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  1. Jimspade

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Looks great! Just as long as he can handle our heat and playing on what will effectively be cement to him.
  2. Well! Don't stop now, Don't F%^$ me Smoggy!
  3. I know! I'm just scared i fell asleep and am going to wake up to a massive defeat
  4. Wait! Has Riera always had feet? I swear he didn't have feet before? Not that i've noticed anway...
  5. Duke for the win! Love the passion as well
  6. Yeh ok. Im done crying. BUT Can someone please tell me... why the **** i keep putting money on us? I mean WTF!
  7. Very good point actually. As someone who initially was in favour of trying it, I well and truly concede that this trial has been an utter failure. Vedran is off!Vedran exit strategy
  8. Vedran sighted with new team!!! Thank the gods Vedrans new team LEAK
  9. Our sheer outrage and exasperation somehow physically hurt the server!
  10. To think, we effectively swapped Redmayne for snake. we had reddy for a bit. How did we end up with this walking abortion. WHY!
  11. Are you watching on FOX? I didn't get that impression from them?