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  1. Was the worst, even post match Harper was still about the eastern scum
  2. 4 at the back, with no McGowan = success....who knew Great result, well in the boys
  3. Horus

    Daniel Lopar

    what the actual f......
  4. Ugly, but a win against a top side despite the horrendous refereeing - it was sickening watching Muller's incident, fingers crossed for a speedy recovery
  5. Yeah - he was out while in the air, and then bounced his head on impact - I appreciate they have a club doctor, but they cant clear him on that alone
  6. The best part of this match should not be Bosnich telling Speed to stick to his role...
  7. Yeah, went to buy a pack of pasta for the kids dinner and nothing...what a pack of arseholes
  8. 100% - I thought there was no real difference between JP and Markus...apart from Speed spending less time ragging on JP... Muller was outstanding, and the best part is hopefully in Cox we've got a guy who can do the basic stuff of chucking it in goal when given the opportunity
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