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  1. Sotirio would be fine for training kids to run down the wing as long as you hand over to another coach when they get to the goal line, otherwise they’ll end up running into traffic.
  2. Reminds me of the Brazilian guy who used to do the seal dribble. Ended up retiring early due to a combination of managers not taking it seriously and defenders getting sick of him doing it and constantly injuring him.
  3. Aw man, I just assumed you were like Radar from MASH...
  4. Based on current polling I don't think he really has a choice. He needs to land a big shot on Biden or have Biden say something catastrophically dumb in the last debate, something to change things because as it stands he's going to lose.
  5. Yeah he kept running out of gas at the end of games and that led to him being caught up the field too often leaving gaps at the back. A back four where he can provide overlapping runs as required but isn't the sole source of width on one side may suit him more.
  6. Have Sydney FC really suffered? In their 15 seasons they've finished in the bottom half of the table 4 times (27%) and never finished in the bottom half in consecutive seasons. Their worst ever finish was 9th in an 11 team comp in 2010-11. In our 8 seasons we've finished in the bottom half of the table 5 times (63%) and done so in the last 4 seasons straight. We took a team that finished 2nd and made the Grand Final then blamed the move away from Parramatta for our decline. They took a team that finished 2nd and made the Grand Final, moved away from their home ground and won the double. So our 4 most recent seasons are as bad as the worst 4 seasons in their entire history and our most recent season had the same finishing position as their worst ever season. Every time they finished bottom half they made changes and were back in the top half again the following season. We finished 6th and the response was to finish 7th, 8th and then 9th. If we can take anything from what Sydney FC have done it's that big clubs don't tolerate prolonged periods of failure. They have a bad season, they make changes and they immediately improve.
  7. Well he is a real protective barrier for his goalkeeper.
  8. Was this info available before the auto renew date?
  9. Glad they've confirmed Lopar is staying although disappointed we lost Sullivan. Don't blame him for leaving as we never played him but I rated him whenever he did play, plus he's only 22.
  10. I rate Burgess as a senior, non-visa player. Clubs should be trying to lock down the decent local players who aren't too expensive as they're going to struggle to pull in quality foreigners. Also he looks like a hobo.
  11. As long as the fans get to leave star ratings after each match.
  12. Here's the announcement of an announcement announcement. Guess it's being confirmed today.
  13. Also the media has done a good job of making the focus the "affair" (which it isn't and they've done nothing wrong) rather than corruption (which may end up being a lot of wrong).
  14. There's a podcast I may have mentioned before called It Could Happen Here which was released in the first half of last year. It makes the argument that America is closer to a second civil war than many people realise. The host leans to the left and says as much at the beginning, but he grew up in conservative, rural, gun-toting America so he's a lot less dismissive of them than a lot on the left, particularly as the urban/rural divide is a big part of the discussion. He talked about armed right wing militia groups, large scale relatively peaceful protests by the left, Portland being the site of a lot of unrest, issues around policing and law enforcement in general taking a side, etc. Not sure it'll get as bad as he predicted but he's called a lot right so far.
  15. They could have fit the whole statement into a single tweet but instead they said "Club statement", attached a picture saying "Club Statement" and made me click a link. Now I hope we steal their coach.
  16. At the moment it's more #NoGrozosWePlayWithTen.
  17. Davo

    Perth Glory

    Perth saw how much of a shambles our club has become and decided to make the wooden spoon race interesting.
  18. Wrong Harry. Lets steal Harry Redknapp from the South Coast Mariners.
  19. Based on our signings so far I’m guessing Haliti, Heffernan or Beauchamp as the replacement.
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