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  1. one thing i didnt see is ramps or elevators for disabled access. anyways wish me luck in the 2 weeks. i am preparing to make a 'site visit' inside the stadium. prob get denied but at least i tried.
  2. I can only comment what I saw in these photos. @Wanderboy is more knowledgeable on the construction time frame and construction in general. when do you think it will be done? From what I saw. They have more a month worth of work still left. I only say this because - Carpark on the northern end is just earthworks. - less 50% of landscape at frontage is complete. there were working on it as I was walking by. - less 50% paving done at frontage - 80% of retaining walls complete. there were working on it as I was walking by. - more the 85% of hardstand areas complete - facade looks complete - lighting and ground services looks complete - some fixtures (handrails etc) are missing - glazing looks done from the outside. - roof looks done. i believe they still need to get to the roof (see last pic with handrails on the roof) a few key notes. - basketball court right in the middle of open area. I hate that. I hope the basketball poles are removable. It will be nice if they can replace it with football posts during game day. - not much of a fan of the exposed steel beams look. I prefer if the facade goes all the way to the roof. maybe @mack has the architectural drawings for the facade. too lazy to look. - not sure what they r doing with the north end entrance. It looks ugly. hoping the finish product changes my mind. Summary. WSW stadium looks good and I am excited when we finally play at home again. I will take more photos in the next weeks.
  3. pictures don't do justice on how mammoth the stadium is. today walking to the stadium feels like the old game day vibe, best word to describe the stadium is 'intimidating' due to its size and feel. I don't know how to resize so many mack to help if the images are too huge. lol
  4. i just walked past the stadium. not sure how the internal of the stadium is going. i am assuming that is much more complete compared to the external works. photos to follow.
  5. thefairy

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

  6. thefairy

    Mark Bridge

    @theguyyouwishyouwere Anyone who wants to meet the legend, he will be doing a meet and greet from 11am-1pm. EDIT. Sorry!! It was on the 26th. The date has past.
  7. 4:20 BABEEEEEE SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY BOOOOOOIIIIIIIII I would love to go but I have a job. I swear to god FFA is runned by fools. Make kick off 5:30pm and people from Sydney will turn up. Missed opportunity of getting bums on seats.
  8. coach should have left him out like he did the last 2-3 games.
  9. he cost us two goals. that first goal was his fault also, shot inside post. should have been an easy save if he stayed on his feet.
  10. hitting the bottle tonight. hahahahahahah...... wwwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....
  11. thefairy

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    true. I would love Australian Asians to play in the A-league
  12. thefairy

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    I would love if we signed a Vietnamese national player. I can keep dreaming.
  13. thefairy

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    No I'm not, I'm upset about our club. Thanks dad for giving me some hope for the future of the club.
  14. thefairy

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    A plan to fail. Quality Aussies leave us and go to other teams because MR money bags primo ****er won't spend a ****en cent to retain our good players. Now we are stuck with a bunch of NPL quality players. Our senior players nowhere to be seen and the youth now have to carry that weight. You are having a laugh if you think those young quality players will stay at WSW for years to come. They will leave in a heartbeat if the offer is right. A-league is a vicious cycle of Australian players going from club to club. Any hint of quality they will just go overseas, fail, come back to another club like Spira. We are not a big club. If we are to compare us to EPL we are Newcastle. We are **** end of story.
  15. only interesting thing about the hotel is there is a bar on the very top of the building. if it's open to the public it will have nice views of the stadium.