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  1. Kitty Flanagan..Shania dont impress me much...
  2. Out - Wife brought tix for a show couple of months ago...but confident in Reira up front, and Aussie Pat at the back
  3. Horus

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    Even if Honda was playing for us - would whats around him make having him on the park in the red & black be worthwhile?? Maybe I'm wrong, Shinji was such a force but did he inspire a weaker team around him - or was the team good enough to allow Shinji to shine. Honda was excellent last night but chuck him in our midfield and what we have we been like? He said himself last night that Victory have to realise that it wasn't that they were so good - but that we were also bad. Don't get me wrong, I'd take Honda in a second but then what...its like Riera right now who's probably our best ever striker...whats the point of having the best player in the A-league if he's surrounded by muppets? On the game, never a pen - Chris Beath shouldn't be running a whistle for an under 6's game...he's a ****wit...but at least 3 is where we are right now
  4. in 3 - 1 win to start our last season at souless
  5. Now that is a reference from ancient times...
  6. I think that game should hopefully finally put the wtf is Sortiro starting and Bruce is sitting on the sideline discussion away... Indeed the baseline has been set with this game...with Aussie Pat coming back in, we should hopefully be even stronger at the back...Reira is still the best 9 we've ever had...sure the guy hasn't been his best in the first 2 but its not like he's been blessed with a lot of good service...he'll come good...and JOD keep shoot *****!!
  7. Agreed with everything so far in regard to the VAR Will say I loved Babbel and his presser last night was great...when he said he came to Australia thinking it was going to be rough/ tough but its like basketball...someone gets touched you only have to scream and its a foul...100%
  8. ok I was wrong...Bozza going to Defcon 1
  9. Foxsports went to break so they could tell Bozza to pull his head in after Archie went off script?
  10. whats the odds for stoppage time: SYD 2 - WSW - 0 = 1 minute SYD 2 - WSW 1 = 1 minute SYD 2 - WSW 2 = (shows 3) 6 minutes SYD 2 - WSW 3 = (shows 4) 15 minutes
  11. I'm with Babbel...**** this **** ...no wonder the guy needs 15 jackets...he has to throw one everytime the Beath & the VAR **** us