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  1. Seems to spend 80% of his time on panels or podcasts so clearly very focused on his rehab....would be happy if they said don't bother coming back.
  2. Sounds like Duke is captain this weekend. Has he been confirmed as club captain going forward or just on a trial run this weekend?
  3. Wonder what actually happened...seemed very sudden and a good opportunity as opposed to the papers.
  4. Everything at Olympic Park has cracks right now. I have a feeling Meriton secretly own our club. If only Lederer stuck to his Pepperoni.......we can dream.
  5. I think he would be tempted to comback at some point with new administration but clearly that's a while away unless old mate goes back to focusing on his spicy Salamis.
  6. Yep, it shows how much of a cheap P**** Lederer is to put the players in that situation.
  7. Now we can't even get 4 games out of him.
  8. Anyone going to the game tonight? I'm in Melbourne for the game and will be in rbb area
  9. This is actually my favourite post on this forum to date 😂
  10. Well this year, none of those other clubs have a Head Coach like we do. I think Babbel will be a good draw card even though the youth aren't directly managed by him
  11. JP is a great signing. Will allow Markus to focus on tactics and transfers while JP ensures solid match preparation. Hopefully Crooky can work with JP in scouting local talent and bringing them through the academy.
  12. Probably because he's not good enough. God mode passing? His Passing complete % was 78% last year in an average comp where his team came 8th. Toni Kroos has 93%+ pass complete in La Liga.
  13. Any thoughts as to why? Surely not just form a few poor performances ...
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