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  1. Interesting...WATCH THIS SPACE!
  2. City have signed 20 year old Japanese winger Naoki Tsubaki on loan from Ange's Yokohama Marinos.
  3. Newcastle Jets 3 (Topor-Stanley 16', Abbas 61', Armson 89') Melbourne City 3 (Griffiths 21', Maclaren 24' (pen), Noone 85') Can't find the line-up
  4. They have a Facebook page for their active supporters. I can't find it but they posted a chant they were working on which was horrible and it was in tune to Baha Men's - "Who let the dogs out" and it went like this: Who let the bulls out?! Who, who, who who who?!
  5. Well, looks like the trial that Ex-Celtic player Leo Mazis had with the Wanderers was unsuccessful. He is currently trialling with Adelaide United: https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/ex-celtic-midfielder-mazis-goes-on-trial-with-adelaide-united
  6. So apparently...his name is actually Leighton Lauton He currently plays with Ballarat City FC and might be related to Melbourne Victory's Brenton Lauton. That's really embarrassing for Western United to have his name incorrectly on their starting list.
  7. Top game, highly recommend it if you're into puzzle/strategy games. Another game I would recommend is Her Story (it's currently $14.50).
  8. I do remember the grey ones but not so much the blue ones. That's news to me.
  9. I'm laughing at how none of the doors are closed before they leave the train stations on the red rattlers. None of that would happen these days and it really show much technology and safety has changed on Sydney Trains.
  10. I saw them at the last ever Homebake back in 2012 I got caught one of Clint's drumstick as he thrown it in the crowd. I had one side of the stick and some other guy had the other. He looked at me and saw that I was "bigger" than him. So, he immediately let go of it and I said "thanks". He started to walk off and I felt like a prick for what I did so I decided to give it to him anyway. Hopefully, they'll tour as I would love to see them live again.
  11. F*ck, I love Something for Kate. Checking out their new album "The Modern Medieval". three tracks in and already digging this song. (Apologies if I spam more of them later on, haha).
  12. This is a great video that's more in-depth about the crash and how Grosjean survived: For someone that was against the halo when it was first introduced to F1, he really thanked the FIA for continuously making sure that safety is a high priority each year in F1.
  13. Either them or Mariners. @Midfielder mentioned on the Mariners thread they have signed two visa players that are to play in forward positions.
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