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  1. For someone who was knocked unconscious, turned on his side by a teammate to prevent choking and had their neck stabilised by the physio, they sure threw Wales back on the field pretty quickly.
  2. Whyman was the reason they made extra time. Victory completely dominated and should have put on a cricket score but between her saves and their ability to miss from right in front they nearly went to pens. Still must suck to cop an olympico as it ticks over 120mins.
  3. Troisi in the post match interview: “As a South Australian boy it’s good to see the club doing well. I hope they can keep it up.” Just stay there then.
  4. That foot race between Ziegler and Toure was terrifying. Looked like a pensioner with a walking frame accidentally stumbled into the Olympic 100m final.
  5. Explosive finish by Cox. Also imagine if we actually played wingers instead of wingbacks and we could see runs like Ibini’s more often.
  6. You’re losing and the opponent went down to 10 men before half time. Why did Carl wait until the 60th minute like he does every week. Also he’s finally switched to a back four but kept all three centre backs on.
  7. Adelaide set up with a press to exploit Ziegler’s inability to play football. The red changes things but this is where Carl earns his money. What we were doing wasn’t working at all and we’re losing so the onus is on him to change things. Playing a back 5 against what will be a lone striker in Juric should be the first thing to go. Also Vaert needs to settle down. The first yellow was completely reckless and nowhere near the ball, easy yellow. The second was a trip to stop a counter, a yellow every time. Also his argument that it was the wrong player because Elsey ran into a Duke who was
  8. Any other team that’s an automatic pen and then up to VAR to overturn. With the smurfs it’s always the other way around.
  9. Can Oscar and Hulk do it on a rainy Tuesday night at Marconi?
  10. I saw that Philip died before I went to bed last night. Woke up this morning and there was a truck out the front of my neighbour’s place as they’re moving house. The company logo on the side of the truck said Monarch Removals.
  11. Stajcic also brought in a bunch of players that have worked well with his system. In our game with them this week he started Bozanic, Urena, Nigro and Bouman, and brought on Casella in the second half who were all off season signings.
  12. It’s ok. Archie says something dumb every match week.
  13. Archie tried to say that the cross was low and hard but ended up saying it was lard and ho, although given his usual punditry he may have meant it that way.
  14. The Fox Sports greatest goalkeeper in the history of the A-League nearly scored the worlds funniest own goal.
  15. I can't wait until the independent A-League clubs are allowed to run their own club websites. Feels wrong to have that article published on wswanderers.com.au when it's authored by Football Australia.
  16. Yeah I just looked it up and it appears he worked for SFC up to the grand final against Perth. His wife is from Perth so he moved there and works in the Glory academy.
  17. I'm not Carl out, but if we find a potential replacement from Nantucket...
  18. Too dangerous to continue so everyone has to leave the field immediately, right after we do all the interviews in the middle of the pitch.
  19. The Fox team are really sticking to their story that Baumjohann is amazing. They keep showing his stats on the screen and he’s had 3 shots on target all season. That’s poor for a local player but for a visa attacker...
  20. Commentator says Reddy deserves a clean sheet. 10 second later he lets in a shot straight at him.
  21. VAR is trash. Smurf defender went in two footed studs up and got no ball. On field ref waved it away and after a token 10 second review VAR upheld the decision.
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