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  1. Here's the Fox Sports confirmation, complete with photo of player who doesn't play for us anymore...
  2. Test cricket rules. If the series is drawn the previous winners retain the trophy.
  3. Puskas Award right here. May as well hand out the trophy now.
  4. Interesting. So we have location specific sponsors rather than shirt specific.
  5. Does anyone know why we played the Mariners with the home jersey, but with the JD logo from the away jersey rather then the usual Centuria logo?
  6. I'm less interested in the flag and the anthem, but becoming a republic is an opportunity to have a complete rewrite of the constitution. Could fix all sorts of issues relating to political donations and lobbying, voting systems, corruption etc.
  7. Says something when they're outraged at being appointed the most experienced and highly regarded referee in the league. Almost as if getting correct decisions is a negative for them...
  8. But the class action is against the government incorrectly demanding payment by guessing their income using averages rather than actually gathering evidence. Nothing to do with the people who cheat the system and doesn't excuse them of what they did. Imagine if a police officer could go to an area where one percent of people have criminal convictions and randomly arrest one in every one hundred people based on the average, regardless of whether they've done anything wrong. By your logic he gets a pass because if other people didn't commit crimes it wouldn't have been a problem in the first place.
  9. Didn't think Biden was going to win Iowa but I thought he'd at least beat Klobuchar.
  10. We’ve finished in the top half of the table three times in our club’s existence. I’ll call second and a Grand Final good times.
  11. Fox are showing extended highlights from a WSW v CCM game in season four, man it’s depressing. The away bays are packed, Ned Zelic is commentating like a maniac and we’ve got a starting lineup of Redmayne, Neville, Astro, Alberto, Jamieson, Andreu, Dimas, Nichols, Castellen, Vidosic, Bridge. Good times.
  12. Sydney FC star Ninkovic omitted from Champions League squad
  13. You joke but Simon Hill was tweeting about something adjacent to that the other day. When the Vic government gives $67 per participant to football and $1,444 per participant to AFL I bet I can guess which one is cheaper to play.
  14. CumDog and the Cox. Could be a strike partnership or a breakfast radio show.
  15. If that stuff with the map is true it's insane. She has a masters in European Studies from Cambridge and he's asking her if she knows where Ukraine is on a map.
  16. Also if he decides that this is a sackable offence then I guarantee similar examples involving all the other cabinet ministers will start to come out and suddenly he's painted himself into a corner. Does he sack them all to be consistent or does he not sack them and get accused of hypocrisy or discrimination?
  17. Davo

    Cricket thread

    My favourite part is that the England cricket team have Specsavers as a major sponsor.
  18. So Arnie was the “hack” and the “bum” in a match where a guy was literally named Kim Hak-bum.
  19. Luongo's red card from Aussie referee Gillett rescinded
  20. Wind farms killing birds and making people sick? So on top of ignoring the science on climate change we’re ignoring the studies that show fossil fuel power generation kills twenty times the birds per kW produced than wind, and that complaints about wind turbine illness correlate with media coverage rather than turbine location, demonstrating the nocebo effect.
  21. My main memory of Kosmina coaching is him sinking lower and lower in to his Bunnings chair as each of our six goals went in against Adelaide in season one. No thanks.
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