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  1. If Bolt is genuinely doing this to become a professional footballer he should be willing to accept minimum wage to get a contract. The only reason he should be turning down a Mariners contract is if another club offers him more money or playing time. Don't blame Charlesworth for asking though. If the FFA were spineless enough to let City get away with signing two marquees, then asking for an extra spot for Cahill, then helping the uber rich CFG pay his salary why not ask for this?
  2. Davo

    UEFA Nations thingie

    Kinda makes sense in that teams are playing against opponents at a similar level, so you get less games where teams like Gibraltar and the Faroe Islands get tonked 10-0 and nobody gets anything out of it.
  3. The first goal was decent, the second was a tap in after a complete defensive disaster and he bombed a whole bunch of other opportunities that a proper striker would have buried. Still has a worse first touch than Matt Simon and his pass completion rate is terrible. Basically he's there to use his speed to get onto through balls and his height to get on to crosses. At least he looked fitter than his first game, where he played the last 15 mins, walked for most of it and was completely gassed afterwards.
  4. Lol Bolt scored. Cancel the South West Sydney expansion bid.
  5. The only risk is that there are 6 groups in the upcoming World Cup and we're currently ranked 6th in the world. I agree that we need to use friendlies to try new players but we also need results, otherwise we could drop to 7th and go from pot 1 to pot 2 in the group stage draw. Japan and Brazil are currently 7th and 8th, have already qualified and will probably be doing everything they can to try and get into pot 1.
  6. Davo

    FFA Cup 2018

    And a chance to see how they hold up after Arnie poached their strength and conditioning coach.
  7. Davo

    NRMA Gone.? Who's next.?

    Wait, so is it black with blue stripes or white with gold stripes?
  8. Wonder where he heard that...
  9. I don't get why everyone calls the FFA Cup preseason. They're competitive matches and you win a trophy at the end of it. We should be aiming to win everything as a club, especially a competition we haven't won before. I want us to be the first club to win the plate, the toilet seat, the cup and the ACL.