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  1. Pass. Generated publicity for the A League and got us some tv and newspaper exposure, while at the same time failing to score a lot of goals for Victory and not living up to the hype. Best of both worlds.
  2. It's because England LOST that they showed it. The Australian sporting media always enjoy putting the boot in when England lose something. The mainstream media coverage has been terrible although no worse than I was expecting, with the exception of Fox Sports News which was disappointing. It's pretty poor that they all claim to be the 'first' with breaking news but they all showed the launch of the Wanderers after AFL and NRL stories when there was no real breaking news in those codes. The New South Wales origin side arriving in camp and the AFL player that got booed because he transferred were apparently more important and pressing stories than a new club being formed in the top tier of one of Australia's biggest sports. I'm hoping though that we're all part of the club that's going to really turn the tide in Sydney when it comes to sports coverage.
  3. I took MattAdamson's awesome work and added my limited Photoshop skills to come up with this:
  4. This is aweome! I hope they play Marconi & Syd Utd in pre-season trials every year (maybe even for a Cup!). Wld be a great way to build the bridges to the old NSL clubs. That's a great idea Disco. The West Sydney Cup. Although maybe each year you mix the teams around so all the West Syd. P/L teams get a match. We should just call it the 'Sydney Cup' but not invite Sydney F.C. Seriously though, a preseason cup is a brilliant idea. Wanderers could play against all the local NSWPL clubs and they could get the word out to all the grassroots clubs in each district. If Wanderers are playing Blacktown for example, then they can smash the promotion for the match with all the BDSFA clubs, especially the juniors (maybe let them in for free). Promotes the Wanderers among the kids, promotes the NSWPL and really cements the pathway between the three.
  5. My first thought when the players were announced and walked out in front of the logo was that I need to get me that jacket they were wearing! One of the perks of having Nike as the kit sponsor is that everything from the playing kit to the casual clothing will look cool. Fox Sports really gave SBS a present with their awful coverage of today's announcements. Even people who don't regularly watch TWG will be tuning in to actually get some coverage.
  6. The only concern I have with a Qantas sponsorship is that they're not exactly in the strongest financial position at the moment. If it gets worse for them then things like sponsorships are one of they first things they'll cut. It could be that instead of a specific deal with the Wanderers, it's a deal they have with the FFA for a certain amount of branding and exposure, regardless of the source. The FFA might have negotiated more money from their existing Qantas deal now that they have a new outlet for generating exposure. If that is the case then the deal would be secure in the short term, but not guaranteed when the FFA give up ownership of the club.
  7. It sounds like I'm in the minority as I like 'Western'. It just makes sense to me. The club is located in Western Sydney and I can't really think of anyone or any situation which refers to here as "West Sydney'. Still, I'm glad at least some mention of the west was added into the club name. Another case of the FFA listening which bodes well.
  8. Good spot Nick. I just went to that link and they've changed it to "Official partner and sporting apparel supplier to the Western Sydney Wanderers" so they've deleted the "Qantas" pretty quickly. Looks like having a club run by the FFA has it's advantages since they can pull a few strings. They have the Qantas Socceroos with a Nike kit and the Qantas Western Sydney Wanderers with a Nike kit.
  9. As long as 'some' means all except for the match at Campbelltown then I'll be happy. Maybe he says that to freak us out and make us think we're going to be moving all over the place, only to soften the blow when they announce the derby's at ANZ. Or maybe he's being cheeky and saying that some games will be at Parramatta, the others will be away games
  10. Wow, the Fox Sports News coverage of that was garbage. While the announcements were being made live they were running a story about Origin players arriving at a hotel... I saw the logo on facebook half an hour before it was on Fox and saw the kit first here. Still, I'm massively happy with everything that's been announced today. Love the logo and really love the kit. I think it's a prototype so it could be a bit more polished when the season starts plus it looks a little off because it's really baggy on the players in the presser, they'll wear a much more fitted shirt on game day. Glad they went with hoops too because there's already too many teams with stripes in the A League (Heart, Phoenix and Jets not only have stripes but they're in either red or black). Seems like the FFA have stumbled onto the way to make fans happy. Ask them what they want, then give it to them. As was mentioned on another thread here, we should be bombarding social media congratulating the FFA for listening to us and showing how excited we are for the season to start.
  11. So we have a Fink article and now a link to ADMIN: Please do not post links to this site.. This thread is playing with fire...
  12. I approve Also thanks to Misterfootball for getting the discussion back to Euro. I can't wait for the England v Italy match. They're both undefeated so far in the tournament and kind of flying under the radar as everyone thinks Spain or Germany will win it. I think the winner of this game will have heaps of momentum and that deep into a tournament anyone can win.
  13. Yes Erebus! I've always liked when clubs do that. I know Arsenal do it at the start of the match when the announcer is reading out the starting 11. I still think we should have our own goal celebration and when things start to calm down a bit before they kick off the announcer can get the crowd involved again.
  14. Agreed WSdna, the chorus from Wait and Bleed has an awesome tune for a chant. Sticking with Slipknot, the chorus from Before I Forget would also be very cool. It comes in at 0:57 and I can picture the crowd going nuts with a fist in the air every time they yell out "I".
  15. If they do the goal line tech right they don't even need to stop the game. The referees already have a system where the linesman can send a sound like a click or a beep through the referees earpiece to get his attention. If they use a sensor in the ball or a radar system like hawkeye then when the system registers that the ball has crossed the line it can send a tone to the referees earpiece. If he hears the tone he awards the goal. No tone and the game plays on. No need for stoppages or dragging out the game.
  16. I'm glad you said West and not Western. Could have been a bit of a mouthful... I wonder if the local businesses could get together as part of a sponsorship deal. In the news recently there was a story about Parramatta council getting together with local shops, restaurants, parking stations etc and setting up a 'Smart City' initiative. The idea behind the plan is that locals get a smartcard which they can load up with money and use to pay at shops in Parramatta. The card also has some form of personal profile on it so it can be used to borrow books from the library, access car parks and be used as a loyalty card for the shops and restaurants rather than carry around a million different loyalty cards. The group of businesses that are part of the initiative could get together with the council and advertise the project through the club. It could even set up promotions where members of the club or match ticket holders get discounts if they go for a feed or a few drinks on match day. Seems like a win-win.
  17. UEFA have to accept that the plan to use two extra goal line officials has failed. He was standing a couple of metres away, perfectly in line with the goal and he got it wrong. Also, because the goal line official stands on the same side of the goal as the linesman, even if the linesman is perfectly positioned he can't see because his view is blocked. I read somewhere that the reason the goal line official was moved to the other side of the goal was so the referee could still run a diagonal across the field and have the ball between him and his assistants. Apparently they tried a different run but kept getting in the way of the play. I kind of get Platini's argument that it'll be the thin end of the wedge and nobody wants technology to take over the game and slow it down too much but it seems like UEFA is going out of it's way to fiddle with a system that doesn't work rather than accept the obvious.
  18. Yeah St George and Westpack are together. HSBC could work although they already sponsor the rugby with the Waratahs.
  19. Centrelink. A club funded by the FFA with fans funded by the government kind of has a symmetry to it. Maybe it's too obvious...
  20. I'll put my hand up to play in the small sided games. Those little kids just keep on running but I think I can take them, I'm way bigger... Seriously though, I have a 5 year old cousin who's a bit of a gun player in the under 5's and would love to play in a big stadium during an A-League match. I'll have to talk to to the club about it. I'm sure most of the rooball players would be keen.
  21. It happened in March last year, just before the safety issues you mentioned so you may be right about the last 12 months, I haven't flown with them since so I can't really comment on them now. I'm not too bothered about the plane having a minor issue, that happens to every airline and their safety checks meant they found the problem. I was more annoyed at the lack to customer service when something went wrong. There were blocks of a couple of hours at a time where we couldn't talk to any Tiger staff because they left the gate and had no service desk. At least with other airlines I could have gone to the desk and asked what my options were or tried to get transferred to a free seat on a later flight. I wouldn't rule out ever flying Tiger again but I'd want to hear from a few other people that things have improved before I try again.
  22. I've only tried Tiger once when I went to Melbourne for the Formula 1. We got on the plane, waited for half and hour then had to get off because it was broken. They strung us all along saying "it'll be fixed in an hour" then "we found the problem but it'll be another hour". When they said "we just put an engineer on a plane in Melbourne, he'll be here in an hour to fix it" I gave up, refunded the ticket and booked a last minute Qantas flight so I got to Melbourne 11 hours late and missed both of the practice sessions on that day. Also in Sydney they share the gates at the airport with the smaller regional airlines. That means when their flight has gone all the Tiger staff bugger off and since they have no customer service desk you can't talk to anyone until their next flight. I'm sure this is an isolated incident but being stuck with false promises of departing soon and having nobody from Tiger to talk to or get any real information from kind of turned me off them. I'm happy to pay the small premium to fly with someone like Jetstar or Virgin who are a bit more established but as mentioned above, booking waaaaaaay before you plan to go is the best way to get a good price.
  23. Yeah I figured it was a made up effort. Bit cheeky claiming it's a proposed kit but considering some of the 'journalism' out there we pretty much have to automatically doubt everything. I'd be really happy with hoops for the kit as I mentioned in a post above (my first ever post, ah memories...)
  24. My local paper (Blacktown Sun) turned up today and had this article in it. Pretty standard stuff with no real revelations but the picture that came with it was interesting. Aiming big: Lucas Neill, pictured in a proposed Western Sydney kit, is looking for one last challenge before retirement. Has anyone seen that 'proposed kit' anywhere before? I'm not a fan of it at all but I'm assuming they've just had a crack at making up a kit then claiming it's been proposed. I pasted the picture into a google images search and the only hits I got were from the Fairfax Media papers from the local area. The Blacktown Sun and Hills News have the same article and the Rouse Hill - Stanhope Gardens News has a slightly shorter story with the original unshopped image of Neill in the Socceroos kit.
  25. Exactly. Everyone refers to the Roar as the champions when I consider the Mariners achievement to finish top of the table to be way more impressive. Maybe somewhere way down the line if we have a Cup competition involving lower tier teams and leagues we could get rid of the finals series. I agree though that it's good that more teams have something to play for toward the end of the season. Especially when the league doesn't have relegation.
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