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  1. You can only buy members' tickets. The idea of buying two at a time is that my wife and I were able to get two tickets in one order, but only by quoting the two "magic words". Otherwise we might have been sitting on opposite sides of the stadium. - Michael
  2. ToothFairy

    Mark Bridge

    Showed great strength and composure. Syd FC fans must be spewing he did sweet F all for them for his time there. Maybe Syd FC fans should be spewing that their coaches couldn't do what Popa's done with Bridgey! First comp goal, first away goal, first hat-trick, last night's gem . . . it's all coming together for him (or he's all coming together for it, or somthing). - Michael
  3. Interesting that everyone remembers Aloisi's goal that secured qualification; for me, it's Schwarzer's two saves that won it. (Not that I don't acknowledge the goal - he could have missed . . . ) - Michael
  4. Remember Juninho? Great players need top-flight players around them, to feed them and feed off them. Once the penny drops that ADP on his own isn't going to win all the silverware, the novelty will wear off. Millions down the gurgler . . . - Michael
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