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  1. He’s no different to any other coach. He’ll do whatever is in his best interests at any time. But it’s not the clubs job to make the coach honourable. It’s up to them to get the best out of them while they are there. As we know, things can change pretty quickly. Let’s just hope they pick the right person for the job.
  2. Contracts are easily broken these days. I am sure Rudan would love to be the man to lead the Wanderers resurgence and coach a team in his home city in front of 15-20k supporters every week. Beats coaching in front of 5k supporters at Geelong or Ballarat playing on AFL grounds.
  3. One thing that has to be looked at when we appoint a new coach is why we seem to always be so unfit? I think for the last 5 or so years we have been one of the least fittest teams in the league. We are also one of the teams that always loses a lot of 50/50 challenges. But that perhaps has a lot to do with the fitness, as well as being a motivational issue. I would like to see us appoint an Australian coach. We need someone who is strong minded and has that self confidence and belief in doing things their way. Someone who knows the area and can handle the club politics, and is also young /
  4. You honestly don't believe there is an extreme left? Look up Liz Farrelly, or just take a visit to the ABC or smh.
  5. Manfred, they are all over social media now. Just read the smh as well. I am actually more left leaning myself, but a lot of the way the left have conducted themselves just turns me off. I think Alan Jones (as much as I dislike him) made a good point on TV. Gladys was attacked in such a vile way on social media, but the fact that she wasn't a woman who leaned towards the left, meant she wasn't protected and her attackers were never called out. If you want an example, the smh and its writers are a good example. I do remember one of the sports writers who was a Sydney FC supporter showing a
  6. The problem with the left side of politics is that it has become entrenched with extremists who have developed a superiority complex. Much like the extreme right is a turn off, the extreme left has become the domain of those who become abusive and feral when people don't agree with them. You simply can't reason with them. The Liberals won because they had more substance to their policies (even if you disagree with it), and because this NSW Labor government is just plain hopeless. Also if Melbourne got this level of infrastructure investment, they would be rubbing it in our faces like they
  7. We all got excited last week when we beat an average second last placed Brisbane team. These days we get excited beating bottom of the table teams, which shows you where we are at right now. We all of a sudden thought Hamill and Vedran had turned into awesome players. But this game against Wellington brought us back down to earth. Perhaps people wanted to believe that the players improved suddenly. There are some players we have where it just won't change all that much. Georgevski is an ok purchase if he is part of a bigger picture. If him and Elrich are fighting for the same fullback sp
  8. Definitely don't think light rail is a success. But in the end something will come out of it, and maybe a lesson to be learnt. Also in 5 years when you are taking the light rail to Allianz to watch a derby, none of this politics will be on your mind. You will only know that you have this light rail which take you directly to a modern stadium. I agree you with you about getting the balance right between building what needs to be built, and being compassionate about peoples/community needs. Companies want to make profits after all. But I think we have a legal system which looks after those
  9. Liberals have already pretty much completed the North West Metro, close to completing the Chatswood to Bankstown metro and West Connex. They are already creating new underground stations in the Sydney CBD around Martin Place, Barangaroo etc. Widening of the M4 and M5. The West metro from Sydney CBD to Parramatta and Parramatta Light Rail will also begin shortly. Then there is the second airport. All the roads they are widening around that area of Sydney. There are others which I could also mention. So more than just Parramatta. Yes they have botched a few like the light rail and Allianz
  10. My last post to you mate. Because you seem a little bit stalker like. But if I say on a an internet forum that I think Subway isn't spending enough money if it wants to catch up to be as big as McDonalds, then by your bizarre logic I am making 'accusations' against Subway Seems a bit weird that you are persisting with this, but maybe you can go tell Paul Lederer what I wrote if it triggers you so much. I am sure he will feel defamed by my comments. Internet is serious business
  11. My post you quoted is not accusing him of anything. It states what needs to be done if we want to catch the bigger clubs. Whether he does it or not doesn't really affect me as much as you think, and I don't in anyway hold any grudge towards him or hold him responsible for anything. I just call it as I see it. But in the end we are not a big club as he claims he wants us to be. Sydney FC and Melbourne Storm are the fittest clubs in their respective competitions because they have the best sports science available to them. Those are the areas I am talking about where we need to spend more m
  12. On Babbel's direct commentary on his players. I think a lot of it is to with the personal humiliation he is feeling inside. I mean he comes to a third rate league in Oz, and then is made to look like a fifth rate coach. This is a guy who was was an outstanding player for club and country, and then had some decent coaching credits to his name in Europe. All this is perhaps filtering back overseas. He must be thinking what have they thrown me into. That's got to hurt him. Especially when he didn't know what he was walking into. Senior players not putting in, and then making u/11 errors to
  13. Let's face it. Arnie did a lot to turn SFC around. So sometimes it is a matter of finding the right people/s more than just money. But it up to the club to still find those right people. We might just be knocking on the wrong doors. But regardless the club will need to spend more to be competitive, simply because MV, SFC and MC will spend more to maintain their dominance and edge. They will also be wary of us and look to provide better conditions and facilities so they can attract the best players over us.
  14. You need to look up what 'accusations' actually means? I'm not accusing anyone of anything. I'm just stating something that is obvious based on my observations of watching all A-league sides over the last 3 years. Whatever money is being spent is not doing the job, whether it is not enough being spent or money mismanaged. I don't know the small details. That is for the club to work out, and Lederer would be in the best position to figure all that out. But it is obvious that we are behind the top 3 clubs due to being inferior in so many departments which I named.
  15. No to Hamill. Don't want him anywhere near the first team, because before you know it he is starting games again. Buy two new central defenders and rotate with Zeigler (who looks to me like he is injury prone), so I think we need some cover there. Kamau could possibly get in the squad with the half a dozen or so other senior players who's contracts finish in the two seasons after this one. But he probably won't start much, so having him has an ocassional substitute is ok.
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