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  1. Is that the reason why you call yourself smoggy? It's been way too long! I can't wait! I have not stepped foot into our new home, tomorrow will be the first time so it will be super special for my family.
  2. Do I need to pick side now? What happened to just getting along with each other. Fun? subjective mate. Some people want to see the world burn. I am of that latter I guess? lol Deranged is the best he could do? I heard people calling her a potato.
  3. no. but I have been following a bit on the hk protests. just bits and pieces. HK's PM just recently announced they are withdrawing the bill. which is great news. the HK people will need to be careful tho. it's not over. I am expect key people going 'missing' in the next few years.
  4. sorry! missed you too wendy! yes. i am talking about communist china. If HK goes down and noone intervenes. Expect the same thing to happen to us.
  5. trump will have max another term and his gone. it's all about the long game. https://www.rferl.org/a/kazakhs-protest-chinese-money-influence-for-third-day/30145992.html https://asia.nikkei.com/Politics/International-relations/Ukraine-is-new-battleground-in-US-China-fight-for-influence https://www.theaustralian.com.au/nation/china-work-camps-reveal-influence-at-heart-of-timor/news-story/ba711fb2233388ebe5e7071d91803bd4 https://www.ft.com/content/4a9b008a-c2be-11e9-a8e9-296ca66511c9 maybe it's arrogance? white people think white people only existing in this world. but i laugh whenever i see people think trump is the worse person in the world. lol
  6. wow. too busy focusing on the US when there is bigger problems closer to home which none of you care about. when it's too late. don't make me say I told you so and I ain't talking about climate change.
  7. what is the easiest way to watch this game live? kayo sports?
  8. it would be such a shame if the western stand burnt down to a crisp along with all the corporate/media people. such a shame.
  9. who saw that coming a mile away? lol. good luck to him.
  10. yes i totally agree. lol. but double standards tho. you know about this well. On twitter/youtube/twitch. You break the TOS you get banned from their platform but there are bias.
  11. cancel culture is ****en cancer. those who enjoy that type of thing, destroying people lives because you didn't like their opinion. I hope it never happens to you when it's goes the other way around. he broke his contract he deserved to be sacked. I have no empathy for him but people now targeting his wife. scum.
  12. you hurt my feelings. therefore I am going to destroy your career. Not only that but I will destroy your wife's career and anyone who defends you. ok. lol.
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