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  1. Davo

    Mitchell Duke

    They got relegated from League Two last season, so it'll be a stroll in the park in the National League.
  2. Yep a draw will do it, regardless of the other result. It’d put us on 4 points and Egypt on 2 so we’d finish ahead of them. A Spain Argentina draw puts us ahead of Argentina on goal difference. A Spain win leaves Argentina behind us on 3 points. An Argentina win puts us ahead of Spain on goal difference. A win guarantees qualification and a loss guarantees elimination. For the neutral it’s actually been a pretty good group. Going into the last game all four teams could qualify or be eliminated.
  3. FFS Atkinson gets a yellow in the 95th minute to get himself suspended.
  4. Arzani has been much better this game. Turning Oscar Gil inside out.
  5. I posted the ATAGI report earlier, either in this thread or a vaccination thread, but their conclusions haven’t changed. From the start their report has weighed the risks of the vaccine against the benefits of reducing the risk of the virus. Their original report included multiple models with outbreaks of varying sizes, and as the modelled outbreak gets worse the benefit of the vaccine increases while the risk remains the same. This changes the risk to benefit calculation and the resulting health advice. As I said, this has been in the report from the beginning. In my opinion the thi
  6. A group of people wound up by largely right wing media misinformation, protesting peacefully to begin with, then becoming more illegal due to a misguided belief that they are “right”, resulting in violence against law enforcement and the mainstream media, endangering the public. Am I talking about the US Capitol riot or the Sydney protests?
  7. Yeah is wasn’t watching the game but following the score. Kiwis got one back fairly late to make it 3-1 and put us back ahead of the US. Folded hard and copped three in the last 10 mins.
  8. Channel 7 just showed a big split screen view with all of the sports currently showing and the different channels. They included the AFL on one of the secondary channels in the middle of all the Olympic sports. Ignoring the audacity of it I wonder what the IOC think of that.
  9. New Zealand were nothing special and USA are only two behind us on goal difference. If they really turn the kiwis over we could be going into the game behind them and a draw wouldn’t be enough for automatic qualification.
  10. That’s the Zambia side that lost 10-3 to the Netherlands in their first game. They don’t play boring football…
  11. Duke to the smurfs did cross my mind. An opportunity to came back home to his family, likely to be competing for titles, Arnie is his ear while they’re away at the olympics, etc. Given his history as our captain I’d be surprised if he did it.
  12. Saw a screenshot on reddit of Duke retweeting the clubs announcement of his departure with the caption “So happy to be putting that experience behind me and look forward to what is next! Big learning experience if anything.” Looks like he’s since deleted it.
  13. I think he’s talking about paid jobs.
  14. My guess is the NRL want a layer of protection between the players and the police. That way instead of reporting to the authorities immediately they have time to get their stories straight, brief the right people in the media, intimidate witnesses, reach out to the Police Commissioner who they’re already tapping up to be on the ARL Commission, etc.
  15. I’m in the Blacktown LGA so I was looking at the guidance for the new restrictions. For shopping it says you need to “Stay within your local government area or within 10km of your home”. I’m right near the border so I’m literally an edge case, but I can shop anywhere from Marsden Park and Riverstone, through to Seven Hills and Toongabbie in Blacktown. Within 10km I can also go into Cumberland, Parramatta and Fairfield LGA’s, as well as a tiny corner of Canterbury-Bankstown LGA. So basically I’m locked down, but can legitimately travel to a significant chunk of Sydney.
  16. I retract my pervious statement that we were getting smoked in this tournament. Get a point against Egypt and we’re a chance to go through regardless of the Spain result.
  17. Baccus on with two to go. Reckon it’s 50-50 that he gets booked.
  18. Graham Arnold football geniu… Nope can’t do it.
  19. Understandable. Need to save the gold for the match report headlines.
  20. Golden opportunity to use “argie bargie” not taken.
  21. Not sure why either player got booked there but I’ll take it.
  22. Just looked at the Spain side that’s playing Egypt at the moment. Five of the starting XI played for the senior side in the Euro semi against Italy. That’s not including Asensio and Ceballos. We’re getting smoked aren’t we?
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