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  1. people eating weird **** = new virus didn't they learn from SARS and MERS. I am very self conscience in public lol
  2. I have to say. Those two show so much passion for the club. I put some respek on their names even tho I may no agree with somethings they say. Decent blokes and will ALWAYS happy to have a beverage or two with them when the opportunity occurs.
  3. lol gold. last line got me good.
  4. THAT is one good looking shirt. I will be wearing that at the next game.
  5. I find it funny. We have lost so many games and we are still in contention in making top 6 and winning the toilet seat. Season is over once they sacked Babbel. Time for us to rebuild our squad. Maybe have a coach that has a philosophy and create good culture like we had in our first two years. But something smells rotten in upper management and it isn't smoked meats. I reckon that is a bigger problem for us.
  6. Yeah I feel bad. Being classy doesn't win you games. Good luck to him tho.
  7. Can somebody tell me where I can get my refund on my peaky blinders hat? cheers in advance
  8. Is it groundhog day? I wonder who is the next lucky coach we will bring in so we can sack them in another one and half seasons.
  9. can you tell them to stop it. I rather no noise than that low droning noise. What are they trying to achieve? make the atmosphere intense?
  10. Dear Babbel, It's time for you to **** off. And take that lame hat with you. Dear Ange, It's time for you to come back home to OZ.
  11. i love it tho. i love seeing white people fight over none white people issues, sticking their noses into everyones business like they are superior beings.
  12. boomers ****ed us over with that too. who wants to be part of the british colony. **** white people am i rite? lol
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