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  1. Leach’s 1 not out was reminiscent of my famous 2 not out over 2 hours to take Richmond ex-servos under 14-2s into the finals similar circumstances too
  2. The wasted review was shocking, it was clearly outside the line. Stokes though what an innings
  3. I can’t think of a better test innings than that!
  4. This is fun anyone else awake
  5. Big chase for a last innings but in the other hand it’s only a fourth day pitch
  6. Having to watch channel 9 to watch the cricket. ACA “we give a racist 30mins of prime one television...” ads for seachange
  7. He’s probably a Kopite too Did I mention not being bitter about this? surely though they might have found an active referee somewhere in Europe
  8. And call me a bellend in a different thread... oh yeah......... carry on
  9. 25 years ago today Dummy was released
  10. He was retired prior to the game, refereed one game where clearly UEFA didn’t want a fifth English team in champions league (a mess they created by changing the rules to allow the Kopites in when they where 5th at the time there was no rule that defending champions auto qualified) he then retired straight after. Not saying he is “Marcus Bent” but it’s unusual to say the least. You can watch the replay there is no foul from Bent at all. Also There is no way on earth he’d have given that decision if it was one of the “big clubs” Barcelona, Juventus, Madrid, Liverpool, Man Utd.... but like I say I’m not bitter oh and We got Villa Real in the qualifier who finished in quarters while the kopites who didn’t qualify for champions league under the rules got to play a team of welsh postman and bank clerks did I mention I’m not bitter about it
  11. Neither scouse or Mount Druitt but I’ll let em off for it being Ace, Busta Rhymes is ace
  12. I’m still wondering why he hasn’t got back to my reply about going for celebration beer
  13. I’m not bitter about this at all, definitely not but... https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/everton-villarreal-great-pierluigi-collina-16784869 he’s a baldy bug eyed twat and there is some sort of irony in him calling a foul against a player called “Bent”
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