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  1. Aussie Pat won't play again this season...his knee is apparently ausgestopft!
  2. 1st I don't...2nd down to...well I'm having trouble describing it because it swings from unprofessional to f'wit
  3. hahahahahaha...... I can't believe Babbel just wouldn't walk in...say **** you...and just head back to Germany
  4. Yeah but he'd be our f'wit....just like I would've taken that salesman Berisha into my heart...just like I would take plenty of other f"wits as long as they wore the red & black and gave a **** like Nichols did ...except Brosque...**** that guy
  5. Lol, I'd take Brattan no problem toss bag or not... I'm still 100% #Babbelin but are we sure that the owners will fund the team he wants?
  6. It was a cracker - which is why what he does with his other more open opportunities that much more frustrating
  7. Gotta love his honesty
  8. Horus

    West Coast Collapse

    The first goal was a bit of a mess BUT unlike recent games, at least he was there....the 2nd and 3rd were great....sure we couldn't close it out and we didn't have an answer to Castro, but we played our kids and we were still right in it - so much so that even popa had to break one of his life rules and make changes at half time We didn't get pumped by the league leaders, despite being seriously hampered by **** refereeing and could rightly argue we were probably robbed of at least a point....seriously disappointed we didn't win but I'm really really proud of the effort
  9. You're a far better person than he deserves...I would've wanted to see him burn
  10. I agree with everything except this - Hamil was a behind Krishna when he burst through but had caught him and was level and goal side when Vedran came out - Vedran split them and Krishna went to his left (maybe to avoid Vedran coming out) to create space as Hamil kept his line - But had Vedran stayed in his box imho it was a defendable attack I think Vedran panicked
  11. He does - I believe he is a quality manager
  12. **** me Babbel must be having a coronary by now...