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  1. I was just thinking that! Frustrating to see all that outside space
  2. my dad is the same: hes had some medical issues and is vunerable to this i do worry
  3. I'm way more emotional than i should be. i Don't know how to feel. I can't handle this. i want to hug you all
  4. I just hope COX gets good service in the BOX! Hopefully he isn't premature and times his runs onside. I don't think many goalies will be able to handle the size of our COX, he creates a real presence in the BOX no matter how hard they try, they won't be able to squeeze him out. Even if he just uses his head, im sure he will fill the void. I think we have finally got a good one up front. Nothing like a surprise, nonconsensual COX to pump us up, right through this sticky patch. THey won't be able to mount a defence.... But COX will IYKWIM Ok im done. Penis.. Ok im do
  5. what the ****...we've been done by var handball penalties twice but when it happens to us they don't even look at it? Im so ******* frustrated with thye favouritism in this ******* pissweak bitch league
  6. I agree. At this stage anyway. I think we need to stick with him, unless we have a clear and guaranteed better replacement lined up
  7. Yeh IKR, he even demonstrated why it wasn't a penalty, right before awarding a penalty . God i'd love to stick bamboo spikes under his fingernails. While verbally abusing his puppy and mounting his wife
  8. I've always been under the impression, that to overturn the on field call, it had to be blatantly wrong... LIke much more obvious than it would normally need to be. Have i just been wrong about this the entire time?
  9. I think it was around 15m. I have to say i disagree with most that Duke deserved a red. IMHO it was a little flick out, barley made contact. It's like he changed his mind halfway through the motion. I agree it could have been a yellow but it was more of a trip than a strike.
  10. It seems to me that if the crowd make a massive fuss they will check VAR...For a REF, the crowd SHOULD basically be a forrest...You don't base desisions on the opinion of a group of trees
  11. After all that...this was the first game i didn't bet on our wanders since round 3....i think they are checking my bets and fixing the game acordingly :|
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