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  1. My last post to you mate. Because you seem a little bit stalker like. But if I say on a an internet forum that I think Subway isn't spending enough money if it wants to catch up to be as big as McDonalds, then by your bizarre logic I am making 'accusations' against Subway Seems a bit weird that you are persisting with this, but maybe you can go tell Paul Lederer what I wrote if it triggers you so much. I am sure he will feel defamed by my comments. Internet is serious business
  2. My post you quoted is not accusing him of anything. It states what needs to be done if we want to catch the bigger clubs. Whether he does it or not doesn't really affect me as much as you think, and I don't in anyway hold any grudge towards him or hold him responsible for anything. I just call it as I see it. But in the end we are not a big club as he claims he wants us to be. Sydney FC and Melbourne Storm are the fittest clubs in their respective competitions because they have the best sports science available to them. Those are the areas I am talking about where we need to spend more money if we want to get an edge and keep up with the best clubs.
  3. WestSyd

    Coach and Staff Thread 2018/19

    On Babbel's direct commentary on his players. I think a lot of it is to with the personal humiliation he is feeling inside. I mean he comes to a third rate league in Oz, and then is made to look like a fifth rate coach. This is a guy who was was an outstanding player for club and country, and then had some decent coaching credits to his name in Europe. All this is perhaps filtering back overseas. He must be thinking what have they thrown me into. That's got to hurt him. Especially when he didn't know what he was walking into. Senior players not putting in, and then making u/11 errors to lose games. Puts the young kids in, and they try, but just don't have the toughness to win games. Feels sorry for them, but then sees them in the dressing room unaffected like he is and wondering why no one can feel what he is feeling. This is the snowflake generation that act like they don't care, but then get all cut up when you speak honestly about them. So Babbel can't be honest with them now. Perhaps if he watched the some of the games last season we lost by four or five goals, and saw the level we were at, he might have declined our offer. It seems to me he didn't do his research enough, and the fact is we needed more than what he has offered this season. He didn't realise the monumental task of lifting the club. But the best he can do now is start fresh next season with a new batch of players (and some of the current players he wants to keep who can take his criticisms). He now knows the league and excuses shouldn't really come into play.
  4. Let's face it. Arnie did a lot to turn SFC around. So sometimes it is a matter of finding the right people/s more than just money. But it up to the club to still find those right people. We might just be knocking on the wrong doors. But regardless the club will need to spend more to be competitive, simply because MV, SFC and MC will spend more to maintain their dominance and edge. They will also be wary of us and look to provide better conditions and facilities so they can attract the best players over us.
  5. You need to look up what 'accusations' actually means? I'm not accusing anyone of anything. I'm just stating something that is obvious based on my observations of watching all A-league sides over the last 3 years. Whatever money is being spent is not doing the job, whether it is not enough being spent or money mismanaged. I don't know the small details. That is for the club to work out, and Lederer would be in the best position to figure all that out. But it is obvious that we are behind the top 3 clubs due to being inferior in so many departments which I named.
  6. No to Hamill. Don't want him anywhere near the first team, because before you know it he is starting games again. Buy two new central defenders and rotate with Zeigler (who looks to me like he is injury prone), so I think we need some cover there. Kamau could possibly get in the squad with the half a dozen or so other senior players who's contracts finish in the two seasons after this one. But he probably won't start much, so having him has an ocassional substitute is ok.
  7. What I am saying is whatever he is doing isn't enough, because MV and SFC ( and even Melb City) are far superior to us in every department. So he needs to ramp it up, or get some outside resources to do a better job. That's not hating on him. That's just being realistic. Otherwise all his talk of a 'big club' is just that.
  8. It's about Lederer investing the money to be a 'big club', if he wants this to be a 'big club'. He keeps talking the talk after all. Let's look at Melbourne Victory and Sydney FC. Both have had better marquees than us over the last few years, because they invested more resources into their scouting to get it right. Both have had better Aussie players than us. They are on top of us in that area as well. We get more injuries than other teams. We are also not as fit as other teams. More time put in by other bigger clubs in getting the best training facilities and physios to be stronger than other clubs. These are the small details where Lederer has to put more money, time and resources into catching the bigger clubs. Because it is so obvious watching every game we play against these bigger clubs that we are simply inferior to them in all these areas, and that won't change (no matter how hard you support them) without the club taking action. I also don't like the 'asking players to play for you' mentality. Makes me a cringe a little. It probably even puts that extra pressure on the players that they don't need. Those things are best left to happen organically (if they happen at all). A player will be happy any way if he is playing at a strong club with good facilities and loyal supporters. They will most likely be happy to play for you at that point.
  9. I would say that we need 5 new Aussies to go with the 5 new foreigners. It wouldn't be hard to achieve. Add those 10 new players to the 4 ones we have already in Ziegler (should be an Aussie soon?), Yeboah, Fitzgerald and Duke. That is a 14 man squad. I would keep Elrich for one more season as a 15th player, and Janjetovic as reserve keeper as he won't leave. They won't get much game time anyway. Get rid of Nizic and replace him with a proven keeper. Keep some young guys in Tokich, Russell, Grozos and Baccus to see if they can make the step up. That would be around a 20 man squad with a good mix.
  10. One other thing that saddens me is the outfits. The fact that now we have resorted to wearing red socks. Can we please go back to the original red and black hoops, white shorts and black socks (which in the true sense is a football kit). The red and black blur I am seeing with our outfits in the last few years is just horrid on the eye. Most Man Utd, Flamengo or AC Milan supporters while tell you that the white shorts are the perfect balance with the strong presence of red and black that you get on the jersey and socks. Seems like the opposition don't like us playing with the white shorts either. P.S - yes I am a Man Utd supporter.
  11. Where to start? One has to question the decision making in this club. Hamill offered captaincy, even though he is not captaincy material, nor even an A-league standard defender. This notion that he'll come through because he is a 'westie' is a big furphy. It is sadly probably the reason he got made captain by the club, and not on merit. Then a substandard keeper like Janjetovic gets a 4 year contract so he can get all comfortable and complacent. Their two positions are also extremely important on the field where leaders are needed, yet we have seen through the years that both don't talk much, have a very casual approach, are error prone and a lot of times appear to be going through the motions. So the question that needs to be asked is who is doing the decision making at the club? I would also say the whole structure (and even culture) is wrong at this club. There was some structure with Popa, but he tried to do it all on his own. That can only last so long before it burns you out. One would think that the result last night could be a bit of 'up you' to Babbel by the players. He has been roasting them in the media in his own unique style. But the players eventual rebellion against the German might be a more subtle and indirect affair, compared to the Catalonian bus driver who was simply an easy target and open to ridicule directly. Babbel has had a distinguished football career after all. Anyway where to now? No point in getting mad, as the problems are fixable if the club wants to fix it. Let's hope someone tells Babbel the secret of A-league success. 6 or 7 hardened, mature Aussie players with A-league or some European experience who play at a decent level, 4 or 5 overseas players who can make a difference, 2 or 3 enthusiastic juniors, and then a few odd journeymen in the squad who can change games. Get them disciplined, fit and working as a team. We should really start the process now of what we will need for next season to be competitive, because before you know it we will be copping 5 or 6 goals again playing with kids, or some older players who are just going through the motions. But before that we should bring someone at the club who knows the league and can make footballing decisions for the club. I would love to steal Rudan from Wellington and get him in a co-coaching and decision making role at the club. Get rid of de Marigny, get Rudan to help out Babbel with player recruitment and tactics during games, as well as giving Rudan a larger role in the general in the club's football direction. Just something I think could change the club's fortunes as at the moment the whole culture is toxic, and there needs to be a new way forward.
  12. WestSyd

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    I'm a wog. I don't see it like that. Just be alert, smart and you will get by ok.
  13. WestSyd

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    Mate who are you going in to bat for? You are just giving me anecdotal evidence. I have never been beaten up. But that's because I'm not a smart arse and I don't get involved in, or stay away from that kind of rubbish.
  14. WestSyd

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    Maybe in the end if you want true "football kulcha" you will have to visit Belgrade or Istanbul. We can have elements of it. But the flares and ultras are a no go zone in this country. That's pretty obvious to everyone by now. Cops don't like being made to look like fools. So yeah, they will come down unfairly on some people at times.
  15. WestSyd

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    And the repercussions then lead to people being abusive towards police, which then increases further tension. It's a vicious cycle which never ends.