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  1. https://www.duolingo.com/dictionary/Scottish Gaelic/biadh/57e2e75ee02178215ca12846af8a968d
  2. Can someone put the side up of how it looks at the moment...presuming we play with a back 5. Thanks

    Mitchell Duke

    Should try and find a league one club in England if he can.
  4. Eetswa...is that code for Ecstasy. Must be the stuff your on.
  5. Maybe that's why we bought him...We can now afford him because he's injured.
  6. What's with all tha whistling at the swimming...f.u.c.k it's annoying.
  7. Only one thing matters money and whoever's paying there playing.
  8. He's avatar is a picture of Kevin Muscat.
  9. Pass for me...especially as we don't play with wingers under Carl's five at the back. We need an attacking midfielder who will boss the middle and get the ball to Hemed.
  10. I also think he didn't favour the 5 at the back set up we played.
  11. I've also opted out from autopay. The same reason as last season. The uncertainty of if and when the competition will go ahead. I've heard nothing of a starting date from the FFA. Also should we not be able to complete or attend the full amount of games from a membership perspective... where do we stand in regards to the payment that we made.
  12. They work hard...so you work hard. It gets me every time..brings a tear to my eye.😂
  13. And pay more for memberships as we go.
  14. To be fair...how much can CR do in lockdown. The three year plan may have to be extended to five years. ðŸĪŠðŸ˜­ðŸ˜·
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