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  1. StringerBellend

    Anthem/Walk Out Song - 5/10 minutes prior to kickoff

    The Dullest band since Coldplay
  2. StringerBellend

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    Some People aren’t happy unless they can have good moan
  3. StringerBellend

    Football Media Discussion 2

    All football should have Craig and Lucy
  4. @GunnerWanderer this although it’s been 3 years of ****
  5. Don’t joke about it, I drove over an hour to watch that shower of shite on Saturday night, they could have at least looked liked they gave a stuff for the club. Our stylish German has been too soft
  6. We have won less than 1 in 4 games this season
  7. Given our form for last three seasons 1 win out of 4 would be or record under all the refs For once the Var did what it was supposed to do and picked up an obvious error The pen was the oddest decision He was right for the free kick
  8. StringerBellend

    A-league 18/19 Round 27

    We are going to get bummed senseless and not in a good way
  9. StringerBellend

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Exactly we haven’t even bothered using a second marquee spot this season so there’s one spot improved without touching the cap Perth, sydney, victory manage
  10. StringerBellend

    Anthem/Walk Out Song - 5/10 minutes prior to kickoff

    Has to be this imagine the sing a long
  11. StringerBellend

    Coach and Staff Thread 2018/19

    Gumby is entirely without blame for this season too, “give him his own squad” fitzgerald, Kamau, Tongyik etc that said he doesn’t look so bad now Gumby started with a functioning team and left a shambles, Babbel took over a shambles and it’s still a shambles, the only bright point is some kids got a game (and his jacket from the derby)
  12. StringerBellend

    Sydney FC: Season 2018/19

    See also Gerard, Steven