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  1. Out of our price range. And by that I mean medical bills, not salary.
  2. The club aren’t answerable to us in the sense that there isn’t a requirement forcing them to explain their ongoing failure. Maybe if they were the kind of club that chose to act that way and have some sort of accountability we’d be more successful. If you don’t set quantifiable targets and then measure performance against those targets then where’s the motivation or accountability? They just make vague statements of being a “big club” yet the current ownership have won zero trophies and have an average league finishing position of 6.4 out of 10 since taking over. So far the only person to lose their job over this appears to be Gombau.
  3. We finally get to take this season behind the chemical shed and shoot it. You’d think we lose this game although I kinda expect us to go peak WSW and demolish them 5-0, because wondering where that’s been all season would be even more infuriating.
  4. Majok getting in some early practice belting the ball over the bar onto the Central Coast Highway?
  5. Hamill had better be in a body cast tomorrow. You’re losing, in stoppage time and have no subs left. Tough it out captain.
  6. A few years back I was in Gosford and there happened to be a Mariners game on against Adelaide so I went. This was back when NTS played for us and had played against the Mariners a week or so earlier. The Mariners fan behind me took one look at Osama Malik and said “I didn’t know Topor-Stanley transferred to Adelaide”.
  7. It’s going to be all crosses and corners into a packed defense. I wonder if Babbel regrets hooking Riera and Duke?
  8. If that’s how Tarek marks I wouldn’t let him look after my kids...
  9. 99 times out of 100 the referees don’t give that. We do it and it’s a pen.
  10. Seriously some of our players are brainless. If there’s a free kick in the D and the kicker is taking a run up from the centre circle there’s no way he’s getting it over the wall and back down. The only way he scores is if the wall moves. So they jump and scatter like it’s a hand grenade...
  11. If that’s the case then we just witnessed history as it would be the first time in Matt Simon’s career that he tried to run around someone.
  12. Even when they’re not watching the ball either and just running into defenders?
  13. Kamau with a candidate for the worst cross seen on Easter weekend...