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  1. Hey Nicolai ever been involved in a more Micky Mouse league? No? Hmmmm strange
  2. This, and its hot as **** and Harpers solution is to just shut up and chase down a clearly offside ball on the hope VAR rules it offside????
  3. 100% Its becoming so mickey mouse...I thought we aimed to be better than all this ...and if we lose this weekend and they did flick him, they can get stuffed
  4. Its round 8, and we're still 4th and there are vultures circling offering up Muscat?? **** me not this bullshit already
  5. I'm with Hughsey - we are good enough, Moss kept them in it in the second, just like Lopar did for us in the first
  6. Our front attacking third has clear issues, but lets not let go of the fact the referees consistently do their best to **** us every game
  7. I found out a couple of weeks ago that I work with Kurt Ams, although I havent seen him since because he's in another department...I just thought he was plain old Kurt...I'm so very observant
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