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  1. Why is unknown long term effects of the vaccine a reason not to get it, but the unknown long term effects of COVID not a more compelling reason to get it?
  2. If we’re going with the seatbelt argument, what about airbags? There are a narrow set of circumstances in some low speed accidents where having an airbag is more dangerous than not having one. The government has made airbags mandatory on all new cars, knowing that there will statistically be a certain number of people who will die in accidents that they would have otherwise survived without an airbag. They do this because the benefits in pretty much any other accident massively outweigh the tiny chance of the added risks resulting in harm. The risks of the vaccine are about as tiny a
  3. It's also why what some people would call censorship, others would call media organisations knowing how reckless and dangerous it is to push untested and unapproved treatments, and being terrified of getting sued into oblivion if they did it and people got hurt.
  4. Just discovered that the Ten Play website has all of the AFC World Cup qualifiers. Also Oman just beat Japan in our group with an 88th minute winner.
  5. A lot of the more high tech stuff needs a data connection with their military network to actually work. I saw an article talking about the dangers of the Taliban getting some of the biometric identification equipment but it's basically useless unless you can log in to access the data. Bu agree, there's plenty of relatively low tech stuff that they can do some damage with.
  6. I saw my first Craig Kelly ad on tv today. Seems like they’ve started their usual spamming of political ads in the lead up to the election.
  7. I dunno. They seem like the kind of crowd that don’t use protection.
  8. Looks like the mainstream channels 6pm news showed pretty extensive footage and reporting on the protests around Sydney today. Doesn’t feel censored.
  9. So you're classifying anything other than a Grand Final win as "catastrophic failure"?
  10. Weirdly, NSW seems like the most logical place. It sounds like the plan is to try to avoid the 14 day quarantine period, as that would be a deal breaker for the AFC. States that have no cases would be taking a bigger risk by letting people in from overseas without hotel quarantine. One mistake and they have an outbreak. Here in NSW we have cases all over the place so bringing in a relatively small group of highly tested, traced and isolated people doesn't introduce much risk to our current situation. The problem will be the other teams. They'll be looking for any excuse to remove our
  11. Saw a post by a clinician in America treating unvaccinated covid patients in hospital. She was amazed at how many said they didn't get vaccinated because they didn't trust pharmaceutical companies, or what they were putting in the vaccines. They'd be saying this while she was administering all sorts of drugs while treating them, and they'd never ask what any of those drugs were, or what was in them, or who made them.
  12. They mentioned it in one of the press conferences about a week ago. Their claim was that they were finding shops and supermarkets were causing very few cases of transmission, and clogging up the exposure site list with every Woolworths and Coles wasn't adding value. Could also be that it makes them look bad and causes a whole bunch of extra tests that they seem to be running out of capacity to carry out. Also they never announced the change in reporting. It only came up when a reporter asked why there had been no supermarkets on the list for a couple of days.
  13. With the way new apartment buildings are cracking and falling over in NSW I'd rather take my chances with the 150 year old school.
  14. Two gold in the cycling pursuit to take an early lead in the medal tally. One of them won by lapping the silver medalist (and presumably the second best in the world).
  15. Wife and I got our first Pfizer shots this morning at the Qudos Bank Arena vaccination hub. Looked at my Service NSW check in details and from start to finish, including the 15 minute observation period, it took exactly 30 minutes. Two thumbs up. Would do it again in 8 weeks.
  16. Saw a post on reddit about this. The Managing Director of the company (called Cox Inall, seriously) is a guy named Tim Powell, who used to work as the Press Secretary to former NSW Liberal Premier Jeff Fehey. The General Manager, named Justine Sywak, used to work as a media advisor to former Vic Liberal Premiers Ted Baillieu and Denis Napthine. I’m sure that contract went through a fair and open tender process…
  17. If only they knew that rampant COVID has been shutting down businesses and cutting their revenue.
  18. It’s interesting how the NSW government is taking the approach of blaming the rule breakers for the outbreak rather than their day late dollar short lockdown. Gladys tried to talk up the 400 fines given out when one of the reporters rightly pointed out that 400 out of 8 million in NSW is actually a pretty good compliance rate considering the complex and ever changing rules. It’s the complete opposite approach to other laws, such as speeding. With speeding they’re all about adding cameras, bigger fines, double demerits, etc, all defended with the line “we’re doing it to save lives”. Yet wh
  19. My wife and I booked in for Pfizer yesterday. I created an account to book right after they announced they were opening it up to our age bracket and area. It was a little clunky but worked ok. My wife was picking up the weeks groceries at the time so I held off booking until she got back. By the time she tried to create an account the system was so jammed up that it took half an hour for the verification email to turn up and so long for the verification text that the code was invalid by the time it arrived. Luckily I was still logged in and you can add family members, so I could add
  20. They are, although how "rich are you" typically correlates with "how old are you" and older people have had access to the vaccines for longer.
  21. If you add up the "active in community" and the isolated it's pretty consistent across the last few weeks. The only one that's growing is "under investigation", suggesting that they've hit the cap for what they're able to trace and investigate in a day.
  22. That raises an interesting question. At a corner if an attacker knocks a defender over before the ball is in play, the on field officials miss it, the ball is played and the now unmarked attacker scores, can VAR go back and rule on it? Does it count as reviewing a goal when the incident happens before the play when the goal is scored?
  23. Yeah the approach from the referees this season has been interesting so far. Letting the game flow a lot more. Also I saw the league confirm that Bruno’s third goal would have been ruled out by VAR for offside last season, but using the thicker lines this season meant it stood.
  24. A couple of my team have jobs that can’t be done from home so they’ve been coming in throughout the lockdowns. They’ve got letters from the Managing Director stating that the work the company does is essential and that the work these people do can’t be done from home. One lives in Blacktown LGA, leaves that area to go to work and hasn’t ever been stopped or questioned. Maybe that’ll change with all the “ring of steel” stuff (I’m getting tired of hearing that term being thrown around). Also we’ve had these letters since the first lockdown last year, and have occasionally updated
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