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  1. Better than the original Also, somehow relevant to our current events.
  2. I'm sure that a typical breakfast for Tim Bailey consist of 2 Weetbixs with Redbull...
  3. Some really heartbreaking stuff: https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/coronavirus-measures-force-amini-to-miss-father-s-funeral?fbclid=IwAR0KMI4GbPEGeoEbxYM63kl-WAYm2wc_xqgX-OY89ZA3oeeXrxi3NR-Mtx0 (I wasn't sure where to post it)
  4. That reminds me of this post I saw on the Facebook page "Simpsons against the Liberals"
  5. Yeah, I'm aware of that but I was thinking if they installed these screens in at Dan's, why haven't they don't them in Woolworths? I also forgot to add...my mother went to Coles today and they told her that all customers must have a trolley or basket with them while in store. She asked the store attendee while at this entrance gate and the store attendee replied "they are now worried about picking up items and then eventually decided they don't need that item and return it back" My mother told it was a bit overboard to be doing something like that but I personally feel they have got a point that they don't want an item to have multiple people touching it as the virus could spread onto it.
  6. This story reminds me of what all Dan Murphy's are installing in their stores which is a fibreglass screen to protect their staff and customers. It's not a bad idea I suppose but I would have no idea how they would do it at Coles/Woolworths stores.
  7. I wasn't sure where to post this but I thought it was a hilarious post done by the club, I've got a video conference on Wednesday and tempted to use it.
  8. I wonder what he is doing these days and where he's located.
  9. LOL, She got back to me today... Postponed till next year.
  10. I would definitely go for is Kilkenny and Ikonomidis Kilkenny and Schwegler would be be perfect for the midfield. Ikonomidis is a superb winger.
  11. I'm just amazing how talented and intelligent they are.
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