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  1. Davo

    Vedran Janjetovic

    You can, but as it stands you'd either have to get the player to agree to terminate the contract without getting paid for the remainder of their contract or pay them the balance of the contract and have it count towards the cap. In the above hypothetical you could pay them out and not have it count towards the cap.
  2. Davo

    Vedran Janjetovic

    But you could then have a situation where you have one squad spot, $100k left in the cap and a player that's only willing to sign for one year for $200k. You give them a two year $100k per year deal, terminate the contract after one year and pay out the remaining $100k (which doesn't count towards the cap) so you effectively paid him $200k for one year when you only had $100k cap space left.
  3. Davo

    Last ANZ Derby Drawn

    You'd think someone named Ufuk would have thicker skin...
  4. Although he rarely hits the target...
  5. Davo

    Sydney FC: Season 2018/19

    Who will referee ESFC games now?
  6. Davo

    Last ANZ Derby Drawn

    Gallifuoco was surprisingly good, which was lucky because Baccus had an awful first half and Babbel was right to hook him at half time. Because they played 45 minutes each its easy to compare how they performed (although easts were always going to tire in the second half and he came on fresh). I just checked the stats and was a little surprised to see that Baccus had a higher pass completion rate than GG (72% vs 60%) however GG attempted more passes so he actually completed more than Baccus (15 vs 13). Going forward GG took more shots and crosses and created more chances. Defensively he made more tackles and attempted 9 duels (the same as Baccus) but won 8 of them while Baccus only won 1.
  7. You sure that's the desire to get a result you're feeling and not the chili sauce from the kebab?
  8. So based on the "safety" regulations the pitch has to be at least 12m narrower than the fences sideline to sideline. That means the width range is only 64-69m and the average distance from the side fence to the sideline would be between 6m and 8.5m. For the length the minimum distance from the fence doesn't matter because the longest allowable pitch wouldn't conflict with it. If it's 110m long the goal lines will be 10.5m from the fences, if it's 100m they'll be 15.5m from the fences. All the pictures look awesome and we're close to the pitch, but when you look at the numbers I thought we'd be closer than that.
  9. Davo

    Finals Hopes Extinguished

    Lately our players wait till they're on the pitch before they get screwed.
  10. Davo

    Valet Parking Robot

    Meanwhile in Sydney... Parking pandemonium as council forgets to paint the lines on resurfaced parking lot
  11. Don't all of the top 4 get a home final at some point? If the SCG is out then they're going to need somewhere.
  12. Spurs have just finished building their brand new stadium that will be their home for the next 50+ years. Could you imagine if the FA decided to hold an Arsenal game there before Spurs got to play on it? They'd probably burn it down rather then let them have it first.
  13. Football Federation Australia statement on Sydney Cricket Ground How can the FFA say "Last night’s conditions were unacceptable" and in the same press release say “The processes we have in place approved the surface last night as playable and safe"? Either their processes are inadequate or they are not competent enough to follow their processes effectively.
  14. Riera is off contract and no guarantee of staying. It sounds like Baumjohann is going. We need a commanding midfielder, both our current starting center backs to no longer be starting players and a new goalkeeper. So we potentially need to replace the entire spine of the team to be competitive. That doesn't fill me with confidence that we won't be waiting till mid season for our players to all remember each others names.
  15. So another massive clean out and another wait until round 15 for the team to "gel". Then because we didn't get going until mid season we won't win anything so they season will be a failure and we'll need another clean out. The WSW cycle continues...
  16. Davo

    Interesting Football Stuff.

    PSG drop points to 9th placed Strasbourg, including this "miss". Match fixing much?
  17. Mileusnic signs a two year extension with Adelaide.
  18. I hope Hoffman is actually out. He always seems to turn into Ronaldo against us.
  19. Good to score three away against the US but copping five is worrying. The last goal in particular was just a long ball over the top from the keeper and they were in.
  20. That's my biggest worry about Kamau at fullback. Imagine trying to defend against some of the bigger, more physical wide attackers like Duke or David Williams.
  21. The fire alarms stop going off every morning because "that idiot who keeps burning his toast in the lunch room" stopped turning up.
  22. The thing with Gallop is he could genuinely resign and not realise that he's done it on April first. They're all like "ha good one Dave" and then Tuesday rolls around and his desk is still empty.