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  1. Bit more info (or at least wild speculation) here: A-League expansion club Macarthur dealt blow by CEO's shock exit
  2. That's insane. So if a shot takes a small deflection off a referee and the keeper saves it it's a drop ball, but if it takes a bigger deflection, the keeper can't reach it and it goes in then it's a goal.
  3. Not sure what's the bigger news. Archie transferring into Spain or out of Fox Sports.
  4. You said two finals. Pretty sure his last two final wins weren't both Champions Leagues, one of them was the Micky Mouse Super Cup.
  5. Davo

    Jack Clisby

    Shes almost got as much hair as he does.
  6. The word "major" was not an accident in my post.
  7. The manager that has a record of 2 wins and 6 losses in major finals, including 2 Champions League final losses. Mentality.
  8. There's still plenty of time to get players in although I can understand some people getting impatient. We've had seasons in the past where we've signed players late then gone through the cycle of slow start, concerns around getting them up to fitness, lose a few more games, players are fit but now they need to "gel" with the rest of the team, lose some more, sign a few emergency players in January to push for the finals, wait for those players to "gel", finish a disappointing season and release all the players. As I said we're still a way away from that point and I'm not worried, but people remember.
  9. Probably worried you were going to ruin her multi.
  10. Why wouldn't the club send out a tweet when we sign a player to our first team squad? Also I like how the club is old enough now that players who supported us as young kids are starting to get signed to the first team. The whole "player signs for boyhood club" thing is a bit of a cliche but if anyone in the A-League can make a habit of it it'll be WSW.
  11. Davo

    FFA Cup 2019

    Time and location confirmed. Wednesday 28th of August 7:30pm at Campbelltown Stadium. Apparently we're the Fox Sports game that night.
  12. The community round is now the bye. You cut out the middleman and get a weekend off to go out into the community.
  13. Davo

    Daniel Lopar

    He has an absolute cannon of a foot as well. I didn't notice it in person at the Leeds game but last night on tv all of his long balls were massive. Once he gets an understanding with some of our quicker forwards playing off the shoulder of the last man we might be in for some cheeky route one goals.
  14. Davo


    Did the check bounce?
  15. Drew Sydney United. NSW police currently shitting themselves.
  16. Okon used to be managing an A-League club. Now he’s just playing with his balls.
  17. Beating the reigning premiers away fills me with a lot more confidence than stumbling over the line against Darwin this time last year.
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