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  1. Giuliani is in his seventies and smokes so he'd be in trouble. Chris Christie tested positive after being at the Rose Garden ceremony and the mask-less debate prep meeting with Trump, Hicks, Stephen Miller and Giuliani (all have tested positive so far except Giuliani). He's now in hospital and is very overweight so he's at risk. In terms of political concern, Pence would be a problem as it brings the remote possibility of President Pelosi into play. Ut has infected three Republican senators so far which has caused them to delay the confirmation hearing for Amy Coney Barrett. If they can't get that done before the election then go on to lose and still appoint her it's basically an open goal for the Democrats to stack the court. Also the Republican senators apparently meet three times a week for lunch and aren't known for wearing masks. The three infected senators went to those lunches in the week leading up to their positive tests so that could become a disaster for them pretty quickly, particularly as 11 Republican senators are over 70 and five are over 80.
  2. It's now 23 people that have positive cases linked to the White House outbreak. That includes A New York Times White House correspondent and two others from the media. Also Rudy Giuliani was with a bunch of people who have since tested positive and recently coughed his way through a Fox News interview claiming masks are a waste of time.
  3. They way things are going at the moment they're probably just as likely to be waiting for confirmation of a sponsor as they are confirmation of an A-League.
  4. Davo

    Sydney FC

    Well here's one loss for them. Looks like he's off to India too.
  5. Gotze just got picked up by PSV. Too slow WSW. Get your head in the game.
  6. He wasn’t a picture of health to begin with but he’s struggling for breath while standing still. It’s telling that his doctors said how his kidneys and liver were all good but refused to answer questions about his lung scans. Also they haven’t said he’s been discharged, which basically means they’ve just transferred him to the medical facilities in the White House and he’s still effectively “hospitalised”.
  7. It's Mourinho's MO. Steady the ship first season, title run second season, apocalyptic meltdown third season. I think Spurs will have a good year this year.
  8. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea Man City 2-5 Leicester City Leeds 1-1 Man City Man United 1-6 Tottenham Aston Villa 7-2 Liverpool *checks year* Carry on...
  9. It’s such a Trumpian lie in that it’s entirely unnecessary. If he’d just said he was resting everyone would understand but he has to pretend he’s working to look tough. And as I’ve said before, they aren’t competent liars so they got caught within 24 hours.
  10. The metadata in the photos shows that they were taken 10 minutes apart. So he did some paperwork in one room then they wheeled him into another room, gave him a jacket and made it look like he’s been working for hours.
  11. I have zero trust in him. I just don’t think they have the competence or capability to pull off a conspiracy like that. It is possible that they aren’t self aware enough to realise their shortcomings and have a crack anyway although I’d expect it fall over pretty quickly. They’re now up to three Republican senators testing positive and in two weeks quarantine, plus more who were close contacts and should be in quarantine. That’s the senate majority gone and two of the positive cases are part of the judiciary committee responsible for the Supreme Court confirmation hearing. If they don’t turn up and the Democrats don’t turn up they won’t have a quorum and can’t hold hearings. McConnell rejected a proposal for remote voting in congress so there’s no mechanism other than being there in person. I just see more downside than upside for the party. Trump is their useful idiot who gets them tax cuts for the rich and rolls back environmental regulations. Overturning Roe v Wade is one of their big goals and they need this Supreme Court spot. I can’t see them risking that just to benefit Trump.
  12. If it was just Trump, Melania and Hicks I would have been suspicious but it’s too many people now. It looks like the announcement of the Supreme Court nominee was the source based on who’s tested positive. They’ve been told to wear masks and socially distance but largely did neither at that event so it just makes them look dumb for ignoring obvious advice and getting sick. Plus it’s got two Republican senators who they need for the Supreme Court confirmation vote. Also I think such a complex conspiracy with so many moving parts is beyond the Trump campaign.
  13. His doctor confirmed they’re using an experimental antibody treatment on him. Everything’s a risk:benefit calculation but you’d think they wouldn’t try something experimental on the president unless they were concerned.
  14. Yeah that’s an important point. The people answering the phones didn’t make the decision to auto renew in October and don’t have the power to make any real decisions. You’re just being a knob if you take it out on them. Whenever I’ve had to deal with people from the club they’ve been great.
  15. The White House has confirmed that Trump has a fever and is being moved to hospital “out of an abundance of caution”. He’s elderly, clinically obese, refuses to exercise and now is confirmed as not being an asymptomatic case. This could be dicey.
  16. Pence has been in close contact with Trump in the last few days. Just a reminder that if Trump and Pence are both unable to carry out their duties the current line of succession would mean President Nancy Pelosi.
  17. If they make the next debate over Zoom it'll be a lot easier for the moderator to mute Trump when he talks over people.
  18. If only he hadn't had a test, none of this would have happened.
  19. Didn't mind the white collar on the leaked FIFA screenshot but seeing the actual photos I'm less of a fan. Black collar probably would have looked better. Away kit looks good. Also I've never liked the fully buttoned up polo look but it seems to be pretty popular at the moment and it doesn't look too bad unbuttoned.
  20. The annoying thing there is that large portions of land that has burned in the recent fires is managed by the federal government, not the states. Trump blames Democrat state officials but I read somewhere that 60 percent of California forests, 25 percent of Oregon forests and 44 percent of Washington forests are on federal land. Even if you ignore the actual answer, i.e. climate change, the incorrect answer he gives is also largely his fault.
  21. When CNN cut back to their panel after the debate finished Jake Tapper opened with:
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