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  1. He could maybe play McGowan at RB and Georgievski on the left with Ziegler in the middle (in a 4) ziegler ain’t a full back or Kamau RWB and Georgievski LWB with three CBs or even a 4 with Kamau
  2. I can’t give that a like, that makes for terrible reading
  3. He really is thick isn’t he
  4. I’m with Prydzopolis if we give him attention it looks like we care He’s a mediocre midfielder that played a season for us, who cares? we have AMFG
  5. So we should If they need a big stadium for it they can use ANZ
  6. there will be Johnny Farnham farewell tour every year for you to see
  7. Why not they have had him advertising merchandise He's a Wanderers supporter, he’s proper Western Sydney and is music is “down with the kids” and appeals to a younger demographic better him than some Johnny F***ing Farnham with some song that half of our supporters are too young to remember You going to his gig? playing the factory soonish
  8. Sleaford Mods touring Australia next year @Edinburgh shall I get you a ticket?
  9. They picked up our reject look at Meirer and Murller stats in germany compared to ABJ
  10. Was Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks on grandstand for me and I’m guessing @MartinTyler and @Smoggy
  11. Ffs John Farnham what in **** does he have to do with WSW a Luton born North Melbourne AFL supporter how about we get Dicko to present a special western sydney masked singer somebody can come out dressed as an octopus or some other ****, sign hit me baby one more time by Brittany spears and we can vote via mobile phone if it is Anthony golec jason triffiro Mark Bridge or toad fish from neighbours then we can put lyrics up on the screen while aussie ostrich and Darryl summers and Nicky Webster lead us in group sing song of Natalie Imburglia’s big hit that I can’t be bothered googling I’ve put up with three seasons of **** stop trying to **** up my Saturday afternoons
  12. “Dear Melbourne Victory, this is the worst display of plastic Kopite bellendery I have had the misfortune to witness” is that enough?
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