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  1. No we need them to get relegated f em
  2. It looks like the way we played under Gombau
  3. Where have I seen this goal keeping effort before?
  4. Great band Something for Kate..
  5. This reminds me of an FA cup night out with my football team (Chelsea beating Everton after Louis Saha scored in the first 30 seconds). We went to our sponsor at the time, the excellent Surjit's Indian Resteraunt in Annandale, then onto a pub in Glebe to watch the game. Anyhow there was a pub cover band on prior to the game, what should they play. The singer didn't think it as funny as we did... "I've been to Surjit's and I have a burning ring of fire... of fire...."
  6. He did boss step overs, like one of those smart arses at Futsal, that you just want to kick
  7. Remember his debut where the ground announcer gave up pronouncing his name .. Heres. Steve K... Steve
  8. Of course the Parklea Messi is where it’s at lids
  9. They should get him off the members line, every time I ring the poor bugger is there to keep me company while I wait
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