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  1. Davo

    Cricket thread

    Stuart Broad was fined 15% of his match fee by the match referee, who’s also his dad. Still waiting to hear whether the penalty will be extended to him having to mow the lawns and wash the car.
  2. It’s a team who haven’t won their league since 1966. A worrying comparison.
  3. Plus during the Democratic primaries Harris landed a few blows over racism and bussing which the Republicans could use against Biden. Kinda neutralises that if on top of being VP to America’s first black president he also has a woman of colour on his ticket.
  4. The senior players who are gunning for 9th place have earned their spot in a meaningless game. Meanwhile the youth players from the academy the owners frantically point at whenever another season ends in failure aren’t getting a run. Cool...
  5. Part of the problem is that the messaging from the top is always that we're going to win and be back as contenders. They never accept that we need to rebuild so anything other than a title run fails to meet their targets, meaning a big clean out and starting from scratch. Ironically I think that the lower we set our expectations in the short term the better we'd perform. If at the start of this season the target was to make the finals and have a decent run in the FFA Cup then I think our season would have actually gone better than it has. There'd be less pressure to change things to avoid "failure" and the team would have more leeway to make things work. Our last three seasons were 6th, 7th & 8th. We're currently in 9th and could very easily finish there. Stopping that slide and making actual progress would feel like a good season. Trophies can come from that progress. Not saying we should permanently accept lower standards but to say we're going to change more than half the squad and go from 9th to title contenders in one off season in just unrealistic. Instead we sack the manager and hire a new one who has a completely different playing style. Popa was progressing from ruthlessly pragmatic to more possession based when he left, then it was Gombau with his possession at all costs (including conceding), then Babbel with... mentality.. cool hats... referee abuse... as a style? Each time we struggled to keep players as some came to play with a certain manager and then couldn't, some didn't fit the new managers style, some didn't fit under the cap after the outgoing manager loaded us up with players on long contracts and some just wanted to get out of the dumpster fire. I also wonder whether the club needs someone in a director of football/ technical director role. I know a few in the A-League have something like this with Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne City having people in these roles. At least then there would be some sort of continuity between managers and things like player negotiations would have a longer term strategy. Right now it's just a manager trying to survive until the next transfer window. Then there's the owners telling us all the things that aren't wrong with the club, which means they're either lying or don't actually know what the problem is. So it's not the players (even though they're "inconsistent"), it's not the manager (our fourth in three seasons), it's not the coaching staff (although we just brought in Zwaanswijk), it's not the amount the owners are spending on the squad (although we're always hearing about players leaving over money and being replaced by duds). Doesn't fill me with confidence that things are going to get better any time soon. The club has so many baked in advantages that other clubs would kill for, one of the biggest fan bases in the league (and the ticket sales, merch sales and sponsorship that goes with that), the best football stadium in the country, a location that has the most young football talent and the home of the most senior professionals who may want to come home. Yet with all those advantages we're going to finish below a club from another country, a Jets team that never makes the finals, a new club without a home ground and be closer on points to the Mariners than the criminally mismanaged Roar. Basically they need to stop telling us we're a big club until we actually start acting like a big club.
  6. I don't see why Schwegler doesn't start. It'll be his last game for the club so what are we saving him for? Unless JP decides the game is meaningless and just plays the youth team to give them some experience.
  7. Even when he’s not playing his best Duke seems to always find a way to score. Where are the goals coming from if we don’t hold on to him?
  8. Exactly. Adam on for Cox is striker for striker. Tass for Ziegler is like for like, so is Kamau for Tate and Schwegler for JoD. We need to win this game or it season over and JP hasn’t actually changed anything other than fresh legs.
  9. How does Prendergast get so much glove on that ball and not redirect it at all?
  10. Two on one break and Yeboah gently rolls it straight to the keeper.
  11. It’s always the player who kept everyone onside that protests the most.
  12. Our squad has a few unwanted lumps that need to be removed.
  13. One of those days when the “where’s your global warming now” crowd come out.
  14. That’s going to wreak havoc on the intricate, accurate passing game our team is renowned for...
  15. I'd love to stumble into the finals and somehow win the toilet seat. Besides the obvious of watching my team win some silverware and being one step closer to completing the plate, seat, FFA Cup and ACL set, you'd see so many people changing their tune about the finals because it's us. Suddenly the finals series would be stupid and need to be evaluated, how can a team finish sixth in an eleven team comp and win a trophy, etc. It'd be great. In saying all that, I'm expecting a Berisha hat trick all off Risdon assists. Hamill to make a rare appearance and score from a corner.
  16. Saw a stat earlier. Miami-Dade County has 2.7 million people and almost 125k covid cases. Roughly one in twenty people there currently have or have had the virus. If that one county was it's own country it would be 22nd on the list of worst hit countries.
  17. I thought Tate was one of the few good things from last night although it was the first time I noticed that he has absolutely no left foot. His crossing is normally excellent but the run of 4-5 in a row that were awful were all on his left. Not sure whether it was instructions from Popa or the defender just figured him out but in the second half his marker let Tate come inside every time so he had to deliver the ball with his left foot. From then on he couldn't beat the first defender. Overall things are pretty dire now. Given the importance of the game and how bad we were I was expecting some booing at full time but the crowd just collectively shrugged and went home.
  18. Having a national second division with promotion/relegation would mean teams like CCM can find their level and spend what they can afford. Right now their choices are to either spend outside their means while still routinely finishing last in the only fully pro league, move somewhere else, or fold the club.
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