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  1. Horus

    West Coast Collapse

    The first goal was a bit of a mess BUT unlike recent games, at least he was there....the 2nd and 3rd were great....sure we couldn't close it out and we didn't have an answer to Castro, but we played our kids and we were still right in it - so much so that even popa had to break one of his life rules and make changes at half time We didn't get pumped by the league leaders, despite being seriously hampered by **** refereeing and could rightly argue we were probably robbed of at least a point....seriously disappointed we didn't win but I'm really really proud of the effort
  2. You're a far better person than he deserves...I would've wanted to see him burn
  3. I agree with everything except this - Hamil was a behind Krishna when he burst through but had caught him and was level and goal side when Vedran came out - Vedran split them and Krishna went to his left (maybe to avoid Vedran coming out) to create space as Hamil kept his line - But had Vedran stayed in his box imho it was a defendable attack I think Vedran panicked
  4. He does - I believe he is a quality manager
  5. **** me Babbel must be having a coronary by now...
  6. Transfer window coming up...Babbel better get his german black book out Lederer better get his cheque book out!!
  7. Something has clearly happened....we need someone like we had with Santa or Bridge to bust a gut and get to where you need to be
  8. Opposition goal keepers play like David De Gea against us but much better shift tonight, still a couple of times we were too casual in defense and it cost, ABJ was great, was not offside and that was a pen for sure
  9. Horus

    A letter from the Chairman

    Better to admit there are problems than just ignore it and carry on as nothing has happened...but frankly I'd stop following this club if we became the type of supporter base that might show its discontent like throwing a drink over its manager
  10. Horus

    Unhappy New Year

    Those were the days indeed... Having said that I thought..Fathead - hey remember when people used to heap **** on him....
  11. Imagine how many would be marched out and banned if the same policing was at your average AFL, or NRL game....
  12. Look, I cant put all that down to Llorente...he got burnt twice, but no-one came in to stop Da Laet.....Baccus Jnr was standing there watching
  13. Its easy...even with an extra man, a penalty, and City giving away yellows like they are dollar bills from their owners...WSW still manage to find a new way to disgrace themselves
  14. So glad we got rid of Santa...imagine sending out a guy in the last 20 who gave a ****
  15. Last year was a shambles...its better talking about how we fell short rather than how we were never in it...
  16. Kitty Flanagan..Shania dont impress me much...
  17. Out - Wife brought tix for a show couple of months ago...but confident in Reira up front, and Aussie Pat at the back
  18. Horus

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    Even if Honda was playing for us - would whats around him make having him on the park in the red & black be worthwhile?? Maybe I'm wrong, Shinji was such a force but did he inspire a weaker team around him - or was the team good enough to allow Shinji to shine. Honda was excellent last night but chuck him in our midfield and what we have we been like? He said himself last night that Victory have to realise that it wasn't that they were so good - but that we were also bad. Don't get me wrong, I'd take Honda in a second but then what...its like Riera right now who's probably our best ever striker...whats the point of having the best player in the A-league if he's surrounded by muppets? On the game, never a pen - Chris Beath shouldn't be running a whistle for an under 6's game...he's a ****wit...but at least 3 is where we are right now
  19. in 3 - 1 win to start our last season at souless
  20. Now that is a reference from ancient times...