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  1. I probably would have laughed too if it were an opposition keeper lol. I recall another game he was having a shocker in an early kickoff - which he had sun in his eyes. So a fan leant him a hat to wear during the game lol (very professional lol). Gladly those days are in the past for Leeds. I don't think i could handle him at wsw in the flesh 😬😬
  2. Too right. The one he lets bounce over his head at around 1:40 min mark is particularly putrid.
  3. I had successfully wiped him from my memory......until now 😬 Deadset he got used to get me so angry. Which is not good when you are watching a game at 2pm. Try going to sleep after some of those howlers 🤣
  4. Wiedwald was a train wreck at Leeds. Absolutely awful
  5. So i told my wife (wanderers fan too) about ikonomidis on instagram. She commented on his glory goodbye with wsw colours. ......he just liked it a few minutes ago. Surely thats positive news 👌👌👌
  6. The club commented that Ziegler has a minor achilles injury
  7. Interestingly the members email says end of 2021/2022 in the heading and then 2020/2021 in the article..... I'm sure its the latter. I didnt even pay attention initially as i assumed it would just be for this season
  8. Agree. Though the one i saw on adeleke looked like he could only use one foot and went around in circles. Imo he looked bog average - so pretty accurate thinking back. I think its the lazio connection which pulls you in and gives hope
  9. That's it. I'm a big leeds fan. Harrison tears defences up regularly in the championship. I don't think we can read too much into it. I was quite impressed with all the new signings and am genuinely excited for the upcoming season
  10. He was a mainstay for leeds this season. Bielsa won't let him go
  11. Sticky is a top bloke and great cartoonist. He isn't implying we've signed them. Just hoping we do. If you get a chance, check out his wanderers cartoons. They are mint
  12. He'd see a few familiar faces playing against leeds......😉
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