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  1. Kamau Kamau Kamau Kamau Kamau (to the tune of the Gary glitter song ) Kamau feel the noise...
  2. My bet is <7000 crowd tonight is anybody other than me actually going???
  3. His philosophy seemed to be to get centre backs to aimlessly pass the ball amongst themselves before getting Vedran to hoof it to no one. or his alternative one was Vedran to roll the ball out to a marked Hammil to then lose it a “strategy” isn’t useful if you have no idea how to implement it
  4. Wow that must really be getting the pulse racing
  5. If we get into the 6 we might do ok, as to get in we will have to go on a decent run of form. we won’t like
  6. I’d love to say that I’m disappointed for Australian football.. But I’m not that good a person, it’s ace shame it wasn’t more goals
  7. Look at our media ownership Todays front page of the telegraph was a half page ad for sky news and an article on A reality TV show we are truely ****ed
  8. Perth did ok but never really looked like scoring I miss us being in ACL
  9. Apparently we are having a mid season revival anyone else miss it? https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/news/wanderers-looking-continue-mid-season-revival
  10. Yep next year he will be on his third team and yet has probably only played a handful of decent games
  11. He won't. If it was going to happen it would have happened.
  12. I had a housemate who was so into this album and played it so much that I can’t listen to it now without wanting to Launch the source of it out of a window
  13. Always Adeleke for me meir was our most disappointing signing but far from our worst player, maybe given the $ our worst signing but not worst player (if you know what I mean) Sotirio should get a mention for the worst 20min cameo for his come off the bench v Brisbane in a semi run around like a chicken with its head cut off and commit two stupid fouls on halfway to get sent off still winds me up now Yeboah’s performance on Saturday night was up there for most half arsed had he been our all night on the pingers and was coming down he really didn’t look like he wanted to be there
  14. It makes it more annoying, we still go 9.5k for that game after 3 and bit years of dross, smurfs got that the other night and they haven’t lost at home for ever
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