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  1. The security on the pitch was excessive I counted 62,one guy was standing up on the half way line blocking the view of the game and they all stood up in injury time blocking the view.
  2. Its bittersweet if you think Babbel has said getting foreign players is no issue, its the Australian players that's the issue. I think we would have the best squad if there was no restrictions on foreign players.
  3. no one: FFA: This would be amazing for Star Wars round.
  4. Libertarians probably makes sense if you are a adult male and live in a rural area therefore are capable and need of complete self-reliance, but it goes out the window if you live in a city. As for mining, the thing literally comes from the land and the country, if anything gets taxed is has to be mining it comes from the country therefore the benefits should go to the country.
  5. As long as our home games don't get affected, if we miss a finals game or something like that its not gonna be pretty.
  6. That's a good idea as the game will be a sell out no matter who we play and it can make WU look more exciting and popular then they are.
  7. The club and RBB need trusted mediator to go between the two to discuss things and approve things, the RBB need to show they're just not a mob that they processional supporters group that can regulate themselves. Overall I want them back, they spend their time and money to create atmosphere for us and I respect that. They need a lawyer to argue for their injustices of the FFA and to give them a professional look.
  8. A conspiracy theorist dies, goes to heaven and meets god. god says "I'll answer one answer honestly, whatever you want to know I'll answer it." conspiracy theorist "who killed JFK" god "Lee Harvey Oswald with a gun acting alone" conspiracy theorist "this goes higher up than I thought"
  9. Apparently there was a **** up from the board, looks we signed a 4 year deal with Spotless and not 3 as was supposed we got the seasons mixed by with leagues, Spotless aren't releasing us from the contract and we will have to play another season at Spotless because Bankwest stadium won't let us sign on either April fools
  10. Free transport is great, but a lot of the stations don't seem to get it, at night games I've always found the gates closed without any attendants, the only option being to jump the gates. If the tickets could come with something you could use on the opal scanner.
  11. 45k for event mode, 30k for club mode and 10k for sydney fc mode.
  12. and la bombonera but those are their third tiers. When we add our third tier we can make it that steep.
  13. ****en hell, even Darth Vader would be impressed.
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