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  1. The first change for mine should be the captain, he should be in the same place Zeigler is.
  2. @btron3000 need some of your positivity. (or has that game changed your mind).
  3. Can I officially call it, the EETSWA ERA is over (If it was ever here).
  4. Does doing it with a slightly different line up every game still count.
  5. Massive game for Newcastle, win and they go to 4th on the ladder pushing us down to 5th.
  6. Bozza for f uck sake it's he did well did did did did not done well. F uck me.
  7. Alex King, do you know what your doing. You may never referee again.
  8. All those that this wasn't a must win and we've got plenty of games left. Tell me with the way we play when do we get to the stage that I should start worrying.
  9. If we could just eliminate first halves and second halves go for 90 minutes.
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