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  1. NPL NSW starts tonight with Manly United vs Mount Druitt Town Rangers at 7pm and Marconi Stallions vs Sydney Youth at 7:45pm. I follow this instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/npldaily/ which keeps up to date with NPL NSW results and they have mentioned all of this season's signings. I've noted some that are interesting - Blake Powell: Sutherland Sharks > APIA Leichhardt - Mathieu Cordier: Wanderers > APIA Leichhardt (I mentioned on his ex-players thread that his trial at Salford City was unsuccessful) - Tristan Prendergast: Wanderers > Blacktown City (returns to
  2. https://www.nationalpremierleagues.com.au/news/dario-vidosic-signs-moreland-zebras?_ga=2.71958867.1183571795.1614247183-809051007.1603180956 Signed to Moreland Zebras It's the closest thing he'll ever get to playing for Juventus.
  3. Western United announcing they'll have two games at York Park in Launceston, Tasmania for this season and next season: Feels like a punch in the gut to Tasmania in my opinion. But, it'll be good for them to have some games there.
  4. Pretty funny advertisement by the club.
  5. and here's how I'd imagine their promo posters would look like if they did use that name:
  6. Yep, I'm not sure if they are going to make Gold Coast a night event but that is the last round this season. It was planned to be a supernight event along with Perth and Eastern Creek last season.
  7. I don't understand why Robinson would allow him to leave. Personally, I would of kept him and then if the team makes the top 6 at the end of the season, start resting the likes of Duke, Cox, Yeboah and Kamau so they are ready for the finals and give Nikolic an opportunity in the senior squad.
  8. I read somewhere that youngster Stefan Nikolic will be playing for Marconi Stallions. Is that on loan or he has signed to them?
  9. Tarek signed to Mount Druitt Town Rangers:
  10. Looks like his trial at Salford City was unsuccessful...just been announced that he signed to APIA Leichhardt:
  11. I really like The Rubens, I've always liked this song from them:
  12. I kept saying to myself "I'll see them perform live one day". But, looks like that won't happen now.
  13. Aren't they sitting mid-table as well? I'm assuming they did this for budget cuts. I wonder if Jurman, Izzo, Brilliante and Elliott will leave as well.
  14. I'm not liking this I got a feeling they are done.
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