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  1. 100% Its becoming so mickey mouse...I thought we aimed to be better than all this ...and if we lose this weekend and they did flick him, they can get stuffed
  2. Its round 8, and we're still 4th and there are vultures circling offering up Muscat?? **** me not this bullshit already
  3. I'm with Hughsey - we are good enough, Moss kept them in it in the second, just like Lopar did for us in the first
  4. Our front attacking third has clear issues, but lets not let go of the fact the referees consistently do their best to **** us every game
  5. I found out a couple of weeks ago that I work with Kurt Ams, although I havent seen him since because he's in another department...I just thought he was plain old Kurt...I'm so very observant
  6. Absolute cracking first goal....after that....I think the boss said it all in his presser
  7. "only for some questionable VAR calls to go against them." One...maybe....for a team that gets more love from the refs & the VAR than the rest of the league, I guess it always hurts more when the ones you rely on let you down
  8. Great refereeing - cant tell me your average bog standard muppet A-league referee wouldnt have blown his whistle after that
  9. DG and Yeboah were both gassed @70 mins so I was at a loss why the Boss didnt use his subs...reminds me of popa when he was reluctant to make subs too...drives me crazy lol Champions grind out wins especially against sides who sit top of the table, so yeah plenty to work on but I'll take a win like that every time especially against the scum....Schwegler what a professional - and easily won the mental game. When Arnies little buddy was having his tanty and he just jogged on with half a grin....yeah that guy is what we've missed for a number of seasons now Lopar is not Covic level yet...but he was a beast last night, and yeah we lost the midfield, but we won the game - noone can say that would've happened last year...now on to Saturday!! ps. From Bay 113, the RBB ran a little quiet from my position from time to time - I was up towards the scum end so they had their moments, but they're ****s anyway so **** them
  10. Tired now...what a game!!! Considering how often we have lost games like that only makes this one so much sweeter....watching the replay now...fk me Slater is a scumbag
  11. Cracker of goal - the boss needs to shore up the midfield - comon the second half!!!
  12. Going in pretty confident which says alot, I dread Derbys....I just hate losing to those ESFC scum But this year we got Jurman, while they got ABJ, and I have more belief in the boss's peaky blinder cap than their Arnie lite 3-1 with Pirmin or the Duke MOM
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