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  1. New referee has been good so far.
  2. Russell has had a bit of a rough time lately but I wonder whether he’d be more comfortable as a wingback? He’s got a good motor, likes to go forward and may be a bit happier with an extra CB to cover.
  3. I agree that we suck this season, but it's a bit of a stretch to say that the team coming 8th out of 11 and the only team to beat the side that has "unquestionably been the A-League's strongest team so far this season" is also the "candidate for worst team of the decade".
  4. Davo

    Simon Cox

    From corners: "Cox stands tall and puts his impressive head to good use"
  5. Matt Sim and Ryan Griffiths spring to mind.
  6. Is that the database that gives Meier and Le Fondre the same rating?
  7. Roots Hall to Rooty Hill. Obvious really.
  8. Labor implemented it when they were in government and had a mandate to do so, just as the Liberals repealed it when they were in government and had a mandate to do so. Everyone knows that you're not going to get action on climate change from a Liberal government yet they got voted in and did exactly what everyone knew they would do were they elected. Yes they lied about Labors plans and look where it got them, they're in government dictating policy. Labor played nice and look where it got them, in opposition watching the world literally burn. Both sides are trying to win and one did better than the other. I can kind of see where Midfielder is coming from as I don't understand blaming the winners for winning rather than the losers for losing. Doesn't mean they're not responsible for what they're doing. The winners aren't going to change when they're winning so if you want change you need to the losers to do better.
  9. While we're debating whether being 8th in an 11 team comp justifies sacking our manager Barcelona have just sacked their manager. They're currently top of La Liga.
  10. On Sunday Silvera was playing for the Mariners against Victory. Today he's listed in the preseason squad for LAFC.
  11. Yeah there have been a few smurfs on Reddit saying how it makes them uncomfortable.
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