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  1. How could I forget la Rocca?
  2. Ok a Facebook thing of pick your favourite soccerists from around the world came out here’s mine Germany - Jerome Polenz 🇧🇷- Vitor Saba 🇮🇪- Simon Cox 🇦🇺- Mark Bridge Croatia 🇭🇷 - Mateo Poljak 🇯🇵- Shinji Ono 🇪🇸- Oriol Reira Argentina 🇦🇷 - Marcelo Carrusca Switzerland 🇨🇭- Lopar Sudan 🇸🇩 - Mohammad Adam Kenya 🇰🇪- Bruce Kamau Uruguay 🇺🇾- Bruno Pinatares anyone else care to play
  3. So apparently 50% of players in the league come off contact in May, can’t see clubs renewing players until season kicks off again, going to be chaos
  4. https://youtu.be/kPBChy9J5dY cmon on Wanderers let’s have Ziegler Read “Lost and FoundL
  5. Wooooo hooooo you’re **** arghhh him not you obviously I hate Perth and their Wacky Soccer AM fans
  6. agree she needs to do way more, at least though she communicates clearly, if Morrison's failure wasn't so dangerous it would be funny
  7. Brilliant. I'm stealing that one for sure
  8. As much as I can't stand Boris, after totally stuffing it up at the start he, is doing ok right now. He's a big Churchill fan I can you see he is basically copying his tone and body language for this. Boris might do alright as he is type of leader who will just do whatever he thinks and hold to it. "Get, Covid Done" Morrison is way to concerned with public opinion, hence his tentative (is this ok? kind of response) and re-activeness. We are f*cked with a failed marketing exec in charge. I can't stand Gladys either but at least she is clear (she is a hard arse) Arden is where it's at, Strong, Clear, Compassionate, Practical.. that said it's easy to shut down NZ, there isn't really anything to shut down.
  9. She’s my favourite, best gig of last year. I have tickets to see her in June (obviously won’t happen now due to corona) look her up on face book she did a live Facebook gig the other night totally beautiful
  10. No Windsor not that info often, but last time I was saddened by how many of the little shops along Main Street and in the little malls had closed down they all seemed to be doing it tough before this, this will finish them offf
  11. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/everton-make-vital-announcement-staff-17974498 everton being ace
  12. Do you mean out or the ones that aren’t empty and for lease. the majority of shops in Windsor seem to have been closed down for a year or so
  13. Or bury somebody at the same time
  14. 10 boot camp 5 wedding 10 for a funeral don’t go out schools open so “essential” workers can go to work where essential is defined as anybody with a job glad that’s clear happy finish massage has stopped too
  15. Better script writer than Morrison has. What in **** is he dribbling about here the total nipple
  16. yes, its sucks all the small businesses going under too
  17. This guy just finished up in India, knows the A League Philosophy Ball Time
  18. Place near me in Petersham so the bomb, proper old skool PetershamEfniktastic
  19. Its all started hitting me in the last few hours, feel for the people losing their jobs and businesses. Sad for the Kids. My little one is kindy and the school year looks like being a mess. Ill just give the kids a big hug in the morning
  20. You only just realised? it’s almost worth the global pandemic to stop it (it isn’t) maybe..
  21. If they complain, refer (The Aldi Kopites) to season 2018-19 they won it despite finishing second
  22. If you get your news from ABC New Breakfast you would assume the A League stopped about a year ago
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