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  1. This is the best club in the Hyundai A-League.
  2. The Jets won the Singapore Sixes a while back under the captaincy of Ruben Zadkovich. It was akin to an ACL.
  3. I can see why you omitted Joyce. His team finished third, by the way.
  4. Out of interest, how do you feel about Phoenix and the Mariners?
  5. Seriously, see a doctor. You have a problem.
  6. WRT the article, the players were 'uninterested' not 'disinterested'.
  7. Lulz. For someone who watches and reads a lot of football media, and engages with many A-League fans on social media, you ignore a hell of a lot of football media and A-League fans.
  8. Help me out here, comrade, because I don't read this forum too often (I support the Jets). I note with interest you called this dude you don't like (and whom I don't know) a paedophile. Is this kind of thinking - i.e. calling a guy you disagree with a paedophile - the same kind of thinking that led many WSW fans to believe that a large picture of Arnie sucking a cock was, on the whole, funny and uncontentious?
  9. Sydney outplayed Glory. The VAR didn't change that.
  10. Um, which was Sydney FC's better regular season? Are fans genuinely unsatisfied by some aspects of the season?
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