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  1. This is all part of the charm of the A League pity the poor sod who gets the greyhound bus seat next to Rudan
  2. You are familiar with Australian soccer Mack? Im surprised that it’s not worse
  3. Either way a lot to spend on a problem that apparently doesn’t exist
  4. Just when I start to think that it’s just a difference of political ideals, this That really is some nasty stuff right there
  5. See Judith now that is a view that can I disagree with As he says Of course it exists, what you do? Or if you do anything about? is the difference of ideals, to say it doesn’t is childish To address legia I’m not such a lefty as to see equality of outcome is the aim , we are all different and without sounding too Scott Morrison it’s ok for people to be financially rewarded for their talent, effort etc But I do strongly believe in equality of opportunity and also in having a society that supports and values all. the government has a role to play in this, and I’m happy to pay tax (and more than some) to allow the government to support and better society as for the writing a cheque to the ATO, In effect I do, that’s how a progressive tax system works Yes most people are Largely better off than at any point in history, that’s progress and Be progressive, But we can do better And we always should aim to. it comes down do you see value in society or is it all about the individual,
  6. You won’t get a reasoned arguement from Judith Durham just made up facts.. Legia occasionally but mostly he’s busy working on his enigmatic internet persona
  7. It depends if it’s a figure he has made up if it is a fact then you need a source, but not Acoss, the Australian senate, a major need outlet they are all communists Reserve Bank Communists
  8. You are lecturing people on how to use a search engine to look up facts? try typing i “inequality australia”‘ in
  9. https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate/Community_Affairs/Income_Inequality/Report/c01 probably not the example or source you wanted, a senate report
  10. What equality test is this? there you go moving goal posts again. lets humour you and say they do ok? (They clearly don’t) but let’s run with it, would you say the actor Russell Crowe or I don’t know the guy who owns atlassian are they doing ok, or could we perhaps say they are doing better than ok? Maybe better in financial terms than you or I? nobody is absolutely perfect (or maybe we all are?) as clearly we are all absolutely equal
  11. You just moved the goal posts, you are now discussing the amount of inequality. The existence of these charities, free Resteraunt’s etc (That you name yourself) lessen the impact of inequality, but it exists doesn’t it? If it didn’t there would be no need for then (like the Labour Party) like I say you can debate the extent of inequality, or if it is bad thing, or the cause, or inequality of opportunity Etc but to say there is none is quite mad as for asking me to name it, if i do as Cynth has done with a factsheet you will either dismiss it as propaganda or ignore it
  12. Aw No finally we lefty socialists have won and we are living in an entirely equal and and even society
  13. Read a newspaper or site you lazy man. Even the LNP admit there is inequality they just think poor people deserve it and rich people deserve it, to deny its existence makes you look a little bit thick like I say you can argue why it is there or if it’s good or not but denying it’s existence is like saying rice doesn’t exist
  14. Can argue the cause of inequality or even if it is necessarily a bad thing (or outcome v opportunity) but to deny its existence. He’s either trolling a complete moron or both
  15. Majok's first touch goes further than my clearances
  16. Couldn’t fault either for their effort, but Jumpei has skill just no football brain. Jumpei’s touch and control was fine he just consistently took the wrong option. Majoks first touch was terrible, he couldn’t actually control a football
  17. The virtue signallers is a great name for an 80s new romantic band
  18. yes, the edgy speaker of truth rebel is being mauled for his problematic views, by the virtue signalling fundamentalists
  19. He must have been signed based on a 30 second YouTube clip
  20. And here’s me thinking the guy that was killed by the police officer was the victim do you actually believe that pretentious load of rubbish wendy will dig it though
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