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  1. Jewwfro

    Kwame Yeboah

    1 goal and 2 assists..he's done more in 2 games than Riera has done all season.
  2. As someone who has been working in the CBD for years, I see this happen a lot but what they never seem to do is hand out fines for the cars running red lights and blocking the intersections.
  3. Jewwfro

    World Cup 2018 babes/hunks

    Heres the sfw one:
  4. I'm going with a draw, we've never won an opening game
  5. Jewwfro

    Joey Gibbs

    Having attended many many Blacktown games, Joey has the worst first touch, pass and strength but holy cow can that dude finish when needed. Great to see him put a couple past Central Coast, Blacktown deserved that win.
  6. Jewwfro

    Oriol Riera

    Not to mention he was not afraid to shoot..and god knows we need to shoot *****
  7. Jewwfro

    Interesting Football Stuff.

    Not to mention the average age of the squad is only 22.7
  8. Jewwfro

    Football Media Discussion 2

    On this topic, I wouldn't say no to Optus bidding for the A-League rights. While some people may not agree, I'm glad Optus got the EPL rights over Foxtel.
  9. Jewwfro

    Off Topic Thread 3

    yes, **** is censored
  10. Jewwfro

    Off Topic Thread 3

    I blame the lack of flares this season for the disinterest
  11. One can only hope that baby baccus or cole is given a run instead.
  12. Jewwfro

    Sydney FC: Season 2016/17

    I thought the pull over tifos were banned? http://outside90.com/adelaides-red-army-denied-use-of-tifo-by-football-federation-australia/
  13. Popa himself said he has say on football matters and he needs to talk to the board about finances. So marquees are not solely up to him. So we can blame him for the quality of the salary cap players, two of whom moved right before the season started. And it still doesn't answer my second question, which is how do we know it won't be rectified? I'm not bashing Popa here but to answer your question..He failed to rectify the recruiting in the January transfer window so we know this season has not been rectified and is on Popa himself. However I would expect a big clean out again at the end of the season and I have faith he can rectify things for next season.
  14. Could only make out a few with all the headgear onVedran and Suman are the GK The other obvious ones were Clisby, Nico and Mitch Its actually Tyson and Suman. I spotted Clisby, Nico, Nichols, Baccus, Baby Baccus, Dimas, Griffiths, Satirio, Lustica, Borda, Jumpei and I think its Neville with the knee strap or it could be Aspro.
  15. Jewwfro

    NSW NPL & NPL2 - official 2017 Thread

    Went to the Blacktown City vs Blacktown Spartans game last night. Its so refreshing to see a team that plays great attacking football, it's one of the best performances I've seen from City and rightfully ended them winning 6-0. Danny Choi re-signed the other day and got a run for the second half where he put away two goals (one a free kick).