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  1. not we. verden did. lol. i rather have him not handball and let a goal in than him getting a red card. babbel should got one of players with a yellow card not our 10.
  2. babbel will lose AB10. he is ****en fuming. babbel is a dumb ****. i am sorry but he is a ****en fool.
  3. just when I am over the moon. vedren has a brain fart. typical wanderers lol!!
  4. Lived my whole life around Cabramatta/Fairfield area. Would I support the new club? No. I already have a club that represent me. Lets say, I don't have a team and I am new to the A-league. I don't know who I would support. lol. If sws targets Asian players and have Asian influences that might sway me over if i didn't have a club.
  5. thefairy

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    so are we (wsw fans) patient enough to wait for babbel to form some sort of structure in our team? i don't think so. such an aussie mentality we have. happy to have a tough few years but **** last night was embarrassing and a backwards step IMO. still having shitiro and buccus in our squad puts a ****en bad taste in my mouth. if we these two starting for us it just shows this whole "big club" talk is bullshit. i hope the next transfer window or next season babbel bring in the players he needs. if babbel is still producing the same results as of now next season. he has some explaining to do.
  6. thefairy

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    after the game majority of the players came to the away fans. we fans have the right to be angry and voice our opinion but I felt bad when one of our fans threw a scarf at them and said a few nasty thing. our players are human and **** like that doesn't help. its not gonna make them play any better.
  7. just imagine driving all the way to melbourne to watch your beloved wanderers play like the under 8s. we are ****. end of story. babbel better sort our team. why does he deserve a chance we gombau didn't.
  8. Jumpei, a name I want to forget. Mack can we ban that name from the forum?
  9. thefairy

    RD 4 - Mudgee (vs Brisbane) - Sat 10th Nov

    no pokemon?
  10. I just blew my load looking at the steepness of the bays
  11. wifi? LOL you going to WSS to watch the game or be on your bloody phone tweeting like mack? foot outlets? you going to buy shoes at the stadium? there is Westfields down the road buddy. jokes aside. I agree. If we played like we did on the first 2 seasons and that vibe returns. People will return.