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  1. Going to be interesting to see if Celtic have the patience for Ange Ball, at least it is more fun that Arnie Ball
  2. Man I loved the cheesy 80s video clip where they played being 'hairy god father' to the geeky guy chasing the slight geeky girl that turned out to be not that geeky
  3. Popa's record on overseas signings isn't really that great for every Alberto there's a Borda, for every Hersi and Jumpei
  4. I wouldn't have a clue, I can't say I'm that much of a football tragic to care.
  5. 23 games 3 goals the last time he played for us
  6. I've heard it's Borda I haven't but he's got Hammil, he could reunite them, who could forget that magic night in Campbelltown watching Red Diamonds destroy them
  7. It's like Middlesborough but without the glamour
  8. I don't disagree the club has stuffed up big time in the last 5 seasons. I don't claim to be close enough to JT or Ledder to know how much this is on JT. But some of the JT Out stuff on here every time we don't sign a player is ridiculous, as is the view that JT hasn't backed CR. The club clearly has last year was 12 players signed, not an gross exaggeration it was 12. Even if we take out the 2 that weren't first teamers (so I'm not claiming the cleaner) it's still 10 (so hardly a gross exaggeration). So far and we are months out from season start (if we even get a start) we hav
  9. Very much this. Club has made loads of mistakes and I'm sure JT has. But every time we don't sign a player, it's JT out on here..
  10. Yep, although I also think he could have scored 10+ goals for us regardless of position. Who knows what happened with CR, he started the season well and then wasn't seen again
  11. Very much this, he's an ex-German international Bundesliga player. He was often given a free role by CR, and beyond the odd pretty run, he did stuff all. Lots of driblling in to cul-de-sacs and losing the ball. Long as we sign someone else, not a big loss That said if he gets back to anything like he is capable of he'll kill it up there, and I suspect he will bum us sensless next year (and not in a good way)
  12. He’ll probably kill it up there, but for us the odd moment of brilliance but never really dominated a game like we hoped lots of beat a man dribble into a blind alley and loose the ball
  13. Hamill, I really can't believe that one, he must be running really short of ideas
  14. if we are losing signings to Southend utd given their financial position, then i'll join Keithie and seeker in their JT out campaign
  15. Same as politics thread… don’t let facts get in the way just move on to next claim The claim on here has been JT has to go as we aren’t signing any quality players We have made three big signings so far and 2 pretty decent ones I’d be the first to say the last 5 years haven’t been good enough but this view that CR hasn’t been backed is total rubbish
  16. You did that joke It was 12 what is it with facts not sinking in?
  17. Hey Johnny, Johnny Hey Johnny, Johnny Johny Johny Koutrambis
  18. He looked 'ok' for us, but not much more than that. We didn't think he was good enough to keep then, not sure why we would think to bring him back
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