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  1. what is the easiest way to watch this game live? kayo sports?
  2. it would be such a shame if the western stand burnt down to a crisp along with all the corporate/media people. such a shame.
  3. who saw that coming a mile away? lol. good luck to him.
  4. yes i totally agree. lol. but double standards tho. you know about this well. On twitter/youtube/twitch. You break the TOS you get banned from their platform but there are bias.
  5. cancel culture is ****en cancer. those who enjoy that type of thing, destroying people lives because you didn't like their opinion. I hope it never happens to you when it's goes the other way around. he broke his contract he deserved to be sacked. I have no empathy for him but people now targeting his wife. scum.
  6. you hurt my feelings. therefore I am going to destroy your career. Not only that but I will destroy your wife's career and anyone who defends you. ok. lol.
  7. Don't get me started on those people with their tripods and fancy cameras. **** off with the camera and use your god damn eyes. If you wanna photo or video of it. Google it. It looks the same.
  8. Lets hope he doesn't have more bridge seasons. I seen him play in the NPL a few years back and he was outstanding.
  9. I have been hearing about #NoGrozosNoParty for 2 ****en years. Where is the young lad? Injured? Keep hearing good **** but never seen him play. And if he did play last season. No impact since I didn't even noticed anything.
  10. if you run out of ideas on what to cook. there is a facebook group dedicated to air frying shenanigans. Or just youtube recipes. we haven't tried baking yet.
  11. My wife got one a couple years ago. We swear by it. Last night the wife air fried honey soy chicken wings. It took half the time then using the conventional method. We have cooked steak and lamb with it, after trail and error it cooks perfect steaks. We have roasted veges and pies. Only two disadvantages I can think of It's another appliance in the kitchen. If you have a small kitchen it might take up too much space. Lack of cooking space. So dinner for two or three is perfect. If you have guests around. you will have to cook a few batches which can be annoying. My advice is to buy the bigger air fryer. the small ones can only fit so much.
  12. i heard from close sauces hazard has signed a deal with WSW
  13. I love this club. That goalkeeper highlight reel SLAPS. WSW are meme gods.
  14. never trust the media. smear campaign started. police lying through their teeth even tho there is video evidence. is the smurf able to sue for defamation? I will be happily to donate to the cause. like a gofundme so he can retain a lawyer and sue those ****en lying pieces of **** aka nsw police.
  15. thefairy

    Kerem Bulut

    Same here. It looks like he is staring into my soul.
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