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  1. Hard to put blame on JT and Owners they have backed CR this year with signings Things I don’t understand - we continue to Piss about with the ball out the back - we play 3 5 2 yet sign no wingbacks for play it, relying on 3 kids who are going to be great but still learning. We played it last year and it didn’t work but we keep doing it - we don’t press effectively as a team - we have signed a bunch of good players but a lot in the same positions - not starting Mueller - the popularity of Coldplay
  2. Look at the kittens one of them is called Phillip Working for me this morning Its all going to be Eetswa as my fellow western sydney gangsta rappers say
  3. The Parklea Messi didn’t have a great game by any means last night (nobody did) but can’t fault his effort. The bit that got me last night was a play where he receives the ball from our defence and looks forward and there wasn’t a single pass on, he holds the ball and still nothing, nobody ran to space or came to the ball. He lost it and the crowd got his back
  4. It’s political correctness gone mad when you can’t even post Nazi videos, break into the capital and steal a politicians laptop without the left wing media persecuting you I blame students and Hollywood
  5. He did absolutely nothing tonight when he came on to suggest he deserves a start I’m getting wasted visa spot vibes
  6. Ok can I join camp negativity? Do you have room for one more? That was really pretty bad
  7. He’s got to check with Jenny first so we’ll know shortly
  8. Yet people say DG should get a start weird
  9. Weirdly his last game was his best for ages, and hasn't been seen since.
  10. We are top 6 at moment This is not Babbel or Gumby era
  11. We don't seem to value possession when it counts if that makes sense (too many sloppy passes in attacking areas). We still, although getting better, almost over value possession at times at the back, seemingly endless sideways backwards passing with no purpose or attempt to work the ball forward. This often ends in us losing the ball in a worse position then we started, or a "hopeful" ball forward to lose it. That said I feel like that it is getting better. Parklea Messi gets a lot of stick for losing the ball, but generally when he does he is attempting a forward pass with some purpose t
  12. Some strange posts on here Did people watch the Willmerings ball for Kamau goal
  13. Kamau’s goal came from a willmering cross Mueller might not be tall but he can head a ball Duke is good in there, Ibini should be The problem is often the quality of the crosses for us and where we cross from. Russell tends to cross to early form too deep, he needs to get to the byline to cross (much harder to defend) DG and Aqualina both tend to come back to their right foot to cross from left
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