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  1. A little off topic, but the mention of smallpox reminded me of a quote from Benjamin Franklin's autobiography that I've seen posted a bunch of times during the pandemic.
  2. Streaming services are even worse as they have the same number of ad breaks but a smaller selection of ads, so you see the same handful over and over again.
  3. Even if the courts rule that you can’t stop someone from working if they’re unvaccinated, the employer would still be required to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. My guess is that in some cases they would make the safeguards so onerous that the unvaccinated won’t want to work there. I could see separate break areas, masks at all times, negative tests every three days, etc.
  4. It seems like a lot of the current restrictions have been put in place in a way that allows easier policing and enforcement, rather than what makes the most sense from a public health perspective. I get that they need to make the rules enforceable, however the main inputs should be reducing the risk of the virus while minimising the impact on society. The data seems to show that the biggest risks are indoor workplaces and household transmission. Outdoor settings with social distancing and masks are very low risk. I don't see the benefit in limiting peoples time outside to an hour. I'd als
  5. There are a few bits that I disagree with pretty strongly. What's absurd is equating banning cars with a vaccine passport. The car is the cause of the harm, so the equivalent would be banning the flu. It doesn't make sense. As mentioned previously in this thread, the better comparison to a vaccine passport is a drivers licence. Evidence that some controls have been put in place to reduce the risk of harm. Nobody argues that drivers licences lead to "collateral economic and societal damage that is too high", even though not having a licence means people can lose their jobs. We s
  6. Didn’t think it was that close to his head until I saw this photo.
  7. Yep I did it yesterday and it worked. Got the confirmation email and Apple billed me for the $5.99. I just checked my subscriptions in my Apple ID and it still says I have the annual subscription but I can’t select that option anymore.
  8. I had a similar experience. They had their apology offer for people who they screwed at the 2018 World Cup where they would give customers a free Fetch mini box. The next time I was at the shops I wandered into an Optus store and asked them about it. Walked out with the box and a years free Optus Sport. That allowed me to continue using it on my phone, iPad, etc. and the Fetch box for using it on my tv. Instead of one year I ended up getting two for free before it told me the subscription ended and it stopped working on the apps. The Fetch box still works fine though, and every month I get an
  9. New restrictions on prescribing ivermectin for COVID-19 The TGA have introduced additional restrictions on GP's prescribing Ivermectin. Now they are only allowed to prescribe it for TGA approved conditions. Before anyone accuses them of a coverup or censorship, the restrictions apply to GP's, however certain specialists such as infectious disease physicians are allowed to prescribe for unapproved indications. Apparently one of the reasons for the change is because "there has been a 3-4-fold increased dispensing of ivermectin prescriptions in recent months, leading to national and loc
  10. So you could frontload two marquees in year one and have them on minimum wage under the cap in year two. Backload two players on minimum wage under the cap in year one and marquees in year two. Have two designated players on $600k for both years. Then by taking up the cap space of two minimum wage players you'd effectively have 6 players outside the cap, two on $600k a year and two one whatever you can afford to pay them.
  11. There are plenty like you who have and enough and don't tune in anymore, which is understandable given the way they desperately try to avoid answering any questions, however it looks like there are a lot of people who do tune in. ABC News and Sky news, i.e. both sides of the political divide, show a daily spike in viewers during the 11am briefings.
  12. So they're saying that cases are expected to peak this week, and that hospitalisations, deaths and the load on the intensive care system will peak in October. Basically we're just about to get into the worst of this wave. Then in the same press conference, they're not going to bother turning up or being accountable to the media during the worst of this wave.
  13. Yeah it'll be ongoing boosters, the same as other things like whooping cough etc. The alternative is we let everyone's vaccinations wear off, lose resistance to the virus and it runs through the whole community. Given that we've got a decent number of people vaccinated now and a strict lockdown, yet we're still seeing enough cases and hospitalisations that ambulances are queuing up at hospitals and ICU's are filling up, I don't want to see what it would be like without those protections in place. Plus with that many cases going around we'll see more mutations and variants, which could add
  14. I can imagine that email chain. "We'd be happy to chat as soon as possible." "Just following up on the previous email. If you have any questions please let me know." *adds high importance flag* "Can you please confirm you received the below email." *adds read receipt request*
  15. It hasn't been vaccines only, there have been studies into treatments and more are ongoing now. My post was in response to your comment about prioritisation. Given the benefits of vaccines, both in reducing the spread of the disease and reducing the severity of the illness for those who still get it, I believe it was absolutely correct to dedicate a larger focus of limited research capacity to vaccines. Going back to our car analogies, it's like how car companies are putting more focus on active safety devices, such as anti-lock brakes, cars the detect obstructions and stop on their own,
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