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  1. If we win the next three we will be second then it’s up to what we do in the last 2 games Amazing given how crap we have been of course that’s a huge if Taking 1 at a time let’s beat Perth then derby is massive
  2. I thought we seem to switch as did bozza the line up selected was most def 3 but it often looked more like a 4 with Russell playing high
  3. Yep Natta and Ziegler have been excellent Ziegler showing what a good player he is
  4. We love a good protest don’t we? I’ll get flamed for this, but long as the team wins i don’t care that said the cops were out Of control last week walking round looking for a fight they are entitled (the rbb) to. E passed of and protest it’s just such a shame that the crowd is flat for such an important game in
  5. Best moment so far the commentator “hard run for the team from.....(thinks)...(where are they from?) ...(Geelong? Ballarat? Tasmania? ... west Melbourne (that will do)”
  6. Tricky Welshman we are playing a 4 at the back Get in there Triosi
  7. I can’t go tonight, I better it will be speed Harper and Slater on the tv
  8. So we are back to relying on 2 kids for width and playing without wingers again
  9. So CR stubborn bugger goes back to 5 at the back does he watch the same games we do?
  10. On style the first two goals last week were ace moved the ball quickly toward goal second goal especially I could watch that all season
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