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  1. As @sonar said before, three great players. But...Lederer wouldn't even look at even opening his wallet for them. Welbeck will probably get renewed at Brighton. If Swansea get promoted, they would be looking to resign Ayew since he has helped them alot this season. A friend of mine is a West Brom fan and highly rates Bartley. Great player but probably wanting too much if he wanted to join the Wanderers.
  2. Devlin was at the Wanderers Academy from 2016-2017.
  3. WRGMG...Subway Yesterday, my partner had a day off work and she decided to have lunch with me during my lunch break. We decided to have Subway since it was close to my work. So, she messaged me what I wanted for lunch since I was still in the office at work, I messaged her back: "White Bread, footlong, toasted, cheddar cheese, Turkey & Ham, lettuce, onion, carrot, and pepper" Eventually, I got to Subway where my partner was waiting at the front of it with a grumpy face. I asked her "what's wrong" and she said "Oh, the girls in Subway are a bunch of idiots" I said "why?" my p
  4. Apparently Cameron Devlin wants to leave Wellington Phoenix. He has been approached by Popovic who is trying to influence him to sign to Melbourne Victory. Personally, Robinson should be approaching him to and try and sign him to the Wanderers. It seems Robinson's plan is to have Baccus play as an attacking midfielder for next season so we'll see a rotation between him and Troisi. If Robinson somehow signed Devlin, then you have great range of DM's since there's Ugarkovic, Dorrans, Mutch (if he stays), Devlin and Baccus has a backup. Plus, if all hell breaks loose. You could al
  5. They won the league and getting promoted to first division:
  6. https://www.a-league.com.au/news/australia-u-23-selection-play-four-friendlies-spain?fbclid=IwAR3Vdf5f8dZIpOhrcTkKa0LfwcANbutbqmdzYfDCzEtr-wtMX9N-21NWlRA Here's the Olyroos team: Name Club, Country Panos ARMENAKAS SV Zulte Waregem, Belgium Daniel ARZANI AGF Aarhus, Denmark Jacob CHAPMAN (Gk) Huddersfield Town AFC, England Gabriel CLEUR
  7. I was going to buy this game at one stage. But, they rate the Australian clubs really badly. So, I gave it a miss.
  8. Amazing drone shots. I'm curious to know how they got approval to use a drone in a "no-fly" zone
  9. I'm mostly talking about in the past. They are slowly using some youth players now. But, if you look at their past, they had some players that had a superb career in their youth squad and once they got promoted to the senior squad, they barely got any game time. Some good examples are Bai Antoniou, Max Burgess, Patrick Flottman, Joey Gibbs, Jake Hollman, Iain Ramsay, Jerry Skotadis, Ryan Teague, Marco Tillo and George Timotheou. The other thing I find funny is the Smurfs was established in roughly 15 years ago. It's taken them THIS LONG just to create an academy centre? Don't they
  10. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/davila-hits-bullseye-with-2-million-macarthur-move Davila hits Bullseye with $2 million Macarthur move Off-contract Ulises Davila - one of the A-League’s most coveted talents - has agreed to join Macarthur FC next season in a three-year deal worth in excess of $2 million. Scratch him off the list... Not only will it help the squad but it'll help the attendance as for the Bulls as well. You know he'll get the Mexicans to follow him no matter where he goes.
  11. I wouldn't sign him. Seems he would want marquee wages.
  12. I feel like he is struggling due to Charlotte (his wife) and his kids are overseas and I think the departure of Cox might of made him feel a bit disappointed as well since they were good mates and they were sharing an apartment this season. Also, I think he has been lacking a bit of motivation. Duke used to be willing to defend and intercept the ball while opponents had possession of the ball in their half of the field. I've barely seen him do that this season.
  13. It might be a bit harsh. But, he is so far up the field in my opinion. (I originally had screen shots for all five goals but I removed them as the images were too large). I feel the likes of Dorrans or Ugarkovic should of been marking Fornaroli around that section of the field so that Natta was back to his original position. Overall, it wasn't the best performance from Natta. Hence why he was substituted. But, as I said before, the back 5 was really bad. The fact it took Robinson to see the squad 3 goals down to change it to a back 4 was absurd. The other issue that needs to be addressed
  14. You know everyone is upset or are loss for words when there's no comments posted on here or the post-game thread. Well, I guess I can say this on behalf of everyone on the forum and pretty much every WSW fan...utterly disappointing performance tonight. To be honest, I did have some high hopes going into this match for the squad. But, when you see the club's record against Glory in WA doesn't seem to be too crash hot (2 wins, 4 draws and now 7 losses) they seem to sink a little bit. If the squad was going to lose tonight, I didn't expected it to be by 2 goals or more. They destroyed t
  15. Yeah, I checked my bank account...I have enough money for a ticket for Ziegler to head back to Munich...
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