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  1. Horus

    2018/19 A-League Grand Final

    Watched with a FC friend and I described it that it was like watching the Western Australian Wanderers versus the scum anyways - I have to give her credit when she said I was right cause they choked like Wanderers
  2. Horus

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Love me some Batman too...theres some really good comic storylines that could make good film/ TV but the CW have a look and feel that just doesn't do anything for me, just not feeling this at the first look.
  3. Horus

    2018/19 A-League Grand Final

    comon Santa...****
  4. Horus

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Meh...never been a fan of the CW super shows - have to see how it actually goes
  5. Horus

    2018/19 A-league Semi-Finals

    The fact the police and their mates in the media are back grounding and jumping all over his previous clearly spells it out that they are in the wrong and are desperately trying to change the narrative
  6. Horus

    Memberships 2019/20

    Got my reminder it was expiring this morning after checking the inbox religiously for the last few weeks.....but all good moved from 217 the the top right edge of 113
  7. I've got one word for you Kimmy...Mentality
  8. For the refs, Isaias is a champion player...Roly is a diver and so lets those things pass...you cant tell me the VAR isnt the same for us (the classic example was Santa - yellows left and right for a alot of minor stuff...but cops a bent elbow in the face, nothing) And might makes right I guess in reffing and it seems also in commentating...all the pre game talk from Fox was all Adelaide, and mom would be Goodwin...so I guess they go into the game with that in the back of their minds that Reds marching onwards to finals 'glory' , and Wanderers putting up the usual dross..wasting everyone's time Harper is in the Slater class of commentating: somewhere between whether an empty chair or a kiwi commentator might be better....On the plus I think our performance shocked him so bad he forgot to refer to ESFC every chance he could...
  9. Its a weird universe we live in when people are questioning why Sortiro is not in the team....
  10. Aussie Pat won't play again this season...his knee is apparently ausgestopft!
  11. 1st I don't...2nd down to...well I'm having trouble describing it because it swings from unprofessional to f'wit
  12. hahahahahaha...... I can't believe Babbel just wouldn't walk in...say **** you...and just head back to Germany