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  1. That’s the thing that bugs me about this. AFL/NRL/Union players are regularly getting caught doing drugs, drink driving, bashing their wives and girlfriends (sometimes the same player bashing their wife and their girlfriend) and they go through some league mandated education program so they can become a redemption story. This guy makes some offensive social media posts (the homophobic type, not the leaking sex tapes or partners nudes like the previously mentioned players) and its career over.
  2. I'd take him. Just make a rule that he can't go home from training until he hits ten accurate crosses in a row, Miss one and he starts again. He'll either get good or die of exhaustion and we get an injury replacement player in.
  3. He was so far out of the penalty area he wasn't in the camera shot.
  4. It's lucky the AFL taught them about taking sport to China.
  5. I’m all about giving youth a chance but that pretty much says the less youth you play the higher up the table you finish.
  6. Maybe Mack can do another site upgrade. Worked last time.
  7. Knows where the goal line is better than Sotirio ever did.
  8. They’ve looked at the number of times its happened so far and come to the logical conclusion that in a shootout they’re inevitably going to send someone off for two VAR yellow cards.
  9. My guess is Fox Sports won't let them show it without paying for it and the club wants to put ads on the screen that make them money.
  10. Or at derbies when they show the highlights from the previous derby on the big screen before the match. Lets get everyone excited for the game by reminding the home fans of the last humiliation. I'm sure we're the only league in the world where the home team shows highlights of a loss to their biggest rivals on the big screen.
  11. That whole thread is amazing. Makes our offseason look tame.
  12. Just do what the A-League does and release a press conference every Monday saying all your decisions were correct. Seriously though, if you have no assistants you're always going to miss some close ones so saying that you can only call what you see seems like the best way to manage players. I once played a game where my body was between the referee and the ball, the ball hit my hip and the referee called handball. I told him it didn't touch my arm, it hit my body and he told me he saw it hit my hand. Had he just said he thought it was handball based on his view I can't argue with that. He had no assistants and it was a difficult angle. Instead by telling me he definitively saw something that clearly didn't happen he's saying that he won't even entertain the possibility that he could be wrong and will make things up to justify it. I didn't make a big thing out of it but a lot of players would be getting 10 mins on the sideline in that scenario.
  13. Davo

    Nick Fitzgerald

    Thought he'd have gone to Blacktown AA8's based on how people rate him on here.
  14. Michel Platini in custody over awarding of World Cup 2022 to Qatar
  15. Were it not for that goalkeeping disaster at the end we’d be third and playing France next.
  16. Rumor has it Brosque knew he'd come up short and immediately retired from football.
  17. He's played over 250 Bundesliga games for Dortmund and has over 100 caps for the Polish national team. The only concern is that he'll turn 34 this season but he'd kill the A-League.
  18. I always found this interesting on the topic.
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