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  1. "He'd rather kick the second or third division than go abroad at the moment" A nothing burger article
  2. being outside in large crowds. miss those days.
  3. they should just call off the league. make it null and void.
  4. does his name rhythm with 'bay cat'?
  5. i know right. why buy a years worth of toilet paper? thats nuts. just have a hose installed and you don't need toilet paper anymore. or even better. jump in the shower.
  6. people eating weird **** = new virus didn't they learn from SARS and MERS. I am very self conscience in public lol
  7. I have to say. Those two show so much passion for the club. I put some respek on their names even tho I may no agree with somethings they say. Decent blokes and will ALWAYS happy to have a beverage or two with them when the opportunity occurs.
  8. lol gold. last line got me good.
  9. THAT is one good looking shirt. I will be wearing that at the next game.
  10. I find it funny. We have lost so many games and we are still in contention in making top 6 and winning the toilet seat. Season is over once they sacked Babbel. Time for us to rebuild our squad. Maybe have a coach that has a philosophy and create good culture like we had in our first two years. But something smells rotten in upper management and it isn't smoked meats. I reckon that is a bigger problem for us.
  11. Yeah I feel bad. Being classy doesn't win you games. Good luck to him tho.
  12. Can somebody tell me where I can get my refund on my peaky blinders hat? cheers in advance
  13. Is it groundhog day? I wonder who is the next lucky coach we will bring in so we can sack them in another one and half seasons.
  14. can you tell them to stop it. I rather no noise than that low droning noise. What are they trying to achieve? make the atmosphere intense?
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