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  1. People still believe the world is flat. sue me
  2. I have no problem if someone said that. I treat their statements the same it doesn't matter if it's any type of religion or race. Like I said. I had a problem with what Pauline said about the Asian community in my youth. She was targeting me. But now I don't care what she has to say or what that labor leader said recently. They are free to say it and we can challenge it.
  3. I never talked about aboriginal issues on this forum. so stay in your lane?
  4. My father in law knows about being oppressed. He fought for his country and he lost and escaped the country he loved. In process he left everything behind. Stand up against the oppressor but want to oppress the 'oppressors'. That means you are no different from the oppressor. I maybe well versed in history like you but I know enough to know that it doesn't matter who is control. Those who do the most harm are the ones who suppress speech. FCB we disagree but I want you to know I love you brother and all i want is us to all get along.
  5. Of course buddy! I would love that. Don't agree with that statement and is it acceptable to say? my opinion is yes. free speech is any type of speech. free to voice your opinion without you being censored. It does not mean there will be no consequences.
  6. So FCB. What do you suggest we do to these neo nazis. Gas em? Censor them? Or allow for them to spew their nonsense to prove they are idiots.
  7. I am open to ideas and I need to be convinced. I have a question. Would you consider MLK's 'I have a dream' hate speech? did it incite violence?
  8. I like you too buddy and if I ever met you like anyone else on this forum. Beers on me buddy! I don't find a problem in arguing. I rather we be truthful. That matters to me the most.
  9. ok. encourage?? really?? unless you can show me evidence she encouraged people to kill muslim i dont believe u
  10. Which brings me to my point about this forum and I am going to call out because that is what we do now days aye? The people here on this forum like being diverse and inclusive but that is only when it suits you guys here. Open minded when it suits you and alienate people with different views/opinions. I have seen in the past few posts the loveliest person in the world who has a heart of gold, a dear friend of mine have been **** on just because that person shared something you guys don't agree. Did not even bother with viewing the video and replied anyway to **** on the video. So much for this being a 'forum'. More like an echo chamber. If people don't want to associate with me because my differing view . That's your problem but I still like you people here.
  11. I remembered in the 90s she targeted Asians. I was in primary school and I still remember our whole class (full of Asians) got kicked out of parliament when we went to an excursion to Canberra. We saw Pauline through the glass window so we call stamped out feet and banged on the window calling her names. Now she targeting whatever group that decides to come here to have a better life. I don't like her. Here is where I differ from most of you here on the forum. In my opinion she has the right to spew whatever nonsense she wants. I don't believe she should be 'shut down'. For all my life I lived and breathed 'multi-culture'. I grew up in Cabramatta with the Vietnamese community and now I live in Fairfield with the new Australians. I have integrated into the Australian culture and have embraced and respect all cultures as long they don't do any harm. It's funny how people who live in the inner/north west 'embrace' this stuff yet never stepped foot in these areas. Sorry but you don't speak for us and we don't need you to defend us because we can do that on our own.
  12. oops i have been found out
  13. pops, your link didn't work. above link works
  14. Nah mate. His not exonerate. It doesn't count as a win. Looking forward to Michael Avenatti 20....2..... ohhh...