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  1. Yeah I thought that was interesting. Federal Labor proposed electric car policy at the last federal election and were hammered for "declaring war on the weekend" by the Liberals. Now state Liberals are in their own words "going pedal to the metal" with an electric car policy that looks very similar.
  2. You don’t even need to make it up. You can use actual lines from his football commentary. Judge: So what have you prepared for us Archie? Archie: I don’t know to be honest.
  3. Can’t wait for Paramount to take over and VAR actually has decent camera angles. No idea how you can overturn a decision with footage from ground level, at half way and through players legs.
  4. I thought Foden was the best of the front three. He was good against Croatia but was the first to be subbed off in that game too. In my opinion Southgate needs to drop Kane and decide whether he wants to get in behind teams playing a combination of Foden, Rashford, Sterling and Sancho, or playing a target man with a combination of Foden, Sterling, Calvert-Lewin and Grealish. The draw makes things a little more tricky for the last group game. If England had won they’d be guaranteed top two in the group. They could legitimately rest a lot of players given how fast the games are coming, and
  5. Southgate has to take responsibility for that one. Kane was poor against Croatia and again against Scotland. Still think that he’s only being played because he’s captain. Kane was never going to make quick runs in behind, so Scotland could play a relatively high line during England’s build up to take away all the space between the lines and Southgate took too long to fix it. By the time he made the changes Rashford couldn’t get in behind as it was late enough for Scotland to play deep and try the counter. Grealish was great running at players and you could see the defence panic and s
  6. Saying that the team that finished sixth and are playing an away final down the road from their home ground deserve a full house sounds a little tone deaf, especially when the team that finished first is playing their home final in another state.
  7. I'm guessing it was a response to what happened to Eriksen but Denmark came out hard and should have been a few goals up in the first half. Maybe the emotion and exertion of it all hurt them in the second half, although being able to bring De Bruyne off the bench also helps. Belgium look good going forward and will always have goals in them but I don't know if their defense is up to winning a tournament. Don't have a lot of confidence in Vertonghen, Alderweireld and Denayer (although great name for a defender). If they give up that many chances against Italy, who look like their most like
  8. Depends which Adama Traore they're talking about.
  9. If his cooking is anything like his commentary he may not survive being given so many sharp knives.
  10. Reminds me of that dour 0-0 draw between France and Denmark in Australia's group of the last World Cup, which guaranteed they both progressed.
  11. Just saw a tweet that he scored 101 goals in 671 appearances for Real Madrid, so a goal every 6.6 games as a defender. For comparison, and since I already looked up the stats for the post above, Sotirio has almost exactly the same rate of a goal every 6.6 games, but as an attacker.
  12. I wasn't really rating Italy coming into the tournament but they've been good. Don't think Turkey and Switzerland put up much of a fight but they still got the job done convincingly. The spine of Donnarumma, Bonucci, Chiellini (if he's not badly injured), Jorginho and Immobile is going to be a match for most teams, plus they have players with the quality of Chiesa coming off the bench.
  13. If by scores in every game he plays you mean scored 19 goals in 126 appearances then I guess so.
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