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  1. If you’re a Mariners fan you’d be asking some serious questions about how the VAR can demand a retake of the penalty when it’s saved by a keeper off his line, but then go awol when they score with multiple players encroaching.
  2. I was worried last week that we’d do the usually wanderers thing of dropping too many points in the first few weeks and spend the rest of the season playing catch up. Much more convincing performance away against a team we never beat. I can’t complain if we’re winning games while we’re getting up to speed. If we win next week we’ll be clear on top and genuine title contenders.
  3. There are some serious strikers in the league this season. Add Hooper to Meier, Le Fondre, Toivonen, Noone, O'Donovan, Fornaroli and McDonald and we should be seeing some goals.
  4. Next weeks headline: "Entire Jets squad fails drug test"
  5. Sounds like the Western Sydney Juanderers is dead too.
  6. Has pace to get in behind and doesn't mind a shot from outside the box. Just need to ban the helicopter celebration so he doesn't have another Blackhawk down moment.
  7. Pretty impressed with the club getting an injury replacement of this apparent quality so fast. He'll probably take a while to get match fit but any injury replacement this late would have been off contract or on the outer at their club so it was always going to be hard to find a player ready to go.
  8. Yeah I'd be surprised if he started. We didn't have a full bench for the game against the Mariners so he'd probably just take that empty spot. I'm curious to see what MB does this week. Same front three as last week? Meier off the bench and Adam starting? Grozos to start over Sullivan? Duke to play another 90 mins?
  9. Babbel said in his press conference today that Elrich, Kamau and Ziegler are still out. Suggests Yeboah is back.
  10. I signed our group up at 9am on the first day of memberships. We're mid 1100's so there were plenty of people getting in super early who beat me.
  11. If there isn't a representative game they could have chosen not to include one. It's a bit like saying the NRL has an average attendance of 82k but using a sample size of just the Grand Final. That Leeds game doesn't reflect a typical game for us. Not too bothered, as I said its just a bit cheeky.
  12. So much for Ziegler being given one more week to be right for Victory.
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