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  1. Golden opportunity to use “argie bargie” not taken.
  2. Not sure why either player got booked there but I’ll take it.
  3. Just looked at the Spain side that’s playing Egypt at the moment. Five of the starting XI played for the senior side in the Euro semi against Italy. That’s not including Asensio and Ceballos. We’re getting smoked aren’t we?
  4. If he hasn't been playing for a few years it'll be January before he's Popa fit.
  5. The only explanation I can think of is that as the cases have increased so has the lockdown. They keep adding new restrictions, limiting more industries from operating and limiting movement in the worst hit places. If the restrictions are increasing but the case numbers aren't going down that suggests that the outbreak is getting worse. Also if you look at the numbers for individual suburbs where things are bad then the numbers do fit the expected model. I saw an article saying that Fairfield had five active cases two weeks ago, 131 one week ago and now have 233.
  6. I really hope the club's plan isn't to sign bad players so it's less of an impact when they don't work out.
  7. Or Victory could get the proven A-League talent and the unnamed, potentially unproven workhorse could be the lemon.
  8. But wouldn’t that just mean Victory have a better player than we do and our owners keep more money in their pockets?
  9. I believe the line doing the rounds at the moment is that he’s Gylfi until proven innocent.
  10. Out of the 16 Premiers Plates and Grand Final winners none have had a foreign goalkeeper. In the FFA Cup only once has a foreign keeper won it, when Thomas Sorensen won with City in 2016. Not saying it would never work, but it seems that teams have had more success when they use their visa players in other positions and have a solid local keeper in goal.
  11. After all the wind yesterday I had some damage to the top of a retaining wall at my place. Left my house for the first time in weeks to go to Bunnings to get a tool and some fasteners to fix it. Place was packed and most of the stuff people were buying didn’t feel particularly essential. The more annoying thing was the way Bunnings was set up during lockdown. I’d looked it all up on the website, which tells you which aisle it’s in. My thinking was I’d grab everything without having to browse, pay at the self serve checkout, and be out the door in less than five minutes. Grabbed the f
  12. I had surgery and the surgeon, through negligence and incompetence managed to kill me. But he’s not to blame. Ultimately the fault is with me for not picking a different surgeon.
  13. I mentioned it in the Bulls thread but defensive mid looks like the only real hole in their squad, other than maybe fullback/wingback. Mutch will be used to Australian conditions so if he can stay fit he’ll fill a gap in the squad. If he spends half the season on the bench he’s a waste of a visa spot.
  14. Davo

    Macarthur FC

    While Juric is a risk with his injury history the Bulls are putting together a decent squad. Still have Federici in goal, with Meredith, Jovanovic and Susnjar at the back. Juric, Davila, Noone, Da Silva, Rose (without the crazy hype train) and M’Mombwa should score plenty of goals. They also have three visa spots available, and in Davila and Noone they’ve got two foreigners that are A-League proven. If they can sign a good visa holding midfielder they’ll be strong everywhere.
  15. Davo

    Simon Cox

    The comparisons between the league, facilities etc. and overseas is interesting. He's probably not coming back here in a footballing capacity so there's no reason for him to say anything other than his honest opinion.
  16. I think the 63 is the new cases linked to known cases. From the press conference the CHO said 29 were infectious in the community. Still way too high for this to end any time soon.
  17. Yeah I saw the team numbers the other day. We have the third largest team behind the USA, who are always massive, and Japan, who are the hosts.
  18. I watch the Olympics to see all the sports that I wouldn't otherwise get to watch. They always show stuff like a helicopter view of a cycling road race, or the tennis. Nothing against those sports but they get plenty of tv coverage outside the Olympics. I want to see obscure stuff like the fencing or karate, or see the new events like the climbing or 3x3 basketball.
  19. And now we’re going to take a break from our Olympic football coverage to go to our documentary “What if AFL was an Olympic Sport”.
  20. He left them before so technically he re-re-signs.
  21. Looks like Ruka first joined them in July 2016 and Hemed was last there in 2011.
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