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  1. Because your speaking to THE Carl Knobinson. He won't lie.
  2. you sure? they said it will be complete by 2050. that's another 30 years. We only have 11 years left. Too late. “We are the last generation that can prevent irreparable damage to our planet,” General Assembly President María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés (Ecuador) warned the gathering in her opening remarks, stressing that 11 years are all that remain to avert catastrophe. Highlighting the meeting’s theme, Ms. Espinosa called for an intergenerational approach to climate change. “Climate justice is intergenerational justice,” she said, calling on States to act collectively and responsib
  3. I miss the feeling of disappointment and humiliation. So I will be attending this game with the fam. First attendance this season.
  4. Isn't the manager's job in charge of - the style of play. - sign players and work out with existing players we have to suit the play style. - bringing out the best out of the players/bring them to good form - winning games In my opinion. This current manager done none of that. Empty promises. His a fraud. If he has a style of play, it's ****. He end up signing all his mates to the club. Our kids do a better job then our senior players. On paper we should be killing it. He does not bring our players to form. We are losing game after game. Team
  5. We were recommended to join the cat rescue group on facebook and post the cats there. I will check them out and see how that goes. Will be keeping them for 2 weeks before we decide on what to do with them. I are planning to keep one or two depending on everything goes. Yeah my son wants to keep them all.
  6. Hello fellow cat lovers. I know this happens a lot but I found 3 abandon kittens (5 weeks ago) Wife and I took them in a few hours ago. Went to the vet to get them checked out and they seem to be in good health. I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in adopting. Let me know.
  7. so what's been happening? making any progress with our squad? a lot of interviews posted on the socials. I am getting deja vu vibes from last year.
  8. @Neverbloom you will like this. also check out that guy with that polo shirt. got good taste lol
  9. When is WSW gonna announce their new OS player that we have never heard of. So WSW release a highlight reel of the player doing basic **** on twitter. WSW fans go nuts over it and by the end of the season that player becomes a massive disappointment.
  10. We are WSW. we break all records. Remember that!
  11. What a **** show lol. They expect us to pay membership when there is barely 11 players in our team and no coach. Too focused in the jersey design but not enough on actual players. I love the Wanderers and the community but those people running the show is ******* it up. Joke of a club? Are we even a club??
  12. It will go full circle. Popa will return to us when he fails in Greece. Make Wanderers Great Again.
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