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  1. Really? They should f*ck off to Lynwood Park in Campbelltown (Macarthur Rams homeground) OR Ron Dine Memorial Reserve in Camden (Camden Tigers homeground)
  2. Could it be Jurman? Also, would Mrcela be a good replacement for him? He is a free agent.
  3. He can go then hopefully Lederer might open his wallet and get a decent defender. I doubt that'll happen though.
  4. Looks like Nathaniel Atkinson and Andrew Nabbout aren't going to be transferred to Glory now. Atkinson will stay with Melbourne City Nabbout future is unclear. Yikes.
  5. City have signed the following: - Matthew Sutton from Melbourne Victory - Marco Tilio from Sydney FC - Taras Gomulka from Adelaide United
  6. Bradden Inman off to India: https://www.ftbl.com.au/news/brisbane-a-league-star-leaves-for-india-553634
  7. I'm from Liverpool (but moving to Penrith soon) and without a doubt, I not changing to support Macarthur FC. Infact, you go into Liverpool and without a doubt, there's always someone wearing Wanderers merchandise in Liverpool CBD or at some shopping centre like Westfields Liverpool. So it'll be interesting if anyone jumps ship to Macarthur FC. In my opinion, Macarthur FC represents Campbelltown, Camden and Picton areas. A friend of mine who lives in Rosemeadow already mentioned that he'll be supporting Macarthur FC (he didn't really follow any A-League clubs, he does support Wollongong Wolves since he did live in Wollongong a while ago) and then said to me "Surely you'll be supporting Macarthur FC as well since it represents Liverpool" and I replied with "No, it f*cking doesn't!"
  8. Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised. I ended up with the PS4 PRO which has the 1TB hard drive compared to the old one which is 500gb so I'm happy with that. But yeah, if your PS4 sh*t's itself, best to just get to a replacement or you have to deal with the stuffing around with Sony.
  9. WRGMG...My PlayStation 4 decided to sh*t itself. So, I went onto Sony's live chat support and advised them what was happening and they advised me that it seemed like it was the network card inside the PS4 has s*it itself and it's a hardware issue and I needed to call their 1300 hotline number and advised them a reference number that I was given by the person in the live chat support. What actually really grinds my gears is the fact I was on hold with them for 1 hour and 48 minutes until they answered my call even though their automated message machine advised that the waiting time would approximately be 30 minutes. When I eventually got in touch with their customer support representative, they advised me I contacted the wrong 1300 hotline number and was supposed to contact some other 1300 number for hardware. Anyway, the customer representative advised me they would transferred me to them right now. After he transferred me...the call got disconnected so I got pissed off cause that means I would probably have to wait another hour and 30 minutes until I got in touch with them again, bare in mind this was at 3:30pm. So I decided after all the stuffing around, I decided to just buy a new PS4 instead and a friend of mine said he would buy the old one I have and see if he can repair it (since he is into that repairing computers/laptops/consoles etc.). Being a generous friend, I said he can have it for free since I think it ain't going to work at all.
  10. Got some good vibes for Stefan, hope he makes a good impact in the A-League.
  11. Rumoured to be signing Lachlan Wales in the upcoming days.
  12. Aiden O'Neill going for the join 4 clubs, get the 5th one free option: | Joins City for a three year deal.
  13. LOL, you serious? I have to check this out.
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