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  1. why name a stand after someone who hasn't played at the stadium?
  2. theguyyouwishyouwere

    Around the Bloc Podcast Season 7

    i enjoyed it.
  3. lol it's melbourne victory. stupid betting agency
  4. plum cafe on cuba street has good food and make great bloody mary for the morning after, as for pubs, the churchill and the old bailey are good english and irish pubs respectively. old bailey food is also good.
  5. theguyyouwishyouwere

    Mark Bridge

    he better ****en play against Leeds or the new stadium won't see round 1
  6. our goal nets are to deep
  7. theguyyouwishyouwere

    Film Thread

    i wouldn't say its unfocused at all. just a bit scattered, kinda like you think you know whats going on but you really don't and you're learning all about the character's past and character development as the character is learning it. i thought it was done quite well and was quite captivating and interesting. i stopped worrying about supposed "plot holes" and unanswered questions in these movies because they are almost always addressed in later or sometimes earlier movies, which helps intertwine the stories in an absolutely (no apologies for the pun) marvelous way, and helps create the universe. my only really criticism of the movie is that in one scene Sam Jackson could have used a stunt double. he really moved like he's the best part of 70. fantastic movie.
  8. theguyyouwishyouwere

    Film Thread

    i thought captain marvel was fantastic.
  9. theguyyouwishyouwere

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    oh good our quota for ****wits was looking relatively low for next season
  10. theguyyouwishyouwere

    Shannon Cole

  11. theguyyouwishyouwere

    Shannon Cole

    i'd still have him back in a heartbeat
  12. theguyyouwishyouwere

    Condolences (RIP)

    RIP satire https://twitter.com/JoshTBristow/status/1103131448695959552