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  1. Wanderers favourite. http://odds.aussportsbetting.com/betting?competitionid=5&matchnumber=4608804&function=topodds2&websiteid=1856&o=&oddsType=&swif=&whitelabel
  2. Just for the first night, and only the music we do the signing.
  3. Play this from minute 3:16. at least for the first night and we all sing along.
  4. Fornaroli and Castro would be marquees.Yet under the cap they can fit the likes of Ikonomidis, Kilkenny, Spiranovic, Davidson, Mrcela, Keogh, Franjic and Reddy.
  5. ^ Just about to write the same thing.

    Perth Glory: Season 2018/19

    Castro signs two year deal.
  7. Maybe he got the contract for not scoring against them on Saturday. (even if there wasn't a keeper in front of him, I still think he wouldn't of scored.)
  8. The only starting players next season are Duke, Yeboah and Ziegler at this stage. Only other one Janjetovic (due to contract). Same with Ziegler.
  9. Will Bridge come out Cornthwaite style and tell us what really happened throughout the season.
  10. Yes we are , but you can't tell me man for man that the Mariners are better than us (at least on paper). We play well one week and crap the next. The one thing Babbel has talked about all year is still the one thing this team doesn't have (Mentality). Wether to compete or win on a consistent basis. This I feel is where Babbel falls down. We should of won last night, the Mariners are not a better team than us. It is our lack of mentality.
  11. From who we have at the moment as a starting eleven, I can see only three. Yeboah, Duke and Ziegler. All other place are up for grabs.
  12. He's already under the cap. (He's not a marquee)
  13. The criticism is justified, but he is not a marquee. (Riera is our only Marquee).
  14. Is Germany the only place now we can find a foreigner ?
  15. WHACKO

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    Far out, is that what it's like when you take ecstasy.