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  1. Its hard to tell if he was injured since he barely even reaches a jogging pace on the pitch.
  2. They start talking about the incident at 2 hours 15 min in. The guy from the Cove speaks to them at 2 hours 23 mins.
  3. Am I the only one that thinks Sitirio should convert to a LB or RB? He's defensive work rate and ability is far better than his attacking. He's got a strong build, speed and ability to track runs; he'd make a fairly decent defender imo.
  4. I was looking at some of the hostels in Byron, they seemed to still have a fair amount of vacancies. I stayed at Lennox Head one year so worth looking there too, the bus commute wasn't too bad but you can run into traffic going through the main streets of Byron.
  5. Is anyone going? I nearly bought flights, tickets and accommodation at work the other day and planned to go by myself.
  6. 1 goal and 2 assists..he's done more in 2 games than Riera has done all season.
  7. What was wrong with Molten Core? That ult looks rubbish compared to what he has now.
  8. I too don't like battle royale games but I played a few games of this on Saturday and I actually enjoyed it. The survivability was actually really good, gun fights could really be drawn out even after taking a lot of damage as you can use the healing kits etc and being able to use them while moving is a huge bonus. Still getting used to using a controller again but I see myself playing this quite a bit once its released.
  9. As someone who has been working in the CBD for years, I see this happen a lot but what they never seem to do is hand out fines for the cars running red lights and blocking the intersections.
  10. Jewwfro

    Music Thread 3

    I'm not actually a fan of the original but I love this cover
  11. Shut the forum down, Unlimited got a girlfriend.
  12. Jewwfro

    Music Thread 3

    There's something raw and unique about them (in terms of Aussie hiphop/rap). Going through all their music now, so cheers for posting this!
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