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  1. This article from the Washington Post by an expert of constitutional law is refuting the argument being made by some that once Trump is out of office impeachment can’t be applied to him. In there he talks about the separation of votes for conviction and for disqualification from future office. “To be sure, a former officer may no longer be “removed” even upon conviction by a two-thirds vote. But that has no bearing on whether such an ex-officer may be barred permanently from office upon being convicted. That separate judgment would require no more than a simple majority vote.”
  2. Woman trampled in Capitol riots had 'don't tread on me' flag One of the Trump supporters who died at the Capitol went with the Gadsden flag, i.e. the coiled up rattlesnake with the "don't tread on me" caption. Her friend is claiming that she died when she was trampled by the crowd. While its easy to laugh at her being killed by irony, accounts from her friends and family say that she was an otherwise normal, decent person that just went down the Qanon rabbit hole.
  3. Well apparently they cancelled public tours of the Capitol due to the rona, so the only outsiders allowed in are guests of members of congress and their staff. A bunch of congress members have written to the new house and senate Sergeants of Arms and the Capitol Police Chief to start investigations into why there were a suspicious number of guests on the day before the riot, and why the rioters seemed to know their way around the building so well, almost like they've been shown around before.
  4. Pressley's chief of staff said her office's panic buttons 'had been torn out' before Capitol riot From an interview with Democratic representative Ayanna Pressley's Chief of Staff Sarah Groh:
  5. Republican Lauren Boebert was just elected to the House of Reps and is a proper second amendment nut job who says she takes her gun into the Capitol "because it's her right". Interesting that she was tweeting updates of where everyone, particularly the speaker, was during the riot. Congressmen have confirmed that the Sergeant of Arms told her multiple times not to make any social media posts for security reasons. There's also this reply to one of her tweets.
  6. I believe it's a separate vote. The article of impeachment asks for "removal from office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States." The senate decides whether he should be removed from office (kind of pointless when it won't happen until after he's gone anyway) and then they vote again as to whether he should be disqualified from future office. I read somewhere that while a President has never been removed from office through impeachment federal judges have. In those cases it needed a two thirds majority to find them guilty but only a
  7. Weird one in the Burnley v Manchester United game in the prem yesterday. United defender Luke Shaw makes a tackle in his defensive third which the referee deems to be legal. United make their way up the field and play the ball in behind the defense for Cavani to go one on one with the keeper. Burnley defender Robbie Brady brings him down just outside the box and the referee gives a foul and a yellow card. VAR tells the ref it's probably a red for denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity and he should review it on the little TV. The referee reviews it and agrees that the Brady should be
  8. Trump impeached again. 10 House Republicans crossed the floor to vote with Democrats.
  9. We got goal of the week and save of the week.
  10. For the record I actually agree with the current approach to go through the full approval process rather than rush it through. We have no Covid patients in ICU and have had only two deaths in the last few months. There's no need to take the risk of rushing it through and it looks like we're on track to be the first country to grant general approval for a Covid vaccine. Everyone else so far has used emergency exemptions.
  11. I work in devices so I may be wrong here as I don't have the experience with medicines, but my understanding is that the exemption because of emergency applies to "therapeutic goods" generally and doesn't specify only devices. While the risks are significantly higher I believe it's still within the minister's power to exempt medicines in the event of a national emergency.
  12. Technically the Therapeutic Goods Act allows it because it has provisions to allow the Health Minister to make certain therapeutic products exempt from registration in a public health emergency. They did it back in March to allow unregistered face masks into Australia to top up the national stockpile.
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