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  1. pretty sure Jones just bought a place in perth. perhaps retiring.
  2. is that the team from The Office?
  3. there were plenty of jobs available building stadiums there.
  4. Duke should be keen to stay because we're the only team he's able to score at. And that's pretty important for someone for someone who thinks they're a striker.
  5. too much hair on his head and not enough on his face.
  6. are there any keepers better than him available? we could waste a foreign spot like we need with Lopar, which got us how high up the table? stick with Margush. He's early 20s and and the starting keeper in an A-league side. he's likely to only get better.
  7. higher than the former champions of asia?
  8. he was on the wing in what was our worst side at the time, that was struggling with the Champions league and club world cup hangover - up front its where he looks to thrive
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