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  1. But we will always have that goal he is the scorer of the goal that sent me totally mental
  2. Unfortunately you may be right, he looked the goods before he left didn’t really kick on from there
  3. I’m not convinced we will regret this one, he’s hardly played since he left us, he’s never been prolific even here. He’s constantly injured.. Of course with that he’ll score 20+
  4. Thinking about it you are right. Just for his attempts at country music they should throw away the key
  5. The land thing near Parra is far dodgier (allegedly) if it was Labor no way would news Ltd be so quite on it
  6. Most such pardons would be less controversial than the one handed to Flynn. However, among those campaigning for a pardon is Joseph Maldonado-Passage. Better known as Joe Exotic, the zookeeper subject of hit Netflix documentary Tiger King, he received a 22-year sentence for trying to hire a hitman to kill a rival. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/nov/26/trump-pardon-michael-flynn-rick-gates Free the Tiger King!!
  7. Wow they are at the point of arrogance that they can just tell people they use public money to shore up votes and get away with it https://www.smh.com.au/politics/nsw/berejiklian-backs-away-from-icac-funding-boost-but-not-pork-barrelling-20201126-p56ic4.html
  8. This might have been the case in about 2010, it hasn't been for a while, the Japanese and Korean sides (even without imports) are way better than us. Also if you take the foreign players out of the A Leagues teams they would be dreadful
  9. She's totally ace, still my favourite gig for the year that was.. Was supposed to go again then covid hit.
  10. You complain about the vocalists in the stuff that I post, but Noddy Holder is your cup of tea?
  11. That’s the one, I’m determined that it catches on
  12. Slade did the Bruce Kamau song didn’t they?
  13. As much as I can take amusement from sydney, victory and Perth being crap in the acl It’s not great for us, less ACL spots for Australian teams, and the Evertonian in me knows that whatever spot that gets dropped will be the one we finish in
  14. Win some football games and then I can be positive
  15. Never tire of an Alastair Cook style stay in all day proper test match innings, even if it was Under 14s division 2
  16. Yep I tried hard, my best inninigs for Richmond Ex-Servos was 2 not out played over 2 hours, when we need a draw to make the finals.
  17. So the A League put this seasons at ANZ They really do hate football don't they
  18. I was always a candidate for the encouragement award in sports, i.e. no talent but I tired hard
  19. Sokkah ain’t the only sport for nepotism the cricket rep teams when my brother was young always had the same few kids in, their dads were coaches etc. Kids sport is full of it
  20. I think the difference is Ziegler has had a solid career in Europe over a number of seasons, he's shown he's a decent pro. Kamau had one good season as a kid in Adelaide 2013-14 and then nothing. It will be a shame if Kamau doesn't realise his potential though.
  21. That and only scoring 8 goals in 112 games since 2014
  22. I’ve seen Kamau play one really good game, unfortunately it was for Adelaide in the grand final against us.. hasn’t really kicked on since He did play well against Adelaide in that bizarre game last season (did I dream that one though?)
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