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  1. @1988banana, no...I just think you're one.
  2. ...I'll pass, I guess we all have different taste but...she just doesn't appeal to me at all.
  3. Should of been on loan for the remainder of the season but oh well.
  4. He looks sexy in red and black hoops...He was the only Sydney FC player I respected and seem really down to earth. The rest of the squad can go f*ck themselves now. (Especially Baumjohann and his stupid wife)
  5. https://www.a-league.com.au/news/victory-appoint-carlos-salvachua-rest-season I've never heard of Carlos Saliva-chuck.
  6. Sometimes, just sometimes I predict the future
  7. F*ck I want to kiss this guy for signing a two year extension... #NOHOMO #MANCRUSH
  8. City Ground is Nottingham Forest The Hawthorns is West Bromwich Albion Griffin Park is Brentford County Ground is Swindon Town Aston Gate Stadium is Bristol City Roots Hall is Southend United All signs point to one guy:
  9. I didn't want to watch today's game...and from the sounds of things, I'm glad I made that decision after reading Mack's report...
  10. I think majority of the Wanderers fan base now. Personally, he isn't up to the expectations that I was hoping to see from him and feel he can be told he can go now. Since the mid-season transfer window is open, this would be a decent time to see what is available and go for the marquee striker version 2.0.
  11. You think all these issues could see them slip down the ladder?
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