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  1. big season ahead for the parlkea pirlo
  2. The Aldi Aaron Mooy
  3. i'm also of Nirish heritage plus if we sign Lafferty that would me our Nirishman > Smurf's Nirishman
  4. this guy is gonna be a club legend by the end of the season. best signing this season.
  5. how about change the rules so the keeper can't use his hands from any kind of back-pass unless he's under pressure. leave it to the referee do gauge whether its an illegal pass-back or not.
  6. for a handful of games at the start of the season though, right? don't they change the grass for summer?
  7. he was until the end of that month IIRC. similar to being given your notice by your employer, if you **** up during that last week or two they're still your employer even though you've been terminated.
  8. pretty good. only twice have we not had a referee - and maybe half the games we've been lucky enough to have two assistants as well.
  9. may or may not have got a yellow and a sin bin for dissent this season...
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