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  1. there's no chance he'll start the next game.
  2. Slater is a deadshit, Koutroumbis is shite, and Millar should be playing overseas instead of being ahead of our youth players Russel and Aquilina
  3. Keen to seen an NPL team win the cup and play in the Champions League
  4. that's so cool. On that theme, two of those locomotives were once painted in striking indigenous liveries a few decades ago for hauling The Indian Pacific and The Ghan
  5. eh, just give it away to some american. you might make their night.
  6. might have ended a draw but we were well and truly beat(h)en
  7. it's not the worst thing to let Tass go on loan to Newy. With the Olympics coming up he needs game time time, and at the moment we can't guarantee that. With him possibly going to a bottom of the table side, he should easily be a starter, and likely being under pressure most of the time - he should develop more as a footballer, coming back to us at the very least, more experienced.
  8. it was three at the back. Aqualina and Wilmering very clearly wingbacks. Robbo only changed the formation on paper. Ibini is still the fastest in the league, problem is it just takes him around 150 metres to reach full speed.
  9. well that sucks. my game attendance streak broken.
  10. originally it was a tram line that went from the south side of parramatta station, under the rail line and all the way up church street, windsor road then onto old northern road to castle hill. in the 20's it was converted to railway line that went from westmead station and ran north-east to the start of windsor road then up to castle hill and then on to the extension to Rogan's Hill. it was described as turning a useful tramway into a useless railway
  11. i'm unsure if they changed the track (to a heavier rail) when they converted from a tramway to a railway but i'm sure there's plenty of stuff left underground. i know they've found tramlines when doing roadworks & light rail works on George street and Church street. this book has a lot of information on a few long lost western sydney lines. the whole series of books are quite fascinating. highly recommend.
  12. parramatta had two tram lines, including one that went to castle hill. they should have been kept and expanded.
  13. nah sitting right next to the away bay cos he loves us and hates city
  14. he was at AAMI park for our game against City.
  15. i missed the goal because i was getting beers ffs
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