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  1. David Squires on … Wigan Athletic going into administration
  2. They could be in Brisbane by now if they just got in the team bus yesterday morning and drove...
  3. Yeah I googled the exact phrase and about half the results use words like "debunking", "fact check" or "stop spreading lies".
  4. He's a year and a half older than Schwegler and will be 35 at the start of the next season. Sub off the bench is probably the most we could regularly expect. Don't mind the idea of getting him into the coaching staff.
  5. There's a thread within that thread listing all of the key figures in the decision to go into administration. The player to the right of the guy in question should look familiar to WSW fans.
  6. Especially as United play Leicester and Chelsea play Wolves on the last day of the season. I think it may be a bit too far for Wolves as they've got a tougher run in, playing Sheffield, Everton and Chelsea in their last five games, plus their goal difference is the worst of the four teams. United have the easiest run in with Villa, Southampton, Crystal Palace, West Ham and Leicester but probably need to win all five to make it. In good form since the restart with four wins, a draw and an aggregate score of 12-2. Have a good goal difference but probably can't catch Leicester's GD. Chelsea have Sheffield, Liverpool and Wolves in their last three games and probably no room to drop many points in there. Depends if drunk Liverpool or regular Liverpool turn up. They also probably can't catch United and Leicester in GD so they'll need to do it on points. Leicester have the most points and the best GD so they're in a good position but their form has been pretty bad since the restart (two draws against relegation threatened teams, a loss to Everton and a win against Palace). They also have a tough run in with Arsenal, Sheffield, Spurs and United in their last five games. Based on form and the remaining games my guess is Wolves miss out, United make at least 4th and it's a toss up between Leicester and Chelsea for the other spot.
  7. That family tree is messed up. The new baby has a step-sister who's a grandmother and 65 years older than him. He would also be somebody's great-uncle.
  8. Lopar is a big loss but otherwise we seem to have kept the squad together. So many other teams are falling apart with foreign players and managers leaving so we have a better chance than before lockdown. The teams directly ahead of us on the table have lost their manager, lost their visa players, feel like one bust up from a complete implosion (looking at you Western United) or will spend the rest of the season playing away from their families in another country. If we can get into the top 6 then anything can happen. We can beat City and seem to have the smurfs figured out this season.
  9. From that article posted previously, apparently the COVIDSafe app is the approved app for Australia but they haven't implemented the update to the app to have it work with the exposure logging system. In theory the app is still logging the interactions with other people, it's just stored exclusively in the app at the moment.
  10. Looks like Mitt Romney is banking on Trump losing and the Republicans suddenly claiming they were against him all along. If they get wiped out in November they're going to have to make changes in the party and I wouldn't be surprised if Romney positions himself as the traditional Republican leader from a pre-Trump era. As for your last point, it's not just the danger of a second term of Trump (although a lame duck Trump could do some serious damage in the two months after he loses). It's also a census year, so they'll be redrawing all of the congressional district boundaries with data that will last for the next 10 years. If it swings away from the Republicans massively then some of the crazy gerrymandering can be undone.
  11. Yeah from the article it says that the system can only be turned on by an approved app and only one app is approved per country. I looked on my phone (iPhone), the exposure logging is off and I can't turn it on myself. It says "You cannot turn on Exposure Logging without an authorised app installed that can send Exposure Notifications". The article also says that COVIDSafe currently doesn't use the system and is going to testing to see if it can be implemented. As far as I can tell the Exposure Logging system isn't for recording data, that's the app. It's just to allow approved apps to have better access to Bluetooth and better manage battery life. I think it's to do with issues around running the app in the background and it not getting priority for Bluetooth.
  12. Here's some more information about it. Not as bad as it sounds. Google’s Coronavirus Contact Tracing Setting Isn’t Tracking You
  13. Craig Foster to leave his permanent role at SBS. Statement from SBS regarding Craig Foster
  14. Davo

    Tomi Juric

    Socceroo Juric reportedly tests positive for COVID-19
  15. Davo

    Joey Gibbs

    That commentator is way too excited for a tap in to make it 4-0.
  16. Was it ever actually confirmed that it was a WSW fan who reported them or has that one tweet just become "fact" now?
  17. From this mornings press conference.
  18. The best analogy I've seen in response to that is it's like when a toddler closes their eyes and thinks nobody can see them.
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