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  1. Muller seems to be up for some long shots and Duke had that cannon against the Jets but we don't do it enough. Although I wonder how much of it is instruction from the manager and how much is our build up play being too slow so players always have a wall of defenders in front of them when they want to shoot.
  2. Davo

    Danijel Nizic

    Pretty sure he had that look in his eyes every time the ball came his way.
  3. There was another one the night before in the Manchester derby. Player slid in to block a cross and the ball hit the lower hand. It was waved away by the on field referee and the decision confirmed by the VAR.
  4. We’re 11 points off first and three points off the team in last, who’ve played one less game than us. Doesn't look great...
  5. If a press conference happens in New Zealand but nobody’s there to hear it, does it make a sound?
  6. See that rule is just moronic. What the hell does using your arms to make your “silhouette unnaturally bigger” even mean? Presumably having arms is considered natural, so it’s the position of the arms that matters. I read that as saying that if you deliberately put your arms out to make yourself big or actively attempt to block the ball it’s an unnatural position. However, if you don’t do anything deliberately with your arms and they just end up naturally where they end up in the act of performing whatever movement you’re doing, by definition that’s a natural position. But that goes against the second last paragraph, which says it’s not about intent it’s about outcome. If the player didn’t deliberately put their arms there then it can only be considered a natural position. The intent determines whether the position is natural or not. It’s all a mess. The only way I see handball working is one of two ways. The first is to say any contact with the arm, regardless of context or intent, is considered handball. Then the only thing the referee/VAR has to prove is contact with the arm. It’d be much easier to rule on and you’d get less arguments, although it could end up like field hockey where players deliberately hit the ball at opponents feet to win penalties. The second is to go back to more like the old rule where it needs to hit the arm and in the referees opinion it has to be deliberate. It’s up to interpretation but so many other rules are so why not this one?
  7. The handball rule is so much worse since the changes. They talk about the arm being away from the body and about it being in a “natural position”. But what happens when being away from the body is the natural position? It seems now that unless you run around with your arms pinned to your sides and your hands in your pockets it’s an “unnatural position” which is completely backwards. Schwegler had his arm down low in a completely natural position for somebody moving laterally and trying to get a leg out to block a shot. He clearly wasn’t putting his arm there to make himself bigger and as he could see the shot coming in he was actively trying to move his arm away from the ball and behind his body. Under the current rules I can’t see how that’s a penalty, and if they’re being interpreted in a way that makes it a penalty then the rules are completely broken.
  8. Le Fondre scores his 10th goal of the season. For reference, our whole team have scored 9.
  9. Yep Harper’s being ridiculous. Ref gave him multiple opportunities to get on with it. The referee loses all authority if he lets a player get away with that. Corica should have been booked and Ninkovic came close to talking his way to a second yellow.
  10. Babbel has made some weird decisions in the last few weeks but this game was crazy. It’s not the first time that we’ve been getting overrun in the last 10 minutes yet he fails to use all three subs. Imagine being on the bench and effectively being told that the guy who’s run for 80 minutes is more useful than you when you’re fresh. It’s also the second week in a row we’re losing and he makes a like for like sub rather than try to change things. Last week it was Kamau off for Adam and this week Muller off for Meier. Why not hook a defender or a midfielder and bring on an attacker? The three at the back wasn’t working so after the pen why not take McGowan or Jurman off instead of Muller, revert to a back four and go for it? Also what was he thinking with the switch to the back three? We were controlling possession and generating way more chances than them, which was working well enough that we’d equalised. Wellington were getting outplayed and no longer winning at home so they were the ones that needed to change things. Instead we changed and brought them back into the game.
  11. If you genuinely believe that had the penalty not been given there was a better than evens chance of another goal in the last couple of minutes, I’d like to enquire about your bookmaking services. Wouldn’t get those odds anywhere else. As for a draw not being good enough, I never said it was and totally agree with you.
  12. So you reckon we still would have lost without the shyte pen?
  13. Wonder whether Arnie will rely on Grant to hack Messi out of the game.
  14. Wasn't his knee the reason he didn't play in the Jets game?
  15. So he's choosing between being chased by "several Championship clubs" or signing on to what would be our 5th manager in two and a bit seasons...
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