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  1. If we keep playing rubbish football, missing the finals and taking our fan base for granted, then we will lose fans to them
  2. I don’t think getting a seat to an A League game will be a problem They won’t be queuing round the block
  3. Jurman can go to Greece and then wonder why he isn’t getting paid in 6 months
  4. https://fxtraderpaul.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/the-chinese-a-great-bunch-of-lads.jpg
  5. They might look like they give a ****, we have somebody better already Tass is where it’s at
  6. How many players are on 150k? It’s not that many majority are on less minimum is about 45k and we would have quite a few on that
  7. As player you would be an idiot to go to Perth at the moment
  8. It's the owners business, not up to the players to do it. Ledderer is ok to put money into infrastructure (which is a good thing), but not the players (not a good thing). If any owner sells his francise for a profit he isn't likely to pay the players back for wages he has withheld
  9. Our players have been on job keeper for weeks then asked to go play out a season few of them are on big $ $40k for an U20 an $60k for over 20s should not be unsustainable The League has been ran into the ground let’s not lay that on the players
  10. The comments are depresssing, ignorant people assuing that A League players are on mega bucks, they aren't.
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