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  1. The cost to renew my membership looked a bit high in the email they sent, particularly as it says "this season you will receive a 10% DISCOUNT on last season's membership price". So I logged into the membership website and checked my invoice for last season. The renewal price they sent me, which presumably includes the 10% discount, is $5 more than I paid last year. If that price is 10% off then the pre-discount price went up by $35. I've sent them an email so we'll see what they say.
  2. See all that just tells me it’s a poorly written law. If your arms are below your shoulders it’s not handball, except when it is. If you’re sliding and it hits one of your arms it’s not handball but if it hits the other arm it is handball (can’t wait for the VAR call where they roll back and forward frame by frame to see whether their hand is touching the ground when the ball hits it so it’s not handball, or it’s a millimetre above the ground and is handball). It’s so excessively complicated that there’s no way your average park football player is going to understand it and no way park football referees are going to be able to apply it consistently. They’ve got a hard enough job as it is without having to be a California lawyer and figure out whether there’s an r in the month or a retrograde moon for it to be handball. If there’s so many terms and conditions you’re never going to convince a player that the decision is correct.
  3. Maybe the plan is to wait for the level of football to drop down to ours and beat them with experience.
  4. Even the Mariners have kept paying the players in full, although if they are at the cap floor and don't have marquees you could argue that they've been paying 50% all season.
  5. What is unnaturally bigger? Is it natural to have arms? Yes. Is it natural to have your arms pinned to your sides while performing athletic activities? No, I would argue that's more unnatural than having your arms out in that situation. Whenever you see a player stretch a leg out to block a shot their arms naturally go into that position to balance themselves. If the ball hits the foot everyone says how great the block was. If they do exactly the same thing but it hits their arm, even if ti takes a deflection on the way through, suddenly it's all "why was their arm in that position?" and "if you put your arm there you're asking for a penalty". Unless defenders run around like Irish dancers (but not unnaturally) then it's entirely out of their hands (unnatural pun unintended) whether they give away a penalty.
  6. Unless the FFA have told the clubs the rules have changed then they should be signing players under the current rules. I can't see how they could force players to take pay cuts or lose their jobs when they signed contracts that complied with the rules at the time they were signed. SFC would tell a sob story about how the league will lose payers like Ninkovic and the Fox Sports crew will lap it up. My guess is the big clubs are trying to lock in as many players as possible, hoping they'll be grandfathered into the new rules or at least that they can put up a fight for that. Meanwhile the dud clubs will wait, complain that it's unfair when things don't go their way then lose with a bargain bin squad of journeymen and academy players.
  7. Going into the last lap he got on the radio to check if his 8th place was enough for the championship and was told it was. Went and passed the guy ahead on the line anyway to take 7th. I like that.
  8. As nightmarish as some of the quotes in that article are, the thing that grabbed my attention is that Roger Stone has a tattoo of Richard Nixon's face on his back. I did a bit of googling and... The photo was taken as part of an interview which included the unfortunate quote "You’ll never meet another man with a dick in the front and a dick in the back".
  9. The one thing in our favour is that Optus already has the rights to a lot of different football leagues so getting the A-League fits in with their current offering. I guess the question is how many more subscribers will they get with the A-League that they don't already have.
  10. Davo

    Western United

    As usual the actual big clubs are paying their players while the pretend big clubs are crying poor.
  11. Ignoring the A-League's attempts at being "cool" in this tweet, no surprises who finished the season with the least yellow cards by a big margin. They gave away the second least fouls over the season so you'd expect them to have a low number of yellows, although that also raises questions around why they have so few fouls conceded. You'd expect the better teams to concede less fouls as they have more of the ball, but Newcastle gave away less than them and the Mariners only one more over the season, while City finished second and gave away the most. Also if you look at fouls per yellow card the average across the league is 6.9. Sydney have the most fouls/yellow at 8.7 and Western United have the least at 5.7. That means that Sydney concede 26% more fouls/yellow than the average while Western United concede 17% less fouls than average per yellow. For context seven of the eleven clubs are within 10% of the average (WU -17%, City -13%, Adelaide +20% & Sydney +26%).
  12. Istanbul Basaksehir signed Rafael and leaned into the ninja turtles link hard.
  13. Davo

    Joey Gibbs

    I'm guessing Thor Akureyri are their Sydney FC and the commentator is Icelandic Robbie Slater. Robvar Slatersson?
  14. Which is ironic as they're probably going to give it to Duke and he's already left.
  15. A lot of Trump supporters are part of the anti-mask, anti-lockdown, muh freedoms, you can’t tell me what to do, if you don’t feel safe then you stay home crowd. Now take those people, add in boat speed limits and no wake zones it’s no surprise what happens next. Sinking other people’s boats because you refuse to follow the rules is the perfect analogy for not wearing a mask in a pandemic.
  16. Think of how much this will improve the Matildas though. There's nowhere near enough money in the women's game here so the best are always going overseas but they'll be playing top football at clubs with elite facilities and staff. It'll also open up the W-League to a whole lot of players that wouldn't have had a chance at a paid footballing gig.
  17. So basically because it would have been a second yellow, it was a grand final and likely to be the winning goal the law doesn’t apply. But if it was a first yellow, a regular season game and a goal to make it 3-0 it’s a guaranteed yellow. Translation: Beathed
  18. Robbie Slater taking criticism of his commentary like a grown up.
  19. They're all there for a happy meal.
  20. Former Wanderer Ellie Carpenter just won the Champions League with Lyon.
  21. Davo

    Perth Glory

    I can picture it now. "Hi Tony, welcome to Greece. Now about that salary we agreed on. That was when we were in the first division so obviously we can't pay you that much anymore. You understand. Also we had to sell half the squad. Good luck."
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