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  1. Liverpool v Everton The longest unbeaten derby game run in all matches is 17, held by Liverpool 2011 to present
  2. We played pretty well until things took a turn and we lost a man. I feel sorry for our coach, getting the blame for losing again but he can't control stupid mistakes like what Thwaite done and for our defenders to stop marking their man. But from what I watched in the first 20-30 minutes, we put some pressure on Victory.
  3. bkaza

    Dario Vidosic

    I think he is too good in aleague, should try out his luck overseas...
  4. you can't touch any fc players in the box now, with out it being a clear cut penalty. CLEAR CUT PENALTY for a slight touch of the knee to leg. what the hell happened to our commentators and soccer league?
  5. Our slogan should be "come to WSW, its a long season after getting belted by our rivals, don't need to score goals, get paid a million and chuck a sissy fit when you come off injured"
  6. lol, like popavic had a team playing near potential. we nearly lost to blacktown with "marques" like jumpei. gombau comes in, ****ks off jumpie and cornthwaite and brings in Carrusca who plays like how a pro should play. don't blame gombau for our performance on players popa bought, give him a season atleast.
  7. our current squad was built by popa, who buys below average players and tries to make them good again. I want a good pre season from gombau buying his style of players. our midfielders are terrible. baccus is better than cejudo and roly, that's ****ing crazy. goes to show how shiity recruitment was with popa. thank god riera is decent.
  8. I cant wait till gombau clears out this team for a team that can actually look up and pass the ball.
  9. are we getting any CB to bolster our defence?
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