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  1. That’s always been the way, stuff em print media will die before football does
  2. I’m not sure I’d define city as a success, they still have next to no fans and would contribute nothing to the tv ratings but yes given the cfg money they are at least stable unless cfg lose interest
  3. It’s the “tidy” players that drive me mad Kearyn Baccus with his tidy passing backwards and side wards
  4. Don’t get me wrong I’d rather we get somebody in now, and I’d hope we are looking but also I’d rather us not waste our last visa player in a panic and get a waste of space in (as we often do with our visa players). In a normal league you need to be top it near top in Jan to have a chance, in our league you just need be around top 6 in jan and can push from there. the squad we have is good enough for top 6 as it is, and if it isn’t then 1 player ain’t going to fix it enough
  5. That would be the case if we didn’t have a finals system, the last 2-3 games of the season are worth far more than 3 points when you can win from 6th
  6. Who picks that, I watched a lot of the WU game and it took me 20 mins to realise risdon was on the field sea bogans were all over us in the midfield surely that gets a player
  7. Perth are second on my list of disliked a league teams just ahead of city It’s their wacky Britishness I can’t stand, see also the Barmy Army. Which is odd given I follow England in cricket
  8. They sound like a League Two club from a depressed former industrial town, its like going back in time listening to them
  9. Good to see the 11th team has created chances for Australian youth players 32, 34, 36, 36 37
  10. Appiah! “one thing we know about Kwabena Appiah is he’s quick” ”the other thing is he’s not very good at football”
  11. Listening to the names of Western United Players it’s like a doctor who wormhole where it’s somehow 2014
  12. Commentator should send “Sotirio, shame there was no end product” that won’t be the last time he says that
  13. Isn’t Grimes the partner of the Tesla dude?
  14. While we are on covers Aldous Harding does this well fee can Shes ace
  15. for some reason I can’t get the thought of Marcus grabbing a mike and singing this in the centre circle can’t you all feel the winds of change after that ?
  16. He won’t be he’s only played few mins of football and hasn’t had a proper preseason. He’ll come good
  17. It’s the most exciting game of any World Cup
  18. I trust you will World Cup style have a play off for third after the semis
  19. The Harper shite was when he said Adelaide have created many chances but sydney have dominated the rest, what the Fck does that mean?
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