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  1. you know he'd serve you medium rare chicken because he doesn't believe in sickness prevention.
  2. there's enough Ziggy mistakes in the last five or six games to blame him solely on us not making finals. bloke can't track a man or compete in set pieces. he's the football equivalent of Robinson's change room motivation speech - great for highlights reels but still a fraud.
  3. oh please, you can't say the suburban grounds are in poor locations then advocate that stadium australia should be renovated. every suburban ground is better located for their clubs than any team that plays out of that ******* shithole of concrete and steel. suburban grounds ******* rule.
  4. i'm not gonna read all that. just write another one.
  5. we need to stop looking at stand out players and coaches from poor sides.
  6. we were never a chance of signing Amini. wrong agency.
  7. Margush and Lopar are the same - both great shot stoppers but questionable when it comes to anything they've got time with.
  8. State of origin is one of the highest rating programs in Australian television isn't it?
  9. oh yeah. absolutely. i mean, our culture problems are weak compared to what he would bring.
  10. interesting twitter thread on what could happen due to withdrawing from the ACL
  11. i've got him a bit over 70 on my save atm.
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