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  1. if it gets rid of office kopites then not talking about my other footy would be a small price to pay
  2. Don’t be so defeatist 6 points to make up in 13 games to get a ticket on the finals lucky dip.
  3. We have won 4 drew 2 lost 8. He's a nob but he has a point.
  4. ABJ Comment from Herald, yes he is a nob but sadly this season is proving he has a point. "I knew at Sydney FC, things are different, the mentality, the culture, everything is just about winning and winning games, and trophies. I don't know if I expected that we would win 12 of the first 14 games, which is really not easy, but everyone is really happy at the moment and I think you can see this on the pitch.""
  5. We are going to get beat 2-0 with Matt Simon scoring the second. All of this in 37+ heat, while filling half a bay In
  6. Nothing more exciting in sport than a Alastair Cook well judged leave outside of off stump sexual
  7. Alternatively we could use points from a previous season to argue that we are meeting our targets
  8. You sure it’s not a left wing conspiracy with Greta Thunberg in control?
  9. An advertising agency came up with team names and colours
  10. Yep he’s she a RWNJ she ticks most of the boxes there - Unis are too left and PC - yes but what about the Muslims shes a mother Peterson giving RWNJ claims some sort of faux academic credibility
  11. of course there are white males who need help, mental illness homelessness etc. But she’s not advocating for any of that is she? —- Much of the criticism around the decision to honour Arndt has centred around an interview she conducted with the Tasmanian man Nicolaas Bester, a convicted paedophile jailed for grooming and repeatedly raping his 15-year-old student when he was a 58-year-old. After being released from prison, Bester had boasted about his crimes on an internet forum in 2015, a move that prompted a second conviction. Two years later, Arndt posted a YouTube video called “Feminists persecute disgraced teacher” in which she interviewed Bester. In the video, Arndt said some male teachers were vulnerable due to “sexually provocative behaviour from female students” and could then be “subject to false accusations if they reject or offend the young woman in question”. She also said that young women needed to “behave sensibly and not exploit their seductive power to ruin the lives of men” and in response to Bester’s suggestion his crime was “awesome”, Arndt laughed, adding that it was “pretty stupid” but that “I can imagine how easily this happens”. —-
  12. Mass manufactured all flashing lights, fireworks and no substance It’s the perfect sport for 2020s isnt it It’s the Scott Morrison of sport
  13. By your own admission you haven’t read the article
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