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  1. Even as a overly political correct left leaning wanker I can agree with you that In that sense “tits” are nice, I might even go as far as to say they can be ace
  2. Chil cynth it’s just intellectual discussion and/or banter
  3. I've watched the door guy a 100 times it doesn't get old, he's slightly shades the under the house guy but not by much. As a WSF post I thought this deserved so much more likes though.
  4. Bring it on Saturday arvo footy.. home game to kick off the season
  5. Who needs facts and figures when presented with such strong evidence
  6. Mitch Austin, would be the perfect WSW winger, loads of pace, no end product
  7. Is this the intellectual debate you were after @wendybr if it is you should listen to more talk back radio or the Facebook comments on any news article
  8. He doesn't though does he?? when presented by facts and research, he then resorts to personal abuse. It's not opposing ideas or different point of views that I have a problem with or would seek to ban. But I'm (as you may have noticed) happy to debate, but throwing out a totally made up opinion and passing it off as 'fact' but then resorting to abuse and deflection isn't an intellectual challenge and it ain't debate. He doesn't worry me, but the loss of the community does. Make WSF Great Again!
  9. Even with "most" stastics don't back your view up https://www.abc.net.au/triplej/programs/hack/who-is-on-welfare-payments-in-australia/11347070 That took me a whole 2 minutes of google.. Ok I couldn't find a breakdown by electoral area, but to use your "common sense", the bulk of benefits go to pensioners, who not necissarily rusted on Labor voters. Robo-debt is not just chasing newstart recipients. To the car door I can waste my time finding data to disprove your assertion that is based on nothing other than your snobbery and need to be an edgy internet alt-right warrior But we both know that if I gave you an exact breakdown of welfare benefits by voting patterns you'd just call me a wanker and deflect
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