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  1. Might as well give Babbel the rest of the season, his recruitment was quality just has to get the team playing right but the club has had this issue for a while now before Babbel. What was disappointing is Roar did the same thing they did a few months ago and it worked again Babbel didn't learn from it.
  2. Agree, you need at the big teams doing well, Victory and Wanderers at the top would be A-league prime and I don't think that's ever happened. What's the expected attendance for this game?
  3. Lopar keeps clean sheets better than a virgin. He won us the match.
  4. I think they count the tickets sold over the attendance, so it would have been season ticket holders + people who brought. No way it was 28k.
  5. For the call response "who do we sing for" It would be better if the RBB did one for the lower tier than the another one for the upper tier instead of the two side stands.
  6. I just cannot wait for this game I haven't felt this excited for A-league game since our grand final loss. As amazing as Parra atmosphere was this game will probably beat it and take it to another level.
  7. The security on the pitch was excessive I counted 62,one guy was standing up on the half way line blocking the view of the game and they all stood up in injury time blocking the view.
  8. Its bittersweet if you think Babbel has said getting foreign players is no issue, its the Australian players that's the issue. I think we would have the best squad if there was no restrictions on foreign players.
  9. no one: FFA: This would be amazing for Star Wars round.
  10. Libertarians probably makes sense if you are a adult male and live in a rural area therefore are capable and need of complete self-reliance, but it goes out the window if you live in a city. As for mining, the thing literally comes from the land and the country, if anything gets taxed is has to be mining it comes from the country therefore the benefits should go to the country.
  11. As long as our home games don't get affected, if we miss a finals game or something like that its not gonna be pretty.
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