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  1. Sooooo, are we still happy that rado busted his knee or can we admit that it was not a good thing already?
  2. Has Georgievski stepped on a nail yet? We are running out of time.Before long the season will have started and no more of our players will have been maimed .
  3. Yeh if there's one thing that could bode well for our season it's one of our imports getting FKD up a few weeks before we kick our season off. If only someone shot MB in the gut and why the fk has Pirmin not had a stroke yet? How are we supposed to stand a chance unless at least one of them suffers a serious blood clot in the brain!
  4. Well i'm hopeful...but im also having PIO flashbacks...That prick gave me PTSD
  5. omg did we get ddos'd? Also how gangsta was that tate goal :D:D:D:D haha im all giddy like a school girl
  6. Im late as i was watching on delay. THE FIRE IS BACK IN THE BOYS!!!! The passion in primm!!! God im looking forward to this season
  7. I believe HAL are hiding one. lol i'm a conspiracy nutter
  8. oh god sorry everyone i was drunk and thought everyone would know i was joking Although shows how desperate we all are to hear something...anything to clue us is lol
  9. Well yeh that's always the case in these types of exhibition games in aus with a internationally renowned team doing a tour...If it was ccm or WP the white would have outshone. they would have shined bright like a diamond, shine bright like a diamond. I'm sick of Bozza to be honest, he just anoys the $hit out of you and i, you and i, we're like diamonds in the sky. I think he's had way too much coke over the years and it's affected his brain. He's like an ethnic, bogan crackie! I suppose he was a good goalie, but now i think if he was in the dark, he'd have trouble finding a bright light, in the beautiful sea, I choose to be happy. I guess it doesn't matter what we think, you and i, you and i, we're like diamonds in the sky. I remember when he was a young gun coming into the aus team and i thought to myself, "you're a shooting star" I see, a vision of ecstasy!
  10. Shinji Okazaki pretty much in the bag
  11. https://www.perthglory.com.au/video/gallas-debuts-glory I had to look it up... What a joke hahahahaha
  12. I gotta say though. That brisbane semi-final was the best HAL game to date IMO
  13. https://www.a-league.com.au/news/finals-countdown-reliving-five-magic-finals-series-moments Go and vote for the very obvious best finals moment!
  14. Euro clubs scout the danish league a $hit ton more than the HAL... not to mention the quality is relatively high and the pay better
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