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  1. I would had Crocombe instead of Acton. However, they are bad as on another.
  2. Club confirmation: @mack why aren't twitter links not working?
  3. I originally had Victory at 6th I just saw this on facebook:
  4. A friend of mine asked me the other day "Melbourne Derby this week, what do you think the score will be" and I jokingly said City 7 - Victory 0. F*ck I wish I put money on it.
  5. Signed to Thai League side Nakhonratchasima Mazda FC
  6. Mercury Cider, good choice. I managed to find some Kopparberg 7% so I'll be having that for "dessert" with the 6 pack of Somersby.
  7. We suck. I'm gonna drink a 6 pack of Somersby's Apple Cider and forget that tonight happened. Who's with me?
  8. Got a feeling they'll sign him as they have far amount of players off contract at the end of this season: - Patrick Flottman - Ben Warland - Alex Wilkinson - Alexander Baumjohann - Ryan McGowan - Kosta Barbarouses - Anthony Caceres - Chris Zuvela - Tom Heward-Belle - Adam Le Fondre If they get rid a few of these, they would probably make room to sign Vukovic.
  9. I feel if Charlesworth decided to move the club to any other location, it's a big massive "up yours" to the dedicated die hard Mariner fans like Middy. Plus, Central Coast Stadium is a beautiful stadium in my opinion. Despite that Central Coast Mariners use it as their home stadium, what else is that stadium used for? I think the Sydney Roosters play 1 or 2 games there during the NRL season, that's it. As alexd said, if there's clubs that are looking to have some license to own an A-League club, why don't they put a bid in and also show which location they want the club to be at?
  10. Looks like Daniel became a father as his wife (Emma or Emily, I totally forgot her name ) gave birth to a baby boy, Lucas Georgievski:
  11. Team line up: Western Sydney Wanderers FC: 2.Ziggy GORDON, 4.Dylan McGOWAN (C), 6.Tass MOURDOUKOUTAS, 7.Bruce KAMAU, 8.Jordan O’DOHERTY, 9.Bernie IBINI, 10.Simon COX, 11.Kwame YEBOAH, 12.Mitch DUKE, 13.Tate RUSSELL, 14.James TROISI, 17.Keanu BACCUS, 18.Graham DORRANS, 19.Jordon MUTCH, 27.Nicolai MULLER, 29.Daniel WILMERING, 30.Daniel MARGUSH (GK), 34.Patrick ZIEGLER, 39.Thomas AQUILINA, 40.Noah JAMES (GK). Tate Russell, Dylan McGowan and Jordan Mutch return. Basically back to a full squad (except Natta out with a suspension). Georgievski's partner gave birth to their son (Lucas) last
  12. WRGMG...when people put jokes in the WRGMG thread! I'm kidding
  13. We have some. But, she reckons that some drinks taste different because of it. *Shrugs* so, she uses the plastic ones I just tell to "drink the f*cking thing without a straw! Aren't I such a nice person?
  14. My partner got so pissed off when all the restaurants were changing their straws from plastic to cardboard/paper. She always likes to have straws in the car so she can have a can of coke or a bottle of water to drink while driving. I piss her off and always say to her "you shouldn't be drinking and driving anyway" despite the fact she's drinking a non-alcoholic drink. But honestly, you open the middle compartment of her car and just plastic straws pop out everywhere like a jack-in-a-box. She even brought 2 500 packs for the house!
  15. So I'm about a month into starting my job but like always...there always seems to be just that one colleague that not only grinds my gears she's grinding everyone's gears. We were getting trained by two people interstate thus meaning we were on a video conference while at our computers. Our work provided these headphones for us so we could hear our trainers and this one specific colleague complained that the headphones "hurt her ears". I'll admit, they did hurt mine a bit but if you adjusted it, they would be OK (for a while). Three days into the training, they decided to change the
  16. I meant after his suspension!
  17. Reading into the SBS article, it says there's four clubs Charlesworth has spoken to: Manchester United, Leeds United, Sheffield United and Everton. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/manchester-united-one-of-a-number-of-clubs-to-have-discussed-buying-mariners-says-ceo Personally, I feel the two clubs that have the potential to own the Mariners are Everton or Sheffield United. Charlesworth agreed in a partnership with Scarborough Group International back in 2009 which is basically owned by Kevin McCabe and he also owns 50% Sheffield United, the other half is owned by Saudi prince A
  18. I read about this today. Could you imagine if somehow Carl worked his magic and got him to sign for the club...we would have to make a section just for all the Mexicans that go and see Davila to rock up to Bankwest stadium just to see Vela. Personally, he would probably go to Melbourne City.
  19. I managed to watch a bit of it and he did well: I was worried because he got injured in round 1 against Manly United. He was taken off around the 15-20 minute and looked bad. He was lumping off the field. But, it's good to see it was a minor injury and he is back on the field. Blacktown City dominated that game and Mount Druitt Rangers were lucky to win the 3 points.
  20. Had his first NPL game last Friday: It seems he is either playing as a winger or a central midfielder. He managed to set-up the assist for Fabian Monge which scored the winner for Sydney Olympic.
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