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  1. He would have put the flag up and called the referee over to discuss. There's no way the linesman could see whether Wales was blocking Redmayne's view but he'd know Wales was offside and relatively close. He'd ask Beath whether he thought Wales impeded and Beath, without VAR would have probably backed his original decision and given the goal.
  2. Meh. They win a grand final and their first thought is us. Rent free.
  3. “Fox team” is less characters to type than “biased dickheads”.
  4. Disgraceful decision. Reminds me of an Allianz derby where they scored while Ibini was offside and literally touching our keeper. Fox team were adamant then that it was the right call... FFA’s decision to pick Beath over Faghani has already paid for itself.
  5. Beath selected over Faghani to referee the Grand Final. One has refereed France vs Argentina in a World Cup knockout game, an Olympic gold medal match and an Asian Cup final, while the other is a part time accountant and David Squires meme but hey, whatever makes the smurfs happy.
  6. Sounds like our clubs recruiting strategy. We need to find an upgrade on Duke. I want Prince or higher.
  7. I can imagine the facebook crowd now. Half we be "why didn't we try to sign him years ago" and the other half will be "33 years old, too short to play in the physical A-League, coming from a team that won no trophies this season. Pass."
  8. Good thing the Lowy's are out of football otherwise we'd have every club playing on top of a Westfield.
  9. Yeah I got an email from BDSFA with their interpretation of the guidelines. Not sure how they can ban end of season trips. Once the season is over the association has nothing to do with me. Also if you read the guidance from the Chief Medical Officer that the FNSW guidelines are based on they expect these restrictions to be in place for 6 weeks, i.e. ending before the season.
  10. Looks like the Trump campaign strategy of attacking Biden’s mental state may have backfired. If you believe them then Biden is a dribbling idiot who can’t string a sentence together, but all that did was lower the bar so far that now anything more substantial than “person woman man camera tv” makes him look like a genius.
  11. Shame he never managed to attack any opposition players quite sharply.
  12. If they do win it I’d like to see the stats for their win percentage with VAR vs without.
  13. Davo

    Mitchell Duke

    I like how the club feel the need to tell us how big their offer was to keep him. We’re never going to compete financially with the Middle Eastern clubs and I wouldn’t be surprised if money was only part of the reason, with the rest being how much of a shambles the club has become.
  14. There are teams who haven't finished the home and away season yet, let alone the finals series. Meanwhile at WSW:
  15. Davo

    Joey Gibbs

    Little more picturesque than Gabbie Stadium.
  16. And their only win was when the referee absolutely robbed the Nix. Grant handled the ball in the box and the referee waved it away, then Davila did exactly the same thing and he gave the pen. Wellington were the better team that day and deserved to win.
  17. The line that got my attention was when Lederer said “we have the best fans money can buy”.
  18. Whyman is a loss. Beside the fact she's the Matildas reserve keeper and was our only decent player when we were crap, the club put a lot of effort into making her the face of the W-League team. She's in heaps of promotional material, merch photo shoots, match day activities, etc. I'd be surprised if the club were happy to let her go to anyone, let alone our main rivals.
  19. And we concede to the worst assist of the season while McGowan keeps everyone onside...
  20. How does Broxham not get booked for the scissor tackle from behind on Adam? Wonder if he realises Schwegler is retiring and basically gets a free shot on anyone in stoppage time.
  21. Pretty happy Schwegler got the goal on his last game. Now that I’ve said that the dud A-League ref will probably give him a soft second yellow and send him off...
  22. Davo

    Cricket thread

    Stuart Broad was fined 15% of his match fee by the match referee, who’s also his dad. Still waiting to hear whether the penalty will be extended to him having to mow the lawns and wash the car.
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