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  1. If only he was close to the class of castelan
  2. That’s just propaganda from the Guardian propaganda machine. it’s been proved otherwise by the posting of a link to a 5 year old government paper Best to get your news from a unbiased reliable, source such as News limited, uncle Rupert knows what’s best to show how unbiased it is ScoMo had Christmas lunch with him to ensure that his unbiased totally non propaganda coverage of politics continues
  3. There are actually a load. UNSW for example is one of the leaders in the development of solar and has been for well over 20 years We have the brains in our science and engineering community, unfortunately we have a government to stupid to leverage it.
  4. I loved the bit where he runs down the sideline and then picks the ball boy up He was my favourite player and now to see that and the crowd go mad, was boss
  5. Yes although that would add weight to the change manager arguement, Big Duncan took same squad, and had them playing with some passion
  6. That was the heat of the moment, I think I did make it clear that I was going the full bed wetting rant another couple of performances and I’ll be there
  7. Not that I’m Babel out, but if we brought in Muscat now, with the squad we have, the option of making changes in Jan, that he knows the league, his KPI/goal would have to be top 4 otherwise why bother making the change if a replacement doesn’t think he can get top 4 with what we have, then he isn’t the right guy None or this project / philosphy crap
  8. Season 1 and 2 we were direct in our play. Season 3 we started transitioning to procession play. 4 was procession based but good footy, 5 was just dreadful, tried to be procession based without the players to do it, although we went more direct after Jan. I have no idea what we are trying to do this year. The only good game we have played was Victory away and even that we were hanging on at the end. Derby was a great defensive performance since that we have been totally clueless.
  9. Ok here’s the plan Brendan Santalab to be manager play 4 4 2 with Meirer and Duke get crosses into the box
  10. None of the are natural finishers those stats aren’t just their time time with us that their career stats we signed one finisher and he sat on the bench until the 83rd minute any level of footy you need a finisher look at how mueller finished his chance
  11. Amazing to watch how Big Duncan Ferguson could get Everton playing with some passion again
  12. I told you we should have gone for Berisha
  13. The problem with our finishing being so poor isn’t easily fixed, duke is the type that will chip in with 10 in a season yeboah Is hot and cold, Kamau isn’t a natural finisher Santalab covered up for the Pio disaster, if Meir doesn’t work then we will be taking about poor finishing all season
  14. wow you can choose to take people seriously when it fits your narrative.
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