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  1. Seems to be standard practice. I recall back at ANZ the club advertised there would be limited goal keeper jerseys for sale at the ground so the whole "get around to the merchandising stand" thing. One of the earliest in the gate that day as I came straight from work, first to the merchandise stand. "Sorry, we've already sold out of the keeper jerseys" Sure, I'm literally the first person at the stand yet you have already sold out. But hey, I can spend my money on all these other things if I want now that I happen to be here. Using borderline bait-and-switch on your own club members does
  2. Nope. AWS is Amazon, Azure is Microsoft, GCP is Google Cloud Platform.
  3. For a project like this that not only needs to provide a website / app at massive scale but also needs a data pipeline to feed the massive data to an analytics platform - all built within a month - the only three that come to mind are AWS, Azure and GCP.
  4. We've dragged them to our level and are beating them with experience. JDM is a football genius.
  5. Before the game I turned to the mrs and said "I bet we get Beathed". Nothing to add.
  6. We want Peru to win big, by 3 would be great. We need to beat Peru anyway to advance so Peru remain on 3 we move to 4. Then if Denmark beats France we advance with 4 ahead of France on 3. They draw and we advance over France on goal difference. If France win we want France to win by 1 more than we beat Peru by to guarantee progression otherwise it comes down to how many goals are scored. So big Peru win over France and we stand a very good chance of progressing if we beat Peru.
  7. Jarryd Hayne. It's been his lifelong dream to coach an A League team.
  8. Season has been a disaster and honestly I'm not unhappy to see the back of it. So, nothing to add except a question for those far more knowledgeable about the rules than I: In the first half I believe it was Carrusca had a clear run on goal and was pulled down from behind just outside the box with the defender not attempting to play at the ball and only the keeper in front. I was under the impression that is a red card any day of the week, except perhaps KGJ day?
  9. I'm just as interested in how much money is being wasted on security for the last two games considering there won't be an active presence. If the talk is to be believed we were to get beefed up security and police to protect us from those big bad FCK FFA t-shirts which if worn too often will lead to the end of civilisation. Or something. We haven't even touched on why almost 10k paid up non-RBB members don't bother turning up any more. Is that also the RBBs fault? One could argue that the big bad RBB scares them away until you take into account the game with the active bay closed was
  10. Been lurking for a while but this subject really irked me. A lot. My limited understanding of IP law, having an acquaintance who is an IP lawyer, is that to retain ownership of a trademark you need to actively defend it. For example of the RBB had a trademark on "WSFW" then it would be hard for them to stop others using it as this application being lodged unopposed means they were not actively defending it. However, the converse isn't true. Just because someone doesn't actively defend their trademark doesn't mean that you can claim ownership of it yourself. All it means is that it become
  11. Straight through active entrance on printed card no hassles no wait
  12. RBB and received email just before 8, Mrs got hers just before 9. Worth it to Keep checking all morning as well as junk email folders.
  13. You will have to expand a bit on that one, not sure what you mean.
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