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  1. i love it tho. i love seeing white people fight over none white people issues, sticking their noses into everyones business like they are superior beings.
  2. boomers ****ed us over with that too. who wants to be part of the british colony. **** white people am i rite? lol
  3. Thank you for sharing that fat pizza article. I am over the moon. I love whatever Pauly makes. His a genius. And no. I am not liking fat pizza to be ironic. I just like art.
  4. Just imagine Sotirio ends up scoring the winner next game. LOL He would be the cause of Babbel being sacked. We are the Arsenal of the A-league
  5. if this was gombau.......
  6. i am surprised its that high. in china thats called lunch lol
  7. i am not much of a snitch but there was a total state fire ban yesterday. you could have tipped off the local authorities. https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/fire-information/fdr-and-tobans/total-fire-ban-rules $2,200 fine for a cuppa. now that floats my boat.
  8. strong words. like the confidence! egg on face if we lose tonight.
  9. no music. let the organic atmosphere do its thing. rbb can do their thing and if the rest join in we join in. why we getting music shoved down our throats. also I don't think glorious is working. too many words.
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