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  1. Me neither my problem is the “Kopite” like confected outrage
  2. I’ll give you that, and I nearly typed since Adam Gilchrist
  3. I’m entirely serious on the sydney bit The main points of my arguement are - somehow think they are the victims of poor refereeing when they get every decision - media darlings - delusions of biggest club - “best support” - blame poor crowd behaviour on others - General bellendery I am less serious on the Australian cricket bit
  4. It’s the Kopite reality distortion field Liverpool “man city are buying the league, while we are amazingly competing in some Roy or the Rovers way spending now money” despite that Liverpool spent over 190 million pounds last season sydney fans genuinely believe that they are the victims of a referee conspiracy, when they get more decisions than any other team While Australian cricket media.. need I go on Everyone else cheats how dare Stuart broad not walk (despite No Australian batsman does) Mitchell Johnson bowling shirt pitched while close fielders sledge is fine
  5. Just putting this out there as a concept, The Australian Cricket team (actually more the media) are the Kopites of world cricket
  6. He’ll scare the **** out of people in Brisbane, shame the old WACA pitches are a thing of the past
  7. Going to be fun finding out
  8. Don’t get sucked into the news LTD witch hunt, he’s a young guy playing his first test he was clearly shaken by it afterward as he said as much in the interview. Buttler and co had checked on smith, it didn’t need another person standing over him it needed professional medical attention. The response from the Australian arm of news was disgusting and then followed up by the usual army of bedroom warriors on Twitter. shame is we will have years of the poor kid being booed by bellends now. Just appreciate a proper test match fast bowler coming through
  9. The Clash for mine Australia’s very own the saints
  10. Games set up for stokes to win it
  11. Here we go new striker https://www.goal.com/en-au/news/live/a-league-and-australian-football-news-live-bulut-teases-possible-/o5scit2r0yeu14854pzr57wju Somebody Had to post it
  12. Had a mini bus Booked to the city as we were heading along the driver says “that’s John Howard behind us” of course we don’t believe it, but then the rego plate on the car was C-01, next set of lights the car pulls up along us, the red lasts for ages, our mini bus of somewhat drunk Englishmen give a decent chorus of oh Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny Howard, the window on car comes down and we get a slight wave from Johnny sitting next to the lovely Jeanette.
  13. 2003 wasn’t bad ohhh Johnny Johnny..
  14. Moeen Ali seems to bowl cow pats
  15. The good people of the Gong couldn’t resist getting a glimpse of the team for all Sydney, proves that there is no need for a Wollongong team
  16. Good to see an England bowler, bowling at over 90mph and not spraying it everywhere
  17. It’s really sad great little ground at Bury and friendly club, 100 odd years old too
  18. Smith is the difference in the batting and that’s enough to win the series
  19. I thought I was just being witty, kind of like an online Oscar Wilde
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