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    Mario Shabow

    Yes he's been offered a contract now, so you obviously know him or someone that knows him But the rest isn't right. 1. That he hasn't played has nothing to do with a fight with his manager... It's simply because he hasn't deserved to play based on his performance at training and opportunity 2. Expect to see more of him in the next 2 months as he's improved and acl schedule
  2. I think Scott will start too and Bacchus will play again with dimas and agree we could see youlley on the bench for the first time this year (keeping in mind it's 7 on the bench for ACL) Antonis would be long odds to play - after just coming back I can't see him being asked to back up And thats a scary looking back 4 !!!
  3. seeing Saturday was our best 11, (including Dimas being out - what a difference it made not having him clog up the middle of the park), it will be interesting to see how many of that 11 start again tomorrow Just based on physical / ability to back up from what we saw Saturday night, I'd say Antonis, Mitch, Santa look likely to miss out, and maybe up to 2-4 others Will also be interesting to see how many of their best 11 that started in their Super Cup loss to Kashima play tomorrow night - they would have arrived late last night and won't be easy backing up either
  4. Our improved defensive results (3 clean sheets in last 6 games, 2 versus the UNvincibles), have come on the back of a combination of factors, not just one thing / person 1. Vedran - impact of better keeping + marshalling the defence, giving back 4 confidence 2. Borda out - his red card giving cornthwaite the chance to play 3 in a row 3. Cornthwaite in - taking the "lead" 4. Aspro - no longer having to be the "lead" CB and not having to cover for Borda's errors
  5. Durante ??? He's had a top career , but he's finished . Tongyik ??? Long long way to go to become a reliable centre back We have cornthwaite and Aspro . Since cornthwaite came into to partner Aspro - no goals conceded with 10 men v city - no goals conceded in derby - no goals conceded v jets - 1 goal and 1 last min keeper error v roar - 1 dodgy pen v wellington If you haven't noticed, our leaky defense is now fixed (combo of Borda out and vedran in) There are other areas around the park we need to fix
  6. From the interview .... Been here a week now and in terms of intensity at training, never experienced anything like this in my career. It's just great that there is such a commitment to working hard. I know it's not like this at any other a league club"
  7. We can't sign them. They needed to be free agents at the close of our window - they can't come to any aleague club
  8. Tonight you'll see a group of players respond to protect their coach - ridiculed by having to go on the Bill and Bob the flower pot men show Those of you constantly complaining the players don't play for the badge - watch tonight
  9. Exactly Alexander - we aren't at training every day to know and most of us don't get to watch many (or any) npl games there's a reason Shabow isn't there and the others are. From what I hear, he's a very good kid and if all the interest is true as Taurus says, and he ends up at another club, I hope he does well.
  10. Good post fcb re Shabow - must be the coaches fault he isn't giving him a chance So popa thought, shabow has been tearing it up at training and killing it in the NYL, you know what, I'm going to keep leaving him out - but Scott Aspro and more recently baby Bacchus have been terrible in npl / nyl last year and terrible at training, but I'll give them a go Of course it's the player ... It's always the player It's only coach for deluded family and I'll informed fans Ask Taurus who attends every nyl/npl game how he's been going
  11. Whats with the "he hasn't supported the players, fans and staff, so he doesn't deserve any himself ?" - speak to the majority of best performers and they will tell you he's a disciplinarian but he got the best out of them - speak to the mediocre ones who just want to travel through football life like its some sort of holiday and they think he's a lunatic Same with staff both in the office anf on the pitch As for us not being rewarded ??? Wtf ?? We've won more trophies than any club since we entered then comp No one has won more than us He, Tsatsimas , lederer, f*cked up
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