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  1. That Brighton vs United game is going to boil some piss.
  2. Davo

    Danijel Nizic

    To be fair, a couple of the goals in that game were absolute bangers.
  3. Davo

    Mitchell Duke

    They way things have been going lately he's probably more likely to get paid in the A-League than at Bolton.
  4. That Xanthi side is just going to be A-League cast offs and Popa's kids.
  5. Davo

    Mitchell Duke

    Bandaged up and with blood running down his face he beats his marker (who's also bandaged up so it looks like it's been a running battle) and scores a header for an 85th minute winner in the Champions League. Please come back you magnificent bastard.
  6. Asian Champions League: Al Hilal kicked out after naming 11-man squad
  7. I bet he can comfortably reconcile that when he's a devout Mormon and the front runner for the supreme court seat is an anti-abortion judge who has gone on the record saying the bible takes precedent over the constitution and that "judges should be bound by their religious faith, not the law".
  8. The papers really got stuck into the personal attacks on judges back then.
  9. That's Romney out. He wasn't a senator in 2016 as he ran for President so as far as I can tell he didn't take a side on the Merrick Garland issue, which protects him a little from the accusations of hypocrisy.
  10. From those decisions I posted above, here is the Ref Watch article on Sky Sports. On the Spurs one: Uses a few weasel words like "uncomfortable" and "unlucky" but it sounds like he's saying that the decision is wrong. On the Burnley one: Describes the blatant push as "used a lot of strength" and says "it certainly doesn't come off his arm". Not sure how to argue with this as it's so far from the reality of what the replays show that it seems pointless, which is probably what he was going for. Maybe there's some interpretation of the law I'm not aware of where his arms count as legs when it's the first half, you're in the opposition box and your name is Wood.
  11. From this article in the terror: So they massively overpaid in July 2018 and some time between July 2018 and June 2019 received $58k in donations from the seller.
  12. I know I'm banging on about the handball rule but the Premier League games overnight did my head in with some decisions. Here are the highlights from the Southampton vs Spurs game. At 2:53 a handball is given after the Saints player tries to play a pass along the ground, it hits a defenders foot a metre away, flicks up and hits the outstretched arm of another defender which is in contact with the opponent. The arm is extended but below the shoulder, a fraction of a second passes from kick to deflection to arm and his arm is nowhere near the original path of the ball. Handball given. Here are the highlights from the Leicester vs Burnley game. At 0:08 the ball is crossed in to the back post, comes off the defender and hits the strikers outstretched arm which is in contact with the opponent (this is a handball rant so we'll ignore that the outstretched hand was a blatant push). The arm is extended but below the shoulder. Ball comes off the strikers arm, drops perfectly to his feet for him to score. No handball, goal given. In both cases the offending player has an arm out touching an opponent (arguably those actions are fouls in themselves, particularly the Burnley one). In both cases the arm is below the shoulder. In both cases the ball deflects off another player within touching distance. The Burnley player gets a huge advantage from the contact as it sets him up to score. The Spurs player arguably doesn't gain an advantage as the pass had already been blocked by his team mate and wasn't going anywhere dangerous. I can't figure out how both of those VAR reviewed decisions are correct.
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