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  1. I dont have a major issue with it - but I doubt I'll replace my S2
  2. They should do a #Mentality edition jacket...a jacket that has been certified to have been thrown at least once by the boss
  3. Horus

    AFL Thread 2

    And thanks to Kennett's moronic comments, its taken a familiar turn....now those poor vegemites who just want to get a bit pissed, chuck a few haymakers and smack a couple of people ,and maybe call a couple of players monkeys (you know...the ones who dont know their place) and threaten the odd referee are being watched by ethnics goose stepping up and down the bays and who hate real aussies, and their "kultcha"
  4. Watched with a FC friend and I described it that it was like watching the Western Australian Wanderers versus the scum anyways - I have to give her credit when she said I was right cause they choked like Wanderers
  5. Love me some Batman too...theres some really good comic storylines that could make good film/ TV but the CW have a look and feel that just doesn't do anything for me, just not feeling this at the first look.
  6. Meh...never been a fan of the CW super shows - have to see how it actually goes
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