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  1. https://www.perthglory.com.au/video/gallas-debuts-glory I had to look it up... What a joke hahahahaha
  2. I gotta say though. That brisbane semi-final was the best HAL game to date IMO
  3. https://www.a-league.com.au/news/finals-countdown-reliving-five-magic-finals-series-moments Go and vote for the very obvious best finals moment!
  4. Euro clubs scout the danish league a $hit ton more than the HAL... not to mention the quality is relatively high and the pay better
  5. oh thank god. It's ok everyone. Smoggy says it ok. Also, i guess you can expect that from Muscats players. Didn't he literally end someone's career with a bad tackle?
  6. that foul on kamou should have been a ******* red. ball gone past and takes his legs and body out hard...it should be considered a strike..
  7. Looks great! Just as long as he can handle our heat and playing on what will effectively be cement to him.
  8. I know! I'm just scared i fell asleep and am going to wake up to a massive defeat
  9. Wait! Has Riera always had feet? I swear he didn't have feet before? Not that i've noticed anway...
  10. Yeh ok. Im done crying. BUT Can someone please tell me... why the **** i keep putting money on us? I mean WTF!
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