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  1. McGowan was getting up DG a couple of times on Saturday, at least once about getting back
  2. Glad I moved my seat selection from upon very high to the lower tier - back of Bay 113 - took my son last night and it sounds like it might've been a bit of a challenge dragging him and down that incline all the time (bloody toilet, and hot chip runs ha!) - he wore his noise cancelling head phones last night and so he can sort of be in his own world - having said that he took them off during the first half...even sang along with the RBB the best he could (he loves WDYSF), but second half he retreated into his headphones and device because it was a bit too much...but the short stairs from the lower tier is fantastic
  3. In Babbels presser he said Bruce and Kwame are injured, Aussie Pat still isnt 100% - he also said that he had to risk Duke, Meier and Jurman who arent match fit, but he knew Ziegler wouldnt last the full 90 he needed out of him
  4. So so performance at times but its a start - Jurman was great, fantastic stadium....but need to get better quick smart
  5. Jurman is an angry ant...I love it, the others need to fire up this half
  6. I’d suggest a lot of people are in that boat - but let’s be honest, unless it’s a The Titanic crashing into Vesuvius sized disaster...I’ll still front up for the next game praying for deliverance
  7. Yeah I used to try to park behind the bavarian, but thats gone...the coles is the back up....but far happier to get **** parking and the new parra, than good parking and SOP or ANZ!
  8. I can tell we're back at Parra because I'm buggered if I know where I'm going to park
  9. My prediction is that we make top 6 then steal it like Belloq from Indiana Jones
  10. Horus

    NRL Thread 2

    I'm just enjoying this idea that Canberra has invented...active..support??
  11. My birthday tomorrow...hopefully we both get a championship this year!
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