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  1. Personally I like the “tin pot” Little stadiums over ANZ, spotless Allianz etc each to their own I guess I cancelled Kayo too, not much point paying for live sport streaming when there is no live sport If they have the a league when it comes back then I’ll start it back up otherwise there’s $25 a month I save
  2. I remember playing a grand final on it very satisfying to clear a ball into the stands NTS style
  3. Lambert wasn'ta great call but 7000 with 2000 seats (edit: I used Ausstadiums too) If the league starts up with no crowds in covid then it can be any size. In the longer term the league might contract to the size of a Marconi .. I'd rather go watch WSW play in front of 8000 at Marconi than anything at ANZ the more I think about it.. Still holds Sydney can continue to play out of kogarah, the NRL hardly use it, Brisbane can use dolphins, Melbourne AAMI isn't overly used if not go and play at Lakeside or Melb Croatia ground..
  4. There are loads of grounds if they drop the stupid big stadium thing.. (see above rant). Loads of grounds in sydney that the NRL don't use much.. Leichhardt has about 2 games of NRL on it a year and that's before you look at using NSL team grounds.. Play a game at Lambert park
  5. This maybe sport willl go back to the people out of this. That said, I don't see it for the big leagues.. it might actually accelerate the move away. Will this accelerate the move to a European "Super" League for the worldwide telly clappers to watch Bareclona v Madrid v Liverpool on repeat? However for Australia I can see it being a move back to the old NSL efnik days.. the Apia's, Marconi's will survive this as they are reall football clubs with a focus on football and community, the Brisbane Roars owned by some overseas group that don't give a toss will go. Interesting to see where we end up. Lets say the Fox money goes... is our club up to keeep going? Maybe footy will go back to being played in right size subrurban grounds, with a licensed club connected. I sound like a #againstmodernfootball NSL tragic (and I'm not) but who knows? That said I won't miss the ANZ, experience with the KISS FM sponsored stadium kiss cam and all the other bollocks. Happy to go back to a bunch of old effniks yelling "shoot farkin"
  6. amazing how quite the small government / RWNJ libertarians have been lately..
  7. I've seen the enormous financial losses in the sector I work in, which will have impacts to peoples work, and all the little business going under. It's huge the effects will be long lasting. Will the A League survive? No idea, I don't think it will be in the same form, how big a change remains to be seen. As for the sport, Soccer will survive, even if the A League doesn't. What would I do if I was Lederer? Not going to pretend I have the answer but I'd hope the club would be - Try and negotiate pay cuts with players, in particularly the ones on big $ (as the NRL are) - Reduce the days / hours of admin staff encourage leave taking - Ensure that we are taking advantage of Jobkeeper focusing on the low paid admin staff and players.. - Be lobbying the FFA to step up and show some leadership I'd have hoped we we would be one of the later clubs to hit the stand down staff button, not straight in after the mariners. Anyhow lets see what the "big" clubs do Yes the clubs income has been massively hit but like all companies that's for the owners and the senior leadership to deal with, not for the admin staff manning the phones or the player on a youth contract
  8. I’d have hoped a community club would do more to support their staff, right now we are in with Roar, Mariners and Jets let’s see what the other clubs do (sydney, Victory etc) As for the sport in this country It will survive the old effnik teams have survived, and will survive I hope we survive, and the A League too
  9. A business that can afford to pay over a $700k a season for a Guy to mostly not play can afford to cover the wages of low paid admin staff for a few months.
  10. Football will survive, the old NSL "efniks" have survived multiple disasters, including the formation of the A League. I'm not so sure the A League or many of its franchises will. Standing down all your staff is particuarly ****, we lashed more on Pio's wages than we probably pay the entier admin staff.
  11. Billionare owners, and they stand down all the employees, disgusting. I'd ring and complain but there is no-one to answer the call.
  12. It's ok Scott has it sorted https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/scott-morrison-prays-for-australia-in-video-for-christians-20200401-p54g2o.html Thoughts and Prayers
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