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  1. but which body part will he score it with? my money is on the back of the head.
  2. well that video the club posted probably wasn't the greatest idea then
  3. but isn't methane even more devastating to the atmosphere than CO and CO2?
  4. jesus christ the second post in this thread is about his departure.
  5. Did they finally open up the centrelink there?
  6. an announcement for signing no one?
  7. if iran wanted to go to war with the US they would go to the US
  8. imagine a midfield of Baccus, Antonis, Schwegler, Jedinak and Grozos
  9. WRGMG old people complaining about kids not living in the moment also david basheer
  10. another advantage is it frees up more space in the oven/microwave/stove as well.
  11. including a Dino-esque back heel
  12. we're finding it great. cooks waaaay faster than our shitty old oven or any oven i've used before. no need for cooking oil, drains the fats and oils from the foods as well. fairly cheap too at $69.
  13. its hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs because they always take things literally
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