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  1. I’m now convinced this club is run by a cult of sadists.
  2. We are getting spanked. No other way about it now. Let’s face it, it’s enagined in the clubs DNA now, didn’t anyone see the women’s derby... like Groundhog Day.
  3. Another derby, another loss. It’s like Groundhog Day. Dominate, create a million chances and don’t score. Sydney create just one and score. That’s the difference between us and them. Has been for 4 years now. You could just sense it was coming as we flounded every clear cut chance. Everybody in the stadium knew that free kick was going in. Name a more iconic duo than free kicks going in against WSW. It’s comical. Cant wait to do it all again in three weeks, except this time we’ll be watching the ball go in through a pair of binoculars. No passion, no fight and no balls. Absol
  4. Please not another ******* derby loss. Three a season is already pushing it.
  5. So another season of them somehow playing with 3 marquees ? I don’t understand how they can have Adrian as well unless he’s being paid under the table.
  6. We still have to play out of SOP for another season. So I won’t be expecting miracles, 19-20 season is ours though. Foundations to be built next season, year after we take it all. .
  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates it. A solid white/grey roof would have topped it off. I’m also not sure why they changed the colour from the original design.
  8. Beautiful. The mocking of Antonis in the Cove then seeing him score the winner moments later was something words can’t describe. Lmao. Simply brilliant.
  9. Seriously how crazy does a packed out Newcastle sound. That equaliser sent chills down my spine. One of the best stadiums.
  10. Walked past today, not sure if it’s just the lighting or my eyes but looks more brown or an off white to me. Would have thought there was another layer on top. Just thought it was interesting. Looks more like a sunshade than a proper roof to me.
  11. So I notice they’ve changed the fabric colour of the roofing to brown. Any reason? Or does something go on top of it?
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