On a sad night I have had to retire my new jersey for the rest of the season.
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