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  1. That’s the frustrating thing, we have a decent squad in a year when all of the teams are a bit crap. We just need to get out **** together Loom at the seabogans top of the table. How many of their starting XI would you swap? Not many yet as a team they are playing way better
  2. Put some shoes on you twat (him not you)
  3. My $0.02 worth he hasn’t he has however coached the team to play out all the time. Baccus is constantly being given the ball by the centre backs when he has a defender up his arse and then having to do something with it also the players in front of him to sod all to make space for themselves (Ibini instead of coming to the ball will run behind a defender) so again he’s got to make a ridiculously hard pass Our fans also love to get on his back, with stupid comments on Facebook like he doesn’t run.. The kid runs his arse off every game the worst games he ha
  4. Totally Add for that we are one of the most resourced clubs in the league.
  5. The official description is great though sounds like he was unlucky not that he lashed it into orbit
  6. Yes that reliable finisher Yeboah That 3 v 1 was a microcosm of our season Willmerring played the wrong pass but ibini had time to take a touch and bury it, instead he takes a touch and lashes the ball into orbit
  7. The key for any team (he says in a Craig foster voice rubbing his chin) is the spine of your team and keeping that together GK, CB, DM, AmIdfield striker out of that margush is still you but worth sticking with Natta is the future ant Ziggy is ace dorrans should stay I’m not convinced we have a #10 Duke I know what I mean.. To be fair to Carlo he’s brought some players in he’s used the youth, he has a couple of players from previous manager playing sacking your managers means you end up like Everton are, 4 different managers worth of pla
  8. I didn't watch live (on holiday) so I managed to not here the result and then watch replay this morning. (Easy not to be told the score given the A Leagues position in the media) We were crap again for 60 odd minutes, woke up a bit with a couple of subs Ziegler was ok, apart from one pass when playing it short he just passed straight to them, he recovered with a block. I almost don't blame our defence for those passes, we are clearly told to play short under all circumstances and it is Gombau like in it stuburness and stupidity. Formation, is far from our main problem, our finis
  9. word on the streets is there is about 10 players who carlo doesn't see as part of the future.. so either way there will be big change Having just watched 10 men adelaide tear us apart I'm not sure I'm see improvement
  10. Disagree he deserves to be starting, I can’t handle watching Ibini stand still for 65 mins
  11. Sorry I blame my dad he only has three jokes and I’ve heard them for 40+ Years
  12. It’s humour or at least my poor attempt, the team drove me mad about two seasons ago. the e word (the first one) was also an attempt to be positive, it’s been very negative on here and I like you want us to be doing well Apart from last paragraph everything else is pretty much exactly as I feel. Once again we are underperforming and we don’t seem to learn from week to week I owe you a beer to make up for the trauma I’ve caused you can add Campbelltown to the list of frustrating games, we didn’t turn up until halftime and still should have won
  13. Also I hear that @theguyyouwishyouwere owned him on the field
  14. There once was a coach called carlo To four at the back he said hell no With centre backs three we concede a mad penalty But if you want Elan Marcus Babbel is your man needs work poetry ain’t my thing
  15. They must lurk on here, I’ve brought the word elan back into vogue Next they will tell us that Vaccine rollout is going to be eetswa
  16. This is brilliant https://www.theguardian.com/books/2021/apr/07/jordan-peterson-shocked-by-captain-america-villain-espousing-10-rules-for-life?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  17. I miss Babbel doing it Nobody else has managed to have a go at the refs while wearing a salmon coloured Jacket and a cloth cap
  18. Anyone just see the geeky kid in the glasses giving the finger, his mum must be so proud, he should be careful, he'll get suspended from school
  19. Alberto was and I’m using a technical term here but alberto was as Craig foster might put it a totally sexual centre back
  20. Yep Cox made a massive difference, just by moving into space and to the ball. Ibini either doesn’t move at all or runs behind a defender making it impossible to get the ball to him He was doing my head in The dodgy pen disguises that we were crap for at least 65 mins
  21. Probably is I’m disappointed in Marcus, I’d built him up in my head as being in to obscure German Electro and the odd industrial album, probably listens to KMFDM
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